Big Brother 18: What Do Past Houseguests Think of This Season?

Big Brother fans are some of the most vocal and opinionated on social media, and Big Brother 18 has gotten quite the rise out of many. Some fans think the season is awful, others think it’s just fine and a few think it’s the best season they’ve ever seen (I know, right?).


We wanted to see what past Big Brother houseguests are thinking about Big Brother 18, so I contacted a few and checked out the Twitter of some others. One of the most in-tune past HGs is Evel Dick, the winner of Big Brother 8. Evel Dick is a very active tweeter and hosts his own Big Brother after show “Dick @ Nite” so I thought I’d check in with him to get his thoughts on the current season. And he replied in true Evel Dick fashion.

“Everyone is bowing down to Paulie.” Evel Dick says. “Why? I have no idea. The rest of them are either there for dick, titties or summer vacation. This season sucks, they should just cancel now, start BB19 and finish that season online.”

Another Big Brother legend, Danielle Reyes (BB3, All-Stars), has been playing close attention to Big Brother 18 and when asked recently on Twitter for her thoughts on the season, she replied with a simple “Meh.”

Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly is still holding out hope for a season like her own. “Can the girls Z & Day & Bridge & Natalie PLEASE form an alliance win HOH nom PP & bring these boys back 2 reality” she tweeted just before Da’Vonne’s eviction.

Rachel seems to be OK with at least some of the cast, but according to Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren’s Twitter, he doesn’t feel the same way.

“As game players (not as people), I hate the cast of #BB18,” Andy recently Tweeted. In another tweet, he says “Love this photo of all the likable game players in the #BB18 house!” When you click, it’s just a blank image.

Earlier in the season Season 4 winner Jun Song was doing her own Big Brother 18 power rankings and was into the season, but when I contacted her for this article she let me know that she has stopped watching the season. That should speak for itself.

What are you thinking of Big Brother 18? Loving it? Hating it?


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      • I believe they were fired. From what I understand Kassting, Inc is not overseeing the casting of BB19…they’ve been casting BB for quite awhile.

      • GOOD because that’s the only way to save this turkey. Big brother has jumped the shark, right about the same time Kassting started casting, basically.

      • When the game started, minus Glenn as he was gone so quickly, so 15 players, there were only 5 I liked, maybe 6. As the weeks dwindled away, I’m all the way down to 3 out of 10 and at one point it was 3 out of 11. I don’t usually have numbers that bad when watching this game.

        And yet my only real issue with casting this year is that they managed to bring back 3 of 4 players I never wanted to see again. James, Da’Vonne and Nicole (especially James and Da’Vonne) I couldn’t wait to see evicted last season. They couldn’t even split it and get 2 of 4 I liked. I couldn’t believe that. In Season 14 with Dan and Mike, that was 2 of 4, as I wasn’t a big fan of Britney (but didn’t hate her) and especially not a fan of Janelle (hated her). They got 2.5 out of 4 that I liked and I was content with it. I don’t feel like I ask for a lot.

        I’m left with Paulie, Corey and Bridgette. The rest I flat out do not want to see win. I bet one of them will, though.

    • Not me, this season SUX! I will finish watching it but I don’t have a favorite and at this moment in time, I honestly could care less who wins. I’m only watching so I can communicate with my BBN family.

  1. I’m happy to hear those that have played the game feel the same way we feel. We are Monday morning QB’s saying would’ve, should’ve, could’ve but they lived it and see that this season sucks.
    I’m with Dick, just cancel it already. There’s no anticipation to the finale because we know the winner.

  2. I hope the fame seekers in this cast learn soon that BB alumni are not paying respects. They think they’re losers (at the game as Andy says).

    This is the least favorite season I have seen in the years since I began watching. It had a lot of potential and I was excited at the first of the season. I hated several newbies (just assume I’m referring to hating them in the game from here on out – I don’t hate anybody IRL) right off the bat. Some were offensive coming in the door.

    I get annoyed when I hear, “I just want to make Jury.” BOOM!

    Of the vets – I am most disappointed in James. I do not wish to see him on BB ever again. He was one of my favorites last year.

    I hate showmances. Partner up with someone – a friend, a crush, whatever – but save the romance for after the show. During the show, shake hands and play BB. I think a remedy (to a degree) would be to cast fans of the show. A couple of hot bodies (if they don’t find them in the fan applications) can be tossed in for the show promos if they want but just a couple. If the rest are there to game for $500K, we should see a good game by people who know how it’s played.

