Big Brother 19 Episode 23 Recap: Houseguests Make More Questionable Moves

Big Brother 19 continues to be the weirdest season ever. Houseguests appear to still be actively trying to lose the game by doing things like taking $5,000 over the veto while you’re on the block or by using the veto on someone else while you’re on the block.

It’s actually amazing what has been going on this season and I don’t think anyone has a good explanation as to why this is happening. But anyway, I already shared my thoughts on this in another post. Let’s get to the recap.

Wednesday night’s episode kicks off right after Alex nominated Elena and Jason with the plan to backdoor Cody in place. Elena knows Cody is the target, but she’s not as comfortable being on the block as she maybe once was.

At the veto draw Mark and Paul will join Jason, Elena, Matt and Alex in the Power of Veto competition. Cody won’t get the chance to save himself.

Cody, feeling vulnerable, decides to confide in Kevin that he has a daughter. Kevin, who has seven daughters, seems to relate. Cody is finally opening up to people, but it might be a little too late.

It’s already time to get to the Power of Veto competition. And it’s a version of the veto swap game, so no one will be going home empty-handed. Alex is up first and scores 26 points. Matthew follows Alex and lands on 28 points. Mark ties Matthew at 28 points. Elena is up next and she scores 22 points, as does Jason. Paul is the last to go and he gets only 9 points and is the first out.

Paul’s prize is the Power of Veto. But he won’t be holding onto that long. in the next round it’s Mark that gets eliminated. He claims his 5th place prize and it’s a vacation to Colorado. He decides to keep that prize instead of trading it for the veto.

Jason is the next person out of the competition and he snags a skydiving punishment but he trades it with Paul for the veto. Matthew is the next person out of the game and he gets a unitard punishment but he swaps it out for the veto.

That leaves Alex and Elena and they strike a deal to not give each other a punishment. Alex loses the round and gets $5,000. So that means Elena can take the veto. Bur first she has to see what her prize is. It’s another punishment. So she’s surely going to trade that to Matthew. Wait. No. She decides to steal the $5,000 from Alex. Instead of taking the veto.

And everyone is shocked that Elena took the money instead of the veto. Cody, however, is happy because Matthew winning the veto still gives Cody a shot at staying. If Matthew uses the veto on himself, then there’s no replacement nominee and Cody stays.

For a minute it looks like Alex is mad enough to witch the target to Elena, but Paul is never going to let that happen. So they’re going to edit the show to make us think it could happen, but it won’t happen. Even Cody had a little hope after Elena’s move, but this isn’t your average season where players change their minds because they’re all following one person’s commands.

It’s punishment time! Jason has to wear the Xtremitard and Paul and Christmas are tied together as tandem skydivers. And then there’s Alex. She has to dress as a camp guide all week and make the other houseguests grilled hotdogs. After she sets up a whole campsite.

Cody finally gets a chance to talk to Alex when she’s up in the middle of the night for her punishment. He tells her that he would never target her and that he never has. She tells him that it’s not her and that she’s up against a wall this week. Which is a ridiculous thing to say since she is the person who names the replacement nominee. Cody makes a good case to Alex, but she’s not hearing it. She will never go against Paul.

Even though Cody made a final effort to convince Jason and Alex to steer away from him this week, Matt uses the veto on Jason and Alex names Cody as the replacement nominee.


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      • He can on his page . Yikes , the comments and rants that ppl have posted are ridiculous!! No body knows them personally and should not be posting hate and threats , he’s the only one that can do that 😂

      • I know…there is no filter on some of these hgs, but the commenters…I just don’t get the hatred from the commenters to other commenters at all. It’s a freakin game show where the language is not censored and most would probably not act like this on a regular basis in the outside world. One usually walks away or escapes anyone they don’t like or care to be around long periods of time. You don’t exactly get that luxury in the BB house, so of course it can get discouraging at times and cause one to become angry and say things they ordinarily wouldn’t say.

