Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 3 [POLL]

There are ten votes this week on Big Brother 19 and we could be looking at our first unanimous decision of the season, unless a hinky vote strikes again!

Ramses counts the votes in Week 3

Our final noms for the week are Dominique and Jessica after Monday’s Veto Ceremony left the original picks unchanged follow Jason’s decision to stand down and avoid a Mark renom this week. Now the house has to decide between the old co-public enemy and this week’s new one.

While Alex and Paul were working on getting Dominique targeted thanks to her talk show debacle, it was the late night argument between Dominique and Paul that really put things over the edge for the rest of the house. It looks like everyone has agreed at this point that they’re just fine with sending Dominique out the door and leaving Jessica around for awhile longer.

Right now I don’t see any votes coming Dominique’s way. She’s told Josh and Mark that she understands they’re probably going to vote against her and have relieved them of any possible guilt over that. Maybe she’s trying some reverse psychology here or maybe she’s just ready to move on from the game.

Mark has been Dominique’s closest ally this season and if she’s lost even him then I won’t be surprised by a sweep against her. She definitely doesn’t have the votes she needs to stay much less put a dent in that number. Meanwhile you’ve got Jessica who has reemerged as a member of the house after being detached from Cody’s hip last week. If she keeps her head down and plays it cool then I don’t see her being in any danger.

Now there’s always a chance we could get another hinky vote this week thanks to Kevin. Several HGs seem to be on to Kevin’s little games with his votes so a decision by him this week to cast a mystery vote again could put him in more trouble, but that’d likely be limited to reduced trust. It’s caused enough trouble and he’s played it off well though so I wouldn’t mind him trying it again!

If the vote were held today I’d expect Julie to announce a 10-0 decision against Dominique. She’ll be off to face this week’s big twist, the Battle Back arena! Think she can fend off Cody, Jillian, and Cameron?


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  1. Has anybody in the house besides Josh even considered a battle back? I’m very surprised this isn’t on Paul’s radar and they should really be targeting Jessica. Cody I am sure will return and they need to be kept apart. I think I might actually like Cody without Jessica and would love to see a Paul Cody bromance tear the house up. Alex needs to go.

    • Hopefully there won’t be a returner, Julie said it’s not guaranteed that at battle back winner will walk back in, its contingent upon something the current houseguests do or don’t do

      • But which Way ? If they except it someone comes back or if they don’t except it someone comes back?

      • The logical choice will be that if the Hex is accepted, the curse will be that the winner of the Battle Back will reenter the house. If the Hex is refused, no curse, no player coming back.

      • but that would be too boring I am sure BB wants someone back in more drama that way and this show its all about drama disfunctuality ect ect

      • No one in their right mind would not except the Halt Hex, BBPro knows that, therefore they know someone will come back

      • It’s designed that way. BB want the Hex to be in play and BB want a HG to come back.

      • If I liked one of the 4 competing then it’d be different but none of them are enjoyable

      • Julie may be referring to accepting the temptation. I am sure that the temptation will be accepted. Unless it is given to a stupid HGs, I don’t see why he/she will deny it.

      • Yeah it’ll be weird if they don’t take the temptation but it looks like Alex is pretty popular to home viewers so maybe since she’s HOH she won’t want it

      • Because Alex is the current HOH I would think she would definitely take it!
        If she was the one who received the temptation you would think she would most definitely take it because, she cannot play in the HOH next week & it gives her “safety” for four weeks (or something like that.) I don’t think there is a single houseguest that wouldn’t take it. Especially Alex!
        My understanding from “Captain” is Kevin is in the lead, and we all know he would take it!

        A side laugh…LOL…… I use “talk to type” (clearly) and it initially said “My understanding from Captain is that Kevin is on weed” LMAO 😂
        Talk to type is dangerous! It changes words on me all of the time. Thankfully I ‘usually’ double check before I send. I could’ve just started a huge rumour plus made no sense whatsoever LOL 😂

      • I hope so but the commercials really seem like someone is going to be back. I am sure it will be Cody so to have some fun maybe he will come back in and be disgusted by Jessica and has been secretly in love with Alex. 😜

    • You’re right, I said exactly that many time this week. IF Cody come back, these HGs will regret their decision.

