Big Brother Episode 28 Recap: Donny’s Veto Streak Ends, Team America Puts On A Play


It looks like Donny’s Big Brother 16 Power of Veto winning streak has come to a close. But don’t worry, America, Team America decided to take their mission into their own hands and do something about it! By putting on a Big Brother play! Did you guys hear that record scratch sound? Yeah, me too.

Yeah, despite what Big Brother and all of America had in mind, Frankie J. Grande thought it would be best to put on a play instead of save one of his fellow Team America members.

The episode picks up right after Cody decided to nominate Nicole and Cody for eviction. Donny says he’d be more surprised if he wasn’t nominated. He says if he doesn’t win veto, he’s probably going home.

Nicole is feeling deja vu as this just happened to her two weeks ago.

Derrick and Cody are already planning for Donny, the veto king, to win another veto, so Cody floats the idea of nominating Frankie in Donny’s place. But Derrick, being Derrick, puts his puppet back in his box and squashes that idea.

Speaking of Frankie and Derrick and Donny, it’s time for Team America’s first mission without Zach as their scapegoat. This week Team America must work together to attempt their own mission and impress America. If America votes that they were impressed, they win the mission. If not, they lose.

Donny, of course, wants the mission to be keep all the Team America members together this week (aka DO NOT evict Donny this week). I like this idea. But Frankie and Derrick won’t. Derrick will pretend like he does to Donny and us, but he really doesn’t want that mission.

Look everybody, it’s time for Victoria’s shining Big Brother 16 moment! Her wisdom teeth are coming in and she’s in pain AND she passes out in the bathroom! A doctor comes in and takes her out. But have no fear! She’s just fine and we’ve got the cherry guitar riffs to prove it!

At the veto draw, Christine, Derrick and Frankie are drawn to join Cody, Donny and Nicole in the competition.

So what about the Team America mission? So what’s Frankie think? He wants to put on a Big Brother play! Womp womp. Sorry, America. Frankie doesn’t care about Team America. But at least Donny shades Frankie’s idea in the diary room so maybe America will reject Frankie’s stupid idea.


It’s veto time. And it’s a counting/stay or fold competition with a CBS fall show (“Scorpion”) tie-in. And that tie-in is quite the stretch. Oh, and the Detonators, as usual, are planning to throw the competition because Frankie is apparently a good counter.

Out int he first round of the veto competition is Frankie. The plan to throw the comp didn’t work on the first round. No one is out in round 2 and Cody earns a point. In round 3, the same thing happens, so Cody has two points. And the next round they do the same thing. And Cody wins the veto and a viewing of “Scorpion.” So the Detonators have finally successfully thrown/controlled a competition.

At least Cody decides to not be a total ass and chooses Nicole and Donny to watch the premiere of “Scorpion” with him.

Team America decides to do Frankie’s “brilliant” play idea. So Frankie decides that each of the HGs should play one of the evicted HGs. And it’s all horribly stupid. It’s not even a play. It’s just a bunch of bad imitations. And not just bad, but horrible. If America votes yes for this, then I don’t know what’s wrong with America.

There’s one last editing trick to make us thing that Cody is going to use the veto and put up Frankie. But at the veto ceremony, that’s not what happens. Cody keeps his nominations the same so either Donny or Nicole will leave the house Thursday night.



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  1. No way I’m voting to give TA the 5K. I wish Donny had found a way to convince Frankie and Derrick — it was sad to watch him fail. But he should be a lock for the $25,000 America’s favorite, so there’s that…

    • I just went to CBS and voted against this mission 20 times. WTH is that? why can you vote 20 times??? Everyone that was against this please go vote. Not voting does not count as a mission fail

    • Agreed!! Mind you, I really enjoyed Donny’s imitation of Devin… but it was the only semi-good one. Victoria just seemed jealous and the rest was pathetic. I wish there was a way for Donny to get $5K but no one else :(

  2. Please tell me no one fell for Derrick’s pandering to the viewers with the fake crying over Donny in the fire room and the false hope in the DR’s.

    • The false hope in the DR’s is a bit unnecessary considering he’s had no intention of keeping Donny. But I really do think the tears were real. Derrick probably knows how well liked Donny is by the viewers, so he seems legitimately torn that he’s going to get evicted. On one hand, he wants Donny out because he thinks its best for his game, and on the other, he knows his popularity will take a hit.

      I don’t know, I bought the tears.