      • I agree , it has to be the absolute worst feeling in the world to know ur very unliked and then be stuck in a house with them , I guess I would hide as much as I could , but normally get along with others and don’t think I would be in that situation, but NO idea how any of us would act until IN that situation. I just can’t get passed some of the comments made here by people. Is a game and although a lot of the HG’s personality and actions are seen we still don’t know them entirely enough to throw such hatred and negativity towards them , to anyone really . Have enough of that already in today’s world. Is just a game show and they are all human and ALL of them need to respect one another, as well as on here . 🙏🕊❤️

      • Ugh! It is so sad that your comment is spot on! What has happened to this game? BB 13 & 14 both had vets come back, but (most of) those newbies really played hard against the returning cast members. They didn’t fangirl/boy them and tell them they’d be “honored to lose to them”!! smh…ridiculous!!

      • maybe they should cut the stipend so they’d worry more about the 500k?
        i know they have jobs though and so only making like 3k during the whole summer is probably horrible

      • Yeah, they 1) all get their SAG cards if they want them and 2) get paid I THINK it’s $1000/wk

      • Saying Asians are smart is ‘racist’?? Sounds like you need a shrink!! A lil FYI…..stating a FACT does not make one ‘racist’. Grow up! Are you an SJW?? *eyeroll*

      • Yes, it is racist. Sounds like you need a dictionary.

        BTW, passive-aggressive ad hominem attacks and disdain do little to hide the FACT that YOU are a SJW.

      • Awww … she is smart. She’s still there and f2 with paul , she’s the safest one out of all . I thinks she’s brilliant for that !

      • I’ve brought this up before. Just some food for thought.

        If I were in the house, I too would play up the fact that I was happy “just to make jury”.

        Why would ANYONE want to say something along the lines of, “F jury! I’m here to evict everyone of you and win the $500,000.”

        Don’t you think that would put a GIANT target on the back of the player that actually made that comment?

  1. They do edit the show so viewers can think Alex may change her mind. Watching feeds I know for a fact that she hasn’t and has handed her HOH to Paul.

    • I know plenty of non feed watchers, and if they knew these evictions were pretty much sure things , they would not tune in. Sometimes I think The DR hints for HG to play up they might change their mind for footage.

      • They do. Don’t you remember Nicole slipping up last year when she told Corey they needed to give production some footage that looked like she was thinking about not turning on Vic & Paul. Everyone was freaking out because she accidentally said it on live feeds and got busted for it!

      • Last year saw a ridiculous amount of cheating. Bribes and more. All proven. Nicole should NOT have won BB18. But we’ll just let karma deal with her, if it hasn’t already.

      • Exactly! That is why I want Paul to win this season Nicole’s win was a royal screw job and almost made me stop watching BB. That being said this season’s HG’s are a truly pathetic lot.

      • Yes , they do !!! Production has a lot to do with the game . They can sway or ask why would you do this or that , and is why they are always saying ,” YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION”! Why not ? What’s so secretive 😂 I know . It gives away a lot of the game and behind the scenes and nobody can ever talk about that!

    • Again , she has not handed it to him, she dislikes Cody and hated Jess !!! He is the number one target , he is good at comps and is a threat !!! Why evict any of the others that suck and comps to leave someone that may win hoh and make you the target . It’s her hoh , and she’s making the best move for herself, not paul . Smh 🤦‍♂️

      • Right !!Ugh . Is like talking to a brick wall .
        You All do not seem to know the game . Alex put up her choices , not paul !!!!! She hated Cody and Elena after the comp. Cody was disliked by all, cept those who sucked up to him when he was hoh . I don’t think it would matter if it was Paul , whoever had power is the way they would swing. Paul just happens to be in a really good position with this cast . Don’t hate for him trying to win!!!

      • No she isn’t . She made a deal w Paul and do you know what’s going to happen ?? No ! No you don’t and nobody else either . Paul has to take someone , and he may not even make it to the end . Stop all the paul hate, just sounds like envy and jealousy cause I think all would do the same thing he is.

      • Would it not make sense for you to just stop watching and save yourself all this hateful spewing from you’re fingertips. Hope next season is more to your liking .

      • What is your issue? It is a fake reality game show, so relax.
        I don’t care if you are an Alex fan. I can’t stand her or Paul and I will not stop. Stop replying to my comments if it bothers you so much.

