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Rachel Reilly & Steve Moses Talk ‘Big Brother 19’ Cast & Premiere [Interview]

Throwing competitions was a central part of my Big Brother game. I never understand what inspires Houseguests to want to win the first HoH. To share some wisdom, I recently had a conversation with BB13 winner Rachel Reilly, who advocates fighting to win every competition, about the start of the Big Brother 19 season. She discusses:

  • Her early favorites
  • How to survive the first night and the Big Brother Swap
  • Kevin and his $25k
  • Josh’s fight with Megan VS Rachel’s fight with Dani Donato in BB13
  • How Paul can stay in the game after his temptation immunity runs out
  • Pros and cons of winning the first HoH
  • Cody’s nominations VS her first week HoH nominations
  • Cameron’s mistakes and potential to take Megan’s spot
  • Who can win Big Brother 19

Rachel Reilly & Steve Moses Talk ‘Big Brother 19’ Cast & Premiere

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  • Rachel's daughter is so cute.
    I am with Rachel on who could be the favorites. I think Cody and Jessica won't be a real thing. Cody has become really arrogant at the beginning and those people don't always get voted off first, but hopefully it will happen soon. I am also annoyed that they bring one person back rather than doing an all stars.

    • Its sad when someone who was previously in a showmance says you won't have a chance. Then again, Brenchel (as obnoxious as they are) know how to love.

  • This is an amazing new addition. The content this year has been amazing Matt. Thank you to Steve and Rachel for this as well. Still listening to the interview.

    • Glad you like it. Hats off to Steve for these. He's got the connections and is putting in the time (and getting them to agree to do so too!).

        • Riiight??? But he may not have been the target if Megan hadn't left. So it's hard to get any perspective on him before that!

      • LOL - they were quite the obnoxious showmance in their original season weren't they?
        They obviously had/have something authentic though and it's good to see they have stuck it out.
        I actually really enjoyed this interview - Rachel is actually very thoughtful and likeable outside the game.

        • Honestly Rachel in BB and TAR is annoying, but as a person outside the game she's a cool person that I'd be friends with.

          And frankly I'm in a way similar to Rachel- too damn emotional lol

  • Steven the worst winner ever..i dont ever remember him. Rachel only won because production did everything they could to keep her safe...

  • Listening to this just reminds me that the players of the past were so good at playing the game. And I think they could read the situation better. It may just be me that feels this way, but the last few seasons the players are just so forgettable.

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