Tonight On Big Brother 18: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Big Brother 18 is back tonight with a new episode on CBS at 8/7c with the Power of Veto competition and ceremony leading us up to this week’s final nominations for Week 6 with a Backdoor plan in the works.

Houseguests race for the Veto on BB18

We’ve got the return of a fairly new competition with the HGs racing to be the quickest player and secure the Veto. Get ready to see who snags the PoV and has the chance to change up this week’s nominees.

Paulie and Bridgette are up on the Block with Paul as the HoH. Paul wants Bridgette gone, but Paulie has other ideas and isn’t holding back from pushing his own agenda.

Time to watch how the sprinting comp played out as it transitions from last season’s new HoH competition to a battle for the Power of Veto. I wonder who might win…

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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    • Disqus is on the fritz since last night. I have to reload all the time to see the new message. Did that also at the office today. 2 differents PC and 2 differents browsers.

      • reminder-I’m ignorant w tech. this page I’m on at bottom of bbnetwork isn’t acting right for me, u do this posting stuff off of disqus? I thought disgust is where u get replies

      • It’s hard to explain in layman term. Let’s try.

        Disqus is an engine that is driving the forum part of this site. It monitor every post here. Disqus is the site that generate the message that says a new post is there. Is that clear enough ? Or am I confusing you more ?

      • man, ur smart. that was way deep. ty tho. I wish that computed. lol. what I’m wondering is if there is a place on disqus that I can do the typing/reading like this during the show? all I know is to touch my red dot and it takes me from bbn to disqus my page. if so, how do I get to it?

      • Not just your site also, did that also on another site with Disqus. That’s why I know the problem is them.

      • this page isn’t working right for me. I’m not seeing new posts from people but my disqus was red and saw some replies.

  1. Is anyone else is having an issue with seeing new posts and the “show new reply” icon showing up on threads? I have to constantly reload and I miss a lot. It’s been going on for about two days. Hopefully it will straighten itself out soon.

  2. I don’t hate or like anyone in the house, but I wanna see an opposition. I don’t care who, I just wanna see an opposite side..This is not fun to watch.

    • that was a good peg. poor thing, I truly don’t think she thought it would be that hard. lol.

  3. That’s really how Paulie talks to a girl?..really?..that’s not a strategy, that’s immaturity…glad they showed this side of Paulie.

  4. So far, we’ve had relationship drama and violence in the first half of the show… Definitely feels more like a soap tonight.

    • I think Paulie fears Da’vonne and it doesn’t matter who she is targeting, he doesn’t want her coming after him. He knows she will eventually.

  5. Brigitte left on bruise on Paul’s body and she is still there. Da’vonne would have punched Nicole in the mouth and she would have been immediately evicted.

  6. The Pizza guy is really good. What can I say?..Who in the sea of blind would dare to take him out?

    • Me either, but I know who I don’t want to give them to. I’m going to wait until after HOH to see who is the target.

      • I could give them to someone that I will regret doing so come Thurs after HOH. But I am voting every day anyway.

      • First two days, I was hoping James might come around on seeing Paulie for what he is and gave him 10 votes each day. I gave the other 10 to Michele because she seemed to be po’d by the guys and I think she might take away 2 of the voters for a guy. I’m still thinking about today because at this moment, I have James as a lost cause. Michele is crying to Paulie about Paul and James. Bunch of whimps. I’m just trying to figure out who will take votes away from the guys….if anyone would. Such an ignorant bunch of nincompoops.

      • I think I’ll vote for Michelle..I want the guys momentum to stop…Now that they solidified their alliance by giving it a name. (stupid name) I know they’ll go for the girls.

      • Most certainly, they will. No women with executive power in that house. Clip, clip, clip. Someone needs to clip their tallywhackers to keep them all from reproducing.

      • K, Your boy James will be in trouble too, but not this week. He’s low on the totem pole among the guys I think, because of Nat…so he will need it sometime.

      • He is my favorite HG, as of now,(very subject to change, but to whom, I have no idea), but as far as the game goes, it wouldn’t upset me in the least for him to be evicted. As of now, he is just another lemming that will eventually be led over the cliff by Gottifiore.

      • If his game is pattern to his season, then he might win another HoH and do a one ‘kill’ or two, then eventually taken out by Gottifiore.

  7. I’m voting for Bridgett. I want to give her an advantage. Even if she is not on the block next week, she could wreck havoc with this 2 votes nullification.

    • When he got HOH he said he was wearing it for all the ceremony’s. Which made Meech mad because she told him when she won she was going to wear the HOH robe all week.

  8. oh davonne, you’ve throw out just about everyone’s name. it’s not the poor you show. want you out, then right back in and create drama, change, excitement. something needs to give. tired of pp

  9. Ugh, Big Brother, you really need to update your competitions to make the playing field equal to all genders. Obviously a strong male won this competition based off of strength.

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