Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Week 6: Monday Night Highlights

Despite a Big Brother 20 veto meeting blindside, the house stayed relatively calm Monday evening as the new nominee let it soak in and the rest of the houseguests discussed votes and who they’ll target next.

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Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 6, 2018:

    3:20 PM BBT – Scottie lets Angela know that Haleigh came to him and pitched keeping Bayleigh. She encourages him to keep his vote quiet so the Hacker doesn’t cancel his.

    3:20 PM BBT – Faysal questions Haleigh about being the Hacker and says her behavior was suspicious. She denies being the Hacker.

    3:35 PM BBT – Angela mentions to Brett how the girls are being fake and keep bringing her food or just check in with her.

    3:40 PM BBT – Brett talks with Angela about how nice it’d be to send out Faysal next then Haleigh after him.

    3:45 PM BBT – RS traces their side’s problems back to Kaitlyn in Week 2. Haleigh faults Tyler for that implosion.

    3:50 PM BBT – RS doesn’t understand why Angela let Tyler and Scottie both stay. Haleigh reasons that Angela now has the trust from both of them.

    4:30 PM BBT – Faysal points out to Brett and JC how the girls alliance supposedly happened but then three girls in a row will have been evicted.

    4:35 PM BBT – RS is making muffins for her punishment while Tyler hangs out and keeps her company in the kitchen.

    5:40 PM BBT – Muffins are finished and RS passes them out to the approval of HGs.

    5:55 PM BBT – RS asks Scottie to confirm he’s not working with the other side. He promises he isn’t doing that. RS says she doesn’t think Bayleigh was the Hacker. Scottie agrees.

    5:55 PM BBT – HGs discussing Rachel having peculiar cooking habits and doing odd things in the kitchen.

    6:20 PM BBT – RS tells Scottie the big move would be to nominate Sam and Brett against each other.

    6:35 PM BBT – RS mentions to Bayleigh that she believes Brett could be the Hacker. She also tells Bayleigh that it doesn’t look like Scottie is working with the other side and he could be a number for their side going forward.

    6:40 PM BBT – RS wonders if Brett or Sam is the brains behind the other side’s alliance.

    7:15 PM BBT – HGs out in the backyard lounging and chatting.

    7:25 PM BBT – RS was called to the Storage room for more supplies for her next exercise and cooking task.

    8:10 PM BBT – Bayleigh says she could always just quit. Haleigh tells her not to do that in case there is a Jury Battle Back and she could get a second chance.

    8:20 PM BBT – Haleigh’s plan is to get Tyler and Sam on the Block then renom Angela next to Tyler.

    8:34 PM BBT – Rockstar says she thinks Angela and Brett haven’t been talking because Brett is the Hacker. Faysal says it wouldn’t make sense why Brett would want to put Tyler up if he was the Hacker. Rockstar says everyone should feel threatened by Tyler.

    8:37 PM BBT – Rockstar wants them to come up with a plan no matter who goes home this week so their side can take down the other side. Rockstar says the only way to get one of their main players out is to nominate them next to Sam.

    8:40 PM BBT – When Rockstar says Tyler can only be backdoored, Faysal says he’ll put him and Scottie up outright and win veto and send Tyler out. Rockstar tells him good, then win HOH and do just that.

    9:20 PM BBT – Tyler and Scottie talking about Bayleigh and whether or not she’s the hacker. Scottie says that’s irrelevant and Tyler agrees because she has the power app, so that’s what makes her the threat.

    10:05 PM BBT – Kaycee asks Tyler how he’s feeling now. He said he’s better off the block and they think everything should go as planned. He says the Hacker’s voice nominating him will haunt him forever.

    10:55 PM BBT – Brett tells L6 how Faysal seems to be freaking out. He thinks Faysal expected to get BD’d today. He also notes how calm Bayleigh is being and thinks she’s trying to do what he did to stay last week. Angela suspects it’s more like she just gave up.

    11:00 PM BBT – L6 discusses who Scottie might target. They wonder if he’d really go after Faysal or Haleigh. Brett says Scottie has a soft spot for Haleigh, so he might not target her. Brett also retells how he stayed up until 5 AM with Haleigh the other week and she vented about Faysal like they were a couple. He also notes how Faysal kept checking on them all night.

    11:10 PM BBT – Tyler and Brett agree that Haleigh’s game consists mostly of flirting with guys. They suspect she is together with Faysal but also branches out to the other guys as well.

    12:20 AM BBT – Faysal asks JC who is going this week. JC doesn’t want to discuss votes so the Hacker doesn’t target his vote. JC warns Faysal that Brett could be coming for him (F) and he’s a threat.

    12:25 AM BBT – JC can’t believe how bad RS is at this after noting how she’s telling people that she doesn’t think Bayleigh is the Hacker. He notes how if he was on the Block next to Bayleigh then he’d be blaming her for being the Hacker to make her a bigger target.

    12:45 AM BBT – Faysal reports back to Haleigh that JC seems to think the two of them (Faysal & JC) are a pair. He says they can use him though. Faysal again questions Haleigh if she’s the Hacker but she completely denies it. He says if it’s her or Bayleigh then at least they don’t have to worry about their votes getting cut.

    12:50 AM BBT – Faysal says they can try to keep Bayleigh over RS. Haleigh says that’s what she wants to do too.

    12:55 AM BBT – Haleigh doesn’t like how HGs are associating her with RS. She says it’s a problem for her game.

    1:05 AM BBT – Haleigh says her social game is strong and runs through the list of who wouldn’t nominate her next week. She thinks she’s got Scottie, Tyler, JC, Brett, and RS/Bayleigh. Haleigh wants Sam targeted though and gone soon.

    1:15 AM BBT – Haleigh decides she would nominate Kaycee with Angela then renom Sam or Tyler. Faysal says Tyler is weak and controlled by Angela this week. He wants to see Tyler and Scottie on the Block together. Haleigh suggests if they can influence Scottie then they’ll have Tyler by extension.

    1:25 AM BBT – Faysal says viewers probably love them and notes how good of a position they’re in right now in the game.

    2:20 AM BBT – Haleigh and Faysal try to figure out where they can get two more votes to save Bayleigh. They wonder if Scottie and JC would vote to keep her.

    2:45 AM BBT – Sam and Faysal are still awake and wandering the house and backyard.

    3:15 AM BBT – Everyone is off to bed.

Veto Day is done and gone and so is Bayleigh’s game as she’s the most likely target for eviction this Thursday. Faysal and Haleigh remain clueless about the arrangement of the house and won’t be able to secure the votes they hope are out there. Only question is when that side figures out they’re not in a good spot at all, because continued vote losses and blindsides haven’t been enough of an indicator yet for them.

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