Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Week 10: Saturday Highlights

Kaycee celebrates with Tyler on BB20

Veto Day brought rounds of planning and plotting on the Big Brother 20 Feeds with HGs preparing for a chance at Tyler’s noms changing. By the end of the night the target seemed settled while the day was spent learning more about the Jury thanks to what Scottie brought back and Haleigh quickly spread.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 1, 2018:

    9:40 AM BBT – HGs are getting ready for the day.

    10:05 AM BBT – Feeds return from picking Veto players. Kaycee, JC, and Sam will join in. Brett will host.

    10:10 AM BBT – Tyler discusses with Kaycee that JC and Brett are repeating the same stories and he worries about that.

    10:20 AM BBT – HOH group talks about how Sam doesn’t like them hanging out up in the room. They’re annoyed with how Sam reacts to things.

    10:55 AM BBT – Sam mentions how she was recruited for Big Brother and thought it was a scam at first. She wishes she had watched more BB beforehand.

    11:05 AM BBT – Scottie describes to Haleigh that Bayleigh and RS discussed with him how they can control the winner since they’ll have the voting majority in Jury. Haleigh likes Brett for the win. She’s on to the four HGs together (L6). Haleigh hopes Sam would save her with the Veto.

    11:25 AM BBT – Brett mentions how he just doesn’t want Scottie to win Veto but is okay if Haleigh gets it.

    11:55 AM BBT – Tyler tells Angela how DR had him talk about having a crush on her. Angela is happy and says her mom will like him.

    12:45 PM BBT – Tyler and Angela are relaxing together upstairs and feeling annoyed by the leering cameras.

    1:20 PM BBT – HGs have been lounging and waiting for the comp. Angela notes how it’s nice to have a day off (she isn’t competing).

    3:00 PM BBT – Brett is upset that JC is going to throw the comp and not even try. Angela suspects JC throws everything. Kaycee is equally annoyed with JC and wants him to experience the Block like everyone else has.

    3:35 PM BBT – Haleigh tells Angela and Tyler how Scottie explained the Jury has already discussed making a pact to block certain HGs from winning since they control the decision with their majority. She says there’s more Scottie has planned to tell her about the Jury.

    3:45 PM BBT – Tyler tells Haleigh he does not have a target.

    3:50 PM BBT – Tyler denies to Haleigh that he’s close with Sam and says they’ve instead drifted apart since the start of the season. Haleigh says she’d take the shot at Sam.

    3:55 PM BBT – Kaycee and JC look ahead and wonder who Scottie would target if he stayed and got HOH. JC thinks he’d go for Brett and Tyler. Kaycee thinks it’d be one of the guys and either her or Angela.

    4:20 PM BBT – Haleigh reports to Tyler that Scottie thinks if one of them gets off the Block then the other automatically goes.

    4:27 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto comp.

    6:57 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Kaycee is wearing the medallion as HGs excitedly discuss the comp.

    7:00 PM BBT – Haleigh is upset but Angela promises her she’s going to be okay.

    7:03 PM BBT – Brett and Haleigh discuss how Sam isn’t even trying in the comps.

    7:05 PM BBT – Haleigh plans to freak out at Sam this week but Brett is talking her down from that.

    7:07 PM BBT – Haleigh explains to Brett how the Hive has a pact to bitterly control the Jury decision.

    7:11 PM BBT – JC tells Haleigh she’ll be okay on the Block against Scottie.

    7:12 PM BBT – Brett tells Tyler that Scottie needs to go this week. He relays to Tyler what Haleigh told him about the Jury block voting. Brett says they have to get Haleigh out or either of them would lose to her against that Jury.

    7:15 PM BBT – Brett worries the ladies may group together and decide to save Haleigh so Sam gets renom’d. He’s frustrated that Sam obviously didn’t even try in the comp. Both agree they need to stick to the plan and get Scottie out next. He hopes Sam votes against Haleigh again so she’s even more driven to target her should she win HOH.

    7:20 PM BBT – Tyler teases JC for coming in second place. JC says he just wanted to make sure Scottie didn’t win it.

    7:25 PM BBT – JC asks and Tyler confirms, they’re getting out Scottie this week.

    8:25 PM BBT – Haleigh worries to Kaycee about the plans. Kaycee tells Haleigh she should be okay. Haleigh sees this is a complete repeat of last week. She shares the Jury block voting details with Kaycee as well.

    8:35 PM BBT – Haleigh promises Kaycee that she did not know what Faysal was going to do with his eviction speech.

    8:40 PM BBT – Angela and Tyler discuss whether or not Scottie knows he’s the target. They expect Haleigh to go after Sam if she stays but believe one of them will be the pawn. Tyler wonders if Scottie would go after someone else then decides it’s too risky.

    8:40 PM BBT – Brett is laying with Haleigh. She says if Sam comes around for him to get off her.

    9:45 PM BBT – Tyler worries to Angela they may be seen as the “bad” side of the game. He says the other side was just not good at this though so even if they are the “bad guys” then at least they’re winning things.

    10:30 PM BBT – PopTV sent the HGs a goodie basket.

    11:00 PM BBT – HGs are trying out face cleaning masks.

    11:30 PM BBT – Scottie mentions to Angela that Tyler assured him he was the pawn in this but that he’s still scared.

    11:45 PM BBT – Angela and Scottie discuss how some HGs are taking the game personally instead of remembering it is a game. Angela wishes the sides of the game would go away when people went to Jury. Scottie warns her it usually stays divided.

    12:07 AM BBT – Tyler congratulates Kaycee again on her win. He notes how this is all a complete repeat of last week. They discuss how Scottie might not think he’s the target this week.

    12:10 AM BBT – Tyler points out to Kaycee that no one sees them as a pair in the game.

    12:12 AM BBT – Brett is upset and discusses with Haleigh how Sam is throwing comps. Haleigh points out she also does rogue votes.

    12:20 AM BBT – Beer and wine is sitting in the Storage room but no one has found it yet.

    1:15 AM BBT – HGs are winding down for the night. No one found the alcohol in the Storage room.

    1:30 AM BBT – Tyler, Brett, and JC are hanging out in the HOH room chatting. The other HGs are in bed.

    2:40 AM BBT – Last of the HGs are getting ready for bed.

Haleigh seems to have been hoping to get on L6’s good side by revealing what she knew about Scottie and the Jury but all it really did was make it clear to them that neither Haleigh nor Scottie could be allowed near the F2. Oops.

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