Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 10: Tuesday Highlights

It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 19 house, which is what happens when only one person is playing the game. Jenga anyone? But before the night was out, Josh returned to his concerns about Paul and made another push on Christmas to open her eyes to what’s really going on there.

Kevin steers clear on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 5, 2017:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs starting to get up, but little movement from most of them.

11:00 AM BBT – Christmas is testing out trying to walk around with one crutch.

11:20 AM BBT – Jason and Kevin having one of their final walk & talk in the backyard since it will soon go on lockdown. Kevin asks Jason what he thinks they should expect in the Jury House. Both hope there are lots of movies to watch.

12:00 PM BBT – Kevin and Jason discuss who is left and who could win. Jason says if Alex gets to F2 she’ll win. They both agree that Paul is another person who can’t be beat. Jason says he doesn’t want to take out either Paul or Alex though. Kevin asks Jason who he would nominate next. Jason tells him Raven for sure along with either Josh or Christmas.

12:55 PM BBT – Paul has the Snapchat glasses. Group shots and silliness.

1:00 PM BBT – Jason and Kevin getting in another walk & talk.

1:55 PM BBT – HGs watch Raven outside exercise and worry about the risks of that with her inverted spine and all.

2:00 PM BBT – Raven tells the HGs that she runs marathons, but she doesn’t remember her times. She runs a mile in 6:20 and a 5K in about 18 minutes.

2:05 PM BBT – Also, Raven has more health issues. Since her mom had breast cancer she has to get checked every six months. Christmas notes that her mom had it but she only gets checked once a year. Raven said she gets checked more often because of her other diseases.

2:15 PM BBT – HGs sharing more notes on Raven and her varying stories. They suspect she’s starting to avoid them because she’s messing up her claims.

2:35 PM BBT – HGs hanging out in the backyard and chatting. Jason and Kevin are playing cornhole.

3:00 PM BBT – HGs enjoying their backyard toys from the barbecue the night before. They’re playing badminton.

3:35 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas discuss plans to have a staged argument on Thursday.

4:20 PM BBT – HGs still hanging out in the backyard and playing cornhole.

5:00 PM BBT – Dinner prep time for the HGs.

5:40 PM BBT – HGs chatting in the kitchen after finishing up dinner.

6:28 PM BBT – Jason is alone and reading his letter from home while the other HGs hang out in the living room discussing Paul’s fear of STDs. It’s a slow night.

6:55 PM BBT – Christmas is very frustrated with Raven for all her wild and unrealistic claims. She doesn’t like all of Raven’s one-up’s and victimizing herself in every conversation. She wonders how much of an impact Raven will have from all the backlash she’ll receive.

7:10 PM BBT – Alex points out that after she told a story Raven retold the same story but with different names.

7:35 PM BBT – Paul telling Alex and Christmas his expectations for the rest of the season. He thinks this Thursday will be normal then there will be a Sunday eviction. (Nope and nope.)

7:54 PM BBT – Paul thinks it’s too late in the game for a double eviction and that fans wouldn’t like losing two players so fast.

8:07 PM BBT – Christmas cam talking. She says she loves the way she, Josh and Paul have played the game. She says she wanted to be more active in competitions and never wanted anything thrown to her, but she realizes there’s strategy involved (and she has a broken foot).

8:13 PM BBT – Still cam talking, Christmas says the only people she’d be OK losing the game to are Paul and Josh. She says Paul has played a great game but so has Josh and herself. She says jury members will probably think she rode Paul’s coattails.

8:16 PM BBT – Christmas says that she doesn’t think next year’s cast will be as awesome or cordial as this season.

9:10 PM BBT – Alex brings up Jessica winning the hex again and says she still doesn’t know why America gave her the reward.

9:30 PM BBT – Kevin and Jason commiserating about being on the block. Both say no one was said anything to them about being safe or being at risk so they’re both feeling like either one of them could go this week.

9:40 PM BBT – Christmas and Paul discussing Raven and her terminal illness(es) again.

9:46 PM BBT – Alex talking about Elena probably having plastic surgery.

10:05 PM BBT – Raven tells Jason that Matt planned on calling Cody out in jury over what he said (there’s no proof he said it) to Raven about her not being able to have kids.

10:07 PM BBT – Jason, laughing, asks Raven if she’s going to vote him out this week. She says no.

10:22 PM BBT – Christmas comes out of the DR and has been crying. Josh and Paul wonder what’s wrong. Sounds like she’s just emotional from the game.

10:40 PM BBT – Raven is telling a tall tale about a Ouija board experience.

11:05 PM BBT – HGs hanging around the hot tub and chatting. Few of them work in more Kevin bashing to pass the time. They mock how he wanted to do things with Jason since he said it was his (Kevin’s) last day in the backyard.

12:05 AM BBT – Alex tells Paul how Jillian warned her that Paul couldn’t be trusted and they shouldn’t work with him.

12:10 AM BBT – Jason laughs about Jessica’s foolish move to put up Ramses and expect him to be safe.

12:15 AM BBT – Josh tells Christmas he’s on to Paul’s game and while Paul might want them to make it to the end he’s actually playing for himself to win. Christmas says that’s what he should be doing. Josh says Paul might not really want to get Alex out next. Christmas says Paul better or there will be a problem. Josh says he’ll put Alex up right away if he gets HoH. He’s worried that if they toy around using Raven then they could lose someone they control.

12:20 AM BBT – Josh warns Christmas that Paul will have control over Kevin and over Raven then it’s going to be those three against the two of them (Josh and Christmas).

