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The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are back this season and are sure to bring some important improvements! CBS has made several announcements as we still wait on even more details for the Big Brother 2013 summer season.

First up is the new home for the Feeds this season as they change from RealNetworks’ SuperPass subscription over to being directly managed and offered by CBS. This could be good or bad, but we’re hoping for good. Taking out the middle man could improve the end results that we get to watch, but it’s also a risk because this will be the first time CBS has been in charge of the Feeds delivery in thirteen seasons!

More changes that are rumored to happen could include the first time we ever get HD Live Feeds with the arrival of Big Brother 15. BB Canada offered up HD views and the result was spectacular. Having that same level of visual quality would be a wonderful step up from the dated standard definition views we’re used to in the past.

Big Brother Live Feeds
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CBS has announced this season the cost of the Feeds will be greatly reduced. The season pass cost is only $23.99 with the Early Bird pricing which ends on June 25, 2013. After that the price is $26.99 for the season pass or $9.99 a month.

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Unfortunately, CBS is only making the Live Feeds available to US residents. Our friends to the north will have to use a proxy or VPN to successfully view the Big Brother Feeds.

Big Brother Live Feeds
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