‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 3

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

Big Brother 19 memory wall

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll but as expected we see Paul retake the top spot like he had early on before a late finish to last week’s poll surged Jason to the lead. Jason has fallen down to fifth while the rest of the line each shifted in place up one step.

Leading things off you’ve got Paul, the most well known of all the HGs, in first at 26.7% of the vote. That’s more than a quarter of all votes tied up by the one Vet. Next up though you’ve got a tighter race with Alex at 16.2% of the vote and Christmas right behind her in 3rd at 15.6%. Kevin is next and the last to break double digits in the popularity vote here at 11.6%.

Dropping to the middle group we’ve got Jason at 7.5% then Cody at 5.6% in his week before heading out the door. Mark pulled 3.8% behind Cody with Matthew trailing him at 3.05%.

Now we’ve got the ladies starting with Raven at 2.7%, Dominique at 1.9%, Elena at 1.7%, and Jessica at 1.3%. Given these numbers it’s easy to see why I expect Alex to get the next Den of Temptation, Halting Hex, instead of any of these ladies.

In the bottom tier you’ll find Ramses at 1.1% and Josh at 0.9% as the last of the active players. Then you’ve got Cameron outperforming the rest at 0.2%, Megan at 0.14%, and Jillian bringing up the rear at 0.12% of the vote.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:

Popularity Poll Week 2 results from BBN

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer. Cast your vote in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other.

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Gotta vote for Cameron by default There really is no one in the house that I am rooting for that much over the others. Very disappointing game play this week, lots of tension but really for me, no one has acquitted themselves that well. Alex especially disappointed by handing her HoH to Paul, Paul has gone into his hyper state. Ramses is the only one who hasn’t disappointed me but he hasn’t had to do anything. Hopefully next week, if the Battle Back person comes back and Paul is no longer safe, may result is some more strategic game play.

    • I concur :-) I expected way more of Alex although, she didn’t have much of a choice. She didn’t/doesn’t have the ‘numbers’ on her side so, if she took a swing at the ‘other side of the house’ (Pauls alliance) sure she would have been able to evict one of them but she would just be in the line of fire next week (of course not knowing another HG would be coming back, perhaps she would have played differently……) & she did manage to break up a pretty big alliance and get one of them (Paul’s alliance members) out of the house (if Dom goes home on Thursday which is very likely)
      So, in the end she did manage to take down a “number” in that alliance without getting any blood on her hands.

  2. with the recent push on social media for people to vote for Dominique because of Paul’s comments, could there be an upset and Dom get the next DOT. Or is it too late and Alex has it in the bag?

    • Well a lot of people think that the DoT won’t be given out until after Dom is evicted so it wouldn’t go to her anyway.

    • The push came really late in the vote cycle for this week’s DoT. People had been voting awhile before most TV viewers really saw Dom was in danger. I think that’s likely a deficit too large to overcome, but nothing is impossible.

      • The DoT should be play after the eviction anyway. In the scheme of thing, I can see them risking not having an eviction before the BattleBack.

      • That’s what I’ve been thinking. But everyone keeps thinking its going to be given Wednesday. Just don’t know how they would have time to film and edit in time. And like you said the battle back is Friday. I’m anxious to see how this is all going to play out.

      • Did you mean can or can’t?
        I don’t think they will do the DOT on Thursday (before Dom leaves) Plus I am sure production wants Cody back because they know it will be way more dramatic/ higher ratings than any of the other evicted HG’s coming back so, with Dom leaving, that is also in favour of Cody coming back because Dom is not super competitive (for lack of better words.)
        Production knows Dominique leaving is not a big deal/ no tears shed, no one super angry. Yada yada….
        & they are going to want to “work” with the recipient of the DOT during a more exciting eviction. Yes? No?

      • There was a big outrage about Paul saying he was going to blackface himself to look like a snake since Dom was calling him a snake in the game. People took offense at that.

      • Dom is the one who started this. He said he was going to look like a snake, not a black face. It is absolutely ridiculous how some people get outraged over any little thing. I should be outraged over how she acts as though she is the only one who has a connection to God.Give me a break.

      • Yeah I ended up reading that on TMZ. But, wasn’t that a misunderstanding? Or did he actually say that?

    • “With the recent push on social media for people to vote for Dominique because of “Paul’s comments……….”

      What did I miss?
      What did Paul say??

      TIA ❤️

  3. Paul is only the highest on the poll just because he is manipilative and is running the game.

    • They’ll be down I’m assuming so they can tape the battle back for Friday’s episode. So Thursday after Dom gets evicted she will be the fourth to battle back. I don’t think battle back is live.