      • I bought the tears in the fire room. Derrick is not like the others. I read on here (forget who posted and correct me if I’m wrong) that they (other BS/Detonator members) were crap talking and Derrick defended him saying that Donny is a good guy and he liked him. Voting Donny out is 100% strategic on Derrick’s part. The fake DR sessions just make me lose respect for Derrick as a player. This is Big Brother. If he’s bad for your game, then explain that to us in the DR. Don’t try to act like you want him to stay when you clearly are the one that nominated him last week with intent for Christine to throw the comp and were on board this week.

        Frankie on the other hand is another story. He is a horrible human being. Decent player so far. We shall see.

      • He knows how well Donny is liked. Come on, production apparently wears “Fear the Beard” t shirts. He’s watched numerous big brother episodes and knows of the back lash that people often times face. He doesn’t want to deal with and doesn’t want for his family to be harassed is my guest.

        I don’t like Derrick. I’m not defending him. Just explaining.

    • Donny laid it on the line, essentially played at Derricks heart. Derrick cried because he’s a person under that gameplayer, and he felt guilty and bad for Donny.
      Cut him some slack. He isn’t some demon spawn like you guys make him out to be… People get emotional.

  3. Donny wouldn’t complete an earlier TA mission because he came here “to play donny’s game not t/a’s game”… so its just desserts for donny that the other two t/a members won’t go along with a “game altering” mission … lol… another attempted major game manipulation by production that has backfired this year! BTW, i think it was a little harsh to say cody would be considered an ass if he didn’t take donny and nicole on his reward, they did nothing to deserve to be taken.

    • Yeah, I notice that the articles on this site are tending towards a biased edit this year. Not that there’s anything wrong with a frustrated fan expressing his opinion, but that’s not what I originally started coming to this site for. I came here because the content was always pretty unbiased, even when the HGs were horrible.

    • That mission made it too obvious that something was up. That was the same mission that Frankie was HOH and wouldn’t have to do anything, what’s new, because he didn’t have to vote. I felt last weeks mission was easy. To me, this mission was stand up comedy, not a play.

    • Donny didn’t want to do that mission (earlier in the season) because he thought it was too out of the ordinary for him. I would have to agree with him on that one. I can’t remember what the actual mission was but I believe it was to start a argument between two HG’s after they took something and hid it from them. please help me out on that mission if you know.

      • Not sure but I think it was to change their votes against an alliance member and blame someone else or something along those lines

      • Yep, that was it. I wonder if Mikey D would have been impressed by Donnie’s plan if it were for Derrick or Fabulous Frankie’s benefit? Hey, even as a huge Donnie fan I am satisfied neither Derrick or Frankie will get $5,000 for that lame mission idea. Who cares if Donnie did not get this one, he will have the fan favorite prize plus what he has made so far with TA. Frankie will not make it to the end to win either top prize. If Derrick makes it to the end, he should win it all without doubt. Problem with that is if things go down like last year, two floaters will be there to take the money and crawl back into unknown lives. Too bad there isn’t a write in option for the winner.

    • No houseguest ever comes into the house to play anyone’s game other than their own. They come in with the mind frame of winning 500,000. They’re not trying to win af(although it’s cool if they do), they don’t play with the intention of coming in 2nd. They all want to win 1st place. So let’s not criticize an individual for not wantin to do something that doesn’t benifit their personal game. Most house guests would never intentionally do so. Donny also stated that he didn’t want to act in any way that he wouldn’t outside of the house. Furthermore, both Derrick and Frankie did the exact same thing the following week. Derrick said that he didn’t want to do the mission because he didn’t want to be a villian. It wouldn’t have benifited his “personal” game.

    • Donny was playing a smart game.. The earlier TAM would have given him away.. It wasn’t in his character to do the mission.. Derrick and Frankie agreed.. Then blamed per their character…..You need to pay attention Mikey..

  4. Let the carnage begin. It’s time for the Detonators to start turning on each other. Nicole … please … win the next HOH. Please.

  5. The only thing that would redeem this farce of a season would be if Christine and Vic were the final two sitting and the jury members refused to vote. Talk about a twist!

  6. The Saboteur was fun until Frankie and Derrick threw Zach under the bus for it. I don’t get live feeds but saw whole “play” on BBAD. CBS edited that as best they could. I voted a resounding NO.

    • Oh, yeah. Last week’s mission started out with great potential. It wasn’t until Christine, Caleb, and Frankie called out Zach and the rest of the house jumped on board that it got annoying.

      • I wonder if, or when, they will finally get rid of (hee, hee, hee, ummm) Christine or Backpack Frankie. SO tired of those leeches! Caleb has at least backed down on his Beast mode.