    However, James is a fan who is not playing the game like he should this year. He’s too distracted by Natalie and she is his priority, it seems, sometimes anyway. Flirt all you want but if they ever let the public evict a nominee – I’d evict James this season. At least the newbs have an excuse for poor gameplay. Yes, I’m salty that he was going to cancel his own vote.

    If Nicole wasn’t so into Corey this year, I thought she would have ruled like she was on a mission. Corey may be helping her with Paulie but she could have ruled on her own. Scoop up the boys AFTER the show.

    And if you cry that much, go home. I. Don’t. Care.

  3. I changed my mind about pleading the fifth. Here’s what I wrote in response on another post after giving it little thought. Here’s how I really feel about what’s left of this season: Not one of these players deserve the $500k…maybe $200k for some but not the rest. They don’t need it anyway…Paul just wants to travel…must be nice to those of us who have responsibilities that don’t give us that luxury. All Z wants is to go to baby showers, make herself pretty for Paulie and have his cute little babies, so she don’t need the money because Paulie will make enough for both of them. Paulie won’t make enough money at doing everything on his own because he feels others should do his dirty work for him for free. Bridgette just needs to sit down and giggle some more. Nat needs to throw herself in between Paulie and Z while giggling so she can make even more pretty babies with him. James don’t have to do nothing, he’s already gotten his check, same as for Nicole. Michelle is just going to be bitter her whole life because she’s miserable anyway. Corey will go on and just exist…Vic…well Vic…I got nothing still. Am I right? Did I miss anyone? There’s my summary and I’m stickin to it. :-)

  4. I agree with Dick. Everyone is just kissing Paulie’s feet and doing his bidding. Reyes summed it up with the “meh” response. And it’s really sad when Rachel of all people is making smarter moves and she’s not even playing. And I know I don’t like Andy, but he’s right about the people sucking as players.

  5. I do not like the cast…no favorite this season…I am enjoying some of the twist.. I am not an avid watcher as in previous seasons I watch the eviction episode and will watch the comps on feeds if they are made available but other wise I don’t rush to the TV to watch when BB is on..I keep up with Jokers and BBN for info…Its just not a season that holds my interest for very long….ss CBS BB 2016 is very lame and boring..

    • I wonder what Cody is saying about this season?…”The Best season ever”..Riveting!……stfu

      • Cody is (I would think) embarrassed.. Derrick is mortified that Paulie is saying that Derrick coached him as to how to play the game…( I don’t think Derrick would coach Paulie to play like/ be a dickhead..)

    • derricks season was bad too..nicole made the same mistake she made that season..hook up with a guy for the summer and come out for eviction night..she then realized what was going on but she was too little too late..goodbye to james and nicole forever

      • Nah. Big Brother 16 was a snoozefest. Half of the houseguests were ready to throw away their game for Derrick and took out the most likable houseguests in doing so. Great season for Derrick (and Caleb’s reality television career) but not a great season to watch. This season is all-around meh, and unless Paulie continues to steamroll will most likely just stay that way.

    • I read an interview with Derrick yesterday about BB 18. He mainly clarified the rumors about whether or not he coached Paulie, James or Nicole prior to the game. He didn’t want to put anyone down but acknowledged that Michelle is the worst player. He cited Paulie and Paul as playing the best. He didn’t give an overall critique of the Season. Derrick said that he didn’t talk to Nicole about BB 18 at all, talked with James by phone for half-an-hour about “general stuff” and did give Paulie about an hour of advice. He said that Paulie has only followed SOME of his advice. He also remarked that the thing between Paulie and Z. is only one-sided, but a gorilla could tell us that. While Derrick is diplomatic, it does look like he’d like to see more sophisticated, mature players.

  6. So it’s not only us. They all agree, Not because it’s not going our way. This season really sucks!..Ha Evel Dick “Everyone bowing down to Paulie..that’s the problem…

  7. The producer of Big Brother has cast the same type of people who are jocks or cheerleaders and they are suprised at the result? Stupidity is doing the same exact thing and expecting different results.
    That pretty much sums it! Would it be that hard to cast an All Star? I am sure they still have the players of past Big Brother’s contact info.

    • We have 4 “all stars/past houseguest” and they are playing worse than the newbies. Don’t forget a newbie is running the game and the 2 remaining vets

      • Sorry. I do not consider Nicole, James, Davonne, Frank to be an All Star. When I say All Star, I refer to past house guests who actually played the game. Frank played the game this season but, very badly. I refer to Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Dan Gheesling, Jordan and Jeff, Rachel Reilly, Danielle Donato, Evil Dick, etc. There are a lot of good players to cast from past seasons. I have no doubt if you cast those players and say, increase the prize to $1,000,000, you will have all of them playing hard to win it! The quality of the cast the past 3 seasons is pretty bad!

