‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Sunday Highlights

Paulie had a pretty rough Sunday in the Big Brother 18 house as he continued to work on a pitch to stay, all while defying production and making a lot of threats about leaving the game if he goes off to jury this week. Read on to find out what happened when Paulie refused productions’ demands.

Paulie enjoys his apple pies on Big Brother 18

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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 14, 2016:

11:05 AM BBT – Corey is one of the first HGs up as he heads outside in full patriotard regalia.

11:08 AM BBT – RED ALERT! Paul has to jump up, put on his tie, frisk all the HGs, and run to all the checkpoints.

11:17 AM BBT – House is clear. Paul returns to bed.

11:30 AM BBT – Paulie tells Corey he’s working on Michelle about voting out Natalie if he can get her on the Block.

11:45 AM BBT – Victor lets James and Michelle know that Paulie is trying to get him to save Corey and do a renom. They agree that Paulie had his shot to play in the Veto and lost. That’s it.

12:00 PM BBT – Paulie is outside talking with Victor. Paulie says he’ll take penalty votes instead of fulfilling his punishment to make pies. Paulie says he doesn’t want to go to the Jury house.

12:05 PM BBT – Paulie continues to plead for Victor to save Corey so Paulie can have a chance to campaign. Victor keeps shutting down every argument. He’s being very calm and cool with Paulie but not giving him an inch of what he’s asking for. Victor says he won’t take down Corey because Nicole would never vote for Corey if he’s up so that’s a surefire vote against Paulie.

12:15 PM BBT – Paulie persists. Victor isn’t having it and reminds Paulie he gave up $5K and a vacation so he could get this Veto. He’s not suddenly going to use it on him after that. Victor gets upset and tells Paulie to stop trying to diminish his Veto win by calling it a crap shoot.

12:30 PM BBT – They finally stop the talk and bro hug. Victor leaves and goes inside.

12:50 PM BBT – Paulie declares he won’t make any pies per his punishment then says he’ll make one of them.

1:05 PM BBT – Paulie campaigns to James and Paul that he won’t campaign, but it’s going to be really hard to beat Victor without him.

1:15 PM BBT – James says Derrick advised him to throw comps and he has. Paulie says Derrick gave him the same advice, but he didn’t follow it.

1:45 PM BBT – Paulie says he’ll quit Jury because he is claustrophobic.

2:01 PM BBT – A butterfly comes near and Paulie starts to cry. He says they represent spirits reaching out to you, especially if they land on you. James asks Paulie if he’s alright.

2:26 PM BBT – Paulie is trying to get in to DR, but they’re not agreeing to unlock the door.

2:45 PM BBT – HGs outside lounging and sunning.

2:55 PM BBT – Corey and Paulie discuss James and what he might do next. Corey worries James would put him up.

3:05 PM BBT – Victor and Natalie promise to keep each other safe next week. They know they just have to watch out for Corey and Nicole next round.

3:15 PM BBT – Michelle is a realist that she won’t win AFP because of her mean comments.

3:45 PM BBT – Natalie is upset about Corey telling James to go out after the show and party. She thinks Corey was being disrespectful to her. James is apologizing.

4:00 PM BBT – James and Paul talking about how Paulie says he’s the only one who can get Victor out.

4:08 PM BBT – Paul and Natalie try to figure out Nicole’s game. That don’t know if she’s playing really poorly or really well.

4:33 PM BBT – Victor cam talks about Big Brother being the experience of a lifetime.

4:38 PM BBT – Paulie keeps ignoring his calls to the Diary Room.

4:46 PM BBT – Now Natalie is cam-talking to the Live Feeders. She’s giving her thoughts on playing the game.

5:08 PM BBT – Corey tells Nicole that Paulie blew up their game. She says, no it was James. Corey disagrees and says it was Paulie because if he hadn’t done all that stuff James wouldn’t have turned on them. Corey says he knew Paulie’s mouth was going to get them in trouble. Nicole agrees.

5:46 PM BBT – Paul cam talks and says he’s going to try to win the next HOH competition because Victor can’t compete and he really put his neck on the line this week so he owes him protection. He says Nicole, Corey and Paulie have been up to no good but they have been exposed.

6:37 PM BBT – Paul and Natalie think Paulie has been in the DR for hours, but he’s really sleeping. They think he needs psychiatric care.

