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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 4?

The Feeds are back and we have your Big Brother 19 spoilers for the latest Head of Household competition. The results won’t be revealed in the show until Sunday night, but read ahead now to find out who won HoH this week.

Again this year the Battle Back delayed our usual weekly HoH comp so the returning player could have a shot at winning safety. Otherwise they’d be a sitting duck, and not the kind we saw last year.

Once we knew what was happening with the Battle Back results it narrowed down our possibilities for where the targets could go with this week’s HoH. So would the returning player be a target or an ally? Well that should be easy to figure out…

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Who Won HoH?

  • The new HoH is… Jessica

Gallery: Jessica is the new HoH

Hah! Okay, so Jessica gets the Halting Hex, Cody wins Battle Back, and then Jessica gets Head of Household? You know those HGs are kicking themselves in the pants for not taking her out over Dominique. Ouch. These two are going to be in charge for a bit here, aren’t they?

Want to know who is on the Block? We’ve got this week’s nominations spoilers already too!

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

The Power of Veto competition is coming up on Saturday and we’ll have your spoilers then. Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.

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  • So I will have to wait and see Sunday why Jessica put up Ramses didn't the learn week one pawns go home?

    • Yeah, I don't understand why she put him up either. We will probably find that out on here before Sunday (per the feeds etc)
      The problem with Jessica targeting Josh & perhaps putting Ramses up as a pawn is, he isn't a "pawn" in Paul and his minions eyes. He has wanted Ramses gone since week 2. Mainly because Ramses almost beat Paul during the Veto so that pissed off Paul big-time! If Ramses did win it and pulled himself off the block, Paul would not have been able to back door Cody. So, although Josh is "Jessica's target" apparently (unless she has a backdoor plan) it is likely Ramses is going to be the one evicted & Jessica/Cody are going to have a repeat of Cody's HOH week one. Just like you said, did they not learn! So I don't know if he really is a pawn...... I think they did learn &.......
      I am thinking Jessica/Cody – Jody are just playing 'nice' right now. Getting their feet planted back in the house, not making any "big moves" this time & when they are ready.....(have more numbers on their side) they will fire!
      I guess we will have to wait and see! But I am super happy with Josh being on the block! I just sincerely hope he goes home! I do not like that kid at all! He needs to go home to his mama!

      • my understanding is that she put ramses on the block because she believes what hat Paul said and that is that Ramses won the $25,000 ,even though Paul knows that it was Kevin who won it,but Paul wantsRamses because he did not throw the veto comp like king Paul asked him to do.

        • I know exactly why Paul wants him on the block and out, because the Vito and because he can't control him but I just don't understand why Jessica would put him up instead of Christmas Raven or Alex. Just in case there was a blindside

      • Even if they take Ramses off the block and put Paul up, it would guarantee josh going home. Maybe they should put it that way to Paul that he is the pawn. The only one they could get to evict Paul would probably be Ramses. Every one else is a sheep.

        • I'm OK with Paul staying, put them on the block and Paul stays. Fine! I just don't want Josh staying at the moment. After that they can work on Paul.
          Jessica should say to Paul, if you are so sure Josh is 100% going home, just so I have reassurance, you go on the block next to him! Why don't people do that!? Jessica doesn't owe Paul anything

        • Agree! Jessica should not trust anyone but Cody. Take Ramses off the block put up Raven and Josh is gone. Forget going after Paul, most of the house are so far up Paul's ass, I'm not sure who's leading the pack.

  • That'll teach those buffoons to get rid of Dominique. The chance they had at getting rid of Jessica got blown. Well even if they did had that chance it'll still be wasted because of her Halting Hex. Can't believe America had pity over that bitch but it's all good. I want her and Cody to destroy this house for what they did to my girl Dom...turning their backs on her like that.

    • So much groupthink with these people, Dom was not a threat to anyone. It is amazing how brainwashed they are by Paul.

    • & I don't think we have seen the last of Dominique. I think she could be back next season if they bring any vets back

    • Wow 😳 Why don't you tell us how you really feel? 😂
      I liked Dominique but I prefer Jessica over her simply for entertainment purposes. Because the chances of Cody coming back, that also increased/will increase the drama! I did feel bad for Dom but she went out with class. Good for her!