12:25 AM BBT – Christmas is getting upset with Josh and says this kind of talk could ruin their team. She says Josh is suggesting Paul is trying to stack the deck for himself in case something goes wrong. Christmas tells Josh that she understands what Paul is doing and she’s okay with it.

1:00 AM BBT – HGs are hanging out in the kitchen getting a late night snack, laughing and goofing around.

1:05 AM BBT – Paul and Raven check in. He says they can chat quickly but not make it obvious. He asks if she’s ready to take the shot at Alex. She says she is and isn’t nervous about it.

1:45 AM BBT – Rest of the group moves back outside and they’re playing cornhole again.

2:30 AM BBT – HGs are coming back in for the night.

2:53 AM BBT – Paul checks in with Raven and talks about what Alex might do if she wins HoH. He says Alex would probably put up Josh and maybe one of them. Paul suggests Alex will throw HoH to him if he can keep her thinking he’s with her. He says best case is Josh winning HoH to go after Alex, but if not then one of them has to do it then they’ll put up Alex and Kevin.

3:10 AM BBT – Josh is still awake and outside camtalking. He’s telling us that he see’s what Paul is doing with stacking the Jury votes. Josh understands that if he keeps pushing Christmas about Paul’s game then he risks losing her support and then Paul will follow. Josh says he’s never going to turn on Paul though. (So what’s the point of expressing these concerns?)

4:00 AM BBT – Josh finally wraps up his camtalk and heads inside for a snack then bed.

At what point is Josh going to do something about these worries over Paul? He makes a big deal about it then says he’ll never turn on Paul. Why not? He’s running out of time and, if he’s lucky, he’ll get to the end with few options at that point.

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  1. Josh will likely get to the end bc he is under paul’s protecton. I think josh honestly does want to make a move against paul but he sees the house dynamcs and knows that xmas, alex, and raven will never vote paul out. Kevin maybe but that is one vote and if you want rely on one vote it needs to be at f5 and thats only if your hoh to break the tie. Josh i think wants to cut paul at f4 or f3 when he has the sole vote. I do think that josh is better off taking the risk and making a move aginst pau right now but at the same time he needs two votes which he does not have and just targeting paul is worthless if paul does not go.

    • I think that is why Josh is understandably frustrated with the entire situation. He can’t win for losing. He’s kind of at the bottom of the totem pole in any situation. If he went to Alex and even got her to believe him, Josh would be betraying Christmas and would need to become allies with Alex and Jason if Jason stays. He really wouldn’t accomplish anything for his game as far as increasing his odds of making it further in the game, but it could hurt Paul’s game a little. If he wants to chance it, it would definitely make for a more exciting couple of weeks…Alex/Jason/Josh vs Paul/Christmas/Raven

      • “Alex/Jason/Josh vs Paul/Christmas/Raven”

        Interesting that kevin talked about self evicting. if this saves Jason..I hope this is how the game plays out. Not sure if Alex will open her eyes in time to see this come to fruition. Josh may be done since Paul is aware of his questioning.

      • First I heard about Kevin talking about self evicting. Was he serious? Also, as adament as Josh is about Paul getting the better end of the deal, I have a feeling he isn’t through with the subject. A couple more DR’s might send him over the edge. ;)

      • Like I said in another post. Josh really needs to pull Jason off to the side and explain it to him. Then they need to get Alex on board, that could be a hard sell but if Josh explains to her how this week was suppose to go with either one of them two leaving and not Kevin it just might work. Alex and Paul will vote to evict Kevin, Josh joins them unbeknownst to both Christmas and Paul to send Kevin out the door. Team up with bot Jason and Alex to see how far that team goes. Paul will be stuck with Christmas, who is hard pressed to play in most comps and Raven who hasn’t won anything. Alex wins HOH on Thursday, puts up Raven and Christmas and if of them wins VETO as long as it isn’t Paul, then take Raven down and put up Paul, send Paul home.

      • It could all happen just the way you said, WW. It seems DR might be trying to stir Josh up or it’s possible that he is actually seeing things clearly for himself. I don’t think Josh would have a chance to win if he allied with Alex/Jason, but it would be a big game move, and if he was, by chance, successful making it to F2, he absolutely could win.

      • I’m going with DR, here’s why, wasn’t it Jason who said in his DR session they ask him if he could or should trust Paul?

      • As long as Paul is voting against Kevin to keep Jason, Alex will not believe Josh. Again the best Josh can have by teaming up with Jalex will be f3 with two strong competitors. Obviously, the big move against Paul is too late for him right now.
        Best time will be if he wins HoH at f5 hoping Jason goes this week and Alex next. Put up Paul & Raven, convince Kelvin to vote against Paul, Xmas will vote against Raven, then break the tie to send Paul home. But again he or Kevin will have to win the veto to accomplish that.

    • Exactly! who would vote Paul out?? Christmas? Raven? Kevin?? Alex?? lol no matter what Josh does, by himself no one would vote Paul out hahhaaaa

      • I agree. Alex would never turn on Paul. I think Alex, Xmas and Raven all believe they have a final 2 deal with him.
        I would love to see Josh turn on Xmas though.

  2. Ya know…We tell our children not to bully, not to put up with bullying but on BB it is acceptable behavior!! Look a the pic above….look how everyone is ostracizing Kevin. Kevin must be soo freaking lonely in this house. :(

      • Amen! And I hate the way she is portrayed on the prime time shows!! They called Raven out in an episode with all of her lies, so now it’s time for Alex’s true colors to be shown to America! They need to quit glossing it over and show her for who she really is. You know, I watch a lot of reality tv, but I don’t think I’ve EVER had such a visceral loathing of someone as I do for Alex! I’m almost embarrassed by how much I dislike her…I tell myself it’s only a tv show, but it doesn’t matter…my dislike for her runs deep!