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  1. Wow. I thought Paulie was a jerk before… He’s buckling under a few days’ worth of pressure; the same pressure he’s put on others for weeks!

  2. Paulie thinks he’s so great that America must want him to be
    the winner. He says and does insensitive/inappropriate things and expects to get away with them. When he’s called out, he attacks the messengers,
    denies or double-downs on it, instead of being an adult and owning up to it and apologizing. Hmm, maybe he should wear a “Make Big Brother Great Again” hat.

    • I bet Tiff is really enjoying his melt down!! She didn’t do one think to him for him to have such vile toward her, I’m sick that they are being so kind toward him as he has his melt downs as he demands they don’t ignore him or treat him like a pariah! He needs to be treated just as he was treated, except he’s a jury member now!

      • I thought The exact same thing about Paulie. he treated Tiffany like a dog and enjoyed watching her be sad. He loved seeing her alone and now he is getting a taste of his own medicine. He can dish it out but he can’t take it

  3. Good morning all! Paulie is really showing his true colors now. This is exactly why BB needs to stop recruiting and just use fans who apply to be on the show.

    • I’ve been saying that for years. I don’t care if they have muscles or look good in a swimsuit! I want players. I don’t think Allison gets that! I’m looking forward to the online version because it was cast by someone different and feeds will be like season 1, won’t be cut for anything. Comps or live shows! I’d like to see a show that’s not cast by Allison, because the last several years she’s blown it, big time!!!

    • No not really Paulie begging for another week to play.. Natalie acting childish cause Corey invited James to party with him after the show.. Paul having a great time with his Secret Service punishment.. But we have today and hopefully (the veto meeting) it will bring excitement drama and chaos to the HGs..

      • I have a feeling when Victor does not use the veto Paulie is going to lose it big time. I hope he self evicts.

      • That’s what I’m thinking he’s going to do once he realizes he’s out of options…he can’t take the heat.

      • IDK – I think he might go to Jury just to see if he can manipulate Z one more time and lay around there to collect at least that much money. I think he has a lot of practice in ignoring reality and adjusting it to make himself comfortable even when rejection or his bad behavior stands out to others like a neon sign

      • I hope the next person that goes in after him tells her the real truth!! About him crying about his ex and how he really did talk about her. He’s trying to save face with someone, either the HGs or America by saying he did care about her, but we heard him say those things about her, we heard him say he may have to kiss her for the team, then to tell everyone all the places in the house they had sex!!! Right on the feeds, during a time when he knows a lot of people are watching because it’s after the huge eviction of Z and the fall out!! His melt down! He doesn’t care how badly he shames a woman. Including his sister or brother! He embarrassed them, in my opinion when he said they were gonna eff Natalie up for what she did to Paulie! Cody and his buddies on social media and his sister and her friends physically. Then he says Jersey Girls are trash! His sister is a Jersey Girl!! She gonna eff a girl up over big brother, that does sound like trash!! Hehe

      • Since they don’t have cameras in jury they will probably have sex everywhere! If she’s gonna climb on top of him and have unprotected sex on live feeds UNCOVERED what’s gonna keep her from having sex right in front of Bridgette and Da? Paulie just laying there like a fish!! Enjoying it!! She’s a piece of work!!! I bet she never teaches again!! This will ruin her life!!

      • He has backhandedly started his campaign against Corey. When he finally realizes that he is indeed a final nom, I’m anxious to see his what he does.

      • I thought Vic had a good point about him taking the veto from Corey! It forced Vic to take it instead of a vacation! He’s not gonna use it now!!!

      • The only thing that may keep him from doing that is the hope for the round trip ticket and I believe if he did self evict it’s possible a replacement could be nominated and still have an eviction Thursday which would screw his boy Corey.

      • Would any of us really be shocked he has the RT ticket? If he does, I can only hope he doesn’t come back in and wins HOH. I bet all those mental health issues go right out the window and he becomes meaner and nastier than ever. Please let him be gone for good. I also hope no one is coming back from the jury house. Why would they keep bringing people back? I’ m voting to give Paul the next package, is that the co HOH package, or the bribe one? I want him to come HOH just in case Paulie gets back in.