      • Yea, but they are taping that in the backyard, the HGs will lock inside. No need to keep the feeds down for that. My guess, they’re playing the last segment of BattleBack after the HoH comp on Thursday night. And friday they play DoT and let the winner of BB in the house.

      • Oh you think they’ll tape whoever wins the DoT on Thursday after the eviction along with battle back and the HOH then show it on Friday? It’s a lot to show. Unless they show us the HOH comp Thursday before the show ends. I just can’t wait until Wed, Thurs. and Fridays show to see what the heck is going on. And no feeds what a bummer.

      • NO. Here is how it went last year:

        Feeds were down same period. In the Thursday night show we had the eviction, but no HoH comp. Friday night, we saw Victor win the Battle Back but we didn’t see him enter the house. After feeds came back, Victor was in the house, but we didn’t see it in the show. In the Sunday night show, we saw Victor enter the house, the HoH and Nominations.

        So this year there is a difference with the added twist of DoT. I’m convince we won’t see any of the DoT and winner of Battle Back enter the house before sunday.

        We will have all the spoilers on the feeds, but we might not know who won DoT until the show on Sunday. I’m sure they will tell the winner of the DoT not to reveal to anybody, at least until after the show on sunday.

      • Good memory. I sort of remember that now. I remember seeing Victor and everyone battle back but couldn’t remember on that Friday episode if it showed him going in the house. Victor got to play for HOH too didn’t he? We’re going to have a lot to watch. Three nights in a row.

  4. Hopefully, Alex gets the Halting Hex which might help her game. Rooting for her to win Big Brother because she is doing her best. I think she can go far. Just do not ruffle feathers at this stage. This is still a social game which is why Paul is on top. He is very good in manipulating people!

    • I want her to get it too but she doesn’t need help right now. Nobody is even mentioning her name. She played a smart and strategic HOH. Took one of their numbers out without putting a target on her back. Gained a number with Jess and if Cody comes back that’s another number for her side.

  5. Honestly I wish Jason won the HOH this week. I think he might have pulled a bigger move then Alex. Alex’s HOH was pretty much Paul’s 2nd HOH. She did his dirty work.

    • Kevin is my choice to receive the temptation. He’s turned a few too many heads recently. If he started playing his own game and a little smarter instead of following Paul’s bad advice, he could gain a lot more trust and maybe even influence the other HGs to take a shot at Paul.

  6. I voted for Paul because he is playing a great game so far (with our help). But I would love to see Cameron come back. i have never seen anyone love the game so much to get the boot so soon. Poor guy. I am rooting for you to win the Battle back Cameron!

  7. Well let’s hope this is a sign that Alex will get the temptation. Even though I don’t think she’s on anyone’s radar this will guarantee she’ll be safe if she by chance gets nominated. Good HOH for her. She got a number out from the other side while adding a number to her side and didn’t make anyone angry. Nobody has even mentioned her as a target. Smart playing.

    • Can you explain why Alex is so popular? Her HOH was weak. Neither dom or jess were threats. She just wanted them out for personal reasons. Basically she wanted jess out and then she let Paul pick the other nom. He’s playing everyone in the house and she makes it easy for him.

      • Then you’re not looking at the whole picture. She plays for weeks ahead just like a chess game. Maybe Dom was weak but she was in the core 7 alliance and she just busted that alliance up, eliminated a number on that side, added a number to her side with literally no blood on her hands. She wants Jess out but not right now because she knows she’s a number for her side. Paul didn’t pick the other nom because if he did he wanted Ramses and she said no. She’s playing smart. She knew she couldn’t go after the couples without putting a huge target on her back but she still took a number away from them. Brilliant play. Nobody is even mentioning her name. So to go from being on the block the first two weeks and everyone wanting her out to nobody even mentioning her I’d say is very strategic game play.

      • You know Paul has manipulated everyone in the house including Alex. She’s been a disappointment.

  8. Tired of the Paul Show. Now, Alex attached to him. Really all dumb — except Cody. Remarkably, he’s the only one whoever questioned Paul (and his alliance and these blogs HATE him). I guess its just Paul’s world and we are all living in it.

  9. I didn’t like Cody when he was in the house. His social game was terrible. But the cards were stacked against him right off the bat. I have to give him respect for being the only one to attempt a big game move and evict a strong player (unlike Alex). I hope he wins battle back. He deserves a second shot, and I think he would definitely play the game differently.

    • How were the cards stacked against off right off the bat? He was in a huge alliance until he chose to screw it up

      • Paul was given too much power very early. If this were a normal season, Paul would be gone and Cody would still be in a huge alliance. So far he is the only HG to make a big move, but he was set up to fail.

