Get ready for a special eviction episode tonight on Big Brother 16 when the Final Five Houseguests face a surprise eviction and a new HoH will be crowned.

Big Brother 16 Special Eviction episode tonight

Big Brother 16 Special Eviction episode tonight – Source: CBS

The first of two evictions this week will air starting at 8PM ET/PT in what CBS is billing as a “super sized week of Big Brother.” Four episodes total this week after Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and another show on Friday.

Tonight’s show will include the Veto competition & ceremony along with a not-so-live eviction vote and follow-up HoH competition. All of that content took place over the past few days including the eviction and HoH comp which were held on Monday while the Feeds were down.

It should be an exciting episode with a big, big target sitting on the block, but will the Houseguests finally take a shot to clear their path to the season finale? We’ll find out soon!

Join us tonight at 8PM ET as we live chat about the show as it airs! Then check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and our Email Updates.

Big Brother 16 Episode 37 Preview:


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