      • The next package is Co-HOH which I am voting for Victor to have. With Paulie being gone the only eligible HG’s are Victor, Paul, Michelle, and Corey. My reasoning is Paul and Michelle could win regular HOH which would nullify all our votes towards them whereas Victor can’t compete so we know it won’t be wasted. Lets be real, if Victor gets the package he’ll do whatever Paul says anyway so it’s all good. Also the good part of this even if Paulie did come back and even win HOH, if Victor has the power he can nominate Corey and they’d still have the votes to send him home.

      • I’m so sick of guys being HoH though!! I’d like to see Nat, if she hadnt already won, I don’t know what America was thinking giving the care packages to the underdogs so early!! I needed to go Pauoie, etc first!! I was Pauoie voting hard the first week!! That being said, I did vote Vic for same reasons. He will mom Corey aka adderall/klomipin eyes or Nicole aka pinch nosed sleeze

      • Possibility of Paulie coming back and winning HOH is why this co-HOH vote is so important. I think I am voting Paul or Vic … what do you think?

      • I voted for Vic too. In my mind he is now the overwhelming favorite to win it all. He is a huge Comp beast

      • Me too! All of us Nicole fans need to stick together and give all of our votes to Corey(like him or not) so
        it’s of help to her plus the 2 of them wouldn’t be up on the block together either! Vic doesn’t need it!

      • Vic is getting mine, I believe he earned it. I’ve got a strange feeling it may be Mrech and that’s sorta scary.

      • With all the whining and crying Paulie has done these last few days about going to jury, there’s no way he can have the RT ticket. It will look real fishy for him to return after complaining about being in jury.

      • If he does there’s nothing fishy about it. Those round trips were placed in the envelope and sealed. Production had no idea who would pick which envelope.

      • I agree with lavender girl there may be nothing fishy about the RT ickets, but that Jury buy back is another thing. It seems like that was made up at the last minute. I wonder if that is really going to happen.

      • I can’t bring myself to vote for someone that made racists comments the first two weeks. And I sure don’t want another Paul/Victor HOH. Because those two are joined at he hips.

      • Didn’t know about that. Because Victor is not afraid to make a big move, and based on the information below from other posters, I guess my co-HOH vote will go to Victor just to neutralize Paulie when he gets back in the hiuse. I just feel it in my soul that he’s coming back. I don’t want Michelle to have it because she is so unpredictable.

      • Victor, Pauil, Bronte and Jozea were so nasty and racist the first week. I don’t forget things like that.

      • Thanks. I don’t know what was said because I missed the beginning. Surprising to hear because Paul didn’t seem like that when I finally started watching this season. Really shocked about Bronte. Jozea was just an all around jerk. Don’t know a lot about early Victor.

      • You are 100% correct! I remember All the Nasty Racist things they said! I don’t understand why they aren’t getting railed in the Media like the girls did from BB 15! I have some ideas why…..but, that’s not fair at All! They should lose their jobs too!

      • Nicole and Corey aren’t joined at the whatever? It’s not hips, it’s something nastier, but they are just as joined and now they are all they have. Corey was Paulie’s ride or die, but now I know why Nicole stuck it out. She probably knew one of the boys or girls would go after Paulie and free up her Corey. Corey is just gross and boring just like his pinch nosed sleezy nurse!

      • There you go commenting about appearance. Guess what she mentioned her last season she needs surgery on her nose but keeps putting it off. And yes Nicole and Corey are tight just like James and Natalie. My comment was about voting for two people that are racists.

      • No! When they said, if frank had ir they knew it was rigged. I said if Paulie has it, it’s rigged!! I worry I’m right!!

      • Yet he needs money to help his sick aunt. If this were true he would suck it up and not risk loosing his jury pay.

      • I noticed he slips up badly when he’s flustered. He slipped up badly rhe other night when he heard things may be changing and he and Corey talked to James and James wasn’t catching it! James bought it all, hook, like and sinker! Luckily it got switched back around!

