Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Weekend Round-Up – Week 5

Houseguests were busy this weekend while the Feeds were down and things haven’t slowed down with more comps and spoilers waiting to be revealed in the week’s Big Brother 18 episodes. Or, if you don’t want to wait, we’ve got all the results collected up here.

Frank & Bridgette commiserate on BB18

Since Friday night’s Big Brother Battle Back episode where Victor rejoined the race we’ve discovered who won Head of Household, who was put up for eviction, and even the latest Veto competition results. Remember there are no more Roadkill results as that twist has ended.

Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Week 5 Round-Up:

Head of Household: A five plus hour endurance comp decided who would take charge this week. It was a wall styled comp, but not the same hanging on one that we’ve seen in recent seasons. HGs had more footing available and the wall doesn’t appear to have been tilting on them like in the past. All the same, once again it was James who won this comp just as he’s done before. Read more >>

Nominations: With James in control you might think the Vets were safe. Nah. For whatever reason James decided to put himself in the completely unnecessary position of making nominations when he was safe with all sides of the house. Oh well for that. James says he went with pressure from the majority to send Frank and Bridgette to the Block only to have HGs like Paulie leave him hanging to take the blame. Read more >>

Power of Veto Comp: Frank’s game was on the line here as the player draw added Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Nicole to the mix. These seemed like good chances for Frank, but they weren’t. The comp was OTEV and came down to just Frank, Bridgette, and Michelle, but they couldn’t beat their former teammate. Michelle won the Veto. Read more >>

The Veto Ceremony is coming up on Monday and there will be plenty of pressure from Frank for Michelle to save him, but right now he’s said he only wants that to happen if they can get Da’Vonne up and out. I’m again not convinced that he’ll find enough support which would spell the end for Frank’s run on Big Brother 18.

What do you think of this weekend’s Big Brother spoilers? Are you happy with the results or did you want someone else to pull off the wins? If you have our Big Brother App then you received alert notifications as these results arrived. If you don’t have it, then be sure to download our app now!


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  1. Am I happy with the results? I will be as long as Gigglette is the one evicted and Frank hasn’t popped his final squat. I use to look at the game from the aspect of wanting the nice guy to win. The nice guy is not always the best player or deserving winner. How much fun would BB be without the villains, the drama queens, the catty BS, the egos, the stupid showmances(blech). Intentionally being hurtful with personal attacks to other HGs is uncalled for; and so is all of the very bad language, imo. I’m just very happy that there is not a Skanky Frankie in the bunch this season. All in all, it’s not that bad of a season. I hope Frank doesn’t make me regret not wanting him to be evicted.

    • Totally agree!!! The only one that I just couldn’t stand to watch was Josea, because he was just so delusional about his place in the game. I was really happy when he was evicted. But I love the villains. I hate the villains, but I love them in the game.

    • Honestly there is no ‘nice guy’ this season in my opinion. Frank started out being the most unbearable but as of now he seems to have gotten better. Or maybe the other HGs just got worse than Frank or something… idk lol!

      • Don’t ya gotta admit that James is nice? He’s just not thinking with the right head, which seems to be a normal thing for him.

      • Love James!! And don’t think his heads not in the game. He knows he can’t protect Nat to the end and they’ve talked about it. He said he will do everything he can to get her to jury. This way he’s with the showmances but also can be with Da and Michelle. His only big mistake was not talking to Cabbage Patch right before noms. If he can repair that, he’s covered on all sides for a few weeks.

      • I was seeing it more in a who-to-root-for way. James is a really nice guy of course, but when he follows Paulie’s commands it kinda just doesn’t sit well with me. Although James was never the brightest tool in the shed anyways. I still think this season is way better than the last two seasons because I don’t think Day is gonna let Paulie run the game for too long! She’ll stir up some more trouble im sure lol

      • Hi Cheryl here. Frank would be going home. There are 12 people in the house now counting Frank,’ Frank hopefully leaving’ leaves 11 in the house. they need an uneven number left in the house, so the next person leaving after Frank will be the first jury member. And that’s if they go with the 9 person jury instead of a 7 person jury like they use to do.

      • Yes. 11 people will be left in the house. So the next 9 after that leaving will be the jury leaving 2 people in the house for the jury to vote on.