      • Well, I do nor consider Boogie nor Rachel to be good players….They are lucky players, but Good???

      • Also, Paulie has probably been in ‘training’ with Cody and Derrick ever since he decided to audition. He’s really a baby of theirs though he is playing well.

    • I think that’s the definition of insanity. But your point is well taken. You keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting.

    • That is my problem with the show also, year in, and year out, they “keep” recruiting the same doggone HG for BB?! The Model, the Gay Person, the Geek/Nerd, the one Black Person, the Country Boy, the Jock, and players who have never ever watched the show b4!

  8. It’s funny how I thought this season would have been better than last season. They probably need to recruit some Canadians. At least they seem to be fans of the game.

  9. The season’s very disappointing right now but if someone manages to usurp King Paulie’s throne it will be sooooo satisfying, so I’m holding out hope for that.

    I’m also hopeful for 19. As people have mentioned, the show would (probably) be a lot better if they cast more superfan gamer types, but when they’re on the air over the summer they are trying to cater to a broad audience of which dedicated BB fans are only a portion. I’m hoping though that someone recognizes that for 19, the majority of their audience will be live feeders and dedicated fans of the show, and they’ll capitalize on that by bringing in a cast that’s ready to play hard.

    • I wouldn’t count on KP being kicked off his throne any time soon. It took last season’s cast till the finale to kick Vanessa’s butt to jury, and that was arguably somewhat of a better cast. I’m most disappointed in the returning vets, though. They should know better.

      • Of the lot, only Frank was somewhat good in that he atleast, played. Mike Boogie gave him pointers but, he did not listen to him and blabbed his mouth! He said it was not necessary to tell other house guests he won Roadkill! That put a huge target on his back needlessly! Frank talked too much which enabled the others to easily see his targets and plans.

  10. Interesting they still watch the show. Especially Evel. He is one of the last seasons to cast “older” people. Sure you have a Donny and Glenn every once in a while. But the majority is young stereotypical doofus model types.

  11. They should just move up the finale date and end BB18, or cancel. It’s really that bad! They should just get ready for BB19! BB18 is just lame. I have stopped watching but I do check in here once in awhile.

    • They are going to cast the same type of house guests as they have been casting the past 3 seasons for BB19! I guess too many people still watch Big Brother so, the producer does not care to improve the casting one bit!

      • It goes beyond that. It’s become so lame they won’t even bother to show 19 on regular TV. That decision speaks for itself. They want BB to commit suicide so they can end it in 2016 by saying no one is watching anymore.

    • Yeah, because that would be extremely fair to the current players, who are in there with a chance to win half a million dollars. Some of them (granted seemingly not many) are actually trying and playing the game to win said money (Paulie mainly). But yeah, they should just alter the season, move up the finale date, and cancel the show, because fans and a few former houseguests don’t like how it’s going.

  12. Dick was such an immoral jerk that I really stopped watching for 5 seasons or so. That CBS rewarded such a true bully (not this phoney PC crap they call bullying today) made me sick. And they loved him, too, in doing so — He was with Aaryn and that crew, in my book. And I like ruthless playerseven liked Russell Hantz on Survivor. Evil Dick was true to his name.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who hated and had no respect for Dick in that season. It’s a disgrace that he’s amongst the winners. Black eye for the show.

  13. I don’t really care for this season especially now that Da’Vonne is gone. If the girls would’ve just stuck together and worked with Tiffany they would’ve been strong enough to get out the guys. Paulie probably should’ve been evicted the first week. See the reason why hardly any girls win Big Brother is because they don’t know how to work together like the guys do. They get in these alliances with the guys and they just stab them in the back.

    • Da was my fave and I agree. Girls are dumb when they are together, and that’s why sometimes it is better to find a strong male that you can align with. I liked James and Meg and no showmance, but unfortunately for her and Natalie, James is a horrible player.

      • You say James is a horrible player (and I agree) but Da’Vonne isn’t a horrible player? Really?

    • I liked Day but she just wasn’t very good at this game – played too aggressively when she should have held back and obviously went after people with whom she should have been aligning.
      Still, I would have much rather seen her stay and Paulie GO.

      • Day targeted Frank for an ass slap and for calling her a slut a second after she called him a douche. Let’s not pretend trusting James and Paulie was her downfall. At the very least it was one of many. A great many.