      • Or, if Cody doesn’t win HOH or veto when he comes back, he’ll get evicted again.

      • Not necessarily, things change so quickly in that house.
        I don’t completely disagree with you, I can’t see many people excited to see Cody back, (assuming he is the one that comes back)
        I don’t think people will want to work with him but, stranger things have happened.

    • I wonder if Paul is expecting a battle back and doesn’t want to let on because he wants Jessica in the game because of a deal Cody made with him.

    • Actually I think a lot of people have talked about a potential Battle Back, not just Josh however, most of the HG’s don’t think it’s going to happen because it happened last year.
      But there definitely has been a lot of talk about it amongst many…… including Jessica and Cody. They talked about it quite a bit

    • I agree with you, I think I might like Cody (although I never did not like Cody, I think a lot of editing made him look like an airhead/ non-emotional Person. But the guy teared up on “national TV” when he found out he has a chance to get back in the house)
      But, if Jessica was no longer there I agree, we probably would see the better side of Cody….& I would have liked to have seen that. He was my top pick on day one as a favorite.
      Stranger things have happened, Paul/Cody could still develop a Bromance (although I think highly unlikely because Cody is not a fan of Paul’s at all and I think he will still have no interest in working with him.) Plus if Cody comes back in the house, he will see the control Paul has over literally almost every single HG and Cody will not allow Paul to have the control over him. But again, stranger things have happened. Because of all the cracks that have happened with in the alliances since Cody was evicted (Josh & marks dislike for each other, Dominique stirring up shiat in the house, not everyone trusting Paul, Alex becoming a stronger player ++) Cody would have a chance to repair friendships with Mark, Alex, Elena, Jason, Ramses, Christmas plus others.
      I don’t necessarily agree that Jessica should have been the one to go this week, even if Cody does come back, Jessica isn’t a threat. It will just change up the plans and as long as Jessica/Cody do not get HOH, they will just be walking right back out the door. But again, stranger things have happened….
      But again, like you I would have liked to have seen Cody play his own game without Jessica’s influence.

    • Sorry michelle, I didn’t mean for my last comment to be so damn long LOL stupid talk to type!
      And I forgot to ask you, why does Alex need to go?

    • Agreed. Complete waste of HOH and she thinks she is doing such a great job. NOT! All the showmances need to be split up. Hello HG this is BB!

    • Being that I don’t like Alex of her squad I am thrilled by her decisions this week

    • Alex knows that it is just the beginning and I think she is confident that the snake will be on her side and they will nominate real threats in the upcoming weeks. She also has Josh, Jason and possibly Kevin on her side. If any of them wins HOH she is safe. Unless Paul wants her nominated.

  2. I fully understand Dominique will likely be leaving the house this Thursday. With that said, of the two, I think the most strategic option to evict right now would be Jessica.

    1. Dominique has ruined most of her social capital left in the game while Jessica seems to be building hers. Jessica is therefore the biggest social threat between the two.
    2. While we haven’t seen either of them perform particularly amazingly in challenges, I still think Jessica is the bigger competitive threat between the two.
    3. Some of the HG’s have been talking about the likelihood of a BattleBack. If I was in the house, knowing how many people have left the game so quickly, I would be hesitant about the possibility of Cody and Jessica being reunited in the house together. I would want to send her out so there’s only the possibility that one would be back in the house

    • Agree, this could be a potential turning point, and they can’t see it. Dom and Josh can be evicted anytime. They should get rid of the real theats.

    • Jessica is a competition threat, but socially she is trying, but the HGs are not really caring when she speaks. They are not rude, but other than Elena they are not forgetting that she needs to go next.

      • If Jessica is trying, that makes her more dangerous. Dominique has pretty much resigned from trying so they should keep her. Granted, she could pick it up if allowed to stay but no one seems to trust her (or like her) anymore. Fingers crossed for a last minute vote flip

      • Dominique is another Jocasta with her annoying God, this and God that which bothers the group of trashy HGs that BB always casts. She also thinks she is better than everybody there because of her education and could outsmart them when she doesn’t even know how to play the game. She chose to isolate herself rather than continue to socialize with the HGs so Jessica could be the next evicted.