      • I’m shocked he didn’t have at least a mini melt down! I didn’t see any feeds, but I didn’t hear anything about tears. I have heard he’s campaigning against Corey, sort of….trying hard to get them to keep him and vote out Corey! They’re pissed (Nicole and Corey) I think that’s stupid on their part too. They’re being like Paulie was, that’s part if the game!! Tell the voters why it’s best to keep you! Even if it isn’t!! Lol

      • Paulie being contrary with production when requested to go to DR and when requested to accept his punishment to make apple pies and production threatened him with the result would be an eviction vote against him. Paulie went to DR and Paulie made pies … ha-ha. Paulie trying to get Vic to use veto put up “heart-stabber” James by swearing on his Aunt who has cancer that he would not go after Vic. Vic (and later all HGs) incredibly sickened by this low tactic. (IMO it is difficult to tell if that is made up or real from Paulie.) Paulie tells Vic he has claustrophobia and would not be able to stay in Jury House .. and if only he could stay in house another week, he might be able to make it in Jury House and if only he could stay one more week, he could still be there to protect his boys and especially Vic and put them in a better position to win this thing because … get this … Vic will be the comp beast …. AFTER he (Paulie) leaves and they will be after him (Vic). Paulie makes nonsensible comments about staying one more week and then getting the F out of there … on one hand he is here to win because he desperately needs the money to save his Aunt and mother and then the next he can afford to lose his income from BB by leaving. Later he invites himself on Hawaii trip with Nicole and Corey and says he will pay for his own way. The guy really is delusional. Nicole and Corey jumping ship. Paul was a real blast with his Secret Service “duties” – hilarious. Michelle kind of a bump on a log IMO. ;)

      • And this from the guy who so-called put people OTB to see how they will act. The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

      • Good summary. Did you see where Paulie said that production would get their picture, kind of insinuating that was the reason he caved into making a pie? Something about that statement reeks highly of DR manipulations. If so, it worked, for now.

    • Besides reading about Paul’s entertaining RED ALERTs, the one thing that I keep laughing about is one of the latest posts. It reads:

      “Corey and Paulie are in the smallest bed in the tokyo (all other beds remain unoccupied),…..”

      I don’t why, but that made me laugh hysterically this AM.

      • Yes Paul’s Red Alerts were the highlight for me last night. Especially when he was doing the 2 alerts back to back. A lot of people on twitter were saying he could of won AFP with the stuff he was doing last night alone LOL. The best line of the night was when he was chasing Paulie. “I need backup! I need backup! There is a naked Italian man on the Run! Word is his brother has been here as well! Come on Pablo!” (his duck LOL).

      • It happened during AD so a lot of people saw it last night. He was doing rolls over sofas, slides across tables, holding a banana for a gun, planting a baggy of fake drugs on multiple suspects. It was truly one of the purest clean fun moments this season. He has rocked this punishment with an outstanding attitude unlike his former PP bro Paulie.

      • Oh, oh, oh!! I DVR’d that. I’m so in the habit of just deleting it the next day without watching it but I haven’t deleted it yet. Thanks, Fayt!

      • I loved it. He definitely got the right punishment for his personality. Even when it went off while he was in bed he jumped up and had fun with it.

      • So just double checked. It went down from 10:24 BBT until 10:46 BBT on CAM 3. Was extremely entertaining.

      • I was lying in bed, TRYING to go to sleep, (like James and Nat) and I was laughing my ass off so badly! He was hysterical!!! The others weren’t one bit funny! They were just typical idiots, but, of course, made it funnier by running from him! He was hysterical!! I didn’t realize he was so young!!! He looks much older! He really has great comical timing and a great casting job. I SEE why he was cast!! He’s not a meathead. This season seemed to have too many meatheads. Way too many recruits and, of course, too many returnees and/or family members.

    • I haven’t seen Nicole fall through a chair or stumble over her own feet lately …. maybe that safety suit is working!

  4. Maybe today is the day that Paulie pushes the “red button”.. We will see later today after the Veto meeting and Victor leaves the noms the same. I think Paulies mind set about “not” going to the jury house is going to make or break him completely ..I think Paulie wants to be thrown out instead of leaving on his own.. Leaving on his own would label him a “quitter” But if Production removes him from the game it would be (in Paulies mind) a convenient excuse to blame somebody else.. That is Paulies way of thinking…He takes no responsibility for the wrong he does
    .. Its always the other guys fault.. Paulie is a pitiful excuse for a BB player…

    • The fact that Paulie and Cody were raised in the same house by the same parents proves that it’s not all the parents fault if a kid turns into a douchebag.

    • He looks like he is going to snap any minute now. Kinda scary, creepy, but mostly scary. He needs to get over himself.

      • Me, too. No one is being mean to him or aggressive or disrespectful, as he would be doing if the shoe was on the other foot. He deserves to wallow in self pity. Wallow, pig, wallow!