      • I worded it that way to make a point. Her reasons were personal, even if she had other reasons, personal should never even enter the equation. Frank wasn’t going after her at the time she claimed she was going to “get his ass”. That’s not good gameplay. Defend it and defend her all you want.

  14. Since the topic of this article is about the past, here’s some BB reflections. Originally the concept of the series was a ” social experiment “. Looking back at all the seasons of Big Brother this is what I have found to be true.
    1. The mob mentality is alive and well.
    2. The strong will prey on the weak /wounded.
    3. Women will struggle uniting for a cause. Hindered mostly by cattiness, jealousy, pettiness and insecurities.
    4. Society (viewing public) does not like seeing one person dominate a group.
    5. Women rarely fight for themselves, they will seek a man for protection.
    6. Guys will be loyal to Guys.

    Just my two cents, as it pertains to BB.

    • I agree. I think #3 & 5 hits the nail on the head. That’s why Rachel is pissed.
      The spy girls had potential but they aligned themselves with the Jozea half and they isolated themselves too early on the game. But there are enough girls now and before Day left to finally get a girls win.
      2 of the 5 have tunnel vision so it’s hopeless at this point.

  15. I don’t think its fair that Derek “coached” some of these players…granted, they are nothing like Derek, but they have too much knowledge going into the house. JMO

    • Especially when they’ve been sent in against a number of last-minute recruits who have admitted they’d never seen the show before their brief sequestration period before this season started.

      Like I’ve said before (to much derision), there are ways to rig a game without actually rigging it. One way is to send in a few players (a relative and two returnees) with training from a former winner, and then packing the rest of the house mostly with people who aren’t even familiar with the game…

      …but I guess I’m just bitter or mad because the game “isn’t going my way” (whatever that means, although I get it as a reply almost every other day), So I guess my criticisms are invalid…

      • I agree also. The carnage this season is casting’s problem. Had casting put in fans who have been faithful watchers of at least some of the previous seasons of BB, we’d be watching an entirely different game right now.

      • Totally agree.
        The primary problem is AG. Several years ago I joined a ‘Fire Alison Grodner’ FB page and there seemed to be considerable pressure put on CBS to finally get rid of that miserable you-know-what but obviously to no effect.
        I’m actually kinda glad bb is going online only after this season – makes it so much easier to just forget about it.

    • So is it fair that Tiffany whispered things to Victor after the final round of the Battle Back? Considering she had just been evicted and been in the house a few weeks longer than Victor, and knew things he didn’t? Was it fair that Da’Vonne whispered to Victor before leaving the house? Was it fair in Season 16 when Nicole won her way back into the house that Hayden whispered to not trust Derrick and Cody? Considering he was now out of the game?

      Sorry but coaching outside of the game, before the season even starts, is extremely fair compared to most of what I mentioned.

      You have to believe Vanessa gave Tiffany tips, but you didn’t mention that. You mentioned Paulie and Derrick because Paulie is still in the game and doing well in it, unlike Tiffany.

  16. When are the BB 18 zombies going to start stumbling after Paulie and try to eat his brain? Last night when he whizzed in the hottub to avoid going into the bathroom where Zakiyah was, he left his scent all over the backyard. The undead are awakening!

    • Is THAT why he went in the hot tub? You have GOT to be kidding me. One more reason I cannot stand that pig.

      • When I read that on the Joker updates I was livid. I also read that he was eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. He put the spoon back in jar to get more. Isn’t that community food.
        So disgusting

      • I am SO over that self entitled pos. Sorry…I don’t like to curse—or even imply it; but he is a pos. Period. And I am really getting sick and tired of his bullying of the women. It sickens me. He’s a PIG.

      • Amen. And I feel especially bad for his sister and Mom ‘cuz he likely treats them the same way or worse and they have no choice but to be related to him by blood.

  17. I have said many times in the last few weeks how ad this cast is. I said the e thing Evil Dick said but much nicer sine I didn’t want to get kicked off. Production has GOT to go back to getting actual fans and forget these wannabe actors and models. They already have the bachelor it’s on ABC.

  18. Jeez, glad it’s NOT just me! I was beginning to feel like one of those people: “I hate this season! I’m not watching any more!” Well, I’m still watching…halfheartedly. Honestly though, I don’t give a rat’s behind who wins. I don’t like any of them. None. After the Peeing in the hot tub, PP has a whole new meaning. Pee-Pee Boys.

