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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last NIght & Who Won HoH?

Eviction night arrived for Big Brother 19 as the last showmance of the season would be thankfully put out of our misery one way or the other. Either Raven Walton or Matthew “Have-Not Rules Don’t Apply To Me” Clines was set to go. After the vote was final it was time for the HGs to crown a new Head of Household but that brought its own drama, more unusual than most.

It’s been a very heated few days in the Big Brother house and with most of that peaking after the Veto meeting we should have plenty of interesting content to watch leading up to the live portion of the night. Matthew and Raven let loose on Jason before Matthew deciding to abandon his place as a participant in the game and wait out his final days with complete disregard for the rules of the game. I’ll be glad to see him gone.

Don’t miss this week’s eviction episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s All Access in most markets across the US so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

Along with Thursday’s votes will be one extra vote for Matthew as a penalty for his flagrant violation of the Big Brother rules. This vote works as one extra vote cast him from the start.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 9 Votes:

  • Production votes to evict: Matthew
  • Alex votes to evict: Matthew
  • Kevin votes to evict: Matthew
  • Paul votes to evict: Matthew
  • That’s enough votes
  • Christmas votes to evict: Matthew
  • Josh votes to evict: Matthew

By a vote of 6-0, Matthew Clines has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

The HoH competition was delayed due to rain, the first time that’s ever happened, said Julie Chen. It was the running, track start competition where HGs have to hold a button and then the last in each race is eliminated. After 90 minutes of down Feeds we got the surprising results.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 10 HoH Comp:

Julie Chen announced that next week is a Double Eviction, but we already talked about that happening so now big surprise. Still fun news to have it confirmed.

After the show we’ll be racing back to the Live Feeds for the eviction fallout and the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there!

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  • That sucks! I really, really wanted Kevin to win this HOH. 😭
    I wanted him to get a letter from his family. I think he needed that letter and also "the win" to put the spring back in his step. Poor guy!

    And now he's going to be "tortured" (attacked) all week although it's unlikely he will be the target. I assume it will still be Jason? & if he gets the veto then it will be Alex? Or I guess if Kevin gets Veto he can pull off Jason (if they put Jason on the block instead of trying to backdoor him.)

    Ugh 😑 I did not want Christmas to win this one! I mean it's better than a Raven but, Christmas's "big move" during her last HOH was pathetic! Getting Mark out LOL
    "HUGE MOVE there Christmas! "
    & I just don't think it's fair Christmas is in the game. But that point is mute!
    It could be worse, Raven could be HOH! Gag 🤢 Eek 😬

    Ugh 😑 IF Jason goes next week then Matt is going to be super happy! I don't want Matt to be super happy! LOL or Raven!

  • Is it just me or does Matt look like he has fake teeth? Actually fake teeth like a plate? They "are" perfect but "too" perfect, they look funny! If that makes any sense? LOL
    Soooo, I just had a chance to watch Thursday episode. Ho-hum!
    I guess it was a good episode for people who do not watch feeds or YouTube etc.
    Re: Josh vs Kevin
    ••I'm confused about this whole Josh and Kevin argument. We did see some of it on the feeds, but there was "talk" Kevin had a glass in his hand & was going to smash it over Josh's head!? I didn't see that!?
    •• Weren't the feeds down for over an hour during that "incident?" They didn't really show much more than we already saw. Kevin was pissed!
    ••Josh just prove to be what I perceive him to be, "a BIG crybaby bully!" He gets in the middle of an argument (he has no business being in) & the person (K) he is trying to bully fires back at him & Josh goes and cries! LOL what a loooooser!
    & WTF was Christmas's problem? Kevin wasn't trying to make her feel bad that she couldn't swim! I guess she was just "following Paul's orders!" Good Girl! Says Paul SMH

  • I'm coming late to the game! 😂 So, I will have a few posts back to back plus my extremely long one from hours ago!
    Re: Kevin
    Every time someone is mean to Kevin I cringe! It repulses me mainly b/c Kevin hasn't done anything wrong to these people! If that was my dad, I would lose my mind not being able to give those losers a piece of my mind! & my heart would be broken watching those LOSERS "beat my dad down" for no reason! How can Alex, Christmas, Josh , Raven (w/ Paul in their ear) feel good attacking Kevin when he has done NOTHING wrong whatsoever!? It is bizarre! (Their families must be proud watching them pick on an older man!) How they can just treat anyone terribly b/c they were "told to do!" Strange! & Very wrong!
    ••Kevin's message: "Matt, take care goodbye!" Priceless! & one of the most authentic goodbye messages in BB history! CLASSIC!
    ••Paul says Kevin talks to people "to get jury votes!" Seriously Paul! NO, Kevin is just a nice guy and doesn't listen to your nonsense when you tell everyone to not talk to someone! Kevin keeps it real!
    ••UGH 😑 I honestly do NOT like watching parts of the episodes or feeds etc. when hgs are deliberately trying to hurt Kevin! It breaks my heart 💔The poor guy hasn't won a competition, he clearly misses his family a lot, He is out of his environment! At this point I just wish they would send him to jury and get it over with instead of continuing to attack the poor guy! I hate it!
    Were these losers not taught to respect their elders! Game or not, have some respect!
    It is soul crushing to watch!

    • I swear my comments don't look as long as they are when I am typing them out! I drive myself crazy LOL 😜

  • I am wondering if Christmas really broke her foot? Did she have surgery? Has anyone seen medical records?