      • Yep and they need to quit giving Paul that great edit and show what he’s really like. Also Christmas.

      • Yes! All three get a great edit. I am afraid that when AFP voting comes around, they will get a lot of votes because of it.

  3. “Kevin asks Jason who he would nominate next. Jason tells him Raven for sure”
    “Christmas is very frustrated with Raven……”
    “Paul has the Snapchat glasses. Group shots and silliness.”

    Raven is a huge threat. Smart of the house guests to not worry about the happy go lucky guy with the silly glasses. Not a threat at all.

    Puts head on table and rubs temples.

    • Love your sense of humor, Alfie, and your great attitude. When Snitchy asked Kevin who he would nom, I wish Snitchy had told Jason who he would nom. I have a feeling that Snitchy has been waiting for someone, anyone, to say Paul’s name. I think he knows Paul is playing angles with different duos and Snitchy knows he will get axed if he mentions it to anyone because they are all in Paul’s little nest of protection. I think he would have loved it if Jason said he would nom Paul. He would have been like, “Thank God”.

    • Everyone left in the house since the end of week 8 is comfortable loosing to him at the near end of the season. Jason may have been of little of exception but has apparently given up for not having Alex’s support. Kevin knows Paul gets information from the other houseguests and he’s therefore stuck at keeping quiet and waiting to see someone who is ready to make the move.

  4. I’m still amazed at the sheep mentality playing out for Paul. He has even become verbal about it in a smug way. Here’s the 500K, Paul….the dummies said ” You’re Welcome.”

    • “Christmas says the only people she’d be OK losing the game to are Paul and Josh.”

      Shocking statement considering who Christmas is. A highly competitive athlete and business Women. She probably has had to work her tail off at every stage just to be on equal footing with the Men in her profession and she rolls over for Paul Abrahamian? Very disappointed in her defeatist attitude.

      • nt just sheepishness, her amazon book reviews have turned on her nasty, mean behavior in the house. opposite of her book proclamations.

      • I think the HGs think they will come out of the house as celebrities that can do no wrong and their behavior will be seen as “part of the game”. just horrible.

      • I hope she means under the circumstances of her “bad break” this season. I’d like to think she wouldn’t have the same attitude if she wasn’t injured.

      • You’re right. The foot has changed everything for her. I remember her the first week. She was no non sense, tough and full of self confidence.

      • I thought that also until the first challenge when it was her against Jillian and Cameron, she didn’t chose the challenge. She opted for the houseguests to pick who stays. That was telling for me.

        Here is a strong, tough competitor, surely she could beat Jillian and Cameron in a competition but no…. Jillian knew she probably wouldn’t win and Cameron thought he had a shot. From then I thought Krampus was all talk.

      • How did she hurt her foot? More importantly, how was she able to stay in a physically competitive game with a broken foot?

      • Good morning Sharona.

        “From what other houseguests said on the feeds after being taken away, fans like r/bigbrother user xenshannie
        managed to piece together the events that led to Christmas’ injury and
        the specifics of her fall. Apparently, she and Jason were having fun in
        the backyard and decided that Jason carrying Christmas around on his
        back would be a fun way to pass the time. Unfortunately, Jason slipped,
        causing them to fall.”

      • I’ve only seen the fall (nothing before that) and wondered how much xmas played a part in this poor decision. she really hates Jason for this, but I think she is partly to blame.

      • Of course she is. He didn’t force her to jump on his back. She is grown woman who is not his wife decided to play piggyback, yep her fault (also).

      • Does it matter that she’s not his wife? I’m of the opinion it doesn’t! Could’ve be a friend & a friend horsing around?! Ya! .

      • Howdy- do to you, Alf. Hope you had a great night. ;)
        OK, so it was an accident. But I still don’t get why she wasn’t evicted—with the opportunity to come back next season.

      • Great minds… I just stated that below. It is ridiculous she was allowed to stay. I wonder why no one said she was related to the Producer why she received preferential treatment… She is a liability, AND since she stayed, she should compete in every competition.

      • she has been carried this season (notice no one ever brings it up) and she will still use this as leverage to be asked back again.

      • She was given the choice to stay or go. It was up to her to decide but was told up front that the comps were not going to changed to accomodate (sorry southern spelling) her. She wasn’t cleared to run the foot race but she didn’t have to be because Production knew they were going to throw it to Christmas.

      • Thank Willie. I guess I just don’t understand. Was she treated On-Site? Or, did she leave the house for treatment? If she left, that would open up a lot of problems for ME, if I was an HG…I think it’d be an unfair advantage. What if someone told her something? Highly unlikely, but still….

      • Kind of both, she was treated initially at the house but it was deemed later that she needed surgery. She was aloud to vote from the hospital after her surgery but she was suppose to be kept under lock and key. Not literally, that is a figure of speech.

      • Wow. I don’t mean to dwell on this, but how long was she gone? I know this is going to sound petty, but if I was an evicted HG, and she was still there, I’d be pissed. If it was a sprain–no problem. But surgery? Naw. Go home and give someone else a chance, instead of playing from your hospital bed.

      • That is what most of us said back then too. however she was overnight at most due to something with the surgery.

      • She got to play the rest of the game in lieu of a hefty injury settlement with CBS’s insurance company.

      • Jason and here were horse playing in the BY. We all have mixed feelings, but IMO Christmas should have left the game when she found out she needed surgery.