      • No, I don’t care that if your a Cody and Jess fan , it’s always split with people , I just don’t understand why you and others make comments about hating the show but can’t keep from making hateful remarks . Turn the channel . Yes is open feed and can share your opinion, but have so much hate and anger over JUST a show that maybe you should skip this season , is all I was saying

  2. Still wondering why Matt wanted that POV. I would’ve wanted that trip, knowing that I (being in Matt’s place) was the forgotten nominee. Matt could’ve pulled a Ramses and got blindsided, but if you’re not going to save yourself, then get something worthwile. smh

    • If it was obvious the “Tandem” punishment was to be tied with someone for 48 hours he could have just taken that and taken 48 hours of “punishment” with Raven!

      • I never mentioned Matt considering to take the cash, and a trip to Colorado is something. Perhaps he could’ve traded the trip for cash if he didn’t want it? Idk.

      • I just spent a week in Colorado last month & it’s beautiful! Rocky Mountain National Park is amazing, Estes Park is a great little mountain town, & Denver is a very cool city. Plus, the comp theme was “adventure,” so I’m guessing the trip would be to Aspen or somewhere that there are “adventurous” things to do. Just saying that for anyone who likes to travel & likes mountains, Colorado isn’t a bad choice. =)

      • No , it wasn’t revealed yet. He won it and don’t think there was much to choose from at the time , and no one took it from him, so he luckily remained with it .

    • That’s true , didn’t think of that . I’m sure he wanted it just in case the situation turned like it does in a split second . He was never the target , he seems to be teampaul all the way , but he won it and no one took it 🤔

  3. If Elena doesn’t get voted out (in the 1st eviction) she was justified taking the cash. Otherwise, she’s an idiot. If she’s on the air at a radio station, what’s $5,000 to her?

    • Elena will not be evicted, although I think she should because of that move, but she won’t. Paul is too set on Cody going and not one of these HG have the wits, gumption or desire to go against Paul. They have all sipped the Abrahamian Kool-Aid and are his willing drones at this point.

      • No, I think a lot of them want Cody out because they too don’t like him . Has he made any attempt with any of them besides Mark , Kevin ..? Had he tried to play a social game with Jess in the house ? Did he think for himself? No no no. He’s hasn’t done anything but look mean and threaten people and that’s why he is where he is now .

    • But but…she quit her job to come to Big Brother!! Remember, she was going to be broke, jobless and homeless if she was evicted before jury. (But she’s definitely going to jury soon anyway, not winning this game, so why not take the cash? And if it means a punishment for Alex…oh well!!)

    • I had a number of friends that worked at radio stations and they don’t get paid as much as you would think they would. My son in law that is a mechanic makes a lot more than my friend that works at the radio station.

    • No way Elena would do money as a radio personality. Her voice will make everyone change channel and she speaks way to fast to be understood.

      • She quit to play BB .. or hope to meet someone , or flash herself all over the place and get noticed . She shouldn’t even be a player , she has zero play and just wants it to be the elana show.. me me me me me .. puke

    • Strictly On-Air talent rely on endorsements or syndication for a lot of their income. If you’re only on the air in your town, the pay ain’t that great. Don’t get me started on if your station relegates you to “online talent.” That pay is virtually nonexistent.

      But, I’m not bitter… not in the least.

    • I’ve been only tuning into the feeds on and off this week, and usually only when I catch wind via Twitter that something’s going down.

    • I agree. Once Cody is gone even though he doesn’t have many redeemable qualities, He gets my sympathy by default, I’m outta here. I hope I can stick to my guns. I may sneak a peek here and there just to see what’s going on but no more investing my time in watching shows, feeds, commenting on the idiocracy of the HG ,etc. and if I do shame on me!

    • Exactly , if u don’t like this season Don’t watch it . All I see is a bunch of people acting exactly like Cody and Jess because they don’t like someone , who honestly is playing the best game !!! That’s all it is , a game .. remember ? Stop bitching about how much you hate it and turn the channel !

      • True , just trying to help ya out .. seems to me you like this season just so you can comment here how much u hate the season 🤔🤡

    • It’s all a act.. The real Cody is the idiot jerk we have seen since day one, he is only acting like this because he doesn’t want to be evicted….Adios Codyboy!

      • Totally agree,that ‘die a little each time’ when i forced to talk to these people,that tells me everything i need to know about this guy,can’t even for one second let go his hatred for his fellow house guests and just enjoy the moment.