      • Can’t believe Paulie has the nerve to ask the other houseguests to not do go in rooms and talk about him when he’s been doing it to everyone all season. This kid is so full of himself.

    • Paulie is a terrible person.Wonder what his family/friends think watching him ?He should’ve been evicted when he peed in the Hot Tub. I’m afraid B.B. has given him the free pass back inside on purpose!!! I feel sorry for the others sharing the house with him,except for Nicole,shes a waste of space,I hope B.B never brings her back.

      • According to Pauline, some of his family and friends are going to beat up some Hgs for him. But it’s obvious that he has been made to believe that he is special and entitiled, which has turned him into a delusional loser.
        Totally agree about Nicole. She has been a huge disappointment. I wonder if she will regret that she agreed to return, especially after Corey drops her like a hot potato not long after the show.

      • Scary to think about our future because there are many little Paulie’s out there. I was in Walmart the other day and this screaming kid had acquired 2 toys, a soda, and a bag of candy by the time they were checking out in front of me. The cashier was ready to pull her hair out and said she has to use a lot of restraint to keep from telling the parents off. In the meantime, there was another kid pitching a temper tantrum back in the store somewhere. I couldn’t get out of there soon enough.

      • I have worked retail NEVER again. Some people are so rude think they can look down on you for working there. Then they expect you to do things that are not appropriate.

    • I hope production does throw him out and Cody and Derrick give him the ass whipping he deserves back home. Then what though, a comp to see which of the first five evictees come back to Jury? If that’s the case, I hope it’s Bronte.

  5. Paulie must think all the remaining house-guests are idiots and are supposed to just hand over the $500,000. His excuse of not being able to enter the Jury House means he is destined/suppose to go to the end.

    Good coaching from Corey for him to cut it out because he is not representing himself or his family well. His refusal to do what he signed up for shows his entitled mentality, this just didn’t happen as he entered BB.

    • I don’t understand where Paulie gets a sense of “entitlement” by being in the house…Why does he think he should be exempt from following the rules??

      • He’s a Jersey boy and a former athlete. I say this as a Jersey girl, having dealt with them my whole life. They start getting things handed to them as soon as they start ball handling.

      • Remember when he was upset with Z for talking down about athletes. I wasn’t sure which was worse, Paulie being pissed or Z apologizing for having an opinion.

    • I wonder if DR had anything to do with that pep talk that Corey gave to the Baby Paulina? I’m sure DR has had their hands full trying to pacify him.

  6. Natalie is annoying, can’t the boys hang out after the show? She is still whining about folks making fun of her boobs? That should be a dead issue now, so what she has fake boobs. As she said, it is none of anyone’s business. I hope James is paying attention, he is going to have a lot of calming her down and making sure she is okay, coaxing her emotions.

    • I ‘m not sure Natalie understands that “some” people in the BB house remain friends after the show and that they visit each other and meet up at BB events…I believe that the HGs are under contract for a year after the show.. James is a sociable guy and Natalie wanting to keep him isolated is not gonna go over well

      • Yet she said she isn’t sure she even wants to give James her address. Natalie seems to be the type if girl who needs constant attention. She seems upset that she isn’t the center of attention anymore. Paulie is throwing a pity party and getting attention, so now Natalie throws one of her own. I bet she would get mad at James for paying more attention to his daughter than to her.

      • I think from some things James has said concerning his child that the “mother” of his child has a lot of influence as to how he moves forward in certain areas of his life…I don’t get that she is in complete control of his life but gives input when need be..I did not agree when James said that his ex wanted her son by another man to call James “Daddy”..thats not good for the child or James..

      • Corey publicly bashed and scumbagged and belittled Natalie, behind her back and right under her nose as an active and willing participant in a group beat down of Natalie. When Nat found out, she was understandably humiliated, publicly. James witnessed this as it unfolded. As a game move, James can say “yah, sure bud, partytime!” to keep things civil between he and corey. But on a personal level, being post-game party buddies with corey is a betrayal to Natalie on a personal one-on-one level. It is personal preference if you believe Nat should have made a menatal note of this and kept her feelings to herself. She was actually kind in saying, “James, dude, wrong answer”. Corey has made zero effort to apologize, and may not realize he needs to do so in part because nobody of consequence to corey has rejected his bully-type behaviour to his face.