  • Again, coming to the game late. Sorry my comments are back to back!
    RE: Matt
    Matt has been a huge disappointment since week one but, I at least thought he was a good person! I was so wrong!!
    Matt talking & walking during his "conversation" with Jason after the veto ceremony was! Dude get a grip! Your only problem was Jason "was in the pantry for too long?" You do know that you can go into the pantry don't you Matt? You "understand it's a game!" Are you sure about that buddy? Because you seemed pretty pissed off Jason "played the game!" Maybe you should've 'come up for air' in the Rose room and 'played the game' instead of "humping a psychotic con artist" & only 'coming up for air' to say "yes Paul" & to eat cereal the ENTIRE season! Matt figuratively and literally kissed a$$ all season!! GAG 🤢
    Did anyone else notice no one (aside from Matt) clapped after Ravens goodbye message to Matt?? Loved it!
    And WHY was Julie so easy on Matt breaking big brothers rules?
    I was super disappointed because I thought she was going to give him a hard time about it! He blatantly disrespected production, executives & the game!!!!! So I expected a lot more out of Julie for that! She was totally chill with him!

    • What exactly did raven lie about? Her disease? I don't watch the live feeds so if it was mention there I didn't hear it.

      • Do you ever go online and Google her? She is a 1000% lying about everything including the severity of her disease. It is not a fatal disease and she is not going to die in a year or two. She does not have an inverted spine, M10 (or whatever it's called) she is not a Mensa, she does not have a rare disease that is unnamed, she does not need money for another pacemaker, she does not have rough knee syndrome, nor does she need surgery for that! She never broke her foot and so on……
        Raven is a compulsive liar and a con artist! She set up the go fund me page and had her mom activate it after she entered the big brother house. She should know nothing about it yet she talks to the cameras & asks viewers to donate. It is nothing but a scam and she is nothing but a scam artist along with her mother!
        Like I said, YouTube Raven Exposed Party and Raven Exposed Party part 2
        & go to the joker site there is a huge list of everything she has lied about as well as to "Tamara tattles Ravens lies" has a list of everything she has lied about and last time I looked at it, it was over 50 things!
        & you can also go to Twitter and look up #Ravenexposedparty, same person that did the YouTube videos. Priceless!

      • Go to Raven exposed party on YouTube. Everything she said and says is a lie. Her illness, her diseases, her surgery she needs all her knee, just everything!

  • Two of the funniest things I heard on last nights episode.
    Elena: "Big Paul" 100% dead on! And she's still technically in the game and doesn't know everything we know!!!
    And then there is Matt……… Thinking Paul & Raven are the "Best players in the game." Yes Paul, but Raven!! Seriously dude! How Julie kept a straight face is incredible! I do not know how she refrained from bursting out laughing!
    Matt has been kissing Paul's a$$ all season & Matt has been ....... Ravens a$$ all season! So I guess
    that's why he think Paul & Raven have been the "best players in the game" ROTFLMFAO x 💯!!!
    One figuratively & one literally! 🤢 I wonder what Matt is going to think and feel like once he is exposed to this real reason! All the things he said about her to Julie, how did she keep a straight face!?!?
    Maybe Matt and Raven are a match made in heaven (hell!) How Raven did not drive him crazy all season blows my mind! I guess because he believes her and believes she only has a year or two to live so I do respect the guy for putting up with her but he is going to be in for a huge shock in three weeks! I wonder how he will take that!?! Will you forgive her? Will he understand? Will he want to punch her in the face? Will he never want to speak with her again? Will they get married and have babies? If you asked me this question last week I would've said Matt would be fuming and never speak to her again! But now, I don't know! He seems to be totally into her and he has also proven to be a total tool! So I don't know now!
    And why is Paul "praising Matt" for throwing his game away for Raven yet, when Jessica and Cody saved each other etc. they were both "idiots" for doing that!?! Jody's relationship is not based on lies and in reality should have more longevity!
    Raven told Matt nothing but lie after lie after lie! How can she sit in the DR room and say she "looks forward to having a relationship with Matt after the game?" How can she be making plans with him after the game? Is she truly that idiotic and she thinks Matt will not find out everything she said was a LIE? Or does she believe he will forgive her? IDK.... it's truly messed up!
    This is the strangest group ever!
    Blah blah blah blah blah. Talking to myself LOL

  • Well I guess this will just be the Tinalee page LOL sorry for all the long separate comments. I personally am not a fan of reading long comments, but then I go and post them myself! Go figure!
    Anyway, I don't mean to drive anyone crazy.…… I would like to express my thoughts, clearly LOL
    for those of you who do not know, (which I am pretty sure is 99% of you) I am a writer so it's never easy for me to just say what I have to say and move on & having this "talk to type" makes it easy for me too OVERLY express myself hence my long posts. I promise I'm not crazy LOL well maybe I am just a little....) 😉
    IF you don't like my long posts/comments, then just move on. Easy stuff!
    No need to give me a hard time about it, I mean no harm!
    I come in peace ✌️👽🙃

  • I am soooo disappointed with CBS for letting Matt go to Jury after intentionally breaking the rules, and making a mockery of this game. At this point I don't care who is in the final two or who wins I just want to watch to see Paul lose. My favorite part of this episode was the Jury.

    • Yes that was a huge huge disappointment big brother did not make an example out of Matt. An eviction vote! Big deal !!!!
      Other HGs who knew they were either going home or knew for sure they were safe still remained a half not regardless! They respected the rules!
      I really am disappointed big brother did not kick Matt to the curb!

  • I wish we saw Cody and Elena's reaction to Mark telling them about the Tree of Temptation. And how he saved a friend named Paul.

  • I don't care about what Xmas has to say. Sadly she was injured - and should have been dismissed from the house and offered a return visit next summer. She sat out on most of comps and contributed nothing but sucking up to Paul and playing Mama to Josh.

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