Tonight On Big Brother 18: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Tonight on Big Brother 18 the Houseguests are back with the Power of Veto episode as we close in on a seeming repeat of last week’s events with the same target being lined up for eviction, but will it get shut down again?

Natalie, Tiffany, and Corey on the Block

Last show we saw Tiffany send Corey to the Block but now she’s got to win her way through the Veto competition to keep herself in the game another week after ending up on the wrong side of Paulie’s HoH. Prepare for what’s a dramatic and petty Veto Ceremony by the end of the night.

Apparently the women couldn’t get along very well and that spilled over with a hair fight at the Veto meeting. Hmm. I think that’s got to be a Big Brother first, right? We’ll have to wait and see how it all played out and what happened to get us there.

We’ve got another day of Feeds to go before we reach the Thursday eviction and then it’s on to Friday’s Battle Back special episode. Don’t forget to set up your DVR to record Friday’s Big Brother show at 8/7c on CBS since this is a one-off event in the season.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. So glad Day was stupid enough to do it for the cameras. I’m sure she thought people would cheer her for doing that thinking Tiffany deserved it. She’s an idiot. I’m so glad she did do it during a televised event so it would have to be shown and not possibly edited out. At least they better not edit it out. Ugh can’t stand her, she needs to go ASAP!!

    • No one has actually seen braidgate, just the aftermath with tiff the miffed whining about it.

      • I know that. The point was she was dumb enough to do it during something they record, not just feeds where it’s possible to miss it off camera. Obviously it’ll be shown today, it’s just up to production whether they will air that or not. I’m thinking and hoping they would because then they could also show afterward when she says her little smartass long hair remark and everything else she, Mich and Z were saying about Tiffany by the pool IN FRONT of Tiffany. I hope they show their true colors, the mean girls they really are.

  2. Instead of swinging those long braids around, every time Da opens her mouth to speak, she should stuff them in to keep that little demon that lives in there from getting loose.

      • LOL I don’t know anything about braids and weaves and the like. They have to be cleaned, don’t they?

      • I have no personal experience either, but I’ve read comments here that some people do not clean their braids, weaves, extensions, whichever. At any rate, any kind of hair in the mouth is ewwwww to me.

      • hatepalepervs—they weren’t being derogatory about braids or weaves. They were simply wondering, having never had them, if they have to be cleaned. They simply didn’t know if weaves need to be cleaned. Everyone here thinks DaVonne’s braids are lovely. So please don’t read something derogatory into a conversation you happened upon.

      • Sharona, white girls and men wear weaves too! People of color wash and take care of there breaks and weaves, at least ask the ones I know!

      • Thanks Brenda. I know that, I was just trying to explain to hatepalepervs that the comments weren’t meant to be derogatory. I probably should have minded my own business.

    • Has anyone actually seen the supposed braidgate?? I haven’t been able to find it on the feeds and frankly I think tiff the miffed is making a bigger deal about it than it really is. She is such a baby, get over it. She went in tattling to Bridgette and Bridgette gave her the look of “bitch, really, do I look like I care”, which kind of surprised me. It was funny. So tiff the miffed realized she needed to use tears to make it more believable and get some attention which she did next with Frank. She continued on with anyone that would listen for the next few hours to whine about it. Yuck, she needs to go.

      • I think I heard someone say that they had to reshoot the veto ceremony. Maybe they do not plan to show the hair flipping thing. Only one way to find out and that is to watch the show tonight. I am interested in their diary room sessions about the hair

      • I remember hearing that Cory came close to passing out during the VETO so maybe that’s why it had to be reshot.

      • I read where it was posted on Jokers so I’m assuming that person saw it happen on the feeds.

      • I thought so too but I think it was just that they were talking about it when it happened. I read that they said it happened when Day had to go sit next to them on the nom couch. I’m wondering when she made the long hair remark and the taking more than one swing remark, if it was then or later on the feeds.

      • From what I’ve read, there were 2 separate incidents. Something happened when Da was nomd during the ceremony and something else happened right after the feeds returned. I hurriedly went through Jokers posts earlier and found one posting at 12:00 PM Mon. I remember reading at least one more post and maybe two. If so, they should be somewhere in the vicinity.

      • Lol I’m sure if the roles were reversed you’d be saying Tiffany should be disqualified or that Day should’ve hit her back or said something to her or something like that. I highly doubt you’d tell Day to get over it especially since you’re so adamant about defending her. And are you really trying to imply that it didn’t happen at all?? Knowing Day and her bad attitude I would all but guarantee that she really did intentionally hit Tiffany with her braids.

    • isnt that funny how she keeps reminding herself as to why she got evicted last time, but she just can’t tame the tongue.

  3. Why does she do this? Same as last time. Liked her in the beginning but as time goes on, not so much. I’m torn this week as to whom I want to go. Da is her own worst enemy.

    • I agree. She needs to shut up and observe. Store that information away until you need to use it.

    • Picking between Day and Tiff to stay is like voting between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich. There is no good choice. Personally, I would prefer Day to go. Tiffany can be voted out whenever.