    • Agreed, she is unbelievable she thinks that everyone is only talking about her all of the time, like they don’t have anything else to talk about. She is so insecure but nobody better try to give her a compliment it might make her feel uncomfortable. Sorry for the rant but I can’t stand to listen to her and her pity party.

    • On jokers she admitted that she does not shower everyday while in the house because it’s not good for you, but she showers daily when she is working. I can’t think of a better reason to shower everyday than being in small quarters with a bunch of people and sleeping in the bed with somebody. She also said she has to let her armpit hair growth so she can wax it. SMDH. Take a damn shower Natalie!!! You’re a young woman sweating in that California heat.

      • ewwwww! Do you see how gross that house/space is? I would shower all the time and scrubbing that bathroom down. Do they even wash the sheets? their clothes (or just pick them up off the floor)?

    • Nat gets mad when James talks to Corey or Nicole. Once he does..she goes off on a rant. She totally wants to control who James talks to and everything else. She even said she has been called crazy before. I can totally understand this. If I was James I would be worried about how she would treat his daughter. She would be the same way and demand ALL his attention. IF their fauxmance was to go anywhere outside BB.

    • Originally it was James who’s the clingy one, and now Natalie is pretty much Rachel’s long lost niece. Natalie why don’t you hang out with James yourself if you really do love him like you say?

  7. Lol. Jokers reporting Paulie and Corey picked the smallest bed in one if the rooms to sleep together butt to butt while all the other beds in the room are empty? Wow! Just wow! That is funny. What does Corey think he’s doing ? To each his own, but the whole thing is a little strange. Why the smallest bed for two big men? I know Paulie said he doesn’t want to sleep alone and I guess Corey is just comforting his mentally unstable friend. I’m not a fan of Nicole, but why is she a HN and she is supposed to be exempt from all punishment?

    • And Paulie claims he is claustrophobic. He just keeps proving how big of lier and jacka$$ he really is.

      • True.. He has been closed off in the BB house since June 15th and never had a problem with that until he knows he heading off to the jury house..where actually..he will have alot more freedom..can go out whenever he wants..watch movies…he doesn’t want to see those three angry women!

      • I think that was production being sarcastic about the suit as it protects her from “everything” .. safety cone hat, knee pads, caution colors, caution lights, etc. Apparently production later made it clear to Corey that it did not cover HN status … Corey made slop muffins for her later.

    • It’s sure not because he’s gay. He’s made that clear plenty of times. In fact he’s so scared of being thought of as being gay, he told a manly story of him and a buddy lighting a goat on fire. They are both disgusting humans.

      • That is so gross. I didn’t think he was gay, I just thought the situation was strange. All that room and bigger beds available…at least get a bed big enough to be comfortable. Maybe Paulie just needs a human touch.

      • yes Paulie needs a human touch. Too bad he thinks women are not humans, just “receptacles for male bodily fluids”

        I hope he gets booed when he leaves on Thursday, and I hope Julie calls him on this stuff like she did with the racist girls a few seasons back.

      • The audience is warned, before hand, not to Boo now! So, I don’t know….it will be interesting! He would Freak Out if the audience Boo’s him! Omg! He would go Nuts! ;)

      • Wait, setting a goat on fire makes you less gay? Humph! Who is he trying to convince himself or others?

    • Cory sleeps in that bed because his feet don’t hang off of the end, and Paulie doesn’t want to sleep alone.

  8. What goes around comes around. Paulie is getting a taste of what he put others through and he is caving…bad! I almost kind of feel bad for him….Nah, just kidding haha

  9. The more I think about Paulie the more I feel for the people around him. If he can act like this on National TV he has to be a hell of alot worse in his life outside of BB house. I just hope any kids around him do not look up to him as a role model.

  10. Paulie…LMFAO.

    What an embarassment. The minute things go against him he turns to a mopey baby, crying all over the place, ignoring instructions and threatening to break his contract. What a punk.

  11. That claustrophobia thing is so ludicrous.
    And he’s delusional if he thinks he has a shot at winning now if for some act of God, he stayed in the game.
    There’s been some ridiculous people in BB, but he is really pouring it on

  12. LOL! If Production was thinking of giving him the RT, I bet they are second guessing that now. He must be a handful.

  13. Oh my gosh . . .Paulie just might go down as the most unstable and worst player in BB history. If you watch the Feeds or After Dark you will see how cocky and aggressive and rude, ignorant Paulie has been to most of the women in the house, especially Natalie and Michelle. When he finally admitted that his ‘ physchiatrist’ said going into this game for him would be like playing with Fire . . .I think that told us everything we needed to know. He is a liar . . .admitting himself he lied on the app about never having had physciatric help . . he lies every time he opens his mouth . . .now as soon as he is winning . . . he threatens, he pouts and refused to play the game. I think Production should take him out of the game for his own safety!

