Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the Houseguests are ready to battle it out for the Veto and after more than five hours of downtime for this one to run I’m anxious to see just how crazy things got in there. Oh, and there are V-Toads.

Paul wins HoH on Big Brother 19

On Sunday we saw Paul get his pawns in to place on the Block but now he’s got to pull off a Backdoor if he wants Cody out the door. That means no chance for Cody to save himself but with random chips being drawn there’s a chance it could happen. Then again, don’t forget Christmas’s Temptation power.

So there’s drama ahead which we know because the Veto played out on Saturday, but as a teaser if you didn’t know, someone may have decided not to go with the group plan when it comes to this competition and that sets off a lot of unrest. As for the competition itself, the theme appears to have been international travel with pit stops for wrong answers. Should be a fun one to watch play out.

With the Veto Ceremony itself there was even some heated arguing as we watched on the Live Feeds thanks to a quick return following the meeting. Hopefully we’ll get a quick peek of that in tonight’s Big Brother episode as well.

Then on a separate note from the PoV, we’ve got the V-Toads arriving as part of the curse side of the Den of Temptation. Three unlucky HGs will be stuck with a frog suit for the rest of the week. Good stuff.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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    • Nothing specific that I heard of. It was travel related because Paul kept talking about the Venice part where he paid too much in real life for the Gondola ride because his girlfriend wanted to go on it. Sounds like maybe they had to go through customs or Airport security or something like that. I think I remember HGs talking about being detained and having to pass certain parts of the challenge by going the longer, more difficult route.

      I’m pretty much guessing based on bits and pieces I heard though.

  1. I don’t think I can watch this season any further…this game is so blatantly rigged for Paul to win, it’s not even funny.

    • They’re just making up for screwing Paul out of the win last season by rigging it for Nicole.

      Seriously though, Paul is the only one playing the game. Production set up an opportunity for America to make sure Paul wasn’t voted out right off the bat, and America responded and gave Paul the advantage. Returning vets are always good for ratings, so it makes sense production wants to keep them around for a bit. Paul only has one week of safety left, but he’s not going anywhere unless someone else starts playing the game.

      Honestly, Paul’s game is good enough that I’m not sure he’s going anywhere even if others do start playing. He’s not Victor, but he racked up the comp wins last year.

      • It’s funny because the most entertaining seasons are the ones with no returning players, so I don’t really buy that story. If they really wanted to bring him back, they should just do an All Stars season. There are so many more likeable and deserving past contestants, and to dedicate an entire season of the show just to ensure he wins is insulting to those of us who pay for feeds and to those who waste their time trying to play the game.

      • Yeah, normally I would agree with you, but I haven’t seen anyone else really trying to play the game yet this season. Let’s hope that changes because, even though I’m rooting for Paul, everyone needs a little competition (especially the audience)!

      • Keep the comments coming, love each and every one of them!!

      • Not many are playing. Especially the couples. But I do think Alex and Kevin are playing the game. In fact Kevin is playing everyone.

  2. I want to know why Jessica the Vtoad does not have to where her toad head/hat? Heck, even Cody is wearing it.

  3. I feel that big brother has been cancelled and I’m watching a new version called The Paulie Show, I loved Paulie but can’t have him win everything in every aspect of the game, it’s so early and I’m getting bored. I hate this feeling anyone else feel there is no point in watching ,that Paul is already the winner of this season and we can cancel the rest of the summer?

    • Sadly, we may only get a little bit of that and have to wait until tomorrow for the rest.

  4. Ramses throwing the veto honestly is the best option for him. Everyone wants Cody out this week, and if he screws up the plans for them, he’d have been the next target for sure

  5. “She’s nothing more than a bully”
    This coming from the girl who just bullied Josh last episode

    • This is the most accident prone cast in BB history (well, US BB History – can’t speak for other countries).

      • Somebody was proposing, for the rest of the season, all the HGs should wear a sumo wrestler suit to keep from hurting themselves. LOL

  6. please please no more Paul I have lost all the joy in watching this show all this houseguests are so mean get him out someone PLEASE

  7. This is the safest week for Ramses to be on the block, he just needs to not win the veto. Because if he does, he may be on the block every other week

  8. Oh man..Cody is just full of sorrow. It’s hard to take him seriously though…wearing that ‘frog outfit ha.

  9. Also to be fair, Ik some people see them as being “Paul’s minions”, but really if you think about it, it’s smart strategy. It’s early on the game, so it’s good for them to lay low while they let Paul do all the work this week

      • You’re telling me there was a lot of Paul in episode 2 and 3? He didn’t really start to get a huge chunk of focus time until Cody tried putting him up, and now he’s HOH

      • I’m just saying how it is. Next week Paul will barely be featured at all because he won’t be the HOH or the target, then it won’t be the Paul show anymore. It’s 1 week

      • I think we’ll still see Paul a lot because he will still be calling the shots, unless Jessica or Ramses win.