      • I really believe it is hatred for how stupid the HG’s are. he sees how they are blindly following Paul. It makes so much sense to keep Cody in…

      • Do I personally know Cody no, but the one thing I have in common is I am also a Veteran. Ask any Veteran about many of the things we dislike and these two are at or near the top of the list. Dealing with stupid people and dealing with bulls***.

      • I would take him all the way to final 2 as I honestly don’t believe he would muster a single vote out of the jury. Unfortunally no one has yet to figure this out yet.

  4. It’s sad how they treat Cody. IT’S a game they are playing like little kids. When they told Keven not to talk to him how immature. I don’t like Cody’s attitude but let’s respect each other. If I was playing I would talk to him no matter what anyone said to. I would play the game. Not take orders!!

  5. These houseguests are pitiful. Cody and Jessica were the only ones to go against king Paul, and they are gone or soon to be. I didn’t like either one (minus the body on that little vixen) but at least they weren’t sheep. Either it gets really boring or some fireworks tommorow get them to actually start playing. Hopefully the latter.

  6. Cody has a 5 year old… that’s a good way to portray yourself as a parent. I wonder if his baby momma watches big brother?

    • Yeah – I agree with you on this but there are no real players in the game. So its kinda easy for him. I would like to see how he would do in an all star game. Against real players. All this stuff he is doing would not fly. And he would not have the luxury of having a pass for the first 3 weeks.

  7. Matt and Elena didn’t make weird moves at all. Everyone knows Cody is going home, so why not give away the veto to make sure that happens, and why not take the money?

    • Matt didn’t. He was just being a team player. Elena did. If you’re OTB, go for the veto. And also Elana was the backup, if Cody was safe this week. If Matt had used the veto on himself, which he totally should’ve to teach Elena a lesson, and make an example out of her, Elena would be going to jury. And she still might in the DE.

    • She is scum. First off, she made a promise to Alex to not curse her. So f*** Elana. And second, she is ON THE BLOCK!

      • Yup – I totally agree. Elena will always look after number one – FIRST. Cannot be trusted and should go home.

        And Matt is a complete BLOCK HEAD – no common sense. As soon as Cody is gone he will be up next or soon after. Better to send Elena home now for not taking the VETO and have Paul focused on Cody until he can get him out. Keep the lion hunting the other deer and away from you and those you are trying to protect.

      • That’s true, but w the HOH and knowing she could possibly be evicted?? That was stupid, and I would love for them to vote her out and then go for Cody DE, just to show her that being dumb gets u evicted !!

  8. So Cody is showing his daughter that it’s okay to nominate people bc you don’t like them, and that it’s okay to body shame other, and that he left her to have sexytime with Jessica. What a great father. Way to go, setting a great example for Paisley.

    • Everything that Cody said about Paul in week one was right on target – he is running the house and the show.

      He is single and Jessica is pretty hot -So Why not?? Don’t be hating for that.

      And as for his Daughter – how does anyone know if she is even watching the show and if she is well then there are worse things parents can do. Jessica said she was going to be spending time in Texas with her so obviously they are into each other and Paisley will get to know Jessica.

      Cody is going home because Big Brother stacked the deck in Paul’s favor. Hes out so people can just let it go and remember he tried to play the game. Its more than anyone else is doing this season (Besides Jessica).

      • I’m pretty sure her mom doesn’t let her read or watch anything concerning the show. I would be surprised if she did.

      • Codys going home because he tried to be what Paul is now, but way to early.. He too tried to run the house and pull off moves, but he did it way to early, and that painted a giant X on his back, and who painted that X. The guy he wanted out.. Paul.. Hate him all you want, but he has played the best game in a weak class..

      • Who Hates Paul? I don’t even know him. But its a fact that if you have the first 3 weeks to plan without fear, its a definite advantage. Specially for a Vet.

        And yes the rest of what you said is true about Cody’s game (except the part that he was right about getting Paul out first). All the other personal Stuff I stick to what I said.

  9. Missed the episode tonight because I was out a dinner with some friends, so here are my thoughts on the episode.

    First of all, it was a nice change of pace to have no fighting for an episode. I applaud Matt’s decision to bring his fellow Veto players to the Outback dinner, and I even think Paul was a good sport for having given up his place to Christmas (as he HAD done this last year) – that doesn’t mean I like Paul now, he’s still a huge jerk.

