Big Brother 22 Episode 2 Recap: Two All-Stars Seek Safety

Big Brother 22 kicked into gear Sunday night as two of the All-Stars took their fate into their own hands and competed for the first Safety Suite competition of the season. And it’s a good thing they did, because they were actually in danger.

Sunday night’s episode picked up right after Cody won the first Head of Household Competition. The All-Stars didn’t get the traditional champagne toast, but they did take part in the tradition sizing up of each other, even though they already know each other, or at least know of each other (well most of them).

Janelle lets us know that Kaysar is still someone she can trust and will likely work with. Nicole F wants to thank Da’Vonne for voting for her to win (seems a little delayed for a thank you). She tells her that she wants to make it up to her and help her win this season … Wait, what?

Da’Vonne lets us know that no matter what Nicole says, she doesn’t trust her after how things went down during Big Brother 18.

Speaking of Nicole, it’s time for her to let us know that she and Cody are ready to be each other’s ride or die this season. They both act like this is something they just decided, but if you’re paying attention to any social media, you’ll know that there was a lot of pre-gaming and Cody and Nicole entered the game already in an alliance.

Nicole tells Cody to make a guy’s alliance and she will make a girl’s alliance, and she will tell him everything. So pretty much Big Brother 16 and Big Brother 18 all over again. Gotcha, Nicole.

Cody tells Nicole that his initial nomination thought was to put up Keesha and Kaysar. Nicole says Keesha is nice and not a threat, which leads Cody to throwing Janelle’s name out there. And Nicole is happy because that’s what she really wanted.

It’s time to find out what the Safety Suite twist is all about. Cody comes out of the Diary Room with some VIP passes and an explanation. He lets the All-Stars know that during a limited time the room will be open and they can choose to compete or not compete. And they can only do it one time the for the next three weeks. The winner of the competition gets to pick a plus one to also have safety. Anyone who plays and loses will earn a punishment.

So now everyone must decide if they’re going to play in the competition this week or wait. So who is going to play? Let’s find out.

Kaysar decides to talk with Cody to see if he should play or not. Kaysar lets Cody know that he and Janelle played together 15 years ago but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen again. Kaysar really wants Cody to show some interest in working with him or at least some kind of signal he’s not in trouble. Cody can’t give Kaysar any kind of intelligent response, so Kaysar knows that he could possibly be in trouble.

Janelle also goes to feel Cody out, and like Kaysar, she’s much smarter than Cody and could tell right away that she too is at risk.

So, needless to say, only Kaysar and Janelle decide to play. Kaysar is up first. And the Safety Suite room is so nice and huge that I could barely pay attention to the rules of the game. Basically it was a sound memory game. Kaysar had a bit of a rough start but eventually got the hang of it. Janelle is up next. She struggles at first too. So who had the better time in the end? Let’s see.

Safety Suite Results
Kaysar: 7:55
Janelle: 16:36

Kaysar wins safety for the week! And he picks Janelle as his plus one. That means Cody will have to rethink his nominations. Oh, that also means Janelle will get a punishment for losing the competition.

Cody and Nicole meet up to discuss a Plan B. Cody thinks he could go with Kevin because they haven’t connected and Keesha because he can’t see himself working with her in the game.

Before we get to the nominations, it’s time to see Janelle’s punishment costume. And it’s an All-Star mascot costume. She has to wear a literal star, and it lights up and everything. It should be noted that this is the first time in four seasons that Janelle received a punishment.

Worried about nominations, Kevin decides to have a talk with Cody, and he chokes up because talking to people like that is very hard for him, he says. He reminded Cody that he was brought on BB11 because of his awkwardness (he was in the outcast clique). So it sounds like maybe he could have tugged on Cody’s heartstrings? Let’s find out if it worked.

Nope. Kevin’s heartbreaking talk had no effect. Cody nominated Kevin and Keesha for eviction.


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