Big Brother Live Feeds

Big Brother 16 Live Feed from CBS

The Big Brother Live Feeds have been down since early Monday. Behind the scenes the Houseguests held an eviction, HoH competition, Nominations ceremony, and even the Power of Veto comp which is probably going on this afternoon. So when will we be able to see inside again? Soon!

While we used to get more information flow from Real Superpass, we do have one publicly shared message from CBS. “The live feed will be off until Tuesday evening,” says the current scrolling message when you log in to your Feeds account.

So yes, we’ll be back to watching the Feeds tonight. There was some concern things might be blacked out until Wednesday’s show, but fear not. As for when tonight, I would hope for it to be after the east coast broadcast, but last season it didn’t turn back on until west coast was done. Best case scenario: Feeds return around 9PM ET. Worst case scenario: Feeds return soon after 12AM ET (9PM PT).

Last year the Feeds remained running new content until the day before the finale, which would be next Tuesday if they repeat that. I did ask, but CBS wouldn’t tell me when it’ll end this time around.

However, I do know the chance to sign-up ends TODAY. If you’d like to watch the final days, any possible HoH endurance comp tomorrow, and use the Flashback feature to see the whole season, then you must get your Free Trial now.

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