Adam Poch’s Big Brother 21 Player Rankings – Week 11

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

A couple of weeks ago I used the expression “Long way to Thursday” – well this week we had another BB expression – WAFFLE WEDNESDAY. What that means is the day before the live eviction – the voters are undecided and keep going back and forth with their decision. All-day Wednesday (and into the early hours of Thursday morning) – Nicole & Cliff were trying to figure out their best move. As of the time I am writing this, they are still unsure which way to go. Do they break up the Showmance and vote out Holly? Or do they keep their final 4 deal and vote out Tommy? Watch the feeds today leading up to showtime and we’ll find outlive.

BUT FIRST – let’s take a look at the past week. I will not give any Tofu or Tofurkey this week as the game is just too close to call at this point – and I am feeling generous.

Nicole Anthony – 5 strips of Bacon – we hear a lot of players say they are gonna lay low early and turn it on at the end. Last season Kaycee did it – but she won a ton of comps the 2nd half of the game. Nicole just won her first 2 competitions – the Double Eviction HoH – and the final 5 VETO. Both were very critical comps to win and gave her a ton of power. Nicole’s Veto win gives her and Cliff so much power as I mentioned in the opening – and personally I think the better move is to get rid of Holly. As fans – we look at the game through different eyes – and the emotional part of the game is something even ex-players cannot imagine. That is what makes this decision so difficult for them.

Jackson Michie – 4.5 strips of Bacon – yes, there is a chance that his 3rd HoH will end up evicting his #1 ally – but… there have been times this week where Jackson even realized Holly leaving may not be the worst thing that could happen to him. Say what you want about his DBag attitude and the way he toys with Holly’s emotions – but he is game first and showmance 2nd – and he wants that confetti on his shoulders.

Jackson knows his path to the end – win the F4 Veto, and win the final HoH. He does not really care who he is next to. Also – he gets an extra 1/2 strip of bacon for stirring the pot and lying to Cliff & Nicole. He overheard Tommy’s campaign and told Cliff & Nicole that Tommy was going to tell them things to get them to keep him over Holly. That lie has thrown the 2 of them into even more of a panic.

Cliff Hogg – 3 strips of Bacon – even though Cliff is still waffling – he maintains that he will do whatever Nicole & he decide. But he is putting a little bit of emphasis to Jackson & Holly that this decision is mostly Nicole’s – so that is decent jury management (or is it??). Cliff was voted out once already – and the BB fanbase is split over if he deserves to win. I am not happy that he still has a chance – but at the same time, the game is not meant to be fair – and the players can only play the game they are given by production. Bottom line – don’t hate the player – hate the game!

Tommy Bracco – 2 strips of Bacon – originally I was going to give him Tofu for spilling his guts about knowing Christie before the game. As I mentioned in the past – I know secretly he was hoping she would leave a few weeks ago as the stress of holding onto this lie was weighing on him. He feels so much better that he told Jackson & Holly. He finally also told Cliff & Nicole – and they (on the surface) do not seem to let that factoid influence their decision on who to keep this week.

Holly promised if she goes to jury not to say anything unless Christie already told them. So his big reveal does not seem like it’s going to bite him in the butt. Tommy is doing a good job trying to convince Nicole & Cliff to keep him. It’s all out there – and out of his hands – and unlike some other players this season (and in the past) – he will not be a bitter juror.

Holly Allen – 1 strip of Bacon – I mentioned that Jackson puts the game in front of the showmance – but Holly does the opposite. She is playing way too emotionally – and for the most part this week – she is not doing the campaigning to Cliff & Holly as much as Jackson is. As noted – Jackson is probably OK with Holly leaving – so he is not campaigning as hard as he could on her behalf.

We are still 2 weeks from the finale – and with only 4 people left after this week – it looks like we may either have the 3rd person go to the jury house (instead of being evicted on finale night) – or a full week between the 4th & 3rd players going home. Not really sure how the schedule will work – but one thing I think we can all agree on – this season needs to end already. It has not been as bad of a season as we were saying early on – there has been enough drama the last few weeks to help save the season. But 99 days is waaaaay too long.

That leads me to my question of the week – do you think the 3rd place evictee should have a chance to deliberate with the rest of the jury instead of going out on finale night? As someone who came in 3rd place – I do kind of wish I had the chance to decompress from the game before making a half-million-dollar decision.

Let me know what you think of my rankings & your answer to my question of the week in the comments section below.

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From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!


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