    Josh… BWA – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What the hell was that??? If he can’t read the word “tandem,” then no way in hell does he know what verbatim means! And then Matt mispronouncing the unitard! Oh, God, we need an ELA teacher in the BB house.

    I see why Alex was upset, and she did have every right to be. However, it couldn’t have happened to a meaner HG, so I’m happy that she got screwed.

    As for the Veto itself… what. the. hell. HGs? Somewhere, Cameron was pulling out his hair, cursing his luck that Cody beat him out of the Battle Back yet again because he is forced to watch these boneheaded moves with us.

    The comp itself seemed to be a lot of fun, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before (pretty sure they used this exact setup for BB18). I like the callback to players of old.

    Also, was I the only one laughing at Cody’s antics in this episode? He was freakin’ HILARIOUS! Why couldn’t we have seen this side of him before?

    All in all, not the worst episode of BB, but certainly one of the calmer ones this season. Looking forward to tomorrow’s DE. Here’s hoping Mark can pull of an HOH or Veto win.

    • Paul wasn’t being a “good sport”
      He only passed on the Outback dinner to avoid leaving anyone behind without his dictatorship for Cody to campaign against him to.

  10. So it’s okay to say you’d rather die standing then living on your knees? But turn around and say how much you hate their guts? That’s ok? Hmmm

    • That is just a coined phrase from Mexico history. During their Mexican revolution Emiliano Zapata Salazar said that when he raised his army. It just means he’d rather go out fighting than bend a knee to Paul. I don’t see any contradiction here. I thought that was kind of cool to say that phrase. It sounds better in Spanish.

  11. A little late for Cody to be playing ‘have a daughter card here’ and his behavior in the house and his ‘antics’ with Jess are not exactly Father of the Year material,in the 4 years i have been watching never seen a house guest so miserable to be around.

    • I don’t think he played the I have a daughter card. He just feel lonely and thought Kevin would understand him. In no time did he said that to get pity or votes. I don’t like the guy and he’s not father of the year by having s3x on national tv and choosing BB over his daughter’s time. But I disagree he did that by strategy or else than nostalgia.

      • I guess I could have first looked to see if people replied to you before I sent you my long reply LOL my bad

      • Agree. Cody was wanting to help Kevin thru this time as Kevin said he was missing his family. Cody was showing Kevin he missed his kid, too, to let Kevin know he was not alone in missing family members.

    • Cody was just sharing a moment of commiseration with Kevin. That’s all. He had nothing personally to gain by talking about Paisley to Kevin.

      • Is a little to late anyway, what would he gain by telling them days before he knows he is leaving.

    • Cody wasn’t at ALL playing the “I have a daughter card.” He was having a ‘normal conversation’ with Kevin and innocently told Kevin about his daughter & he asked Kevin NOT to tell anyone because he didn’t want the house to use it against him! (No wonder he doesn’t want to open up to anyone!)
      Kevin told Paul, Paul told Josh, Josh told everyone!
      Now Paul and his minions have of course twisted it around & are saying Cody was using that card, and they don’t believe him, and somehow between all of them gossiping her age went from 5 to 3 back to 5 to 3…… So OF COURSE now they are saying Cody “can’t get her age right” so they don’t believe him!

      It’s actually funny to watch how Cody’s innocent conversation with Kevin has become completely twisted within their own group & they blame it on Cody! Bunch idiots!

      The ENTIRE House was all over Cody the other day to “open up more” and when he does, they say he’s a liar!

      AND now some people on here think Cody was “playing the daughter card” LOL (No offence of course, you didn’t know)

  12. Mark looked like he just arrived from a gay bar on Halloween,sure that “Rockette” outfit was a big hit at the club!

    • I liked how Mark had his pastel shirt tied at the waist, his belly button showing and almost some plumber’s helper bringing up the crack at the end cause the shorts a bit on the small/snug side. :-)

  13. What was with Matt wearing that tutu in the restroom area when talking to Raven and Paul? Likewise, why was Mark still wearing a tutu a few weeks ago long after the bowling competition was over? Are the guys in this house all testosterone-deprived with unnecessarily wearing tutus and nail polish? Is Cody the only one who isn’t?

