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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night In The Special Eviction?

Big Brother returned last night with a special eviction and we’ve got the results on which Houseguest was out the door next and off to join the Jury as we countdown the final week of Big Brother 19. By the same night next week we’ll be watching the confetti fall over one of the season’s four surviving players.

All of Wednesday’s show was prerecorded with a mix of events from earlier in the week and then the eviction portion from Tuesday night while the Feeds were down. But before we can get to the vote we’ve got to clear the Veto competition and ceremony from the docket. It’s the return of the BB Comics and while we’ve got those spoilers already, we haven’t seen how it all played out.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11 Veto Comp – “BB Comics”:

As much as Christmas might want to compete in this one, they’re not going to let her. You know, you’d think if she can manage to participate in running and a stairs race then she could do anything, right? Not so much for a zip line. That leaves just four others to play, easing their competition to win.

  • Paul wins Veto

Gallery: BB Comics Veto Comp

In the DR Alex is very excited that Paul won since he can save her and also be safe. Also Alex: tears when Paul tells her he isn’t going to save her. Alex is shocked to discover Paul is playing to win and not to help her survive longer in the game. Shocking revelations here.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11 Veto Ceremony:

  • Paul does not use the Veto
  • Final noms: Alex & Kevin

Once we’re through the events from earlier in the week we’ve got to get through the eviction vote and then off to the Head of Household competition.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11 Votes:

  • Christmas votes to evict: Alex
  • Paul votes to evict: Kevin

It’s a tie! Josh will have to make the final decision. Josh votes against Alex.

Alex Ow has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

We’re down to our Final 4 of Big Brother now so it’s time for a new Head of Household and this will be good for a spot in the F3. No pressure or anything.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 11.5 HoH – “What The Bleep?”:

  • Round 1: Everyone gets a point.
  • Round 2: Paul gets a point.
  • Round 3: Everyone gets a point.
  • Round 4: Paul gets a point.
  • Round 5: Paul gets a point.
  • That’s enough points. Paul wins

Paul wins HoH and a spot in the F3.

Gallery: ‘What The Bleep?’ HoH Comp

After the show ended we awaited the latest results and can now confirm the spoilers for the F4 Nominations and F4 Veto Competition.

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  • Has anyone, besides Dr. Will (and only because he threw all of the comps) gotten this far like Kevin has? I have no doubt that unless he wins the POV tomorrow, he's out the door. I can't help but feel that Josh is going to use his "tears" to help convince Xmas that Paul needs to go, since he is the stronger player. Your thoughts?

    • I don't think the tears from Josh will work for two reasons. Christmas has dealt with Josh crying literally since day 2-ish. And also because she wants Paul to win!
      Also, it's my understanding that Paul got the Veto so it's his choice to go's.
      Also, Christmas would have to win/beat Paul and Josh in the end to have the choice and I just don't see that happening.
      As for your question asking if people have floated the final four. Yes, quite a few people have been in Kevin's position.

      • I absolutely LOVE Kevin as a BB Houseguest, & his Personality! But for me Kevin has already taken $25,000, and along with his Stipend he will walk out the BB Door with about $40,000. Kevin also was one of Paul's Minions...

        So I won't be casting a vote for Kevin for AFH, I just feel that someone else may be in need the $25,00 more so...

        • True that! So Cody it is! I would vote for Jessica but she doesn't want to Jody fans to split the votes so she asked for people to vote for Cody.

          • I am super torn between Cody and Kevin! I don't know what to do. I just have been splitting their votes. That said, I don't even know if my votes are working because they don't ever stop letting me vote. It's strange
            I voted this morning over 50 times before I lost count.

  • is something wrong with the voting? It just let me vote I swear like 100 times! And my husband tried to logon to CBS through his laptop and it is giving him an error code but I can get on with my phone and like I said, I swear I voted 100 times. "Thanks for voting – vote again? Vote again! Thanks for voting- vote again? Voted again" and so on

  • I wish there was a way that BB said there would be no winners. As much as I dislike Paul he deserves to win at all. That being said he's really a despicable person. It's one thing to play the game, lie, etc and it's only the other HG's fault for buying into his crap. I don't want to hear he's playing a character. Regardless how you act in this game how you can act is partially who you are as a person. Between his remarks about Dominique and the fist fights he almost caused he's not a good person.

    • Just playing devil's advocate here: Is it bullying when dealing with adults? I think of bullying as directed toward someone unable to defend themselves. Mean spirited, unwarranted and immature, yes. I also question that Paul was the only instigator here. Cody and Jessica were first to start the cycle. From there it escalated and I cannot think of one player, other than MAYBE Kevin, that didn't at one time act childish. Every player is an adult. There was no koolaid served.

      • Maybe no koolaid but it is 'rumoured' that each got 25k before they entered the house to let paul win. I know, I know it's a rumour, but come on, anyone can see that everything was just twisted to Paul's favour...... no?

        • First time I here that 25k rumors. Every year it got worst with how people see it completely rig.

          My opinion is that Paul was put in the house for rating. AG even mentioned it and said that with only one vet it wasn't going to affect the game that much. For sure production knew that Paul would get the vote for the 1st temptation. That's an easy thing to bet on.

          But after that, I don't think every things are carefully plan for one person to win. They just see week by week and try their best to get the requested rating. It's a tv show after all.

          But this is just my opinion on it. Some people really think it's all written and script from day one!! Not me.

      • I totally get what you are saying. But to me there's a point when you have to jump in when it starts to get out of hand. That's what a good/mature (not that any of them are mature) does.

          • Right? So surprised by that. Had there been someone to stand up and "Do the Right Thing", he/she would have been a shoe in for AFP and possibly overall winner if they made it to jury.

  • I'm pretty sure Paul knows his actions will meet with huge disapproval. That's why he's now turning on the fake tears.

    It's all an act that no one buys.

    • I think his tears were real for Alex, just short lib. They had a pretty intimate bond. Half of why he's this far is because of her and he knows that, so in my opinion, I do think it affected him. If Alex wasn't such a bi+ch, I'd feel reeeaaally bad for her, and more than that, she was going cut Paul too. She would have had to if she planned to win.

  • So , Paul voted to evict Kevin ...& Josh broke the tie. I was shocked. Was Josh & Christmas shocked? Or was it planned & they knew beforehand? I'm thinking it was planned to keep Paul's hands clean, but I'm not for sure.

    • They knew, you see Paul asking Christmas who she voted for in the hallway of the DR to be sure he can vote Alex for a tie. So Josh sent Alex home and Paul can cling to hope that Alex still thinks Paul was on her side and wanted her to stay.

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