Alex Ow will be entering the BB19 house from not far away Thousand Oaks, California. The 28-year-old marketing rep plans to use her height (5’0”) and kindness as a strategy to come off as weak and non-threatening. Focusing on the end-game, she plans to fly under the radar until the stronger players are weeded out. She names Nicole Franzel as her favorite player, so that might be why this strategy sounds familiar to you.

Alex Ow on Big Brother 19

Alex Ow

Age: 28
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Current City: Camarillo, Calif.
Occupation: Eco-Friendly Marketing Rep

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We’ve seen a lot of Alex types come and go through the years of Big Brother. Some do well, some don’t. I’m not sure on which side of that Alex will fall. If she tries to replay last season’s winner’s strategy then it may be too soon and that could blow up her game.

Three adjectives that describe you: Center of attention, hyper and adorable

Favorite Activities: I love knitting, crocheting, baking, going to the gym, going out with friends, hanging out with my family, watching Netflix, hiking, dating and pretty much anything being lazy. My spirit animal is a sloth lol.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Honestly, what will kill me the most is being on TV but not being able to watch it. I listen to Netflix at work and I watch like five straight hours of TV after dinner until I fall asleep. It’ll be nice though for the TV detox!

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: I love Nicole Franzel from season 16 and the winner of season 18! She seriously is just a fan favorite. I find her the most honest and most relatable. While she did do some shady things like turning her back on alliances, she was in it to win it and I respect the way she went about it. She reminds me of myself. We look all cute and cuddly but we’re here for one thing, to win Big Brother.

Do you have a strategy for winning the game: Yes, I believe standing at my fun-sized 5 foot nothing height I might look like an easy target. I anticipate that people in the house will overlook me and confuse my kindness for weakness. I play for the long end game and that’s to win. If they see me as a non-threat, I can fly under the radar until the stronger players are weeded out. Once this happens I can show my true colors but still play as a “weakling.” You don’t want to show too much strength right away but you want to be strong enough that people keep you in their alliances. I may be small but my mind is sharp, I can manipulate anyone…including boys! You don’t want to show your cards all at once.

My life’s motto is: Live life to the fullest!

What would you take into the house and why:

  • Family Pictures – I am super close to my family especially my sister and nephew. People often mistake us for twins even though we’re 5 years apart and she looks way more Asian than me. We do have an eerie twin vibe. Even when I lived cross country in New York, I always made it a point to skype/facetime them. I had family dinner with them once a week via facetime so I definitely would want pictures of them.
  • Something to share with everyone the first day – like a small candy or something, Maybe make candy leis? I love giving gifts and I’m sure it would help my chances of building a strong alliances in the house.
  • Hot Sauce – I can’t eat food without it and it has to be the brands I like. Not just any hot sauce.

Fun facts about yourself:

  • I’ve had plastic surgery 5 times, but only one by choice (boobs). Ain’t no shame in this game, except my parents don’t know…maybe let’s keep that on the down-low.
  • I am a self-taught crocheter, sewer and knitter. I make bikinis, blankets, costumes and all kinds of things from scratch. Thank you YouTube and Google for being the greatest teachers out there.
  • I beat Diablo II on Nightmare mode…if you aren’t a nerd this fact will mean nothing to you.
  • I look photogenic in my pictures but it actually takes me a 1000 pictures to find one good picture of myself. I bought myself a self-timer so I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed to ask someone to take a million selfies of me so I can get one with my eyes open for Instagram.
  • I have beginner’s luck. The first time I played slots at the Chumash Casino when I was 18, I won $4,000 off $40 bucks my mom gave me. I also won $5,000 playing craps in Vegas off $20 my first time.

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