Tonight On Big Brother 18: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Tonight on Big Brother 18 the Houseguests are back with the Power of Veto episode as we close in on another surprise eviction attack against this week’s target. How long will the surprise last?

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto competition Week 3

We’ve wrapped up the Roadkill events in the last episode and now there’s just one more thing to get us this week’s final nominees and then we’re off to Thursday’s elimination.

Bronte was just sent to the Block thanks to Frank’s Roadkill win and now she’ll join Tiffany and Paul in the Veto competition. This week’s Power of Veto comp will be the exploding colorful smoke competition and the Houseguests came out in some serious colors and glitter.

The pressure is on for Tiffany as this week’s wavering target but at this point in the week’s routine she doesn’t quite seem to know it. Vanessa’s win in this comp last year adds just a touch of more weight to her own expectations.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. Feeds have been on fire last 2 days. This season is really getting interesting and it feels like the power is constantly changing. Depending on the time of day and the conversation you could feel like Frank, Da’Vonne, Nicole, or Paulie are in control of the game. Then you have imo the most improved player of the season in Paul who has been super entertaining. Really can’t wait to see who wins HOH Thursday.

    • I said this on a earlier post and still think it will be a knowledge test. We have had an endurance and 2 skill HOH comps so far so we are due for a yes and no knowledge based comp.

  2. Frank is disgusting. He needs to stop letting it out in all parts of the house. I don’t think is a good idea to put up annoying Brigitte on the block this week because Frank should not play in the next Veto comp. Hopefully he’ll feel so safe that he will throw all of the comps.
    Corey and Nicole need to be separated soon and Paulie and Zakyah can keep their flirting going in the jury house.

    • Totally agree. He’s a total caveman. I hope his wife Wilma gets evicted right after hm. I’m also super tired of Paulie and constant word vomit. It’s like he has to express every thought that enters his brain, always prefaced by the F word. Between him and Paul it’s like watching 12 year olds.

  3. I think Frank is playing in the mode of Evil Dick on purpose. If he can get past the first half people will want to take him because they think they will win against him.

  4. Does all of Nicole’s disgust and mistrust for Da come from Da not liking the showmance aspect of the game? There is “something” going on between those two. Maybe it is simply a personality clash, but I don’t think either gives a rat’s ass about the other.

    • Da keeps saying that she is trying to keep it under control and not be the same player as she was in the first attempt. It is nothing but a matter of time before Mountain. St. DA erupts and it will be too late.

      • You can only say uh huh and hmmm so many times before someone starts calling you on it and an eruption ensues. I’ll have to say she has kept the lid on the pot so far. Maybe her daughter is enough motivation to keep herself in check long enough to get to jury, but Da will not last much longer, imo.

    • Right, Da is so anti showmance. Any showmance is a liability in her eyes. She’s suffering from “Showmance PTSD” …and I’m giving you a pound of bacon and a pack of tofu K

      • Da’s just jealous cause nobody wants to showmance her. I wonder why?
        I’ll take the bacon. Perfect time of the year for a great BLT. I wouldn’t give a plug nickel for all the tofu in the world.

      • BLT.thanks…that’s what I’m gonna have for lunch. I don’t like tofu, but it’s so LA..don’t you think?

      • And that’s why I live in the country. Tofu around here is the gross stuff between your toes. Toe Food :D
        You need one of my very acidic garden tomatoes for that BLT. Yum Yum

      • Stuff between your toes?..Now THAT!.if you’re talking about tofu ice cream, it’s actually good..that I can eat…K, can you send me your tomatoes?

      • I’ve never seen tofu ice cream in my neck of the woods. Why waste your money when you could have cake batter ice cream? But I’d try ALMOST anything once. Tomato is in the mail. I sent it by drone.

    • The Clelli showmance last year did Da in and prior to that, she had told Audrey that she was concerned about Shelli getting too close to Clay (losing game perspective).

      • I’ve never thought a showmance was a great idea, but this thing between Nic and Da seems to be deeper. Maybe I’m seeing something that isn’t there.

      • All I know is that for some reason Nicole does not trust Day anymore – her words exactly. I don’t know what made her see the light.

      • Frank told her, Da would put up Corey and Paulie if she gets HOH when in actuality Frank brought up the idea and Day went along with it. It’s funny…. Multiple people told Corey and Nicole Frank wants Corey and Paulie out, but they refuse to believe he said that. They tried to get Paulie to come on the Frank’s boat with them to go against Da…He just shut them down!!

  5. Come on CBS get with it. Want to see the comp. This is the bad thing when you have feeds and watch bbad. You know the stuff already.

  6. BB Podcasts were just talking about James/Nat. Is it the new “it” couple? Viewers seemed to like it, based on that, Production will go full on this. We may see a lot of James/Nat if neither of them go home soon.

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