The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 20 Week 1

Well that felt like the longest first week in Big Brother 20 history. The votes went back and forth day after day after day, there’s already been showmances, TMZ reports, a lot of drama and a blindside.

So it looks like we’ve got a lot to cover in our first full report of Best and Worst Moments, so let’s get to it. Since I already covered the premier episodes, we’ll start after that.

The Best Moments Of Big Brother 20 Week 1

The House Divide. We saw some of this happening right away during the two-night premiere, but as the week went on we saw that the house is almost perfectly split. On one side, we’ve got Winston, Brett, Angela, Rachel, Tyler, Kaycee and JC and Sam kind of riding in the middle. On the other side, we’ve got Swaggy C, Faysal, Haleigh, Rockstar and Kaitlyn with Bayleigh, Steve and Scottie on the outside, but still on their side. I hope the power goes back and forth a bit, though, so we keep the divide. But with the latest HOH, that might not happen.

The Veto Competition. I absolutely loved that Power of Veto competition. It reminded me of old-school Big Brother and it just felt really comforting. I loved the snakes and the icy pool. The electricity seemed a little extra, but it was all so much fun. Now I want some gross food challenges!

Sam is Trending! Sam was the most popular Housgeuest for the week, or sorry, she trended the most (eye roll), so she got to go into the BB App Store and pick a power! She wisely went with the Bonus Life, which gives her the chance to re-enter the game if evicted. As we finally learned during Thursday’s live show, Sam will have to perform a live challenge in order to get back in the house upon eviction. Oh, and no surprises that went to Sam, as she also won our popularity poll by a landslide!

Sam isn’t evicted. I’m sorry Steve fans, but he had to go. Sam is just too fun to have in the house. I’m hoping she gets with the right people eventually, though, so that she isn’t lumped in with the people no one really likes. But at least she didn’t have to use her power yet. I do hope she gets to use it though, because who knows who will get to come back if she doesn’t!

Tyler Crispen on Big Brother 20

Tyler. Usually, when a first HOH is as successful as Tyler they go on to win the show (Hayden and Rachel for example). So I think Tyler might have a real shot at winning the game. Some fans are saying he played too hard and made too many missteps, but I haven’t heard anyone drop his name yet. And that almost always happens to the first HOH. I don’t think he had a flawless week, but I was impressed with his game. I hope he does well this season.

The Worst Moments Of Big Brother 20 Week 1

Faysal Trends the Least. I didn’t understand the Faysal hate for week 1. There were at least 12 other people I found more annoying and deserving to get the Crap App. What gives, America?

Faysal Wins The Veto. That was just boring and anticlimactic. I guess it was best for the final outcome, but still, Zzzzzz.

The House Flip Flops. That first week of every Big Brother season is brutal. The HGs have way too much time on their hands to go back and forth on who is getting sent home first. It gives the editors a lot to work with for episodes, but those of us who watch the Live Feeds are often miserable because of all the going back and forth. It’s just really exhausting.

TMZ Is Already Writing About BB20. Sigh. That didn’t take long. TMZ has already had multiple stories about this season. First, they reported on JC grabbing people by the crotch and then about Angela and Rachel comparing their dark tan skin to Bayleigh’s and using the word “ghetto.” CBS has decided they aren’t just going to let the season turn into another Big Brother 15, so they’re actually stepping in and disturbing the social experiment. I think that’s one area I’m OK with them interring with. Of course better personality tests upfront might actually be a better idea.

What are your favorite and least favorite moments from Big Brother 20 Week 1?


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