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Adam Poch’s Big Brother 19 Player Rankings – Week 08

Remember a few weeks ago when I said Big Brother 19 could possibly compare with Season 6 as far as drama? Yeah – I was wrong!!! This season had lots of fights and you were afraid to miss the feeds cause who knows what was going to happen next. This has been the most boring week so far this season. We do have the prospect of some new drama as Paul’s setting up his minions to attack each other, and when the dust clears – he could be $500K richer.

BUT FIRST – lets take a look back at this week and see who I think deserves some porky delights, and who has to wallow with their pressed soy!

Paul Abrahamian – 5 strips of Bacon – as much as I am not rooting for him, his hard work early on making “friendships” is starting to pay off. As I mentioned in the opening this week, Paul has put himself in the middle of 3 duos – with all 3 thinking he is with them more than the other duos. All of them need Paul as a number, and he knows this – so he stirs the pot by dropping little hints of which duo is targeting who.

This late in the game, paranoia is out the window, you know people are trying to get you out. So feeding into their psyche is the best way to ensure they will take shots at each other and Paul will be handing out ammo.

In a rare occurrence, I am giving the rest of the house Tofu this week.

Jason Dent – 1 strip of Tofu – if anyone almost got bacon this week, it was Jason. First off congrats on becoming a dad for the 2nd time. I cannot imagine what that was like finding out “on national television.” That may be the only thing that could have topped Tori Spelling coming in on BB13. Next, congrats to Jason for winning HoH during the Double Eviction, and then the Veto this week to remove himself from the block.

Quietly he is starting to rack up some wins and making his case for the jury later. BUT…. all the bacon he should have gotten for this, he loses for that horrible, HORRIBLE speech during his nominations. That just blew up his own game, and he did not / still does not know how he showed his cards. The worst part was his cards were just a pair of 2’s. I was convinced he would be the one to take a shot at Paul – nope… enjoy the jury house in 2 weeks or less.

Christmas Abbott – 1 strip of Tofu – if you make a big deal about how you are going to make monumental moves as HoH & then go and take out the houses biggest target, that means one of 2 things. 1) You do not know what a big move really is. 2) You do not know what a big move really is. The only way her HoH would have been great is if Mark won Veto. Christmas is still in a good spot as her injury keeps people thinking she will be easy to beat later. But she just got the cast off, and we are still a couple weeks from the final HoH, so…

Josh Martinez – 2 strips of Tofu – for the first time this season, Josh was not the most annoying HG this week. He has a strong bond with Christmas, and of the duos, this is the one that Paul wants to take to the end because they are easy to beat. I saw someone compare Josh to Phillip on Survivor, how he was the reason Boston Rob won his 15th time on. This is a perfect analogy, For those of you that do not know, Rob was hated by the jury… Phillip was despised. Josh is so unaware of how to do jury management. However, he is playing the game hard, for Paul.

Mark Jansen – 3 strips of Tofu – it looks like the player I thought would take it all at the beginning of the season is walking out the door this week and pretty much his game was flawed all season. Mark came in as a lovable teddy bear but he played a horrible social game. He did win the Veto to protect himself during the Double Eviction – but that sent his showmance partner home. He tried to get some “friendship” in the house back by protecting Paul with his “Save a Friend” Temptation Apple but that was also too little too late.

Mark did have the chance to save himself again by winning the Veto, but he lost that as well and walking out the door. However he is not going out without a fight. He has made his case to everyone why they should keep him and has been speaking the truth about who is targeting who – but too many flip flops up til now caused no one to believe him this time around.

Kevin Schlehuber – 3 strips of Tofu – poor Kevin – he’s been homesick for the last couple of weeks and that has caused everyone to think he is shady. He was in such a good spot before that but he was a little too caring about the last couple of people walking out the door & that has also made people question his intentions. Kevin was the only one doing jury management whether he knew it or not. Hopefully Kevin can figure out how to win a competition soon or he will be walking out the door soon as well.

Raven Walton – 4 strips of Tofu – I am still so over this girl. Just like Mark, Raven was one of the people I was rooting for preseason – but she really is one of the worst players of the season. Raven has done absolutely nothing gamewise, and her undying loyalty to Paul & Matt has kept her safe for now. She talks the biggest game without actually doing anything. I actually do feel bad for her when she gets out and sees she is not as beloved as she thinks she is.

Matthew Clines – 5 strips of Tofu – similar to Raven – Matt has not done anything this season – although he has taken the role of pawn pretty well. That’s maybe because he thinks playing pawn is a great game move. The reason he gets an extra strip of Tofu this week over Raven is because he has said a few things out loud in front of people about how great Paul is – and now Paul is getting paranoid that people may pick up on it.

Loose lips sink ships in this game, and Matt should have kept his mouth busy shoving cereal in it instead of talking. It’s really cute watching him & Raven try to talk game with people because they have no clue.

That brings me to the Tofurkey of the Week – and that honor goes to Alex Ow. I have been holding out hope that what Alex said weeks ago about getting in good with the big group and then turning them all against each other would come to fruition. But as the weeks went on, she stayed on Team Paul – and then in an absolute HORRIBLE move – called Jason her Ride or Die in front of the whole house when Derrick came in. Everyone knew this was true – but you do not bring attention to it.

To make her game even worse, Alex thinks she has Josh in her pocket along with Jason, but turning her back on Kevin who actually is in her pocket. She is setting herself up to be a target with Jason and her bad attitude to everyone walking out the door will lead to people not wanting to vote for her IF she happens to make it to Final 2. She says she is a gamer – but does not look at the long term game. She looks one step ahead, not 4. Now Alex is going to look back at her game and be the HG most likely to complain and beg to be on again.

Question of the week – of all the people left in the house – who is most likely to take a shot at Paul? (No one is not an acceptable answer)

Alright – another week in the books and lets hope that something exciting happens these last couple of weeks and does not let this become the worst season in BB history when it started off as possibly being one of the best seasons.

From outside the Big Brother House – I’m Adam Poch – have a great day!!

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