Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Week 11: Friday Highlights

Angela and Kaycee on Big Brother 20

The Big Brother 20 Live Feeds took a long break today for a special gathering of past HGs so Big Brother 18 stars Victor and Nicole could get engaged. It was also nomination day in the house as Kaycee set her sights on her target.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 7, 2018:

    8:00 AM BBT – Feeds cut to Loops.

    1:55 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs talking. Everything seems normal.

    2:15 PM BBT – Haleigh goes to talk with Kaycee. She’s making her pitch. Kaycee says she doesn’t have a target this week and went with what puts the least blame on her. Kaycee makes it clear that Haleigh is going up.

    2:25 PM BBT – Haleigh says she’s committed to winning the Veto. She promises Kaycee that she’d be there to support her and then leaves the HOH room after a hug with Kaycee.

    3:05 PM BBT – Tyler and Sam discuss seeing former HGs earlier in the day. He’s describing who they were to Sam and mentions Victor proposed to Nicole.

    3:25 PM BBT – Kaycee lets Tyler know she talked with Sam and warned her about the nomination plans. Kaycee says they have to win that Veto and make sure noms stay put.

    3:50 PM BBT – HGs discussing meeting many former HGs today and how exciting it was for them. Angela wishes they had a chance to be more presentable for the engagement event.

    4:05 PM BBT – Haleigh tells Brett she doesn’t want to bother unpacking since there’s no point.

    4:20 PM BBT – Kaycee lets Brett know that Sam knows she’s going up as a pawn and is okay with it. Brett mentions that Haleigh told him she’d only feel okay up against Sam.

    4:30 PM BBT – Sam mentions that Nicole thought she was coming to host a competition but was surprised by the proposal. (Nicole has been on Big Brother twice, but thought there was a Friday competition?)

    5:30 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the Nominations Ceremony. Kaycee nominated Haleigh and Sam.

    5:40 PM BBT – Tyler promises Sam she doesn’t have anything to worry about.

    5:43 PM BBT – Haleigh and Sam share a hug. Sam says she thought it was coming since she’s gotten by pretty easy so far and there are only seven of them left.

    5:52 PM BBT – JC mentions to Brett how they need to win this Veto and the odds are in their favor.

    5:55 PM BBT – Haleigh notes there isn’t an ant problem anymore.

    6:00 PM BBT – Brett worries that either nom wins the Veto then it’ll be JC or him going up. JC says they’d have the votes to keep them over the other original nom.

    6:20 PM BBT – JC wonders if production is disappointed that they’re not being dramatic.

    6:30 PM BBT – Kaycee and Tyler discuss how calm and tension free this has been going for them. Tyler tells her this is the calm before the coming storm. He notes how Brett and JC are both coming to him and blaming the other for the same thing. Tyler says it’s frustrating him.

    6:35 PM BBT – Tyler wonders if JC convinced Sam to vote against Scottie instead of Haleigh like he expected so she could repair things with Haleigh then JC could get both of them together with him.

    6:37 PM BBT – Kaycee is confident that Brett is solid with them.

    6:40 PM BBT – Kaycee tells Tyler how Haleigh kept repeating that Kaycee “has her.” Tyler isn’t surprised.

    7:25 PM BBT – JC and Kaycee are hanging out in the HOH room and chatting. She describes how great it is to have the room and a letter from home. She’s supportive that he’ll win HOH too.

    8:05 PM BBT – Haleigh talks with Angela about how few people are left with just one person being excluded from the next Veto competition.

    9:26 PM BBT – JC is freaking out to Brett again because Angela and Tyler are hanging out alone together. He says it’s so romantic and Angela needs to go. JC tells Brett he was so excited for Brett to win HOH. He thought he had it. Brett said he thought he had it too.

    9:36 PM BBT – Tyler and Angela tell each other they like each other and laugh at how 4th grade they sound. They talk about hanging out together after the season ends.

    9:43 PM BBT – Angela and Tyler are still alone and Angela says she’s surprised JC or Brett has come to break up their alone time. Tyler says he thinks they’re finally getting over their issues with it.

    9:50 PM BBT – Tyler says he didn’t want to end up having for feelings for someone in the game but that she’s worth the risk. Angela says the same in return.

    10:25 PM BBT – HGs receive alcohol. There is much rejoicing.

    11:40 PM BBT – Brett lets Kaycee know that JC is starting to lose it.

    11:45 PM BBT – Kaycee confirms her plan to Brett. If Haleigh or Sam wins the Veto then JC will be going up as the renom.

    11:50 PM BBT – Brett and Kaycee are surprised no one figured out L6 and how they had been together since Day 2. They expect the others to be shocked.

    11:53 PM BBT – Brett expects Haleigh to play hard for the Veto but thinks Sam and JC will throw it.

    11:57 PM BBT – Expecting a DE this week Brett notes that after Thursday they will be down to just them (L6) and JC.

    12:05 AM BBT – Kaycee wants Haleigh then Sam then JC out the door. She discusses with Brett how the entire other side is making up the Jury. Brett wonders if they’re fighting in Jury.

    12:25 AM BBT – Haleigh and Sam are up and chatting in the kitchen about the experience of Big Brother.

    1:09 AM BBT – Tyler and Angela are kissing under the covers.

    3:00 AM BBT – Brett and Haleigh are awake and talking in the Lounge while everyone else is asleep.

Haleigh’s in the hot seat this week for a change despite being a frequent flyer on the Block recently. Unless she nabs that Veto on Saturday this could likely be the end of her run on BB20. We can expect L6 to keep together on this round but with the DE just ahead we’re going to be racing toward their chance to turn on one another.

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