      • Oh, COME ON!! (that WAS yelling.) The show’s rigged! Rigged, I tells ya! Rigged! Lol. Seriously though, that’s wrong on so many levels.

      • If Vanessa was related to the Producer, Christmas is her long lost sister… Yeah, it’s rigged! lol

      • You are spot on!!!!
        But I still question why she is in game??? How can a person with a broken foot be ” Medical cleared” to race in a foot race??
        They CBS and the house guest are catering to basically a handicapped women!!! She has been given 2 hoh for no reason and they scheduled a regular HOH contest as a veto contest!!!!! Hmmmmm.
        I really do hope her clients and friends see how she bowed down to a ” male” and gave him 500 grand. When ever Josh brings up PAUL she cuts him off?????? Why???? Is she vying for 2nd place only cause she knows she can’t win?
        It’s a shame that they have let it go this far but that’s “BIG BROTHER “!!!

      • Another commenter once mentioned Big Brother not wanting to be sued. Save a few million by letting her finish the season? She can claim that the backyard was compromised from Cody stomping around and causing divets in the grass. Her ankle caught one of these anger holes.

      • With all those sets they build, it could be possible that those divets were caused by CBS to begin with.

      • A good reason to worry about being sued. Production could be at fault in a court of law for an unsafe workplace.

      • I believe the contracts they sign release CBS from any liability. And she jumped on Jasons back so how could CBS be blamed? It’s her own fault.

      • I agree 100 %. Never seen a more vulnerable, gullible bunch of people. Paul should start his own religious cult with that group of dummies!

    • Paul singing to them (song from Moana)

      ~”Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here
      You’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange
      You don’t even know how you feel
      It’s adorable!
      Open your eyes, let’s begin
      Yes, it’s really me, it’s [Paul]: breathe it in!
      I know it’s a lot: the hair, the [tatts]!
      When you’re staring at a demi-god
      What can I say except you’re welcome
      For the tides, the sun, [getting you to Jury]
      Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
      You’re welcome
      I’m just an ordinary demi-guy”

      • I’ll wait for Cody on finale night to smile and then YES, get that last laugh. Quite sure there’s a ton of Paul talk going on in the Jury House and most defiantly not in support of giving Paul 500K.

  5. 8:16 PM BBT – Christmas says that she doesn’t think next year’s cast will be as awesome or cordial as this season.


  6. “Christmas says that she doesn’t think next year’s cast will be as awesome or cordial as this season.”
    What? Is she living with the same people we see?

    • Out of everything in the recap, that’s the line I caught, as well. Well, now it has been proven – Christmas is as delusional as the rest of them.

    • She just has a different dictionary from the rest of the country. Can you imagine if this is cordial, what would rude be like?

  7. That pick of Kevin at the table and everyone else in the kitchen is one of the saddest things to see. He must feel so isolated. How horrible to treat anyone like that.

  8. These HG suck beyond words. How do you make someone feel the way Kevin does. Kids do this because they don’t know any better but you would hope they grow up to be better adults but no they grow to be these a$$holes!

    • Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any adults in the house. It’s more like detention at a reform school

      • these people were never been taught manners at home.
        seeing kev, the group should have all moved to the table.
        idiots never offered a chair to xmas (she stood)

      • So far the best part of this season has been being able to use these “guests” to show my kids how NOT to behave. They’re in high school and junior high and are absolutely disgusted at the bits I let them see

      • LOL! I used to do that to my children. I would get “MOM, I wish you would stop watching these shows and get worked up”. Oh, it would be a family meeting and I would show clips, give a lesson, ask questions… lol. My daughter who is in college calls me and we still discuss the behaviors. She calls her brother and lectures him. He is not allowed (or even wants to) watch these shows… He knows there may be a lesson after an episode. LOL.

      • Or a dad…..a parent.
        I keep telling my hubby that & he’s done he says. 27 almost 28 living at home & 26 year old just got married on the weekend! She was the most amazingly beautiful bride!

      • That’s so sad. I am happy he has a loving family to go home to.

        At the finale, I hope all his 7 children and wife gives Alex a big hug and give her well wishes. No need to attack/beat her down, she is lacking love and compassion. But, nope! She will never be invited to dinner.

      • Alex lacks empathy which means she can’t even feel compassion. That’s just my observation.
        I’m not a psychiatrist. I’ve only played one on TV.

      • You’re much nicer than I am! Alex is one of the most hateful people I have ever had the displeasure of knowing about. I DO hope that Jason realizes how absolutely horrible his comments were and apologizes sincerely to Kevin and his family. I think he was just being a dumbass with his comments but it speaks to his character to even say it. Alex, on the other hand, is just down right mean and proud of it

      • I hope so as well for Jason. As for Alex, she will have a tough enough life. She forgets she will one day get old, if she is that lucky. With her, misery loves company. A better way not to join that company is to forgive, show compassion and move on. Forgiveness is not always just for that person but for you as well, not to harbor any ill will.

  9. The sad part about lying is that you will never remember the original lie (or be able to keep up with all the lies). Raven’s math is also screwed up, 1 mile in 6:20 and 5 miles in 18 minutes? Humph! Bless her heart.

    Matthew doesn’t have a leg to stand on calling anyone out (especially on behalf of Raven, the great pretender). Puhleeeze with that nonsense!

  10. I can see it now, when they get out they’ll see how much they’re hated and blame it on Paul getting in their head.

  11. lately, hg’s coming out of dr crying, what is bb up to? it’s more than pauls house near the fire.

