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Big Brother 19: Jessica & Cody Take Off On ‘The Amazing Race’ [PICS]

Big Brother 19 Houseguests Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are off on their next adventure as the pair appeared at Sunday’s The Amazing Race launch in New York City.

The couple’s participation in the next season of Amazing Race was revealed during the Big Brother finale week and then confirmed last week by CBS. Now it’s go time!

Filming is underway for TAR Season 30 as Jessica and Cody become the third Big Brother couple to go from the Studio 18 lot to a tour around the world. Fans joined the series start there in NYC before the teams headed off to Iceland, per Wikipedia, and had the chance to see the BB19 HGs filming the start of the new season.

While I’ve heard great things about TAR, I’ve never seen more than a few scenes for each season, but I’m looking forward to the clips of Cody staring blankly at people from around the world. I’m sure his people skills will keep those wheels greased though, right?

Check out a few scenes from Washington Square Park on Sunday as fans lined up and got to watch “Jody” filming their own start to the race.

Gallery: Jessica & Cody take off on The Amazing Race

Watch as Cody & Jessica line up and then take off with the camera crew in tow for The Amazing Race episode:


Think this Big Brother duo can cut it on a globe trotting race after they fell short in the BB19 house? We’ll watch out for any spoilers along their journey and then we’ll have to find out when the next season of TAR airs on CBS. Best of luck to them!

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  • I guess Raven was right he is well endowed lol. I hope they win. Also I heard a lot of BB18 guests were going on the MTV show the The challenge, I don't watch it but I guess I will now. I know Victor is one of them.

    • I love the challenge so I am excited to see them on it. Cory, Victor, Natalie, and Michelle will be on next season. I don't think they will be on long though. Victor and Cory will match up athletically enough to make it through a few episodes. Natalie and Michelle will get crushed. The challenge is a far more intense show. Unlike BB the eliminations (the loser of an elimination goes home) aren't goofy fun challenges. They are generally more of an intense physical fight. The contestants other than these four will be returning as the challenge competitors can return each season. Many will have played many times including Johnny Bananas who will be back for his 16th time. This means alliances are already there and they will pick off "rookies" early. The other competitors also train year round for this and some have it as their full time job, so the BB players won't be prepared for it. I hope Victor does well as I like him, but I just don't see it going well for him.

  • Missed seeing the gorgeous Cody in person, but he's next to that wench so it's not a big deal.

        • Thank you Sam for seeing the humor in it! You are right, he is not a bad looking man, it was just his personality that rubbed me the wrong way. Ireally wanted Paul to win But I gotta say, I am really happy for Josh, what can I say, he is just one big meatball:)

      • Didn't know about this... thanks for the tip, Matt. Really enjoy BBNetwork and looking forward to hgfandom!

  • It would be good to see a BB team win, lets give them a good blessing and wish them well.
    That is one tough show to play, very few have the stamina to do it, The abuse they had during BB will help

  • Hope Cody's nasty attitude causes them to lose. Wonder when he gets to spend time with his poor little daughter since he's from one reality show to the next. Jessica comes first, what a shame.

    • Yes, it does speak volumes about where his priorities are. To be believable you have to walk the walk and he's not doing that.

  • I can't wait for there to be a 24 hours train ride in some back woods country, no AC, little ventilation and see Jessica melt down.

  • I wonder: did they make it past Philadelphia? Or did they just find the nearest bed and set up a camp?

  • Maybe BBOTT2 should be just three house guests: Jody and Paul. NO evictions. Make them hang out for, say, 60 days. On day 59, do the triple final 3 stuff but all in one day. The entire game would be waiting for that to happen. The live feeds would be interesting to say the least. Watching crazy people slowly go even more crazy is what BB is all about. :)

    • (and hey, it's not too far fetched... they used an idea of mine from last year this past season. I know production reads this site, so anything is possible. ;)

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