  19. Is it just me or does these people blatantly defy production and the rules? I’ve never heard so many BB warnings ever before and they continue doing whatever it is they are being told not to do.
    Idle threats don’t work. Cut there summer vacay short and send em home

  20. Casting seems like it just gets worse every year. The last cast that I thought was truly entertaining to watch the entire season was BB12. There were a few after that weren’t entirely awful but that was mostly due to returning players that knew how to play and people wanted to see. You would think that the fact that most fans are tired of seeing the same stereotypical people cast that casting would listen and change it up again or are they just trying to kill the show by doing exactly what people don’t want to see?

  21. They need to find people who want to play the game.. not there for a summer vacation. Stop putting in the young twits. (Not all young people are twits, just the ones going on BB)

  22. I’m not caring as much as I have before and am almost becoming angry at teases. Like today Nicole showing a glimmer of the player Derrick suddenly became frightened of when she noticed his game with putting plans in play with Zay. Or the glimmers that Paul might be a nice reasonable guy without mysongist tendencies who is maybe just too loud. Then everyone falls into patterns that serve Paulie.

  23. My two favorite non showmance aligned players. Janelle and Kaysar. It worked great and it was fun to watch, but he was too nice or they could have been the final 2.

    • I Loved that season with Janelle, & Kaysar!!! I also Loved Evel Dick’s Season (BB 8), and call me weird, but I Loved Season 9 of Big Brother, because it was sooo freaking Entertaining!

    • I’m just glad you said ‘vast majority’ instead of saying ‘everyone’ or something that pretends to be finite or speaks for everybody.

  24. I went to vote for the advantage and after looking at the pics of the remaining players, I realized I didn’t want to vote for any of them. I would have been willing to vote for anyone who might go against Paulie, but … Meh.

    • I gave my votes to Vic in the hopes he will still be there after DE. I’m hoping to get Paulie out in the DE or soon I’d like to see Vic & James go at it for the F2

      • I’m pissed off, I thought James was being a gentleman & Nat was being a lady. I just found out she has a boyfreind and thats her game with James. He’s keeping her in the game for nothing. Again I want the tables to turn on P and the game to go to Vic & James

      • Where/how did you find out that Natalie for sure has a boyfriend? If you’re referring to her talk with Bridgette where Natalie mentions a guy named Josh (I think) that was apparently just a joke between them. Did you hear something else?

  25. Someone always complains about every season. No matter what season there’s always this season sucks, worst season ever, I’m not watching. Just because you don’t like some of the people or your favorites have been evicted it sucks. I like this season. I liked the Road Kill comp. I like the return ticket. I liked the comps to get one of the evicted back in. Are things going how I want? No. But I just watch and enjoy.

    • I agree, but I do think last season there were players I didn’t like, but still enjoyed watching. The twins, Austin, James and Meg, and even Jackie and Becky were enjoyable to watch, especially on BBAD. This season the players were not very entertaining.

      • Vanessa was by far the best part of last season.

        Everyone here hated her, but she didn’t let any information slip around without her knowing about it, and knew how to use it.

      • I still can’t stand Vanessa, but I didn’t mind watching her pretending to like playing pot ball.

    • I don’t really hate this season, more of a frustration from the lack of game strategy from players, and it’s consistent with the critiques from social media/BB Podcasters. Derrick bored me to death, but there’s game play, and interesting people(better casting) Vanessa’s season was crazy good. Vets where disappointing. High expectations from Nic/James. I think their showmances kinda ruined their game…still enjoying the show, and still hoping for a power shift……and David returning. lol

      • I agree. I don’t like it that Paulie is running the house and nobody will do anything to stop him. Some of the game play is bad and the feeds have been pretty boring but I still love the show. And I especially love David. I gave him all my votes for ACP.

      • The BEST thing about BB 16 was Donny…Derrick was the Puppet Master, and it reeked! Same with this Season, with Paulie taking the place of Derrick.

      • Derrick and Cody were the best part of Season 16. Best final two I’ve ever seen. Dan and Memphis in Season 10 probably rank 2nd for a great final two.

      • Apparently U, & I are at the polar opposites on the likability of Season 16 of BB?! I absolutely hated the Derrick Season ~ BORING!

    • I’m glad your voice of reason is always around. Well said. I’m also overall fine with the season. My favourite player is in a good spot (Paulie) but I can still tell you there’s lots about the season I wish were going differently. There have been seasons that went badly, ended badly, and I still stuck it out (S15 for example). I didn’t say worst ever, this sucks, or that I’m done watching. It happens; ups and downs are part of the game for the audience too, not just the players.