    • I believe, during this same convo in the bathroom, Alex also said that they were told Paul and Raven knew each other outside the house. Paul vehemently denied it and said he had NEVER laid eyes on Raven before the first night. Wish I could remember his exact words. Raven, of course, reiterated what Paul said. Hmmm…

  12. “Jason says if Alex gets to F2 she’ll win. They both agree that Paul is another person who can’t be beat. Jason says he doesn’t want to take out either Paul or Alex though.”

    Soooooo, he doesn’t want to win. This season in a nutshell. Sigh.

      • Well, I hope she’s finally receiving some great therapy. EMDR works great for PTSD. My question: Why don’t BB casting agents do a better job of screening persons who have served in the military? Don’t misunderstand me; not all men and women have any problems—and there should be NO shame if they do. But when you’re put in that house, it’s a powder keg, and anything can be a ‘trigger.’
        Do Grodner, et al, think it will make for better ratings? Just a question.

      • I asked the same question. Hate to bring up Cody again but some of the houseguests were worried that they were antagonizing a soldier who was in a war that may have killed others. Yet, they participated, allowed, or sat back and laughed/watched as others were tormenting him “to bring him to his breaking point”.

        The Producers also need better control, they do not know anyone’s breaking point/what could trigger someone, let alone a war vet.

        (Always feel like I have to always say this, I am not condoning what Cody has said to others but never did he try to bring anyone to where they wanted to snap, never did he ask for a gang to attack anyone….)

      • And once again, I’ll say, I’m glad I didn’t start watching until after Cody was evicted.
        Obviously, production plays and active and integral part in this show. Obviously they’re not going to stop; but, they need to do so more judiciously. Especially if there are psychiatric vulnerable HG’s involved.

  13. Anyone who has ever been the Kevin in that situation can relate to that picture. Just a disgrace to humanity, let alone BB.

    • with the new school year, how many cafeteria’s have this too?
      my heart breaks to think that children still go thru this.

    • “Josh says he’s never going to turn on Paul though. (So what’s the point of expressing these concerns?)” Whatever the answer is to that question – it’s the same answer that relates to the whole season. What’s the point? Maybe because of what’s been going on in our society it speaks to how fruitless and destructive mob action really is.

      • That’s been my issue with Josh, he makes absolutely no sense and it’s annoying. He’s a large, unnecessarily loud nothing burger! He’s a waste of space in my book. He’s like smelling an all beef patty being seared in a cast iron pan with all the trimings, toasted bun and all, then you sit down to eat and discover there’s no burger in the bun. Annoying and confusing, that’s Josh.

      • HA-HA-HA! He’s the first person I saw, the very first time I turned on the show (a couple of weeks ago). I almost turned the channel. I was not told at that time, that Paul was the ‘instigator’ of the “mob mentality.” He seemed to be a loud, inaudible, bully all on his own. No prompting needed.

    • BB please give Josh 2 phone calls. He can call his parents to find out if they have left for safety because of Irma, but only if he calls Cody and asks about taking a strong player to the finale.

      • I agree he should, at the very least be made aware of the situation thats going on with his family in Florida… I believe he has family in PR as well… God bless them, I hope they (and everyone else in Irma’s path) are all safe!

      • Should he be told? I have very conflicting feelings about that. I think they should leave it up to his family to decide. I know if I was the producer, I wouldn’t want to be the one to make that decision. And if anyone understands, I know you do, YGTRON. :)

      • I completely see where you’re coming from and it is a very difficult decision either way. It would make sense for the family to decide if he needs to know about what’s going on or not. If they’re anything like my family they wouldn’t want him worrying. However, I personally would want to know if I was in Josh’s position. God forbid something happens to his family and boom, they have to drop that bomb on him out of nowhere. I would rather be in the know from the beginning. Everyone is different though and there isn’t really one right way to go about it. I just think the option for him to be informed should at least be on the table.

      • Surely his family will be in touch and tell BB what to do. Josh is an emotional person and very close to his mother, I know. He would be sick with worry. I’m not so sure he would be able to cope well if he knew. As you so correctly stated, everyone is different. I truly hope this thing gets carried more West than is predicted. At least the path has moved that way a tiny bit.

      • this is a critical time in the game (especially for josh) he’s crucial to this arc. he won’t be able to cope with hurricane news.

      • His personality tells me you are correct, lady. That’s why I think his family should definitely be responsible for the decision.

      • game wise, if they could credibly wait until the DE is over…
        that might seem callous of bb though. they have to think of their image.

      • You’re correct, Josh probably wouldn’t be able to emotionally handle the news.. I’m sure his family will do what they feel is in his best interest. This hurricane season has been a nightmare and it’s not even close to being over with yet!

      • OMGosh!! All I need is a banner with goat eating a cupcake. It would be more than one human could handle. DON’T do it, Cy. lmbo

      • Crap. I was in my damn bubble…huddled in my safe space.
        Hope you had a great foot massage. Aren’t they wonderful?
        Btw, make the goat eat the cupcake. Do it, Cy. Do it, D.F. C’mon. Do it. Just do it. It’ll be funny. You know you want to…

  14. I want everyone who watches the feeds to at attention to Paul’s face when he is trying to talk someone into doing what he wants and it’s not their plan. I noticed his eyes a few weeks ago. They look like Charles Manson’s eyes. Not saying he has that evilness in his heart, just saying he has that power in his eyes like Manson does.

    • it’s bad but still have to give that honor to S15. This season is a bit boring..that was painful and uncomfortable to watch with the blatant racism.

      • Ehh… they’re both bad to me but for different reasons. I can see how ppl would say either is the worst..