    • I don’t think Paulie can tell the difference between truth and a lie or reality and delusion, so I just don’t know what story is true and what story is his delusion, therefore, I just zone out anymore with his nonsense … not gonna care.

    • And while I doubt his dying aunt actually exists, can you imagine throwing a sick relative under the bus just to get your own way? Like he’s going to use the money to “help” her. Right.

      • Last night Paulie invited himself to go along to Hawaii with Nicole and Corey and that he would buy his own ticket – suddenly he has money for that, but not his “Aunt with cancer” ??? His reality is whatever he makes up at the time.

      • He needs the money to help a sick Aunt but then turns around and says he can pay his own plane fare to Hawaii when Corey and Nicole go..

      • And he just with no thought invited himself … again, his delusions allow him to assume he is entitled to go anywhere and everywhere he so desires.

      • What kind of person wouldn’t want Paulie around? There is no question in his mind that he would be doing them a favor with his presence

    • I think Shima still wins in my opinion she was worse than Paulie when it comes to throwing tantrums when things go south for them.

  14. I say all these people suck and have been the biggest bunch of sore loser’s I’ve ever witnessed being on a TV show. Just freaking Cry babies…

  15. I am sitting here this morning watching Paul doing his “Red Alert” check. Hilarious! If anyone has BBAD last night on their DVR..you have to watch.

    • Also if you have Feeds Flashback to 10:24 BBT on Cam 3 and settle in for about 22 minutes of comedy gold.

      • Yah that guy never stops. Thankfully that should stop after this mornings veto meeting, unless he actually turns on Corey and tries to stay.

      • Now he is bringing his sick aunt into it…surely he is not lying about her having cancer. If he is..he is an even bigger douche than I thought.

      • I think he may be lying. He said grandmother at one point and then caught himself and said aunt. I think he swore on fake family member that doesn’t exist and planned to turn and put up Vic next week. He’s been especially disgusting the last 5 days or so.

      • True colors have been exposed. If he acts this way when he is agitated about something..then I would say he acts the same way on the outside.

      • Didn’t he say in an interview or in the house that he was playing because he wanted to help family especially his sister who had a lot of debt? So first it was his sister, then it was his grandma and now it’s his aunt with cancer??? If you were really wanting to help then staying in the jury house and getting that money would help some but apparently that money is nothing to him. Glad he thinks thousands of dollars are nothing. What a spoiled jerk!

      • Corey was in on the laughter and the clapping after Paulie was berating Natalie in the HOH room…I don’t have any respect for Corey either.

      • Thanks for reminding me of that … that was just awful! Showed me what Corey is really about, not just sitting next to Paulie, he shares Paulie’s views.

      • When Natalie asked him if she ever made him uncomfortable, he’s “it wasn’t like that” and as soon as she leaves he’s whining about how fake she is.

      • Oops! I misspoke again. What would I do without my racist gals to help me out. I meant feminist gals. Now, I’m confuse. lol

      • 100% I don’t remember if the pinched nosed slut was in there or not, but I don’t know why she doesn’t have any issues with the way he (Paulie) is treating those women! Hehe listen to me! I’m calling her a slut and then talking about how Paulie talks to women. Well she did have nasty finger sex and such on live feeds with Corey and they knew the camera was on them, they both looked at the cameras before proceeding! I guess she can’t help it she has has such an ugly nose. It just frustrates me she came in and said she wasn’t gonna do the same thing and did!! Then she never mentioned in her DR about doing it again! If Paulie hasn’t blown up, she may have gone from 7th last time to 6th this time! She still has no chance this time either because she spent the summer having sex with Corey and planning a wedding instead of playing a game. She talked terrible about Natalie and then goes to them and says no one will hang out with me! I wonder why!!! She was terrible when Nat got the first crate!! Jealous much?!?!

