The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 12

It’s been a long and crazy past week in the Big Brother 18 house as the game winds down and we approach the finale. That means we’ve seen a couple of evictions and a lot of competitions and strategy. And jury drama.


That means there were a lot of ewws and ahhs so we’ve got plenty to look back on this week. So let’s get to it.

The Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 12

Eww. Corey wins Head of Household. Victor and Paul were so happy that Victor won so they could stick to their plan to send James to jury and the Final Four alliance would become the actual final four. But Corey defected, once again.

Eww. Paul and Victor are nominated. Sure, it sounds like the right move for Corey and Nicole since Victor is a competition beast, but what about Paul? You can only send one of them home and maybe you should’ve kept working with them for one more week since James can’t win anything to help you out.

Ahh. Victor lets Corey and Nicole know he’s mad. I was happy Victor told the couple that he will be friends with them outside the game but at that moment in time he doesn’t want to “play pattycakes” with them. Good for you, Victor. Let them know you’re crushed.


Eww. Nicole wins Veto. How did she win such a physical/mental competition? Nicole and Corey hold all the power, so that means the actual fun duo left in the game is getting split up.

Ahh. Paul works the system. I was impressed with Paul’s gameplay all last week. He managed to stay calm and not make himself a threat, all while planting seeds to everyone about how he can be a part of their endgame.

Ahh. Paul’s eviction speech. If you missed it, watch it. It’s worth it.

Victor Arroyo evicted from BB18 again

Eww. Victor is evicted again. Third time is the charm, apparently. After fighting his way back in the game twice, Victor was proven to be evictable. Some people say good riddance since he had so many shots this season, but a lot of people will miss Victor and Paul’s entertaining antics.

Ahh. Paul wins HOH. Paul is out for revenge for last week and he kicks off his revenge tour with winning HOH.

Ahh. Corey and Nicole go on the block. I mean who else was Paul going to nominate?


Eww. Paul wants Corey out. I understand Paul’s thinking, but Nicole would be the much better target. The jury is getting more and more impressed with Nicole’s game and keeping her around could be a mistake.

Ahh. Jury drama. I’m not a fan of the things said by Paulie, or Da’Vonne actually, but that jury fight was one of the most intense fights in Big Brother history. I’m glad they didn’t keep that from us. We needed to see it.

Eww. Paulie. Just when I thought Paulie was over and he couldn’t get any worse he does. Who gets in a woman’s face like that? Who drops a woman’s kid’s name to her while in a fight like that? That scumbag. Paulie is one of the worst personalities I’ve ever seen on television.

Eww. Zakiyah. I cannot believe that she is back on Paulie’s side. He’s clearly just looking to get some action in the jury house. She’ll be old news in a week.


Ahh. Paul wins veto. He continues his revenge and his winning streak. He doesn’t use the veto, leaving the decision to evict up to James.

Eww/Ahh. James evicts Corey. On one hand, this is an eww, but on the other it’s an ahh. I think it would have been better to get Nicole out of the game, but at least the Nicorey duo is finally split up.


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    • Talking about this recap? Yes – not my favorite because of that. If it was just eww and ahh based on BB play, I’ll play along even if my people are getting shot. But when it’s just eww and ahh over WHO landed well – nuts to that. Likeminded people will enjoy it no doubt. Good for them. On to the next :)

  1. Which ever HG leaves us before the F2 at least one thing is for certain. This has been one of the best/worst season ever. Depends on how you viewed the season is how you will say it the best or the worst. Keep in mind, at least this year there hasn’t been a dull moment.

    • I’ve actually been pretty confused since the beginning as to why people hate this season so much, with the exception of the lull in the middle where Paulie was controlling things. I think it was interesting, essentially turning into a bunch of competing duos who were loyal to each other but who’s alliances beyond that were constantly shifting to adapt to the current environment. Really refreshing house politics compared to seasons when a single alliance dominates the house, and a lot of good gameplay from a lot of the HGs.

      (Would love to see a reply from someone who thinks this season has been one of the worst, just for balance’s sake)

  2. How sensitive, humorless, and insecure, does one have to be to not root for Paul?!?

    I mean sure, he’s a loudmouth and often overplays his shtick (“Friendship!”), but come on, the little guy started off the season by punching way outside of his weight class without getting knocked out, and after catching on how to play, he’s been deftly maneuvering his way from “sitting duck” status to the F3. I won’t be “pissed” if Nicole wins this thing, but I will do a little dorky dance if Paul pulls this off!

  3. Branden, I would add one more Ahh and that’s Victor goes out with class. His interview with Julie and his statements outside the Jury house showed him in a very positive light. Good for him for keeping it classy at what would have been a very disappointing time.

  4. I didn’t really enjoy Paul’s eviction speech. Why did he say that Corey couldn’t get to first base with Nicole, when they’ve obviously had unprotected s3x numerous times on the feeds?.. I’m guessing Nicorey were good at hiding their antics..

      • I didn’t see it with my own eyes of someone on jokers posted Cory walked out of the storage room with condoms. Then the other day one of them found an open condom in a nightstand. James said that he was going to use it to play a prank.

      • First of all watch your language. I watch the feeds and they were joking around. And the one they found in the drawer was in the London Room where James and Natalie slept. And it wasn’t even opened.

      • I apologize for the language, I didn’t edit when I copied and pasted. I guess you must have misinterpreted my original post. I wasn’t trying to say that Cory actually used them I was meaning Big Brother provided them and Cory took some.

      • Sorry I didn’t know you cut and pasted. They were talking that they provide them every season and the guys were going to prank with them but they never did.

      • Paulie admitted to not using condoms. But there was one specific night on the feeds where Corey is thrusting slowly for a while then he suddenly pulls away from Nicole. Pretty much looks like he “pulled out”.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh! to no more Dingdoo. Hope the other half of the disgusting bedroom duo, Dingus, is the next to go. Now that would be the biggest Ahhhhhhh! of the season.

  6. Another Aaaaah would be Vic’s entry in the Jury House in which he brings order to the chaos caused by Day and Paulie. Everyone loved him as he was a beast and a charming person

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