  14. This season just sucks. I liked Paul last year. But this year I guess the players are so weak (or stupid), they can’t think for themselves and need to run everything past Paul (or should I say God). I have never seen a bigger bunch of floaters. ALL of them, except Cody and Jessica. And if you get on Paul’s bad side that is it. He is lying to everyone. And now it looks like Kevin is his latest victim? I knew Paul would use the fact that Kevin told him about the $25,000 against him. I wish so he wouldn’t have told him. But EVERONE tells Paul EVERYTHING!!! This is definitely not a fun year. I hope they change something up next year or choose better people. And Matt and Raven are useless in the game. Very disappointed this year!!! Big Brother you are going to have to think up some new games and start doing some new stuff or peope are just going to want to get on the show to have fun and be in the jury house.

    • They should reduce the jury to 5. Now poeple just play for that. And 9 is too much. Most of the jury left way too far from the end game to be able to judge b

      • I agree, aside from this season! Jessica should have a vote but that’s only because she played the game to win it unlike Paul’s minions

    • Try and watch BB Canada,It has different comps, every year the house is different. It’s great!
      This season with Paul really sucks.

    • Well, as I’ve been reading these things and such, unless Cody or Alex, or maybe hopefully Mark gets HOH, paul WILL BE HOH!!! Even if paul doesn’t get HOH, unless it’s those (Co, Al, or Mar) paul WILL BE HOH!!!

      • Alex?? If Alex gets HOH it will 100% be Paul’s HOH. She is day by day becoming the biggest Paul minion! She thinks they have a final 2 deal and she is “happy getting second!”
        Mark’s HOH would not be Paul’s!
        But if Mark did win the HOH it would screw up Paul etc.plans because they (P) want Mark out during the DE.
        Mark would most likely not listened to Paul and he would probably put up Christmas and Josh or he might even put up Paul & Alex.
        Mark and Elena both know they are the new Jessica and Cody. They are being treated exactly the same way now!

      • She SAYS she is happy getting second, but could that just be a game move to get Paul to take her to F2?

      • One would think that might be it but she’s never said that to our knowledge anyways in the DR room…..

      • Elena and Mark are also acting like the new Jessica and Cody…Elena is anyway…she’s becoming nasty

      • Seeing Jessica’s HoH wasted was awful to see. Ramses was smart enough to sense that the vote was going to be flipped and he warned her about it. (Of course, Ramses should never have been nominated in the first place, or at least he should have been talked to ahead of time by Jessica if she was using him as a pawn.) I like Jessica, but her decision to not replace Ramses with Paul was a bad one. She got nothing good out of the whole thing. Worse, the very guy she tried to show goodwill toward, Paul, eventually got her evicted (during his 2nd of 3 back-to-back weeks as HoH.)

    • I don’t think anyone could have predicted this BUT Paul deserved another chance in the house, I think, after being totally ripped off last year. BB18 was downright shady in many ways.

      • He still came in second, and won more money than over half of the other HGs last season; plus, all of the moves was on him! He had the option to take James over Nicole. It was his choice. His fault. His mistake. So no, he shouldn’t have had an opportunity to play in BB again. If anyone, the ones that are voted out the first day should deserve a chance to come back! Second, in comparison to the other HGs, is still a top prize! Granted, he did deserve to win over Nicole last year, but I would empathize with him more if the last play wasn’t HIS move/choice!

      • If there’s going to be vets next season, let them be Cameron or Ramses (my wish). I would prefer all new casts competing though.

      • If they bring in vets, it’s should be a season with ONLY vets. No more combining newbies with vets. They become too enamored with them, and just roll over and give up.

        It would be interesting to see a season with seniors (older participants)? I wonder how conniving they would be? lol

      • He made a deal w her and stuck to it is why … he wasn’t shady like a lot of them were , and said he would take nicole..

      • I did not see Season 18, so please elaborate on your basis for saying that “BB18 was downright shady in many ways”.

      • Yup, I really thought he would have won that . Played a better game imo. Paul is doing what he is supposed to do , WIN !