  3. I think josh would vote to keep Dominique. She’s playing the mother with him and he hates Jessica.

  4. From purely a gameplay perspective, Jessica is clearly the bigger threat. In BB, wouldn’t it always be safer to keep the weak players and vote out the strong? Dom has no game and has proven that. She’s not even participating in anything that will help her game move forward now. Kicking her out now is a bad game move. Go with the odds and get rid of Jessica. I would be campaigning hard for this if I was in the house. Yes, even if it put a target on my back. To compensate for this, I’d throw some comps and appear weak in other aspects– all while I work to plant these seeds of thought in the house.

    That way, when we get down to the end, I’m in a house full of weak players that I can easily beat to the end, with a jury that will respect what I did once they are told or figure it out.

  5. Who I think will be evicted and who I want to be evicted are two different things. Dom is irritating to say the least, Jess with the potential Cody return is a threat.

  6. I still wish for skanky Jessica to go, but Dominique has been excluded form the group and she spends a lot of time talking to herself. She did that to herself, but getting evicted will relieve her of the agony. If she comes back, then it will be an easy no blood in their hands nominee for whomever is HOH.

  7. I think whoever gets evicted in two days will go home for good. I don’t think Dom or Jess is strong enough to win the battle back. In fact, I can’t remember the last time a woman won a battle back comp.

    • Didn’t Nicole win?
      Dom and Jess proved that they can last a while in the endurance comp, but with Cody there who knows.

      • Yes, but my point was that men almost always win battle back comps. Nicole won big brother, but she never won a battle back comp as far as I’m concerned.

      • That’s what I meant. I remember in Nicole’s first season when I really liked her, that she came back into the game, but was voted out soon after. I believe it was a battle back comp that she won.

      • Yep. Nicole won the Battle Back in BB16 (the comp was structured differently then – all evicted HGs played at the same time), but was back out in 2 weeks b/c she was a threat to Derrick’s game.

  8. i don’t the love for dom, what has she done to set herself up for any game longevity. if she gets evicted, she’s not coming back. cody will to help the ratings cuz dom certainly isn.t

  9. Although Dom doesn’t add much to the show, imo, I still think they should get Jess out this week. I’m sure they are aware there will be a battle back at some point and it’s almost a guarantee that Cody will be back… it’s going to be back to square 1 with those 2.

  10. While getting out Jess is a smart move, Dom made it too easy for them. All she had to do was let Jess crash and burn and none of this would’ve happened. She played her cards too hard too fast.

  11. I just think some people aren’t cut out for a social game so watching them is a bit awkward. Dominique could have played this so much better and it is hard for me to see how she thought most of what she did was a good idea.

  12. I still don’t understand why Paul is so upset with Dominique questioning Cody about who knew he was putting up Paul. One with think Paul would want to know!?

    So this leads me back to my “TERRIBLE THEORY” 😒
    During Cody’s HOH before the veto ceremony (or shortly after Cody got the HOH) Paul told Cody about his safety and told him to put up himself (Paul knowing of course he was safe) so they could see where their alliance members stood or to shake up the house (but really or possibly Paul just wanted Cody to get screwed (figuratively ha ha)

    Why my theory is terrible, because the following week Cody was nominated, therefore Cody would have told the entire house about Paul’s plans!! Unless……
    Paul knows about the Battle Back & told Cody he will definitely get back in the house plus Paul would ensure “weak players” are evicted, Cody comes back in the house and Paul/Cody have a strong Final 2/3/4 deal that is totally under the radar!
    Do I believe my terrible theory, NO! Could it be possible, YES! (although highly highly highly unlikely) Is it a HUGE risk for Cody’s game/he’s not guaranteed back in the house, a huge risk! (unless production is in on it and Cody is guaranteed to be back) Highly unlikely my theory is at all likely but, it’s fun to speculate and it would be crazy if that were true!
    And always fun to think outside the box! But I think this time I am way way way too far outside the box LOL 😂
    But again, this leads me back to “why was Paul so angry with Dominique questioning Cody about who the two people were who knew he was going to put up Paul/Christmas!?!?” Why???? You would think Paul of all people would want that answer!!?!?!?! Yes? No? What am I missing??
    Clearly something!

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