      • What makes anyone think that even if Cody was able to renom Paul that Paul would have gone home? He was in a huge alliance too and had the numbers to stay.

      • That may be true, but what I’m saying is you can’t fault the guy for attempting to backdoor the strongest player in the game which is clearly and by leaps and bounds Paul.

  10. I don’t get the fascination with Kevin. He’s working all sides and is really close to getting caught.

  11. The cast this season sucks. I thought last season was bad at first, but this cast is worse. It seems like only 2 or 3 people are playing the game. Also, I find many of them to be boring. I hope Josh wins HOH so things can get interesting.

    • Right…I feel that was probably the most uninteresting endurance comp in BB history. Never seen a more half-assed deal made.
      Elena: If I fall will you keep my friends safe?
      Alex: Sure
      Me: zzzzzzzz

      At least Cody made some interesting game moves. Now Paul just gets what Paul wants. Boring.

    • It seems like most care about jury and want fame or just the stipend because they don’t have a great job. Jason wants to win, I would say, Josh, Rames might also want to win, the rest are on vacation ( or looking for fame).
      Ramses Josh or Jason HOH would be great as long as Paul can stay away.

  12. I still think they are wrong for leaving Jessica in the house. Paul has said their will be a BB and I want that showmance to stay split. If Cody gets back in she is going to take him down again by keeping him under lock and key

  13. I wish we could pick our top three 😉 Simply because I don’t have an actual “favourite,” yet!
    Kevin, Alex & Mark are my top 3 picks
    I don’t understand how Christmas can be in third? Sympathy votes? She was out of the house for most of last week…..OK slight exaggeration but still……..
    I know she is still playing hard mentally…… But enough?
    Am I missing something??

    I am very happy to see Josh at the very bottom (slightly above the evicted HGs) & I am gleaming with joy that Cody (although not even in the house) is above Josh! Love it love it love it!
    Go home Josh to your mama! Get her to change your diaper & Take a look at what people think of your attitude & fix it! Fast! The world does not owe you any favors!

    • Hey lady totally (almost) agree. I like Christmas and Jess. Cannot wait till Cody comes back and hopefully gets Paul out before jury.

      • I like Christmas and Jessica. ❤️ I just like Mark, Kevin and Alex as my top three at the moment.
        & I just don’t understand why Christmas is in the top 3 for the DOT. That’s all ❤️ (Just because she hasn’t been around that much, & I haven’t ‘myself personally’ heard much “game talk from her” but I do like her & I feel bad for what happened to her.) 😭
        Unlike many people on here, I do like Jessica & Cody. I believe Cody did not have enough game time to fully “show himself” Plus he knew he had been defeated 😕 (even before he was back doored/the second his name did not get picked to play in the veto) & also did not want to campaign against Jessica (not only because he likes her) but also because he feels bad for putting her in the position she is in with the house. (Nominating Paul/Christmas without her knowledge or approval) I also believe he has way more of a personality than the actual episodes are showing. Just editing unfortunately to make him appear ’emotionless!’
        Cody’s face & tearing up when he found out there was a “battle back” showed a lot of emotion! He’s just not the type of person to jumping around with excitement, he keeps it inside.
        Cody actually reminds me of my husband a little bit! When most people meet my husband for the first time they think he is a “snob or asshole” LOL Even when I first met Chris I thought he was an asshole! but he is far, far from it! Chris is just super quiet, not shy but quiet. 😆 EVERYONE is always shocked at how nice my husband is, because again they automatically assume he’s a snob or they think he doesn’t “like them” just because he’s not super chatty initially, & he doesn’t show a lot of emotion in his face. He’s the biggest sweetheart! Super friendly, quiet & witty. (Clearly I do all the talking…..LMAO Shocking I know! Me talk too much?! Nooooooo……..
        Anyway… On that note! Enough about my husband heehee 😉
        I do like Cody & I truly hope it is Cody that comes back. I hope he gets a chance to “redeem himself” (for lack of better words) & show America (& me here in Canada 🇨🇦 also) & the HGs the real person (I think) he is!
        He was/is my one of my favourite HG’s Day 1 & I was excited to watch him play the game!
        Cody’s “entrance video” (or whatever it’s called) during the first episode showed him with a lot of emotion. Him talking to his daughter Paisley plus just talking about being picked to be on BB etc. made him as one of my top favorites!
        He just made one very stupid move by putting up Christmas! And that, I still do not understand!
        So, I do like Cody and Jessica 💜
        Sorry for my stupidly long reply! They are never ever short & always full of errors! LMAO… 😐
        “Talk to Type” takes me one minute to say all of this, 10++ minutes of editing (attempting to find ALL of all the wrong autoCorrect’s etc)
        & just a minute for you/others to read but no one (including myself) likes reading long comments/replies! LOL
        See, I still can’t shut up! It’s like you’re sitting in front of me and we are having a good conversation Re: BB :-)
        Again, sorry!
        Blah, blah, blah……..!!!