      • Why not just give him the $500k and not even have the competitions? I believe the producers had this all pre-scripted and Paul won before any HG stepped foot in the House. It’s all been a waste of viewer’s time by the captured audience~~not watching this stupid show ever again. I am surprised that not one viewer has responded about the most disgusting autrocity of the show. When Jason wore the “Extremist” costume making fun of a very serious political, socially sad sensitive time we are all facing in our society today with our governmental issues is nothing to be laughing about. And for a major network/TV show to make light of this serious topic and not one person to pick this up, is very frightening to me. Are we really that desensitized or numb to what is really going on around us to notice our environment and surroundings and just how much we have lowered our standards and do not give a care to our fellow Americans. God help us all! I guess it has come down to television ratings and winning the money~~what a sad world we have become in the industry of entertainment! I really miss the weekly TV show for a few good laughs, LAST MAN STANDING, (great actors, writers, lots of good, clean entertainment for all ages!)

    • So did I. Especially as I’ve read Kevin has 7 kids and an earlier feed talked about Kevin’s son ‘feeding’ that his mom and family seem to be okay with the Kevin enjoying the December holiday season (snicker snicker). I was always pretty good with math so 6 daughters and 1 son makes the 7 kids.

    • I thought he had 7 daughters & they all lived with him and all from the same mom!? But I have heard other stories also. 🤔

      • Definitely said he had a son named Andrew! He named one of his daughters, but forgot what it is now…said she played soccer and basketball. It was during the “snap chat” convo he had in HoH room during Jess’ HoH.

      • That would be the correct terminology though LOL
        One of my daughters BFFs is transgender. His mom says she has “two sons and a daughter” but when they were born she would’ve said “two daughters and a son.”

        But I’m just kidding re Kevin/Andrew. Although I did think he said he had seven daughters 🤷‍♀️

    • Not as bad as Cameron….

      Who, in my oh-so-humble opinion, should’ve been brought back in as soon as Meghan self-evicted or Christmas got injured.

    • Raw deal my foot,Cameron maybe but not got to have a social game to win BB,hiding under the covers with Jessica 24/7 is not a social game,just plain dumb!

      • Ugh, I will be so glad when we don’t have to talk about Cody and Jess anymore!!! Soon, very soon…

      • You and me both! Ugh will be standing and cheering when he leaves just as I did when Jessica got the boot!!

      • Yes bye Elana!! What a childish prank Cody did ugh! He was flattering himself thinking the houseguests wanted to hug him!

      • I don’t know why anyone thinks that he is a good guy, he genuinely has zero personality and zero social skills. Towards the end he kinna started to open up and tried to act like a normal human being , but was wayyyy little to late , it was an awesome DE since he thought they would evict elana and tried to play on that. Now he will have someone just as annoying as he is to annoy him !! Remember she told jess she would take good care of him in jury house 😉 😂

      • He probably knew that also, and the way out would have been to walk by paul and paul didn’t seem to be moving 😂 So, like a the child he is he chose to be rude and walk on furniture. Yes, who cares he didn’t say bye like they all do( mostly) but it’s still disrespectful to the BB and the house and game in general to just walk on furniture! Geeze . Mark probably would have liked to wish him well out the door, but after his LIES about what he said that certain people were going after Paul and to stir that up I’m sure Mark didn’t want to wish him chit . Adios! I feel bad for Mark , but they were a terrible match. I hope he realizes that once he’s home and views the show. He will have that , “omg what was I thinking moment “!!! Maybe 🤷‍♀️

      • The problem is, it won’t end! People still bring up Jessica when we are having a debate/discussion. They need to get over it!

      • Absolutely the most awesome. Got the robot and clownface out, on the same day…YAY!!! Now we can move past the Cody convos, finally!!!

    • No , not at all . He just made a huge newbie move and put up member of his own alliance . Then he sulks around and hides behind jess and cries and whines how he’s not good for her and blah blah. He made the season the way it was . He just had zero social skills and shouldn’t have made remarks as shredding ppl and destroying ppl and being the first bully !! Jess just added fire to his already angered temperament. They will NEVER work out in the real world !!! Never!!

  15. I could not agree with you more, Branden. This absolutely, positively is, hands down, THE strangest season of BIg Brother that I have ever seen, as well.

    I just don’t get it. WHAT is really going on here? You can’t tell me that Paul has THAT much sway on everybody. It makes no sense.