    • They don’t deserve $5k for that sh*t. Donny was the only one that did good. everyone else sucked. Frankie was
      the worst with his over acting. I take that back. Caleb was the worst

  7. I voted NO on the TA play as many times as I could. That was freaking lame. I would have voted YES until my fingers bled if they would have used the TA to save Donny. Screw Derrick and Frankie I’m not giving them the satisfaction of another $5,000.

      • Yeah, that seems to be the consensus on this site tonight. CBS didn’t really give the “play” a good edit, though. It actually was better on BBAD.

      • There wasn’t much of the footage they could use, once they took out everything that was vile, sexual and downright mean. I’m surprised they found that much footage to air.

      • You are crazy if you think they didn’t edit that the best they could. The whole thing was embarrassing to watch.

      • Correct, he will go to the jury house K short and as for that play, if that is what you really want to call it SUCKED more crap than vacuum cleaning a port-a-potty. It wasn’t good on BBAD and it sucked and wasn’t good on TV tonight but this is just one man’s opinion.

  8. As members of TA, Derrick and Frankie could have found a way to pull off a “Keep Team America Together” mission that would mostt certainly would have put 5 thousand dollars into their pockets. They still would have had tthe votes rto send their other target (Nicole) back to the jury house the following week! What puzzles me is that they almost purposly kissed the 5 Grand away! So, this is pocket change to Frankie, but that’s a healthy chunk of change for Derrick and his family!
    The only consolation I took from the entire segment, that aired on BBAD the night before last, was that you could see the look of impending FAIL on both of their faces….Derrick laying in the Fire Room with Vic and Frankie holding court from yet another HOH bed he didn’t earn!!

    • I believe I will vote NO to every missionvTA might get after voting off one of their own. Why should their stupid decision continue to earn them 5 Grand each when Donny gets the bum’s rush? There is not a single stunt they could pull off that I will vote YES for…..I cant, in good conscience reward such stupid game play!

      • I hope if there is another team America mission after Donny is gone and they succeed then Donny gets the money too

      • I hope this lameness is finally over. & now Derrick can stab Frankie in the back conscious free.

    • Derrick isn’t playing Team America. Derrick is playing Big Brother. He’s there for 500k, not 5k, so if he doesn’t think saving Donny and turning on his alliance is best for him, he isn’t going to do it.

      • Isn’t that the very thing that Derrick and Frankie got mad at Donny for doing? What’s good for Donny is wrong and what’s good for Derrick is right?!? Seems to me they should both be right or both be wrong, since they did the exact same thing.

      • I just hope this means that Derrick feels the same way about evicting Donny as he does Frankie. Bc i’m ready for Frankie to be evicted.

  9. As much as I want Donny to get the money I am voting no on this TA mission. It is lame and I want to send that message in a clear way. I am sure Frankie won’t get the hint but they don’t deserve 5k for what they did.

    • I don’t think they’re finding out the results until AFTER the season’s over, so all we’re doing by saying no is screwing Donny over. Then again, maybe production will get the message.

      • They didn’t air it on the show that TA was told which missions were passed and which weren’t. I know TA has discussed numerous times whether they think a mission was passed or not, but I don’t remember a single time that they said they were actually told the outcome. Since it would have happened in DR, it wasn’t on feeds. So, how do you know they did for all the others?

      • Just going off what I have heard people say. That they are told in the DR if they got it or not.They don’t air a lot on the show. I don’t watch the feeds so if the info I have heard people say is wrong then I am wrong.

      • Got it. I’ve no clue if I’m right or not, either. I’m going off what I’ve read others say, too. We’re in the same boat. :)

    • Why would they deserve 5k for insulting houseguests who are already evicted. I hope all the evicted house guests come to finale night dressed up like Frankie and do Frankie impressions. Bragging about his sister, acting like a no talent diva, being a shallow petty ugly person I think you get where I am going with this. Seen as how the play was Frankie’s idea and most of the 8 already evicted will know that

  10. Can anyone tell me how Donny’s final night in the house is going. I would ask if it looks like the house is going to flip and keep Donny but I doubt that will happen even though I want it to

    • Is she really? She seems to be playing nice and listening to all the HGs. It may just be her getting back into everyone’s good graces the best she can.

    • I’m not so sure she’s falling for it. Hayden did tell her that she needs to go after Derrick and Cody. I guess we’ll find out next week when they show her DR’s.