      • The HOH next week will be calling the shots. Everyone has agreed to the same plan. Paul did not come up with all of this to benefit his game

      • To keep him safe for one week to get rid of Cody the next, especially because the whole house wanted him out. The next targets are who the house wants, not what Paul wants. Paul is just making sure to get out the guy who tried targeting him, and he has the whole house behind him since Cody betrayed them all and left them in the dark

      • It’s a package they do for every episode. They decided to go with this storyline. Paul is the main character, and he is. He’s HoH. He has to get a lot of camera time. Calling the shots, assembling the group.etc. Let’s face it..the guy can talk. lol..Next week could change, but I bet you, Paul will still steal some scenes.

    • Right!..we’re barely getting to know the ‘players. It’ll be good, like in the middle part.

  10. Well…it doesn’t exactly look like these guys are “throwing” it…just that…they aren’t good at it…

    • I will agree with that. It just looks like they are terrible at comps and not very bright.

  11. Wow. Considering how much trouble Paul had, everyone else must have sucked at this comp (except Ramses, lol).

  12. Who else thinks production had way too much fun watching these guys complain during the airplane food segment?

  13. Perfect example. All the air time Paul got. Showed his entire comp but now they’re showing all of them together. This isn’t the Paul show it’s big brother.

    • They’re also showing Ramses. They showed Paul’s whole one because he’s the HOH. They’re showing Ramses because he actually wants to win. Nobody else really was either good or didn’t even try, so a montage was perfect for all their comps. It’s called TV

      • Alex and Josh wanted to win, too, so I doubt that was part of their decision making. I think they just went with who won and who came closest to winning.

      • Well that’s what I’m saying. Josh and Alex weren’t good like the others who either weren’t good or weren’t trying. They don’t have time to show everybody

    • That was a fun edit to watch. But Ramses is a crappy liar. There was so many ways to go slow. He was going for it. That’s fine – just don’t be like Josh and own it – at least in the DR

      • It’s not his fault the others sucked. And when you’re working with a timed comp, there’s no telling how well you do unless they give you a clock to look at.

      • Have to disagree. He could’ve sat there for 1/2 hour in any of the delays. Only Elena really sucked. Josh was 4 seconds behind him – he easily could’ve wasted 5 minutes. He chose not to

      • Without any way of knowing if that was going to work because he had no clue how any of the others had done, and no clock to tell him so?

      • I agree. You always hear players say they think they did really good when really they didn’t. You have no idea when you’re playing a comp. And he was 3 minutes slower then Paul. How’s he supposed to know the others sucked so bad.

  14. So because the whole house wants Cody out…that means they’ll take Paul to the end? Paul will be gone maybe in 5 weeks, no way anybody is planning on taking him to the end

    • I totally agree. The only reason I voted for Paul the first time is because I knew nothing about the others. Plus I think Paul plays a good game. I don’t think they will keep Paul for very long because the house guests are learning the game. The ones that want to win will realize that they can not let Paul get to the end.The ones that try to keep him are just giving the money they wanted themselves when they can into the game away. I think those that end up helping Paul deserves to lose. I do not feel sorry for them. I have seen it in other seasons. I have never been able to understand that.

  15. I attempted to take it easy on Ramses but watching tonight’s episode, he’s just dumb! Why??

    • He had a chance to jump on the big alliance & guarantee he makes jury. Oops – now he is likely to be one of the next out

      • He might have Jason and Alex on board now, though. Kevin’s screwing over his side of the house.

      • That’s only 3 of them – vs the rest of the house. I would go with the numbers that have targets on them (i.e. Paul). Can survive longer there

      • HOH comp coming up. Power tends to flip when things get too one sided. And with the Den of Temptation, that definitely happened this week.

      • Right! Like, what is wrong with you! Paul would have really taken care of him because how important this plan was to Paul. He would have moved way up the ranking, possibly ahead of alex.

    • No, he’s not dumb. The HGs are dumb for A, assuming he wants BB history to repeat itself, and B, not considering the times of the other HGs who screwed up.

      • Have to disagree. Ramses is playing a terrible game right now. He just acts sketchy 24/7, probably because he’s super nervous. The house found him to be sketchy even before the competition, and now this comp makes him look even more sketchy

      • can’t blame Kevin for being a good player. Not to mention Ramses is the most sketchy because of the way he acts, walking in and out of rooms, the way he talks, his posture, the kid is written with sketchy

      • True. That may be coming to an end soon (hopefully). This week’s vote could seal Kevin’s fate with Jason and Alex.