      • Yes, in Season 15 Aaryn, GinaMarie, etc. were obnoxious racists and there certainly is no condoning anything they said or the way they acted. This season is filled with 16 of the most ignorant BB players on the planet. How casting could find 16 such ignorant, dense, frustrating, filthy-mouthed people to fill the house is beyond mind-boggling.

      • You have to be an ignorant, dense, frustrating, filthy-mouthed, lemming dumbass. Heck, you’d have my vote. I’d bet you’d at least be amusing to watch. Problem is, these people weren’t.

      • S15 was bad but this one is the worse. This is follow Paul. No strategy at all! This season is more like a cult! Paul is Charles Manson and David Koresh in one!

      • Charles Manson never committed any murders. He got other people to murder. That is exactly what Paul is doing in BB19. He is not committing murder, but he is getting people to follow him instead of making their own decision or have their own mind.

        This is why this season is the cult season!

  15. OMG my heart is breaking watching Kevin sit at that table alone. Ughhhhhh. I thought Alex was really cruel to him this season and some of the things said behind his back were awful. I know he has some faults, and probably was not cut out perfectly for this game and put into that “grandfather”, “big brother’ type tole, but I don’t think he is mean spirited as the rest and that is what causes him not to isolate from the targets, but embrace them. These spiteful idiots set the house up so that you will be ostracized (Mark, Kevin) if you even speak to the target of the week. Only Paul is allowed to do that with no one questioning it. I hope Kevin wins AFP because he has had to put up with some BS. Josh showed his true self again when he jumped on the Xmas bandwagon and went after Kevin and mentioned his family. We saw the family man Kevin ready to punch his lights out, but then we see Josh off crying wondering what he did.

  16. Christmas says she likes the way her, Josh & Paul have played the game…. oh, I guess bullying, intimidation & pushing people to self-evict is great game play.. I think not! She’s about to get a rude awakening when she sees what everyone thinks about it.

  17. So Kevin told Jason that he’s going to wait for the eviction votes on Thursday, then get up and walk out of the house, even if it’s Jason that the house voted out. In that scenario, would it mean that Jason gets to stay? At least until the double-eviction happens? I hope it goes down that way. Kevin has his $25k, hopefully America’s Favorite vote & jury stipend. He needs to get out of that madhouse & go relax w/the jury. And what a hilarious way to go!

    • Unfortunately I think Kev would forfeit all money he won and earned if he walks. As much as I’m ready for him to get out of that nut house I would hate to see him go home empty handed!

    • If Kevin gets up and walks out he won’t be going to the jury, he will be going home. He needs to stick it out these final weeks so he can get fan favorite. I’m not sure he can get it if walks away from the game.

    • I really hope he does not walk out, he needs to stick around he is the only likeable person right now in that house for me.

  18. Christmas and Alex are so dumb to trust Paul Do they not realize he narrowly missed out on $500,000 last time?! Of course he’s going to do whatever he has to for the win. And there is no way he would take either one of them into the final two with him. He’s gong to try to take Raven or maybe Josh. He knows he will win over either one of them. They are two of the least likable house guests in a place full of reprehensible people.

    • Raven could always get sympathy votes. They don’t know a!l the things we know about her and her scamming family.

      • Before Alex even got into the house, she said that she didn’t mind losing and wanted to come back for a future season. Christmas knows she can’t win though. As clueless as she is, that’s the one thing she’s certain of. Her priorities are screwy though if she’d rather not make a single move and lose to Paul than make a move to get him out.with the support of her alliance member, Josh. Then she would have a slim chance. Maybe things will be different in final 4 or 3?

      • really, she is the next powerful, she could get paul evicted.
        she don’t have a “big move” in that walking cast.

  19. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of people that lacks as much self awareness as these idiots do. They are absolutely clueless how they are being perceived by the outside world. I had such high hopes for this season and it has been a let down once again. I wanted Paul to win at the beginning of the game bc I loved him so much from last season and I think he’s the only one left actually playing this game and deserves to win. However, I would have much rather seen an actual competition this year instead of this bs. There is nothing fun about watching them throw every single comp!

    • Don’t give up lol! Think about it from the angle of: These are adults, not stupid or mentally disabled (other than Raven) and not physically disabled (other than Xmas)….They have been completely mentally conditioned by Paul, and technically he is only one person, and has never had a ride-or-die. Think about the psychological game he’s playing :) Any one of these people could put Paul up and they could all vote him out but they CHOOSE not to

  20. former house guests who come out being hated somehow manage to be ok with it and still stay bb “employed”. do you expect these people will have negative consequences or will they really still be stars?

    • This site interviewed Evil Dick and Cody is polling as Most popular. That should answer your question.

    • Christmas isn’t even evicted yet and her name as an author and a fitness expert is pretty much tarnished because viewers found her fluff pieces on Amazon. Jason has got hell waiting for him outside of the BB house for his hypothetical he made about Kevin’s family. Alex is supposedly an eco-friendly marketing exec but her behavior in the house (using her cousin’s rape/murder to besmirch Jessica, comparing Kevin to a child molester, etc.) is anything but friendly. That could possibly ruin her career. Raven just being there exposes her and her family’s history of shady practices to the rest of the world. Without a doubt there’s going to be repercussions.

      • good observations, ty.
        I hope Jason can recover from the joke, I wish bb would have given him an opportunity in the house to get it behind him, like they saved paul from blackface damage before he pulled it off. of course, we don’t know how kevin will handle this. he’s a very loyal person and protective of his family.