  26. You could have placed at least 4 HG over the age of 40 and you would have had better social gamemanships. Really! BB #20 should have HG that represents different age groups. This would make one great social experiment. I volunteer to represent the 60 yr old group.

    I wish James can grow a pair and start playing the game. Nicole should have gone the second or third week. I am waiting to see if Victor and Bridgett team up and for an alliance with Paul and James.

  27. First time I do not have a favorite..I have had a favorite for the past 18 seasons..not this time…boring, boring season…I don’t even care if I watch the feeds…if casting does not start finding better and smarter people to play this game..maybe even ones who actually know the game..I fear this show won’t last much longer and that makes me sad. I love this show..I will continue to watch this season play out..but..the interest just really isn’t there this time.

    • That is what happens when you have a show full of Shomances, and One Shot Caller (Paulie), making all of the moves! Showmances ruin the show, remember Amanda & McCrae…She was the Shot Caller, & the Showmance, and it was awful!

  28. Disappointed in the cast this season. Needs older people. Make a rule no couples, couples are evicted. It makes it too boring. I like real player’s fighting it out….

  29. When things take a turn and you feel as if you’re wasting time, yeah, this pretty much is my season. Keep asking myself, why r u watching, it’s not getting any better.

  30. I love James and Nat but I don’t want them distracted from the game like they are. I wish Ze would get her head out of her ass and play this game!! Paulie is using her and I am sick of it!!

    • I don’t see Paulie using her anymore. Z knows exactly what he is doing and she is loving every second of it. Zakhya is a pathetic leach and is getting what she deserves.
      Right now she is in bed sleeping with her arm around Paulie.

      • Agree, I just hate seeing a Young, Woman lower herself like Zakiyah is…Smdh. I have seen her in her D.R.’s saying that she knows what Paulie is doing, and she is going to Play him also…But Zakiyah’s Edits on BB don’t display her words at all!

  31. I think this is the worst season EVER….No one is even playing its like everyone is bowing down to Paul n that stinky lookin a** beard…he came in like a undercover boy likes boy…then put some bass in his voice after Josiah was whacked n now Paulie trying to fit in being his stunt double…I love BB but this season isn’t BB to me…Peace out✌

    • I can tell your interest is low, since you think Paulie is tagging along with Paul. It’s the other way around. Paulie changed his look for kicks, for fun, and to enforce to Paul that he’s on his side for the foreseeable future.

  32. In my very humble opinion…Showmances ruin the season, and this Season has 3 of them!!! BB 18 has the Heavy Petting Set Showmance – Nicole, & Corey. The “we are Flirty Friends” Showmance – Nat Nat, & James. And of Course the Verbally Abusive, Sexually Attracted, but nothing else Showmance – Paulie & Zakiyah.

    Way back in the day the 1st people the HG would break up, & send out were the “Showmances! The next Individuals that would be sent packing were HG that won the “most” Competitions?! Now the Showmances, & the Dictators run the House…They all agree on who to put on the Block, Agree to all vote out the same person, and it makes the game Boring!

    The folks that make Big Drama on BB 18 are long gone, and the Dictator is left with his Peons, & Sex Slave in the house! I agree with Evel Dick, this is not a good cast. James & Zayiyah came on looking for a Wife & a Husband, not to play the game!

  33. I really am a superfan and have been watching since season one and I have to tell you this is one of the worst seasons I’ve ever seen, thus far.

    I blame casting for clearly not even trying and for not mixing up the gene pool and I blame production for a few of the competitions that were obviously skewed and designed to guide the game in the direction they wanted it to go in (a good example is the very first coconut island competition that was obviously skewed towards smaller and lighter weight people). But I think also at some point that they lost some control. I don’t think they planned on a bunch of houseguests that simply weren’t there to play the game. I’ve never seen so many in one season that weren’t there to play Big Brother.

    If I had the chance I would play, oh boy would I play. How they waste this opportunity is beyond me and very difficult to watch.

  34. Considering who was asked, I honestly really don’t care what these particular past houseguests think about this season. I also don’t think they’re showing a game and production that gave them a great opportunity very much respect by not being more diplomatic in their responses, but that’s another story — you never expect diplomacy from a guy like Dick (who I refer to call Evil, or “Evel” because it’s freaking stupid and I can’t stand the idea of validating this borderline degenerate with that inane title)

    I love how “This season sucks” according to Dick because everybody’s bowing to one player. What did everybody essentially do during your season, Dick? Give in to your abrasive idiocy and hand you the win? Oh, right.