      • Kevin is going to vote for Ramses, as Paul wants to throw out a hinky vote to pin the blame on Jason. HOWEVER, Kevin’s been a bit too blabby about it, tipping off Ramses and Elena that a weird vote is coming. Elena’s clueless, I think, but Ramses figured it out and is talking to Jason and Alex. They seem to be coming around.

      • Not his fault, though. Elena, Matt, and Alex royally sucked at that comp. There’s only so much you can do when you’re trying to throw a comp.

      • EXACTLY! that’s why i said i felt bad him before seeing tonight’s episode. No eye contact with Paul or anything. Bye Ramses

      • Ramses is 19 yrs old and by the looks of him and his behavior still has a high school mentality. He is surrounded by adult children, but is still intimidated. Josh could be the only other kid for him to align and feel comfortable with. Unfortunately Josh is an emotional wreck and can’t strategize. He needs to be told what to do.

      • Ramses came in second. Josh was only 4 seconds behind him. Everyone else? Ha! Painful to watch. Funny, but painful.

  16. Oh, shame on Rames for trying to save himself. Paul would have done the same thing, what a hypocrite.

  17. Cody deserved every word of that…if anybody is against Josh for this, just remember the first HOH comp when Cody called Josh a loser…Cody had this coming from Josh

  18. Damn it, Josh, slow down! Also, this isn’t your moment, kid. You’re about to become nothing more than a number once you’re off the block.

  19. TV viewers are watching like Damn! Josh IS Lou Ferrigno.. On feeds he’s a ‘basket case.

  20. Okay, that settles it. Most of these HGs are officially obnoxious. This episode did nothing to help me like any of them (except maybe the outsiders).

  21. I know that Cody’s behaviour has not been the best but he is a marine and has such he should no be berated by the likes of Josh show some respect

  22. Cody was right. Him and Paul are the only ones really playing this game. at least right now. The others are just cubs following mother bear around while they are taught how to play. Ramses was trying to throw it, but not really. The only one who I want to win the HOH is whomever is planning to put Paul up and since he may have a free week, to at least plan to do it and align him/herself with those who are on board.

    • I’m hoping when the hinky vote is cast, Jason and Alex will be convinced that Ramses is telling them the truth and they’ll form the first official alliance of the season. And then, should Cody come back in the Battle Back, hopefully he can come back wiser (like Victor did) and join them to be the opposition to Paul’s posse.

    • Agree! Paul and Cody are the only ones with guts to take each other on. Even Paul said: why wouldn’t they go after him from week one. Glad Cody took a shot at him, even though it cost him to be evicted.

  23. I don’t like Cody, BUT the way Josh acted during the veto ceremony was just unappealing.
    I could understand a word he said.

  24. Paul must be an evil genius. To have this many BB fans hating on him, he must just be the ultimate game player and puppet master. I mean, I can’t imagine why anyone might dislike him outside of his ability to manipulate people and get them to do what he wants. Granted he does have people that actually like him as well, but I’m guessing that its his manipulative abilities that irk some people.

    I mean, even if Production was blatantly rigging the game for him… That can’t possibly be why some people here hate Paul. Otherwise, wouldn’t they have to hate Nicole and Rachel too? I mean, if all returning vets are production faves… Let’s throw the stones at everyone’s glass houses.

    • AGREE! The production is rigging the game for him. C’mon? How do you get a free pass at staying in the house for a guaranteed three eviction? It sure wasn’t luck.
      Everyone’s a wimp this year except for Paul and Cody.

  25. I’ve got more respect for Jessica. Shes definitely sticking by Cody. I thought she was In the showmance for power. But Cody’s down and she’s still with him.. And Paul is annoying!!!Yes, There have been other vets & HG’s that have been good at the game.. But 3 weeks of safety and HOH, POV… total control and he’s mad cause Rames crossed him??!??? What about Josh?!?!? 3 seconds… difference?? If Paul’s ego gets any bigger….We will need another house to contain it!!!

    • Jessica is attached. I think a lot more than he is. When some girls are smitten by a guy, they tend to do whatever they want.

      • True. It will be intresting to see how long she last by herself. What’s with some HG’s saying Raven will make final two?? She’s the last one I want to watch till the finals. My fav girl is Alex. She’s smart. Great and reading people and good in comps. We will see!!

      • Jessica will do fine, she’s a strong woman, but she needs to win comps. Raven and Elena are useless, they won’t last.
        Cody had this in the bag, but Paul lucked out … the show is fixed. Paul was meant to stay in as long as BB decides it’s time for him to leave.

        I wish Paul was leaving instead of Cody.

  26. Why are the live feeds down already? Above it says to tune into the live feeds to watch the endurance comps live. I don’t believe CBS to air them live after TV. I’m glad they gave me a free week, because if they don’t come on after TV, I will cancel.

    • Do you think it’s because tonight’s show is live and they really don’t want people to know what’s going on right now? I don’t know.

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