Devin Shepherd Lights Bomb Squad Fuse & Outs Alliance

How many times can the Bomb Squad alliance be out’d inside the Big Brother 16 house? Apparently a lot of times because it happened again when Devin Shepherd opened up to some of the final Houseguests to be in the dark during a late night attempt to save his game.

Devin Shepherd on Big Brother 16
Devin Shepherd on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Last night, on the Big Brother Live Feeds, seems to have been the self-aware launch of Devin’s downhill slide. Sure, we knew he was sinking his own ship, but he remained confident he had control and was making the right moves. Frankie remedied that situation for him.

Flashback to 12:43AM BBT last night as Frankie goes to Devin to let him know Zach isn’t going anywhere. Devin asks how that happened. Frankie says Zach just has the votes to stay and explains Cody and Hayden aren’t going to vote Zach out. “Hayden told me today [that he would]!” Devin exclaimed. Devin is simply blind to any dissent or disagreement. He doesn’t understand that maybe strong arming HGs to his will won’t always work.

Devin closes his eyes and lays back letting parts of reality, not all of it, wash over him. He grasps that he’s a one man alliance now with the rest of the house against him. Even Caleb’s support is gone. Devin says the entire house will have to stop his love for his daughter. Um, okay. But he’ll pick the house off one by one.

Jump forward to 12:55AM BBT for Devin going to Donny. Here he reveals the Bomb Squad alliance to a sleepy Donny. Devin explains something “really bad just happened” and that it’d threaten everyone’s game. Well, mostly just yours, Devin. Devin tells Donny that Pao is going home.

Devin asks if it’s okay to talk to Donny about it now. Donny asks if he can wait until tomorrow. Hah! Devin says of course, but then carries right on telling him anyway. He says there’s a 9-person alliance, no wait, 8-person alliance now, he explains. (Devin just excused himself from it there.) Devin says he “bowed out” after they tried to make it a 9-person. Great plan, Devin. Donny will surely save you after what you did to him… (no, not really).

Leap again to 1:15AM BBT to find Devin telling Brittany all about his Bomb Squad alliance. He explains everything to her including who is involved and how long ago it started. Devin says he only trusts Jocasta, Donny, and Frankie at this point, but gee, he’d really like to trust her too.

Devin again uses his story that he left the alliance on his own (not that it abandoned him) but this time it’s after the group decided to keep Zach despite his “anti-woman” behavior. Devin is trying to rally girl-power to get Brittany behind him.

Devin moves on to the next Houseguest who doesn’t know about the Bomb Squad when he pulls in Jocasta (2:09AM BBT). He tells her about the alliance and how the mean, cruel other members of it are the problem here, not him turning on said alliance.

Devin also explains how he pulled in Hayden after Zach told him about the alliance and worked Hayden over to join their side. I’m not sure how Devin’s continued activities in the alliance after it was exposed is supposed to help his position, but he’s using it that way.

In a strike against his former ally, Devin tells Jocasta and Brittany that if they get the power they need to put up Caleb and Amber against one another. He’s turning on everyone. Devin even specifically calls out Derrick, Christine, and Frankie as knowing how to play the game. He’s just thrashing out at everyone.

The only people who may still not know about the Bomb Squad alliance are Victoria and Paola, but it doesn’t really matter. It hasn’t really mattered since Devin called an 8-HG meeting the other night in front of everyone and made it completely obvious.

Preparing for the fallout, the guys are planning to say it was just a one-week deal that Devin has embellished to help himself out of a bad situation. We’ll have to keep watching today and see what happens next with these wild Houseguests! What do you think of Devin’s moves?


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