  11. vote no, that’s not what america wanted to see a play ! who in there rite mind want them to do a play?BB needs to change things up ever season some group forms an they fix comp so they can stay in power whole season boring,ever season they have to put some gay guy on the show an now adding in some secert famous people, CBS you trying to tell america 1in 8 men are gay! Hmm no gay women on any of your shows? just a counrty whole of gay men ? is what your saying,or does CBS have a bunch of gay men running there network?

    • Not just your average, self respecting gay man this year, either…oh no! We need a completely distorted image of gay males. This year they opted for some degenerate who makes the most disgusting and graphic references to gay sex EVER (like the time he compared Zach’s dirty game play being being like a crap covered dilldo from his butthole…I am using less”colorful” words). This gay man cant get through a pool game without referencing buttholes or dry humping his fellow players from behind. I think the unfortunately desperate producers are trying to make up for the bigotry last season by putting up a flashiing neon sign stating “we do not discriminate against anyone, even if they are the most horrific example possible of an entire segment of the viewing public”! I am fairly certain that using Frankie as an example of a gay man has offended many many of the homosexual viewers this year!

  12. I give Donny a lot of credit. I’ve never been a Frankie fan, but the word “hate” would be rather strong. I just found him mildly annoying before. But when Donny was pushing the save Donny idea and Frankie counters with an eye roll and “or we could do a play” I would have had a hard time keeping myself from knocking him out cold if I were in Donny’s shoes.

  13. Was anyone else sickened by Frankie’s DR session where he is primping and talking about how no one wants to see them save Donny? That there was the REAL Frankie Grande. Up on a pedestal looking down at the Donnys of the world. I can not wait for someone to knock him down. In the game and in his real life.

    • Maybe there was no footage of him this week that they could use to spin their skewed view of him … or maybe they are catching onto how much the live-feeders & BBAD viewers can’t stand him. It’s about time they showed his vile side. Lot’s of that footage to chose from!

      • He’s really said nothing worse than anyone else in there. Not sure why Frankie is pulling the short straw with the fans…
        Reminds me of the hate Danielle got in BB14.

      • Because on top of him being vulgar, all over the other players, backstabbing his bff and blatantly walking into conversations where he isn’t wanted, he has shown no heart (except to his grandfather.) The same description can be said of Christine, although she is only all over Cody and doesn’t say vulgar things.

      • So you don’t like him because he wants to be in on conversations so people don’t plot against him, and he turned on one of his allies?
        Weird. Sounds like he’d be a pretty good Big Brother player (love that show). What show is he on again?

      • Hmmm, I see that you pointed out the trait that I listed last and ignored the others. It’s a Rat Andy trait. Did you like Andy last year?

  14. Now I’m definitely no Victoria fan, but did anyone else find it a pretty cold move on Christine’s part that she calmly sat at the table eating yogurt while the rest of the house ran to help? Maybe it played out differently on the feeds in real time, but it looked like Christine was totally ignoring the situation.
    And yeah, that “play” was pitiful and my heart hurt for Donny watching that knowing the mission could have gone so differently. OTOH don’t know why he and Nicole played that POV so badly.

  15. This is BIG BROTHER NOT BROADWAY! Why would you vote yes for this mission. T wasn’t anything. There wasn’t any difficulty factor involved. If you vote no, then they may realize that they need to keep Donny to make extra money.

  16. Did Frank say that Dr said the mission had to be fun? I didn’t quit hear what he said. If I was Donny and Frankie told me that, I would have doubled checked.

  17. That Veto would have been in Donny’s own hands if he had not “folded” every time after his first “win”. He was closest to the next two answers , but because he folded Cody won by default , rather than being picked off by Donny, who would have most certainly won the veto if he had “stayed” instead of “folding”. Cody’s win was hollow because he only won by default because of all the other players “folding”. Donny GAVE the veto away, so now he’s headed to the jury house for some much-deserved R&R.

  18. First please don’t think I am heartless I would give my shirt off my back therefore by saying that, I will ask my question. Does anyone think that Vic deserves a Emmy for her production of Making of the wisdom tooth”. I believe it was too coincidental to fall off camera. She was looking good her little trot to the bathroom saw Nic in there, and did her scene. Two hours later she is fine, three hours she is backed to normal. She probably only had. Pain Meds or antibiotics that wouldn’t have taken so fast. I believe since she was save, she did not want to participate in veto. So the award goes to Veronica. She gots some Meds,she got outa veto play, and yes, she got attention from the house.

  19. If everyone sent Donny a dollar..That would help him out till he gets his job back or another job…So happy he has a GS role on Bold and Beautiful. I think Donny’s Address is from around Albemarie, N.C. near Concord N.C. not sure

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