      • Oh, you mean the Dominique thing? He was supposed to be dressed up like a snake because Dom called him out as a snake. The dress even looked similar to snakeskin. I do agree that BB should have made Jason apologize to Kevin though. It would alleviate some of the backlash he’s going to end up getting after the game. And even though he didn’t mean it, that’s probably gonna be enough for Kevin to shun him for the rest of his life.

      • yes, the dom thing. I don’t think he knew what “black face” means. he would have really gone thru with it except bb clued him in.
        I hope kev, of all people can understand the incredible un-reality in the house and chalk it up to the game.

      • I wasn’t watching the live feeds at the time so I just looked that up. It seemed like he didn’t know about black-face and just thought it would’ve made him look more like a snake.

      • Paul absolutely knows what black face means, but I don’t think he meant it that way. He was all excited about his snake costume and said that.

      • There was no “blackface”….Paul had a black face mask, and was encouraged by the other HGs to put it on only because it looked snake-like. I would not be defending him on this if it was BF, as I have close family members that are black and have dealt with serious racism.

      • Since Mattress was evicted, I think Raven’s real mental illness has come to light. It’s more like her mother is being exposed to making Raven the mess that she is. Winning the money would be the worse thing for Raven in my opinion. Her family would blow right through the money. Raven needs mental health professionals to treat her compulsions.

    • The HG’s with serious hate don’t do so well, like all the bb15 racist who were fired and humiliated almost everywhere they went. These folks might have a chance since the media hasn’t taken an interest. BB15 would have been fine if they didn’t make national media headlines.

  21. Christmas says she’s okay with what Paul’s doing in the game and wouldn’t mind losing to him. It’s getting harder to care about a game when the competitors don’t care.

    • xmas was frustrated that josh wouldn’t give up questioning paul (she knows he’s right) so she came up with this lame response to shut him up. shame on her.

    • She knows she can’t get to F2 without Paul dragging her along due to her broken foot. She’s playing for 2nd place.

  22. BB needs to figure a way that the HG’s cannot throw any comps anymore…Not sure how that can be done but they need to really think about it.

    • the only way I can think of is when they compete one at a time, and then no one knows how the others did. These take a lot of time so I can’t see that happening every week

  23. Breaks my heart to see Kevin sitting by himself in this pic. So sad! I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted by a season like this one. I would say it’s a generational thing for lack of maturity….but some of these people are in their late-twenties & mid-thirties. smh

      • Actually it is….At least HGs in BB 15 played the game and tried to win comps while being racist and bullies…Season 19 HGs just sit back and do nothing to try and win while being bullies and obnoxious to each other…Its pathetic when people think that BB19 is worse than BB15…

      • You know our standards are at an all time low when we say “At least HGs in BB 15 played the game and tried to win comps while being racist and bullies”, lol
        For me, this season is worse because they hit more offensive targets than racism, I’m aware how stupid that sounds. But we have bullies, planned efforts to to incite violence, personal attacks on military vets and family, isolation, food sabotage, cult leader, rape humor, demoralizing meanless for no reason, disrespect for BB rules. I think racism was the one thing that didn’t come up.

  24. Can someone explain to me why Kevin would be willing to throw everything away, by self evicting at this point in the game? I get the loneliness, isolation, etc…and I’ve absolutely detested how ‘that Alex’ has treated him. Is he really considering it, or was it exhaustion talking? I don’t have the feeds.

    • kevin has a man crush on Jason. he’s always telling him how handsome and great he is. I hope he doesn’t throw his game away for Jason like the other showmance couples did.

      • No way. Really?! I can’t believe he’d throw the game away for JASON.
        (not yelling—capitalizing for emphasis.)

      • Kevin really thinks he can win huh? They will never vote for Kevin. The only thing he’s done is brought Paul in and he sho aint gettin no credit for that! Lol

      • Oh no, I don’t think Kevin thinks he can win, I’m just saying that’s the way Kevin operates when he’s speaking to people, he flatters them, puts them at ease and more open to what he has to say.

      • Ha, no! If Kevin has made it to F2, something will have gone very wrong in Paul’s carefully crafted plans.

      • Kevin knows that Jason is gonna be evicted.. Kevin has tried to tell Jason but of course Jason will not believe him…U watch the same feeds that I do…Maybe Kevin thinks that self evicting is a better alternative than staying in a house with the scum that will be left after Jasons gone…Not to say that Jason was a perfect friend (hence bad comments) but he was Kevins best friend…

      • Jason is a doofus…and not because he’s ‘country.’ He’d be a doofus no matter where he’s from.

      • That’s just the way Kevin is, he has a way of complimenting people, he eases those compliments into the converstation, puts them at ease. It’s actually a talent and one he has honed well over the years. You don’t see it much anymore because no one will talk to him with the exception of Jason.

    • Kevin isn’t going to self evict. Those comments are completely without base and or merit. He was telling Jason last night when he is sitting there, just staring into space, he isn’t wallowing in self pity. He’s all good. I just wish there was a path for him to get to F2. I truly believe he deserves AFP this year, that much he has earned imo. :)

      • I’ll take any1 for f2 as long as it is isn’t Josh or Alex, Alex because it’s risky and Josh because I hate’em.

      • Thanks Miss Scah-lett. :) I can’t help it, but I have a soft spot for Kevin. That Alex has treated him so badly, I just can’t stand it!

      • YW Sharona! I’ve always liked Kevin, so I get it. The feral wombat needs to learn some respect and that is learned in the family home. Tells me all I need to know, she was raised by wombats! LOL

  25. Ok I’m confused again, the staged fight Paul and Xmas are planning after the eviction, how does this help her? Did I miss something? I don’t have feeds so maybe I did.

