Big Brother 22: Alliances And Deals Update Week 6

We haven’t had to do many Big Brother 22 alliances and deals updates this season because it’s one of those unfortunate seasons where one big alliance won’t budge and is steamrolling through the game. But there are some fractures in that major alliance, so we thought it would be a good time to update everyone on what is going on within and outside that alliance.

If you don’t keep up with the Live Feeds, then you might not be getting the whole picture as far as who is working with whom, or how important these players really are to one another. So let’s take a detailed look.

Let’s start with The Committee. This is the group that hasn’t let us have any fun this season. It consists of Cody, Memphis, Dani, Nicole, Christmas and Tyler. And what’s weird about this one is, it’s not even a solid alliance, but they’re all so committed to the alliance itself, they refuse to turn on each other. The closest we’ve gotten is Dani and Tyler, but even that has been squashed this week, thanks to Cody. He just won’t let Tyler go. Christmas is also obsessed with the alliance. Everyone has been over Memphis since Week 2, but he’s never been a target because of the alliance.

How are relationships within the alliance? Well, Cody is Nicole’s No. 1 and Dani’s No. 1. There’s tension brewing there because Dani knows Cody is closer to Nicole and Nicole knows Dani wants to be closer. Kaysar really wasn’t that far off with his “love triangle” comment. And we aren’t talking literally. It’s a figure of speech here that just really works. Cody is also Memphis’ No. 1. We haven’t even heard those two talk much one-on-one since the first week, though. I think that’s because they had this partnership ready to go before the game started. So they don’t need to talk much. Christmas and Tyler are probably the most solid pair in that alliance. That’s because Christmas is blindly loyal and Tyler doesn’t really think he can trust anyone else after his weird gameplay.

So even though the Committee is steamrolling, The Core Four alliance of Cody, Dani, Enzo and Nicole seems to be a bit stronger. Or is it? These players are just so gossipy and mean, it’s really hard to tell where loyalties lie. Enzo wants Nicole and Dani out, but it’s hard to tell at what point. And Cody seems to be more tight with Enzo, especially considering he has that Final 3 deal with Enzo and Tyler.

And now let’s look at the fake alliances still left. Four Prime is Cody, Ian, Nicole and Dani. But only Ian has ever thought that was real and after Dani put him on the block this week not even he is believing it. And then there’s the alliance we all wish was real: The Shady Ladies. That’s the remaining women, Dani, Nicole, Da’Vonne and Christmas. They all know this isn’t a solid alliance, but they all do seem to want the women to last a bit longer since there are only FOUR left.

And finally, we have the underdogs. They aren’t really totally official. But they jokingly named their alliance The House. And right now, they’re our only hope for any kind of shake up in the game anytime soon. That’s Da’Vonne, Kevin and David. The optics of them being the outsiders speak for itself. Big Brother is gonna Big Brother.

There are just too many alliances.

I want to circle back and just look at Cody, who officially has more final 2 deals than Tyler. Or even if they aren’t official deals, he definitely has the most people wanting to get to the end with him. And it’s kind of mind-blowing. I can’t remember someone being as safe in the Big Brother house, since BB16’s Derrick. And this is confusing because Cody is no Derrick… but I’m done speculating on all of that. I’ll just remain confused. But now I’m rambling. Cody has Nicole, Dani, Memphis, Enzo and maybe even Tyler. And all he would have to do is say the word and he’d have Christmas. I don’t see any way Cody doesn’t have a path to the end. It’s crazy to me.

If you want to visual the alliances and deals, check out the graphic from Twitter’s @89razorskate20 below. They keep us informed better than anyone when it comes to alliances and deals.





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