‘Big Brother OTT’ Popularity Poll – Week 5

Our weekly Popularity Poll is back for Big Brother Over The Top and that means it’s time to support your favorite Houseguest with your vote each day to move him or her up the charts and ranks.

BBOTT 2016 Memory Wall of HGs

All thirteen BBOTT Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite.

This past week the results showed the top four spots all holding their exact same positions although Alex raised up a bit in her % and Jason fell less than a whole point. We’ll have to watch and see if those four can hang on another week and could become the more popular HGs of the season.

The mid-range HGs shows Neeley falling three spots to 8th after being at 5th last week which could in part explain how she ended up in danger and then voted out by America’s Vote. I am a little surprised that she fell below Kryssie and Danielle though who help round out the next four spots in the rankings last week.

Finally our bottom five HGs in the poll are Whitney, Scott, Shane, Monte, and Cornbread. Not surprise on those last three or their order since it matches with their order of elimination. Really would have been interesting for that 4-HG alliance to be at the bottom of the poll and the first four voted out. Quite an alliance, huh?

Check out all the results below to see how things compared in the latest results to the week before that then vote in our new poll for Week 5. You can keep coming back each day of this week cycle to vote for your fav HG.

Big Brother Over The Top Player Rankings – Week 4’s results vs. Week 3:

Ready for the next round of voting for this week’s popularity poll? Make your pick below. Be sure to vote for your favorites here in our poll each day for the next week and check back then for the final tallies:


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  1. So Jokers had Shelby happy after the DR and telling Alex she will like the person in there today because they called Danielle a c**t. The comment is now deleted. Great job CBS in being neutral. They are probably giving more game info and strategies to the plastics about the other side which is why Alex always seems to know who is going up.

    • I agree they are clearly becoming unfair now to the game. But I guess that’s production for you. I’m just gonna continue to vote for Thebes’s late nighters and hope for the best fingers crossed for acp.

      • The feeds are LIVE 24/7. There’s nothing to fix. Every season the same thing. Production, production, production.

    • If you look again someone corrected it and said that isn’t what she said at all, she said “Wait until You see in there”

    • I was watching the feeds when Shelby said that yet I don’t remember her saying they called Danielle a cunt?

      • I think Jokers is updated by fans (could be wrong, though), so don’t believe everything you read. Some people like to include lies just for the heck of it. Or sometimes they mishear something.

        For the record, that did not happen. Hence why it was delete.

      • Anyone can post anything on Jokers Updates…sadly it’s become common this season for fans of one side to post false updates to discredit the other side.

      • No they can’t. They’ve already kicked people off that are posting lies instead of updating. And they apologized. They monitor the site just like this site.

      • I’ve noticed Jokers has had real problems with inaccurate posts during OTT. I’ve seen at least one full retraction of a comment that was attributed to Shelby. I’m not sure if it was a hacker, a troll or a member with an ax to grind

      • She didn’t. Lies and rumors. They’ve already kicked a couple people off jokers. Not allowed to post info anymore.

      • I don’t know how it works. I know the posters post everything minute by minute as to what’s being said and what’s going on in the house. I’m sure they have guidelines. Last week someone posted false information on Shelby and the person that runs the site posted an apology and said it wasn’t true and that person will no longer be posting. He also said they just post what is going on and are not allowed to voice their opinions.

  2. If production keeps interfering in the game and showing obvious favoritism for the Plastics then they are not only going to lose me as a subscriber to All Access, but they will lose me from ever watching or supporting ANY Big Brother venture in the future !

    • Do you truly mean that? I mean, people say that all the time, and they still come back. The only difference between OTT and regular BB is that the favoritism is a bit more transparent. I’m sure production favoritism has been going on for a while now. This is just something to think about.

      • Yes, I truly mean that. What’s the point if the show is fixed or rigged to favor any player or group of players. Those are the kind of gameshow scandals that have caused the demise of other shows.

    • First of all, all last night proved was that the two particular people who were running the comp were rooting for Whitney.

      Aside from that, the people producing the show are fans just like us, and they’re entitled to having opinions about the HG’s as long as they don’t interfere to benefit their favorites. Last night demonstrated that they won’t interfere when their favorites lose; it would have been easy to give the wrong answer and make Whitney the winner; they weren’t going to show the pictures again, no one would be certain enough to know that they cheated, but they didn’t. That doesn’t prove that they never rig comps, but it’s a data point in favor of their favoritism not being a major factor in the game.

      • I agree. The feeds were down while they were setting up so that would have been the perfect opportunity to call Whitney to the DR and give her the answers if they wanted for her to win, but she lost. I find nothing interesting about this girl and hopefully she’ll go home this week or Shelby.
        The HGs were aware of what happened and even commented on production picking favorites.