      • & just to add to my last paragraph, I literally have/had no idea just how long my comments/replies are until I send them! Example the one I just sent you LOL…… 😆 Like….Holy $*#&…….I had NO idea it was THAT long! 🙃 😳 🙄 🙄 🤗
        Sorry babe 😐

      • All good. I am with you. I like Cody and Jess. I think Cody is all military that’s why emotion. I enjoyed the convo he had with Christmas before she left. I like Christmas although not a serious as hers, I have been dealing with a broken ankle since 2002. Nerve pain RSD. So I empathize with her. Besides she was my preseason fav.

      • I don’t not like Christmas, I just think she needs to go home and take care of herself but at the same time, if she’s comfortable in the house then stay. Why not, it’s more fun than sitting around at home doing nothing all summer because of a broken foot.
        But like I said, what bothers me about Christmas not being pulled is that she is interacting outside of the house and the entire outline of big brother is to be in seclusion for three months. No interaction with the outside world at all! The HGs we’re not even told about 9-11.
        But big brother decided to not tell them. Just saying, Honestly it really doesn’t bother me that much :-) I guess because I do like her :-)

      • If it were Josh, I would be having a temper tantrum and hissy fit if he was still in the house LOL

      • So excited about tonight’s outcome. Pumped that Dom is out and Jess won ( I gave all my votes to her). Now all we need is the final chapter……Cody back. Wonder if he will be on the get Paul out train.

      • I don’t think he will get on the Paul train. The second Paul walked in the door you could see Cody was out to get him, and then with the friendship bracelets… Thought Cody could have cared less.
        Of course I could be totally wrong, Paul is a mass manipulator and can get in your head so, we shall see :-) fingers crossed it is Cody that comes back in the house of course.

  14. ••A typical Christina long post but if you want to have a good laugh at my expense, read!••• 😆

    For several reasons I do not believe the DOT will happen before Dominique leaves. Mainly because it is a 0/10 vote to evict Dominique. No one cares that she’s leaving.
    Plus they/production would want the recipient of the DOT to use it during a more exciting eviction, and also all the lead up (week/weeks) knowing someone has the DOT ….(better ratings) more exciting for us to watch ❤️

    This all being said, the only way they will do it on Thursday, is if they/Pro know Dom was not the recipient of it & they know the recipient will not use it on Dom.

    Plus, they will need to fill in spots for Friday episode (well I guess depending on what the competition is for the evicted HG’s) so I believe it will all happen on the same day. Someone receives the DOT, BOTB goes to the evicted HGs, winner wins & goes back in the house that night or we see that happen on Sunday.

    Update: LOL wouldn’t we see the returning HG reenter on Friday? If not, that HG would not be part of the initial nomination ceremony!?!

    Wait, wait, wait!!!…
    Another update LMAO (at myself!) OK, I just countered my own comment! The evicted HG re-entering the house would not be ‘live’ therefore it will happen before the nomination ceremony! Duh 🙄 ……….UNLESS…… they also give the returnee a week safety!? Interesting!!! 🙄 😳 🙄
    Please feel free to laugh at me, I’m laughing at myself!
    I know 99% of you probably “scroll on by my stupidly long posts!” (Thank talk to type for that) heehee 😉 😜
    But I am sitting here, comfortably on my couch outside (you can ask “Captain” about that) LMAO 😂 (we are Facebook friends! Facebook “best friends”) LOL 😂
    Anyway, I am sitting on my couch ‘outside’ talking to each and everyone of you that will listen, as if I am talking to you face-to-face.
    Hopefully at least some of you get my humor!?! Mwah 💋 💋

  15. TBH I vote for someone different every week. I was a huge Paul fan last year, and I still like him but he talks way too much. Alex is very likeable, as is Kevin. Love to see them all getting along (well, most of them). Don’t think Christmas should be there.

  16. looks like someone is rigging these votes. meaning they are using a bot to vote multiple times..#Cheaters

  17. I still don’t understand how Jessica got the DOT especially when she’s at the bottom of the polls that week. I think it was a set up. Also think it was a set up because after she got it she started asking the other hg what would they do if Cody came back. How did she know unless producers told her, such bs

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