    • same here. i wanted to like Da last time, but i couldn’t take her long bc of her mouth. i find her very comical at times and she can be very entertaining, but when she started throwing people i like under the bus, i find myself in that place where i could care less if it’s tiff or da. i just hope whomever leaves wins their way back in bc that hopefully increases the odds for more good entertainment

      • My Mom..circa 1965. If she were alive, she’d kill me for posting it. And I mean KILL me, with a capital ‘kill.’

      • Why would she mind? She’s very pretty! Of course, I had to increase the size on my tablet to see her photo. Again, she’s very lovely. I love to see old photos. I was 10 at the time. Brings back memories! BTW, Sharona, I absolutely love your posts!

      • KARLENE!! Good to see you! I agree, she was a lovely woman–inside and out. THE best! The reason she’d be upset, is because she became a born again Christian a few years later, and was ashamed of that picture. I really should take it down since I know she would never want it to be seen…but it brings back such lovely memories of her. In fact, when you read this, I’ll have changed it.
        Thank you for your comment about MY comments! I don’t find them particularly witty this year, but again, thank you. :) I’d also like to tell you again how much it meant to me last year, when you stood up for me against our ‘friend.’ I realize now that those people are out there to stir things up. He’s back this year under a different name.
        It was so nice hearing from you! Hope things are well. Take care, my friend!

      • You gotta be careful what you post for someone like me who didn’t read it until now cause I am behind and now catching up. KSJB commented on your avator which at the time was a pic of your Mom. Since then you changed it to a black cat. Pic and description now do not go together but kinda funny.

  4. Nat and Da had a convo yesterday afternoon, and I was pleasantly surprised by what Nat had to say. She is a very compassionate and caring person. There is a little meat to this cheerleader. I’ve always thought Nat was sweet, but she does have a deeper side to her as well. Too bad she isn’t playing the game, because she does have it in her, she just doesn’t want to.

  5. It looks like this is the last week we have to put up with the twists. Given that they may have to hold the next HoH tomorrow, and buy back happens on Friday, whoever comes back will be safe and have one week to re-integrate themselves into the house…and that person will make it to the Jury (messiah Ha!)

  6. Methods of eviction so far:
    1. Before HoH – Glenn
    2. Original nominee on the block – Jozea
    3. Backdoor nominee – Victor
    4. Road Kill nominee – Bronte
    and the fifth evictee?
    5. Road Kill renom – Day

    • LOL!!!!!! Right!! But didn’t that happen when all the blow up happened around eviction and roadkill?? I can’t remember.

  7. Handicapping Buy Back:
    Glenn vs messiah…Glenn wins
    Glenn vs Victor..Victor wins
    Victor vs Bronte….if it’s mental, Bronte wins
    Bronte vs Tiff…..Tiff wins (Prod. desired outcome) I’m sure they know who they want to comeback. It could be a revolving door for Tiff if she gets evicted.

  8. lol, that’s right matt. thanks for the reminder. i too am curious about the hair fight that had tiff telling on Da to DR. hahaha. assault by hair whipping.

  9. They’re crazy if they don’t takeout Paulie/Corey whenever they can..if they want to win BB.. They’re good on comps. Even this big rat Paul just coasting, can win this game.

  10. I wasn’t sure if they would air the most ridiculous comment I think I have heard in BB history…Paulie: I was bred for this! Are you kidding me… have not impressed me one bit!

      • Don’t need a hinkie vote. If Paulie wants Day gone, then Corey & Nicole will vote with Frank & Bridgette and Paulie can break the tie in favor of Tiff.

        If (and its a big if) there is a flip this week, I would expect that the tiebreaker is not needed as James would be part of it and vote with Corey/Nic & Paulie (his wishes).

    • She has been treated so bad for the last week or so. Mean mean girls in that house this season..I know she is emotional..but, look at how Nicole has acted..balling in the DR..these girls have just been mean to her..there is no need for that in my opinion.

  11. I’m loving Tiff. I want her and Frank to turn that house upside down. I want it to look like a hotel room after The Stones (in their early days) stayed there!! Yeah, baby!!

  12. The hair didn’t even touch Tiffany. Hopefully Tiff will go tomorrow and Da will win the HOH.

    • It may be just a strategy to get sympathy so the other HGs will be afraid of Day and vote her out.

  13. About the flip, I looked it up earlier and it was posted at 12:00 PM Mon. There is another post about it, too, somewhere in the vicinity of that one.

  14. OK, granted, I haven’t seen much of the season, but is it me or is it kind of lackluster this year? Maybe because I’m SO turned off by mean girls and brats, I’m not having as much interest in this season. Although I am loving Tiff and Frank. Even though she is (GASP!) unstable and he is (GRASP!) an inappropriate touch-er. Both of which are way over exaggerated if you ask me. As I’ve said, I hope they turn that house into total chaos.

    • Really not good this season. If they don’t change their selection criteria they could be writing their on death warrant. Loyal fans (me) will stay till the bitter end but others wont.

      • Good, glad it’s not just me. I’ll still watch too, but these guys are just…just…ugh…tiresome…nap-worthy.

      • Yes. Cue the ‘Halleluia Chorus,’ Allison.
        Excuse me while I go pray for forgiveness AND rinse the bile out of my throat.

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