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Battle Of The Block Twist Ends On Big Brother 17

Battle of the Block has officially ended on Big Brother 17 and I couldn’t be happier as Houseguests finally said goodbye to this anchor of a twist holding us back from a good ol’ game of Big Brother.

Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

Announced as part of last night’s live eviction show, the BotB twist, which put two HGs in charge as HoH and resulted in four noms, is over for Season 17. Sending it off in grand fashion we were treated to an awesome endurance competition, something previously blocked by the Battle twist itself.

Initially reintroduced to the season as a “fan favorite,” a claim that drew scoffs from Big Brother fans who remembered its negative impact on last year, the twist was an unnecessary complication to a season that was strong enough to stand on its own.

Things were made worse this year when it was used as nothing more than a Backdoor delivery method week after week with players like Johnny Mac being asked to repeatedly throw it to set things up for a normal noms/Veto routine. It became a lame, weekly turn of events.

While I did appreciate the extra boost the BotB gave Fridays with an additional competition for fans to discuss there was just too much trouble caused by this twist to want it to stay. Of course my biggest gripe was how it it kept us from having endurance competitions due to the scheduling conflicts that would have caused. Then just like that, BotB is gone and endurance is back. Hooray!

Thankfully that’s all over and the Battle of the Block is gone and done for Big Brother 17. We don’t need it in the least. We never did before and definitely don’t now. The house is clearly divided, thanks to Vanessa’s backtracking on Austin BD, and that fuels the flames of competition. Stack on top of that we’ve just had a major power shift, a classic in the game. We’ve got everything we need for solid fun.

Welcome back, Biiiiig Brother. We’ve missed you.