    Ask Dan, Derrick, Ian, Drew, or even Jeff, James (Rhine) and maybe I’d care what they thought, even if their opinions were the same as these ones. Basically, ask former players who I had some respect for. Asking Dick, who was a joke, Rachel, who was a basket case although had some redeemable merits/qualities, Andy, don’t even get me started, and Danielle, arguably the only one here worth asking…

    Nice choices.

    • I forgot Jun. Her and Danielle I can respect enough to care what they think.

      I hope Paulie wins. But he won’t.

    • I agree Paulie won’t win, as much as I want him to. The time will come, possibly soon, where he’ll have to win every single do-or-die competition he plays in if he’s going to stay in the game. My only hope is that everyone else isn’t smart enough to get him out before Final 6, as in the point where everybody plays for Veto, so he can’t be backdoored. If there’s anybody capable of winning out (every competition) it’s Paulie, but eventually you run into competitions that aren’t your forté, and your magic runs out. He may end the season as the record-holder for most competition wins in a single season, but he won’t be the $500,000 winner. And since nobody rewards the hardest worker with votes, he won’t win the $25,000 America’s Favourite Player award either.

  35. I’m not trying to invalidate your comment, CommentsCommentsComments… but I honestly hear “worst season ever” every single season, from one person or another.

    • I actually wasn’t trying to invalidate it, but I can see why you think that and I apologize for it coming across in a way I didn’t mean it. Fair enough, you yourself have never said it before (worst ever). I was just saying I see it said every year, and to be honest, it’s often for a lot of the same reasons you listed. We’re all still watching, aren’t we? Yeah, of course it could be better, but it’s still Big Brother, so people who have stood by the show for a long time continue to do so.

  36. I’m going to go ahead and make a somewhat bold prediction : Big Brother is nearing its end, barring noticeably spectacular ratings in Season 18, 19 and 20.

    Notice that it seems to be a season-to-season case of whether or not the show will even be renewed. They seem to have to make the decision as each season ends, whether or not to do another one.

    Another sign for me is S19 starting so soon after S18, in the Fall of this year, which needless to say is an unusual approach.

    My guess is they want the show to get to 20 seasons, but they don’t want that to last until 2018, which it would if S18, 19 and 20 were in the Summer seasons of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

    This way, S20 can be played out next Summer, in 2017, and the show can ride into the sunset if they want it to.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    • The reply to this was removed, but I just wanted to point out that that comment had mentioned the show was picked up for 2 seasons, which is something I forgot about. I’m hoping/thinking nothing I’m saying here will require removal? I’m trying to watch my words considering his post was removed. If I’ve said anything I’m not supposed to, please let me know. Thanks.

  37. What can be said that hasn’t already been said. Next year if there is a next year, put people in the house that want to pay the game. Otherwise just cancel the show.

    • I would bet the vast majority of audition tapes will show you the person auditioning emphatically telling casters how badly they want to play the game. Auditions and then interviews, what else do you have to go on? You always run the risk that once you give them a spot, they show otherwise, that their will to play and win is lacking.

      Everybody lies on a resumé.

      • Id take a person who lied to get in the BB house any day over a recruit, because at least they have some desire to be there as opposed to someone like Paul who didn’t even know what POV was. But a lot of these people were recruited from what I hear, and last minute too. Casting failed miserably.

  38. I’ve applied 5 (now 6 times, for BB19) but I fear I’m not good looking or buff enough. And I’m older (57) but fit and would kick ass. I just don’t fit the mold I guess. But for the most part, this cast are a bunch of chowderheads.

    • I applaud you for going for it. That’s really cool. Maybe the odds aren’t high that you fit their mold, but trying consistently is admirable. You never know, right? I would apply if I wasn’t Canadian.

      • Why don’t you audition for Canadian BB? I’m sure you fit their criteria.

        And BTW Philly Bob, keep auditioning. Don’t give up!!!

      • Honestly, I don’t think the Canadian version has the same spark as the American. It’s just not the same. I watched a handful of episodes of the first season and I just couldn’t get behind it, and I haven’t watched since. I really wish Canadians weren’t ineligible for the American version. The true version.

  39. There’s nobody even likeable left in the house. Minus Bridget, maybe. And she don’t stand a chance in Hades of winning. Everybody else in that house just plain sucks. Of course this is the worst season ever.

  40. I feel like only 2 ppl are playing this game.
    Frank was… after he left its been hard to find someone to route for.
    I want to like Bridgette so bad, but haven’t seen a strong enough game move from her yet. I hope this DE gets someone besides Paul and Paulie making moves. Anyone.. Idc at this point. I don’t even care who goes home this week. I’m not invested in any of these ppl.