    • I’m with you there! Bridgette needs to go, for sure so I’ll stop seeing her follow Frank every where and cling on to him when it’s obvious he has no affections for her. He’s true to only his girlfriend at home. Why Bridgette doesn’t get that, I have no clue. He feels sorry for her but would drop her in a heart beat if it came to saving his own skin. He wouldn’t defend her like James would Nat.

    • Paulie has decided next week Da and Z go on the block. He’s cutting her loose and told the guys they’re keeping Cabbage Patch to go after the girls. Now tell me THAT won’t be fun to watch if he can pull it off. Cabbage Patch wants to put Nic on the block and Corey is all for it. Or will Nat be the bridge between the girls (no pun intended) and have the girls get Paulie/Corey out

      • I knew about the Da and Z scenario, but I didn’t realize that Corey had given his nod of approval about Nicole being put OTB. Hmmmm.

      • Paulie has decided!? Who do he think he is?? Z needs to come to her senses and realize that Paulie is over the whole showmance thing. Which should put a drive in her and help her realize that he is running the whole house! He is such a bigger threat than Frank or Da it’s just sad that these houseguests are too blinded to see what’s in front of them. Either that or his muscles must have hypnotized them!

    • It hasn’t been a topic of conversation as far as what I have read on Jokers. If there isn’t more info about it forthcoming from Production (and I mean to all of them, not giving anyone an advantage), and soon, I don’t see how it is going to help Frank this week.

      • thanks too bad I personaly like Frank the rest of them I dont care so much at least I wanted mama dey to go before him one can only wish

      • Frank doesn’t sit still long enough to even pay attention to the writing on the plane. He’s from room to room, ear to ear scrambling. It’ll probably be Bridgette before Frank that finds it.

      • Maybe, Bridgette can find it and save both of them. Wasn’t there one season where the power was to save both nominees? Was this in the season Rachel won?

      • Darn and I had bets he would stay long enough to find the secret room! I also had a bet that if not him then Bridgette…there goes my prediction, huh? Don’t tell Cyril, k? hahaha

    • I don’t think production is going to give any hints until Frank is gone. If you watch the feeds, you know production wants Frank out almost as much as Da. He keeps talking about the crap he says to them. They have to keep shutting him down. He even talked about last time in jury, his handler accused him of going on his laptop. They know he’s an A-hole and want him gone before jury.

      • He might be upset with Production because they shut him down as far as giving him any preferential treatment. Just a thought.

      • He didn’t do what they said last time. I think this time they were thinking it was time to show the world what he’s really like.

      • Frank was telling Bridgette about it and production button person was slow to go to fish so we got to hear about it. He’s been talking about production over and over. Even talking about the difference in pay the vets get. He’s said production hates him because he doesn’t listen to them and does what he wants.

      • I read all of that on Jokers last night. I wonder what the discrepancy in pay is? I know he told Gigglette to use that bit of info in the game if need be.

      • Well that’s not fair of production then, than why have this game if your favoring certain players, they shod be cancelled then

    • Julie didn’t tell them about the secret room on the battle back special, just that there’s going to be more twists to come. I think she said she’d tell them Thursday.

  2. FINALLY Frank is not safe! We can get rid of him! Send him out 9-0! EVEN BETTER IS THAT HE CAN’T MAKE JURY!

    • ikr I want Frank out most people here commenting want Frank to stay but I want him gone bye bye ???. I love Mama Day I don’t why people hate on her ?

      • me too, i think she is great and smart, she is talking a bit to much but they all are making dumb mistakes, I hope she goes far. too bad the vets did not stick together.

      • Because all she does is hate on everyone !! Do u ever listen to her DR sessions ?!? Today is was Paul, last week Tiffany & Frank, next week it will be Nicole, & etc, etc, etc !!! Atleast Frank’s playing the game. She has won absolutely no comps or HOH’s. All she has is a big mouth & when I hear her voice especially in the DR I just wanna yell at the TV shut the hell up already

  3. At this point Frank needs a hail mary to get out of this one. Unfortunately, he’s no Dan, so chances are pretty slim.

    Then again Dan also had slim chance of staying

      • For some reason a lot of people loooooooovvvvvvveeeeee him.

        Not me. Get his stanky misogynistic ass out.

      • i agree too ,i despise Frank,the 1st time he slapped a woman,s ass unwanted told me he was an a–hole

      • I don’t like him, but he is one of the few that are actually playing the game. That’s why I want him to stay. So many are just there.

