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Big Brother App – Download Now For Big Brother 20

Big Brother App from BBN - Available now for download

Our Big Brother app is available for free download as we get ready for Big Brother 20. We want to keep you connected all season!

We’ve got an all new system for our totally free app which is available on Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone. There are great improvements here with our BB app that’s going to make it a lot easier for you to keep up on the spoilers and updates all season.

One of our biggest received requests was for notifications in our app so I can happily confirm that yes, we will be able to send you notification alerts to let you know when spoilers are in for results like nominations and Power of Veto. Ready to check it out? Here’s where you can find it:

Big Brother App – Download Links:

Inside our app we’ve also got links to the latest headlines, who is holding the power positions, specific news categories, quick access to your Live Feeds for mobile viewing, and a lot more. You can find our Twitter and Facebook updates as well for even more frequent updates throughout the day.

If you previously installed our iOS app then it should automatically update to the new one, but the Android version will need to be a fresh install due to their policies on overhaul updates like this.

You can help us by trying out the apps and sending us your feedback here on this article. Love the app? Please give us a 5-star rating. Something holding you back from a 5-star review? Please let us know so we can work on fixing it first for you. Thank you so much and enjoy!

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