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Big Brother 19 Cast First Impressions — So Far, So Good!

It’s again that special time of year when a bunch of crazy people come together for the summer to spend all their time being overly-dramatic and bickering with one another all while locked behind closed doors for three months.

Oh, and there are also 16 new Big Brother contestants moving into the BB19 house.

I’m kidding, Big Brother fans. Not all fans are crazy. Only some of us are. But crazy or not, we are a passionate group, and we do express ourselves loudly on social media. And let’s face it, we do spend a lot of time inside watching the Live Feeds for those three months.

OK, enough about us. Lets get to the Big Brother 19 Houseguests. I’ve read the bios, I’ve seen the photos and I’ve struggled through the Jeff interviews (these are available now on-demand with All Access), so I think I have enough to go on to make my first impressions. That is until about two hours after the Live Feeds come on. So let’s go!

Prediction: First or 5th boot.

Ranking: 15/16

So there you have it. I think overall, this is a pretty solid cast. I’m responding more positively to the guys this season, though, since most of the girls seem to want to just tag along with the guys, but I’m impressed. I love that the median age is 28, so that could indicate a nice, or at least different, season. And there seems to be a lot of single people this season, so BB is definitely to pushing that as a major factor of this show (ugh). Let’s just hope that’s not anything to do with the twist.

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  • For some reason I get Parvati-vibes from Jessica, but I could be giving her too much credit lol. I still think we're going to see the typical all male alliance and a majority of the women are going to just be 'there'. However, I think Christmas will be a different type of female player this season. Heck, even if she's just a challenge beast, at least she brings something different to the table than 'showmance city' .... in fact, if there is an Alpha alliance, would Christmas be added to that, since she's a crossfit athlete? Cameron so far has my attention the most, but I think Christmas is going to be the standout female of the cast... I hope Jessica really does become a Parvati-like player, but I don't find that happening.
    Cody seems cool, I like that he likes Evel Dick... the only problem is that I hope he doesn't become a Paulie-level jerk

  • I want Jillian gone too. Not for the reasons you listed. But because she sells timeshares. So she's scum of the Earth. Same reason why I hated Dennis from OTT. He's a debt collector. Scum of the Earth.

    • I don't recall there being a Dennis in OTT. Now if you said Scott, then I would know who you were referring to. I didn't care for Scott from the get-go. He flip flopped too much! hahaha

  • Thoughts:
    Alex: Possible Nicole clone
    Cameron: Possible super nerd
    Josh: I think he's gonna be the antagonist. Possibly may be expelled
    Chris: Might be a comp threat
    Jason: Reminds me of Andy with a cowboy hat on
    Matt: I have pretty high expectations of him
    Jessica: Pretty face.... that's it
    Dominique: Seems intelligent. Hopefully he backs it up
    Kevin: Either he or Jillian will be the first one out
    Jillian: Bland personality. Possible gone too soon
    Cody: Big risk taker. Hopefully he backs it up
    Marc: I think he'll have a major target on his back. He looks like a physical beast.
    Elena: Simply a party girl... that's it
    Raven: She may be a coo coo but well balanced
    Megan: Possible strategic threat
    Ramses: I'll either like him or hate him.

  • Damn this cast assessment was brutal...so many harsh judgments and cynicism made from like a few minutes of video and bios. I actually had a great impression of pretty much all of them and think anyone (except maybe Josh haha) could win it.

  • Haha, great write up Matt and thank you, your impressions were funny and for the most part I agreed with them!
    I like Kevin, so far. But he could wear on nerves very quickly so we will see. My next fav is Cameron, he's smart and has some game, finally it isn't just one or the other. Hope he does well. I'm smelling a plant with Christmas, she is too slick and was very comfortable with her interview, not that it means a whole lot. I just think she was picked by production for certain reasons. Don't care for her or Jessie, I think both of them will be big trouble imo. Dominique, please don't say you are a pre-school teacher. If you are going to lie about your occupation, come up with something a little better. I don't like her based on first impressions. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e2bd45d6a2201e38210b8c28d51711a70c6479cb78f1b3abb775b6ecffc154ea.gif

    • All of the cast interviews are available on All Access if you're subscribed. There are some from other outlets as well on YouTube.

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