    • It only helps Paul look solid with Alex and puts an even bigger target on Christmas so Alex will hate her even more.
      It would be so cool if during this fake fight, Christmas spills all the details of what Paul has been doing. Is that a possibility or am I just dreaming?

    • LOL, I didn’t even realize there was a plan for a staged fight! I would imagine it would make the feral wombat feel there is still a bond with Paul, even though her “homie” was just voted out. Paul doesn’t want Alex to realize he’s in with Christmas and ready to get Alex out next.

      • I understand what side Paul’s bread is buttered, but honey where is Xmas’s buttered? Suppose Alex retaliates and put up Xmas and Josh?

      • Not necessarily. If Christmas wins HOH and Josh wins veto at F4, he gets to choose who joins him at F3: Paul or the remaining HG. It’s not too late, per se. If he’s “woke” (as the kids are saying these days) then he might have the testicular fortitude to clip him at F4.

      • I think Josh would take that shot IF he doesn’t let Christmas get in his ear about loyalty and stuff. But she’s an authority figure to him.

      • I agree 100%. It seems like Christmas is infatuated with the idea of being F3 with these three that she isn’t concerned with winning. She also thinks the jury would never vote for a vet winning over a rookie…despite it happened last season!

        Just like Josh has been saying Paul is playing for himself and not the three of them, Josh needs to do the same.

      • Good point, but I think the closer to F4 they get the harder Josh is gonna have to fight. Pauls a vet, and knows what to expect. Hes making sure those left at F4 are people he can beat.

      • Never say never, he can still win final HoH and chose Christmas instead of Paul if they ever get to be f3…somehow I think Paul will have Christmas and Raven in f3….

    • question; at the beginning, josh took some kind of apple (golden)? paul had said it was meant for him.
      what is it, still in play, wild card for josh?

      • He took a safety apple in the first HoH competition, him takking that apple canceled his team chances to win HoH so basically everyone in his team got mad at him, except kevin which had the $25k and couldn’t win HoH

      • The all knowing Paul says a lot of garbage; Sunday eviction, no DE this week, AFP was really him last year but because he was already in second place, it defaulted to Victor (side eye)… Paul likes everything being about him.

      • it would be great for someone to whip out some last minute thing that they’ve been hiding to use at the end.
        talk about twists.

      • At the time they were not a “team” … now him, Christmas and Paul are working together for while. Paul wants to get people out but with someone’s hands not his own so he can maintain friendships and have jury votes .., Josh sees that but Christmas is blind or doesn’t care …,

  26. What can Josh do at this point? Even if he wins HoH he won’t have the votes to get Paul out. His best bet is to talk to Paul and tell him his concerns as they relate to his (Josh) game. Then do what he thinks is best for himself even if it means going against Paul. If he tells Paul he won’t vote out Jason unless Paul does too then maybe Paul will back off his plan.

    • If Kevin gets evicted Josh would have Alex and Jason if he goes rogue and blabs Pauls plans.. That leaves Paul Christmas and Raven…Its a 50/50 deal if that happens…Let the games finally begin for real…

  27. Josh is really getting annoying. Ok then Josh, do something about it. He has only won 1 competition, an HoH based purely on luck, and he hasn’t actually made any game moves that didn’t benefit Paul.

    I can understand if it was Alex questioning Paul, because she can actually win things and make moves, but Josh is sounding like Rainman trying to plot against Kmart. “Kmart sucks!”

  28. One thing Josh can do is hinky vote and send out kevin. And blame it on raven. It works to his advantage because it keeps a stronger player in the house and the target off him. If Paul’s strategy is keep the weaker players. If I’m Josh to counter that I want to be the last weak player standing. So his targets should be Kevin, raven, then Christmas. That’s a way he can play his own game. He just has to be deceitful about it.

  29. To see the picture above of everyone sitting at one table together then Kevin alone at the second table breaks my heart. How can these people think they are playing a “good” game when their actions are so hurtful, disgraceful and so mean spirited. I hope they are all ashamed of themselves once this is all over and they can read what people have thought of them this season.

  30. I have never seen a bigger bunch of dummies play this game like this season..other than Paul. If they want to believe his every word and bow down and kiss his feet..that’s on them..bravo to Paul for talking them into doing it!! He deserves the win.

  31. BBAD,(what I could stomach to watch)
    All sitting in backyard, Paul telling them how in England they love him, He went there and everyone grew a beard and got tattoos and they all want to go out for drinks with him.
    Others staring at him lovingly going oooh, ahhh.
    I just threw up a little.

  32. So Raven actually gets FASTER as she runs longer. A 6:20 mile at the same pace is 19 minutes. Maybe the knee syndrome has a benefit after all. Christmas must still be on some good meds, if she believes her game will win over the jury. the house has been cordial???? please share the meds. Hopefully the DE will catch Paul off guard,and not let him control the puppet strings.

    • IKR? Raven is delusional. I tease her, she needs some serious psychiatric help; and hopefully, once she and her illnesses have been exposed, she’ll finally get it when she leaves the house. I’m not insinuating she’s crazy—but she definitely has a desperate need for attention.

  33. Don’t blame Kevin for wanting out of that house! Paul is going to take Raven to final two because she’s disliked the most by jury. So, they shouldn’t even worry about who they think will go next…they’re all going, except for Paul & Raven…They are ensuring their own fate! Dummies

  34. I have a theory of why Christmas was crying. What if they told her I’m DR that her winning is virtually impossible because one of the final 3 games is endurance or something she can’t do with her foot issue. What if she hair has to keep quiet for the rest of the time and not most anyone know. Just some fun speculation.

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