Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Gold: Ranking The Houseguests

Brett works on Kaitlyn

We love the Big Brother 20 player rankings every week based on gameplay. Gameplay is important. But so is entertainment value. So we decided to do an occasional Big Brother 20 rankings based on how entertaining the HGs are or aren’t on the Live Feeds (some of which spills over into the show edit, but not much). These rankings will have nothing to do with how they’re playing the game. It’s simply about how much they entertain us and even annoy us.

We’ll be ranking the players in order of most entertaining to least entertaining and the top three will be Gold, Silver and Bronze, of course. So lets get to it!

Live Feeds Gold: Ranking the Houseguests Based on Entertainment Value

GOLD: Kaitlyn. There was never a question about who was going to take the first Live Feeds Gold medal. It was going to be Kaitlyn all day, all night. From her constant state of mania to her spirit guides to her many flirtmances, she never shuts off. She spends her days talking about her dreams and her psychic “hits” and her trusty intuition. What’s funny about her intuition is it has lead her astray at every turn in the game so far. She regrets voting out Steve, she regrets backdooring Swaggy C and she’s going to regret a lot more when she gets out of the house.

Rumor has it that her boyfriend pulled his consent form to be talked about in the house. So that means he’s also likely pulled the plug on their relationship. But we aren’t going to laugh or joke about someone messing up their personal life while playing Big Brother. I only mention that to help gauge how she’s being perceived in the house.

Kaitlyn is definitely what you’d call a train wreck player. You want to look away, but you just can’t. She’s constantly in someone’s face accusing them of not trusting her or doubting her or not loving her. She even tries to make people apologize for wronging her in her dreams! And let’s not forget about Grandpa Lou showing up in the form of a bird in the back yard!

I hope Kaitlyn sticks around for a long, long time, but I cannot wait for her meltdown when she’s actually nominated for eviction. Talk about Live Feeds gold …

SILVER: Rockstar. Angie “Rockstar” comes in second because she plays the game and lives in the house like a fan would. She has her finger on the pulse of the game and is completely no nonsense, and if given the chance could do some major damage to this game (I mean that in a good way). She’s a up front to a fault, though. She’s actually on a few people’s radars because of that, but again, these rankings aren’t about gameplay.

One of her most recent antics had her encouraging Kaitlyn to call a house meeting to call out Winston and Brett for suggesting Scottie backdoor her this week. Rockstar stirred the pot and then stood on the sidelines and watched. She is all of us.

Rockstar doesn’t take anyone’s crap and that’s refreshing to watch. It’s a shame she’s not getting much of a TV edit, though. But I’m sure that will change once we get past these first few weeks and the bro storyline has ended. Here’s to hoping Rockstar gets to stay a badass.

BRONZE: Sam. OK, so I’m a fan of Sam’s. I’ve liked her since Day One when I figured out she was the love child of Donny Thompson and Jordan Lloyd. But Sam is completely loony toons. And I think she knows that. And she’s either really, really terrible at this game or such a game genius we just don’t understand it yet. Regardless, she adds the right kind of WTF to this cast that we didn’t know we needed.

Sam spends her day talking in riddles and cleaning the house and trying to figure out who has the first week power (even though it’s her). She has a lot of crazy thoughts and ideas like Scottie nominating and evicting her just so she can use her power. And then the next day she reboots and basically forgets everything she said the previous day.

I understand that some people find Sam frustrating because she doesn’t grasp the etiquette of  the game, and would tell people to let her finish talking and make them clean up their messes, you know stuff that would make you want to vote a person out. And she also seems to be vulnerable to production swaying her thinking. But whatever, I find her fun and refreshing. More Sam, please.

4. Scottie. It’s been fun watching Scottie go from Steve’s sidekick to a frontrunner. Watching him build new relationships has been fascinating.

5. Bayleigh. Right now Bayliegh is in a weird spot, but it’s really cool to watch her establish her spot in the house now without Swaggy. She’s smart, too so watching her figure out the game is a lot of fun.

6. Haleigh. It’s lame that she has gotten such a poor TV edit that she got the Big Brother Crap App this week. She’s actually entertaining on the Live Feeds and has played a big part in the game so far.

7. Tyler. It’s fun to watch Tyler juggle all of his alliances and secrets. He’s doing a good job so far, but it’ll eventually catch up to him. Maybe.

8. Faysal. He has his moments, but he’s normally pretty entertaining as he has to keep Kaitlyn in line a lot of the time.

9. JC. I find JC highly annoying and bossy and kind of mean. I don’t really enjoy watching him, but he definitely has more entertaining moments than the rest of the HGs on this list after him.

10. Brett. He’s a bro and all he does is bro all day long, but of the two bros, he’s the one who has an actual funny side that isn’t completely uncomfortable to watch.

11. Rachel. Every now and then Rachel will give us a hint of a personality, which is better than what Angela gives us.

12. Winston. Copy and paste what I said about Brett only take out the funny part.

13. Kaycee. I don’t understand what is going on with her. She is nothing like she said she was going to be. She’s like Jenn City II, which means she’s going to do nothing all season and probably get to at least final 4.

14. Angela. She might be the most boring and useless Big Brother houseguest in history. I have no idea how she didn’t get the crap app any of the past three weeks. That blows my mind. I do this thing where I try to find her on the live feeds every now and then just to make sure she’s still there and I can’t do it. I can never find her.

Who in the Big Brother 20 house do you find to be Live Feeds Gold?


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