    • I agree with you, but I feel Bridge has been playing a really good game since. If she would’ve tried to make a strong game move she would’ve been evicted instead of Day, for sure. I think playing low key has kept her in the house. Frank was definitely the person i was rooting for to win this season, and I hate the way he had to go.

  41. Not liking this season at all. Maybe it’s time CBS pulls the plug. I can’t think of a way to make it better. Loved seasons 6 and 14. Longtime fan from season 1

  42. Stopped watching the after dark, picked up the last episode a day late off DVR. That should say it all.

  43. I don’t necessarily need a likeable cast. All we really need for an entertaining cast are three things:
    1. People who are here to try and win 500K. This means no one there who’s just happy to get to jury, just on vacation (Meg), or there solely to be on TV.
    2. People who have seen the show before (sorry Michelle, only watching 7 seasons of BB a super fan does not one make).
    3. People who are not racists (looking at you BB15)
    To me, it’s not complicated. There are tons of hardcore BB fans, and I’m sre they could get a strong cast every year without going out looking for recruits who are just there for eye candy. I;m actually hopeful for BB19, since Alison Grodner will not be casting that season.

  44. Also, lets be fair to this season. There were a few players cast that fit my criteria. Da’Vonne was there to play she just happens to be terrible at BB.
    Natalie is a surprise. I surely thought she was there just as eye candy, but on the feeds she has shown to actually have a good handle on where all the players stand, and line for line called out everyone’s strategy and alliance to James yesterday. I think if she did win an HoH she could change the course of the season. Paulie is not very likeable, but at least he is there to win. The rest have no redeeming value in this game.

  45. Glad to hear from Danielle! Most definitely agree. This would have to be probably the most “meh” season. Still waiting for the most diverse cast in race and age. Take some lessons from Big Brother Canada.

  46. I think Paulie is pretty much Frankie Grande 2.0- thinking they’re the best thing since cheese fries just because their sibling is a big deal. Atleast Elissa and Tiffany tried to be decent.

    I kinda lost hope for Nicole. She pretty much did the same thing- only with a hunk of stupid instead of a goofball. So yeah she’s officially lost even with final 2.

    James I wanna root for, but he always gives in to peer pressure from the house. I get he’s trying to avoid making enemies, but a good player always takes risks. And that’s what Will, Dan, Derrick, Neda, Tim and Vanessa did. They took risks and were willing to make sure the risks paid off. That’s why they’re respected (Vanessa not so much as the others lol) in this game.

    Natalie is my only saving grace for this season because she seems to have some idea of what’s going on (keyword being some). I think she should team up with Bridgette again and try to lay low with her. Keep James as a back up final 2 in case Bridgette goes.

    • I disagree with what you said about Paulie. Paulie has made very little mention of Cody, only even dropping the Calafiore name from time to time, not often. I don’t think at all that that’s why he thinks he’s a big deal. I think it’s possibly part of the Italian and New Jersey culture, and partly just because, well, he backs it up often. He’s cocky because he’s good (at the very least at competitions, which nobody can deny, as much as they don’t like him).

      I agree though that they keyword with Natalie having some idea, is ‘some’. I still think she lacks intelligence.

    • I really enjoyed and agreed with your comments. I was confused as to why Bridgette was voted out but maybe the other houseguests viewed her as a threat.

  47. Paul picking his nose and rinsing in hottub is too gross to be in there with him. What’s next??????

  48. You know what else bothers me about this season, the HOH room, I thought, was supposed to be special for the week. The dominant ones are using it as if it’s their own right to use. Granted I’m sure Vic told them it was okay, but I feel like this diminishes the game. Why have HOH if there is no longer a right to privacy for a week? Also, if the hgs see what’s going on in the house, this too diminishes the game. A bunch of doughdo’s.

  49. This season is okay. Just too predictable. We Need more seasons like 6, 7 and 8. Janelle (best player that never won) and evel dick MADE those seasons the best! Need cast as likable as them.

      • Likeable/entertaining to the viewers. He was americas favorite that season. Some of the Americas player objectives/votes were beneficial to him. Remember when dustin was voted out against him? One of the top moments

  50. Stopping watching. Big Brother needs a new formula. How hard could it be to cast some intelligent players with personality? This season is a bad version of Real World. Don’t think they’ll ever get me to watch again, I was the biggest fan but I assume their new fan base is moron 13 year olds, i’m out.

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