    Is political correctness finally reached critical mass to the point where people just don’t have the ability to even play the game? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I am watching the feeds and episodes and am just scratching my head. I cannot wrap my mind around this. What game are they playing?! WHY is everybody except Paul playing to lose?

    • And it’s the first season that there’s been no named Alliance(s) …. or did I miss that?

      • Yes , is what I said above .. I don’t think they have any cause most is teampaul, but not one alliance name , is a weird season ! I still think Paul should win since he IS playing the game , everyone else is still playing life!

    • My only guess is they just want their 15 minutes of fame. It’s the only thing that would make sense but that doesn’t even make sense! Because they can still get it and win the game!

  16. So tired of watching (and hearing) Alex eating one snack food after another. She’s practically manic. I can’t understand a word she is saying. How did this season devolve into such a paranoid vulgar hatefest?

  17. So tired of watching (and hearing) Alex eating one snack food after
    another. She’s practically manic. I can’t understand a word she is
    saying. How did this season devolve into such a vulgar

    • I don’t get that every time she’s pissed she’s smiling. Like over her fight with Elena and same with Cody. It make her look like sociopath. But she’s not smart enough for that.

  18. Cody, will be eating and sleeping good in the jury house. Thank you HG, he won’t have to worry about the knuckleheads anymore!

  19. I’m so tired of hearing “this year sucks” “Paul, Paul, Paul” he deserved to come back. Vets come back EVERY year, usually more than one. It’s not his fault he is playing the game, as it should be played…no one else is. He didn’t cast a spell over anyone…they are doing what they are doing…it’s their choice in the end. Get over it or don’t watch it. I’ve always loved this site and especially joining in on the comments over the years, but, please…everyone is such a downer…It is only a game and Paul is playing it. Maybe, one of the others will start playing and try to get him out…as much as he is MY favorite player, there is always a chance someone else can step up! I would think at this point, everyone’s minds are playing games on them and everyone is paranoid or going a bit crazy

    • Bravo,people just can’t face the truth..but you are so right,just roll with the show and quit crying foul and raining down the hate on Paul who is ACTUALLY playing the game,go figure,,imagine him trying to win 500,000,such a crime on BB?..LOL..

      • I want Paul to win, he deserves to win. For sure! But my point is and always has been that he is playing a very easy game. It’s not his fault at all and good for him! But he certainly isn’t in the top 10 of the best BB players ever. Just super lucky with this group of mindless morons. I hope he wins! He’s the only one playing for first.

    • Right Patti and Hep, exactly right. Paul doesn’t even have to be your favorite player. He is, single handedly, running this game. Like it or not. He is playing the cards he has been dealt like a BOSS. Regardless of the others. They are letting him run the house, so guess what, HE IS!!! That is the game. Deal with it people and have a little respect for the only one who has been playing the game from the moment he was voted to come into the house. That was the HGs choice, let us not forget that. Cody and Jess tried to play, and both failed, miserably. Oh well, again. Enjoy and respect good game play when you see it.

    • They dont come back every year. 15, 16, 17 had no vets. Until last season, vets hadn’t been back for 3 seasons.

  20. I don’t see why Brandon continues to write about Alex not going against Paul- they (A&P) are a pair and I believe they will stick together. I do not recall all this game domination talk when Derrick and Cody were working together- just because Alex is a woman does not mean she is doing whatever Paul wants- she has decided working with him is her game and they benefit each other. It is her strategy to get to the end.

    • Yes they made a f2 deal, and every season has an alliance , is this the first season where there are NO alliance names ??? I can’t remember them all .. but doesn’t seem like they can’t even call themselves any kinna of alliance name since it’s all #teampaul ☺️

  21. Although Elena is reasonably safe, taking the money over veto when you’re on the block is one of the dumbest moves she could have made.
    This move comes just below Marcellus (BB3) not using the veto on himself and then get evicted!
    Another dumb move was when she looked to Cody for advice. #NotThinkingForHerself

    • Bingo ! They just agreed they would not punish one another, she could have took the veto pulled herself off and Cody would have gone up, OR taken the punishment and give 5k to Alex would have been a great move and may have secured her safety for a bit longer, I know they say blondes are dumb .. but she is in a diff league of her own and an insult to blondes!

  22. Yay !!! Bye emotional unstable Cody and Elena!! Looks like things are rolling all in the right direction !! 🙌🙌

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