  • Oh, my other question/comment was……
    Has Jessica told anyone she has the HH? & if she was dumb enough to tell anyone, (aside from Cody,) who did she tell? & did she tell them 'exactly' what her power is? I know when the feeds cut off on Thursday, the HGs (Paul) suspected Jessica had it.
    If she is smart (that has yet to be determined) she should not tell anyone! Keeping them in the dark could buy her safety next week, if they know, they will likely nominate her next week.
    Also, for selfish reasons of my own (& I'm sure most of you) hee hee 😜 I don't want the HGs to know about it! I want to see the looks on every HGs face when she pulls that out! Priceless right!? No one would suspect it! Impossible!
    If Jessica ONLY tells Jason, Jason ONLY tells Kevin, Kevin ONLY tells Paul & Paul tells "EVERYONE!" Lame 😒 No no no !!!!
    We (the viewers) HAVE to see the look on everyone's face!
    😳 🙄 😳 😬
    NO one would see that coming! Especially on "Live TV' with Julie!
    Hopefully production encourages her to NOT tell anyone because they know the look on the HGs faces will be priceless! 😳
    That will make for some "Great TV (Ratings!)
    Wayyyyy better than Jillian's face when she got evicted!
    😆 😝

      • That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw your first comment to me :-) long time. How you been babe ??

        • Been hanging in there! Life is too short to not enjoy it!
          Our daughter is getting married Sept long & altho she is a wedding planner there's things to do keeping me busy..... then back & forth to the lake as much as I can.
          Garden is doing good..... I miss our pet, Kodi (been almost 4 months) but the neighbours got a puppy that keeps me smiling.
          I'd be even happier with Paul out.
          Josh isn't the brightest & super annoying & whinny but he doesn't get to me like Paul does!!
          Hope you're doing great & enjoying this season of BB & the season of summer if that's the season you're in.

  • Awesome, I think it is great. I love this because they thought keeping her was a good idea. Now if only they would get out Paul I would be super happy.

  • Jess gets the HH, Cody gets to play in the same game twice to get back in the house, Jess wins HoH. Now both back in bed. Not my preferred scenario but will be interesting to watch if their game play changes as a result of what transpired a few weeks ago. Will they get out of bed? Will they spend more time with the outsiders? Will Cody act like a human and not a DBag? Will both of them not be insulting to the others? Will they discuss their noms and possible renom with any allies they have to see if they have the votes?
    We'll see.

        • F off with the politics, dear unless you want to start talking about the 'compassion' that Obama and Hillary showed in Libya and Syria OR the 'compassion' that the PAID BY SOROS BLM and Antifa thugs demonstrated when targettiyg and beating peaceful Trump supporters OR how the wikileaks emails CONFIRMED that Hillary and Podesta sent truck loads of PAID thugs to stir up trouble at Trump rallies and then tried to blame Trump supporters.

          Get the picture?

          This site is for discussing game.

        • How can anyone be compassionate to a guy who bullied a woman out of the game?

          I'm Canadian, but I would support Trump more than I do Trudeau. There always a Liberal around to bring up Politics in a question & answer feed.

  • Go jess & Cody! Get the snake out asap!! I can't stand the way Paul speaks in the DR!!! Who the hell does this short man with a stupid beard think he is? He's a nobody that BB is prob trying to expose cuz they get profits from some clothing company the dude thinks he's great at!
    And BTW....nice tats; they are as useless as he is!!
    Argh! Can you tell I can't stand him??! Cody is slightly better. But, Cody needs a personality & he needs to get a positive attitude! Pluuuuueeeezzze!!

    • Hey, I'm with you. Can't stand Paul. Other than Cody,Jessica and maybe Jason, the rest of the house are terrified of that little midget Paul. Matt's a wuss, Mark isn't any better and the rest of the house trust Paul. SMH. Oh and Josh, he has mental issues, get rid of him before someone beats the holly hell out if him. :p

  • Wake up Jessica, use the PoV on Ramses, backdoor Paul and get that POS out there. The only problem is that you can't trust the rest of the laboratory rats in the house. Best option, put up Raven as a pawn and get rid of the goofball Josh.

  • Matt is also leading Paul on...he is so much smarter than he lets on...can't wait till he makes his move.

  • Man these HG's don't have a brain of their own. Paul is playing them like a Fiddle and they can't even see it. Jessica need to use the POV.

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