      • I don’t. I’m just saying he’s gonna need a miracle.

        I actually can’t stand the guy, but I’m trying to remain neutral. That’s just me though

  4. Big Brother is not about honesty or playing with integrity. It’s a lying and backstabbing games of deceit.

  5. I am a BB fan- have been for years. BB is a social experiment. How can they socialize when they sleep all day?? Why am I paying for live feeds SMH

  6. I wonder what it would be like if BB only recruited players who want to win. I’m really not a Frank fan but he came to play. I don’t blame him for not wanting to sit in jury house all Summer with a bunch of floaters who will have achieved their goal.

    • There’s just different approaches of playing the game as there is no sure way on how to play it.

      Even floating is a legit strategy and several players won as a result, even if they don’t wanna admit to being a floater.

  7. A lot of people have said Frank came to play the game, and that the others haven’t. But I think Frank is playing too hard – attracting too much attention to himself – just like he did last time. Sure, it’s fun to watch the players be active in strategy and execution, but if you’re too active, you get put up on the block – just like Frank did. I think his game would be improved with more subtlety.

    • Frank’s game comes off as playing hard only because most of the other people aren’t playing at all.

      • But aren’t some of those from the former 8-Pack alliance got pissed that Frank went behind their backs to spill the deets on the Jozea blindside?

  8. James so such a terrible player they set him up to do there dirty work and they won’t need James after this week. He got played by Vanessa last year now getting played by paulie this year . Also as soon as the show is over natalie kicks James to the curb. That’s what you get when you are nice people taking advantage of you.

    • I think James does not care and it isn’t a strategy. Now he gets to jury where he can continue the snuggle fest with Natalie, or so he thinks…and I’m not sure she’ll wait until the show is over. Lol

  9. James is a punk…. He always does something and blames it on the house! He says Mama Day should go then puts up Frank and Bridgette!

    He couldn’t make up his own mind the last time he was on either! Doesn’t deserve to win!

    And Michelle….this chick is the biggest floater in the history of Big Brother I didn’t even realize she was still in the house… They show so little of her during the network shows.

  10. Thoughts:

    -I don’t get why people think James isn’t playing the game. The truth is he is that he feels like Frank can’t be trusted (not saying everyone can be trusted btw) as Frank tends to over do things and really cause people not to trust him.

    – I’m glad Frank’s playing the game this time (trust me he didn’t plan anything last season), but I think he’s playing too hard too fast. By rubbing people the wrong way he made a target of himself, and considering he’s a challenge threat, that doesn’t make it any better.

    – Paulie is turning into Jozea- he’s letting the game get into his head and he’s acting like the new messiah. He made a huge mistake not going after Day when the time was right. He should’ve considered that going forward. I think he’s trying way to hard to be his brother and Derrick combined. News flash- he’s not doing too good of a job. Too bad the only one on to him is Natalie of all people.

    – Disappointed with Nicole. I had high hopes for her, and she ruins it by showmancing with a dude (again!). Considering she’s a superfan, she should know better than to make yourself an obvious showmance. Did she not learn from BB16?

    – Day is doing the same thing as Frank- playing way too hard and running her emotions. Apparently she went back to her BB17 ways and got into plenty of fights with people (Clay last year, and Frank this year). How will she survive this I have no idea.

    – At this point I think Paul has the best chance of winning. Which is sad considering he’s not doing much. He went from being one of Jozea’s lackies to someone who’s not on anyone’s radar. However he needs to strike when he gets a chance, and take out Paulie. Now that his boy Victor is back, they should start plotting. Yeah like that’s gonna happen

  11. Paulie and Cory are running the house, it’s so predictable that it’s boring. Can we have a little power change? I’m tired of Paulie having all the power. Paul runs all around the house to help Paulies game. Now here’s James, doing exactly what the real dictator of the house wants (Paulie). So Paulie has two people doing his dirty work for him. What season was it that girl had all her lackeys running around for her, it was when Janelle was on, and that girl eventually won. That was the boringest season of all but this is sure a close second.

  12. James should of team up with Natalie,Frank,Bridgette and Victor to swing the power over and put up Paulie and Paul…Frank is the only one really playing the game! If Frank leaves WE RIOT!

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