      • Hi @samsarajello:disqus. So it is true. Production did interfere and was actually rooting for Whitney.

        This makes things that much more disappointing because now more than ever we know that Paul was robbed last season. Production always favored Nicole and now we know the truth.

        It’s so sad. ?

      • I actually don’t think production interfered in the HOH because Whitney lost. I still think that Nicole won because of production though. I also believe that production picks favorites.

      • I will concede that I believe that the way BB18 was set up it gave the Vets an advantage over the newbies. Whether it was intentional or not, I don’t know. Like I like to say every season, the Big Brother game is tweaked, but it’s not rigged.

      • You’re right. Everyone has favorites. Just like us. It’s naive to think Production staff/camera man/the whole crew, etc. don’t have favorites. We’ve heard this before in other seasons. You hear people cheering in the background. No big deal to me…however, it does perpetuate conspiracy theories when this happens. lol

      • That really doesn’t mean anything like that at all. Just because one lone Cameraman (or other production lackey) got a little too caught up in the action and yelled out loud, that doesn’t mean that all of “Production” is biased. I can also say that although it’s sad that Paul lost, it’s because he lost DaVonne’s vote somewhere along way. That’s the problem with Jury votes, they’re always unpredictable.

      • DaVonne was clearly on Paul’s side to start but when Nicole spoke what she had done throughout the season, she changed her mind and gave her vote to Nicole. Paul lost that season all by himself.

      • There is no for sure way to know if they did not give her the answers or did and she just couldn’t remember lol but they did interfere but cheering for Whitney obviously. I understand they too will have favorites, but they are production and should not make it obvious to the players!

      • Big Brother Gossip already confirmed that what people said happened last night didn’t actually happen.

      • I did hear it when it happened, just thought one of the Plastics in the bleachers said it. When Jason and Kryssie mentioned hearing it from production, I went back to re-listen later, it was gone.

  3. How is this poll accurate? I just realized you can vote over and over which is probably what the plastic fans are doing for Alex.

      • LOL It kills me how people get so invested in BB and I get it, but come on, it is a show for heaven’s sake. Relax, have fun, enjoy your favs and carry one.

      • Right? I mean, if things don’t go our way the week and Alex were to be evicted, I’d be upset, sure, but then continue to watch the show anyway. Why? Because I have a life beyond this show and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of my entire world.

        Seriously, all these so-called “fans” coming out of the woodwork since last night need to back off.

      • Exactly!!! I had someone call me a racist yesterday. Blocked, moved on, end of story. BB is all about fun for me and when people start getting so serious it really ruins the vibe for me. Ya dig! lol :)

      • But I can tell you one thing for sure, if Jason win the 250k, I’m not watching anymore of this season.

    • No, you can’t vote over and over. You can hit “Vote” as much as you want, but note that it says “Thanks, you already voted.” It’s tracked by IP & cookie, so if you go to your phone you can vote again, or if you force change your IP after every single vote, then sure, you can vote again. I just don’t believe the thousands of responders are bothering to do that.

  4. Yeah first kryssie leaving and then Danielle let’s throw in Justin and Jason in the weeks following and in the end there will only be plastics and scary Scott I’m just so over this. You call what’s going to transpire this week balancing it out. I like to hear justification for this. Whatever?

    • So when the disgusting side got rid of the girls side the first two weeks then that’s okay. First Cornbread under Montes HOH then Monte under Alex’s HOH. Now that the girls got rid of Shane under their own HOH (Scott) then finally Neely under Krissies HOH it’s not fair. Okay.

  5. Say what y’all want about Scott and the 4 girls but he is legit goo goo over Alex! The way he is always lurking around her would annoy me if I were her. Watching the feeds, he’s just almost always THERE! I was watching them get ready for Julie’s live questions today and guess who could be seen in the background watching Alex fix her hair? I don’t get how people can comment and call Justin creepy when it comes to the girls but because Scott is socially a little awkward, someone the other day commented that he’s “sweet”… he’s obsessed enough to want to do nothing but promote 1 person, protect 1 person, speak of 1 person who deserves to be there in his mind (and I agree that Alex is a game player and deserves to be there) but good grief, get your head out of the Alex Clouds and play big brother Scott!!!!

    • Good point. I also think Alex is cute, but there is no showmance to be had there, so he should play the game!

      • Alex won’t be thinking of him once that $$$ hits the bank so he should think about HIS game and HIS life instead of being so wrapped up in Alex and HER game

  6. Just out of curiosity, is there anyone out there who would put up Scott as America’s nom if Danielle didn’t put him up?

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