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Tonight On Big Brother 19: Zingbot Returns – Veto Competition & Ceremony

Tonight on Big Brother 19 get ready to be Zing’d. That’s right, the Zingbot returns for what could be Mark’s last chance at safety as the house tries to Backdoor him off to Jury. Don’t miss tonight’s show on CBS and streaming live on CBS All Access starting at 8/7c.

Mark Jansen is in a bad spot and without the Temptation Competition around he didn’t have an extra shot at safety or a way to make sure he had a spot in the Veto comp. Will his chip be drawn and offer him a glimmer of hope or will he follow Cody’s same path out the door?

Either way, Mark hasn’t been one to give up in the game so watch for some attempts at maneuvering around the deep pit his associates left him in along the way this season. No one else is going to save him now.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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