      • Me too!! I hope if there is a jury buy back that Bridgette comes back and NOT Paulie!! I think if Paulie comes back I may just end the season now and just see who wins, and wait for the streaming season!

      • How dare you insinuate that Paulie would throw any of his bros utb! He will though, but he’ll do it inconspicuously and backhandedly, at first. Corey is on to it already.

      • At some point he’ll try say He’s the only one that can defeat Victor when he appeals to people like Michelle, Natalie, and James. Once that fails he’ll eventually say Nicole/Corey are a solid pair and should be split up. In my opinion James, Natalie, Victor, and Paul are all loyal people. I don’t think James, Victor, or Paul would of ever turned on Paulie, but once the girls questioned all his alliances and the guys compared notes they realized he’d be playing all of them and planned to go with Corey. I really don’t see anyone straying from those 4 and for now Michelle is probably happy to do the 5 thing because she’ll see herself as the middle of 2 pairs making her safe.

      • And when all else fails, he still has grandma, or aunt, or will it be both? Whichever, it’s appalling.

      • And Paulie already told Victor last night that Victor needs him (Paulie) to stay because only Paulie can protect Victor and keep him in the game. Paulie has no idea when he insults people because he has no capacity to put himself in anyone else’s place. I picture Paulie sitting on the floor like a 2-yr old crying “Me want!!!”

      • Yeah, right!! Like when Polly kept calling the veto a crapshoot. I was preening like a proud mama when Victor finally called him out by telling him to stop saying the veto comp was a crapshoot because he didn’t win.

      • I’m sorry Fayt, but every time I look at your name, I first see Fart first —— and start laughing. When upon readjusting my eyes I see FaYt.

        Sorry. ….

  16. So obviously Paulie was just using the crap out of Zakiya, since he’d rather get kicked off the show then have to go to jury.

    Doesn’t want to see her again it sounds like to me.

    • I really think that’s the main reason he doesn’t want to go and then it’s because he doesn’t want to be in a house with Z, Bridgette and Day. If he would really be honest that’s what he’d say followed by evict Corey first so I won’t have to be alone with those girls.

    • What did he think would happen? ?? That it was smooth sailing to the end. ????? I said it once, and I’ll say it again. He made his bed, now lie in it. That’s what cockiness gets you.

      He who laughs last???? Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

      he who laughs last, laughs longest/best

      said to emphasize that the person who has control of a situation in the end is most successful, even if other people had seemed originally to have an advantage
      (Definition of “he who laughs last, laughs longest/best” from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

  17. #RHAP Derrick: “If I could talk to him (Paulie) right now, I wouldn’t tell him anything, game wise. I would tell him, embrace this. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. You played a good half of the game, and it fell apart at the end. It happens to a lot of people. Don’t go out as a sore loser. Put your head up. You’re not completely out yet. There’s RT/Buy back, but if there isn’t, you don’t want to be that guy remembered as a sore loser at the end. Be a man about it..”You got beat–Own it”

      • Paulie should not have dragged Derrick’s name into this. But just remember Derrick is or was (not sure) a cop. hehehe

      • Oh he was cringing while watching. I watched the whole interview last night. It was great. His advised was..
        If there are returning players, get them out.
        No showmance. Don’t make it appear you’re in charge…and he didn’t follow any. He said, by no means, he’s not my protegee, if he was, he’s not gonna be doing a lot of things he did.

      • If I were Derrick, I’d definitely be putting the brakes on Paulie’s insinuations that Derrick was his mentor. That would be embarrassing.

    • I’m shocked he thinks he played well the first half. I think he probably did play well for a while in that he was getting out who he wanted, but he had a cast full of idiots that didn’t know how to play. Too many type A personalities that tried to take charge and he got lucky and happened to be in the right place at the right time, but his over confidence and cockiness started to come on stronger and stronger…it was sickening how he’d say “if you do this or that, I’ll make sure you leave this house” he thought he had that power and how pissed he and Corey would get if they thought anyone was playing the game. OH, people are scheming!!! That’s terrible!!! How dare they!! What makes them think they can go against me?!?! They must be executed immediately!! It wasn’t a game though! It was personal!! He has been wanting her out for weeks because he was terrified of her! He knew she had that crap on him!! He didn’t want her to come out with it! I didn’t know what it was, I just knew it was something!

  18. Wow, Jersey Boy Paulie can dish it real easy but he can’t take it…He is acting like a spoiled rotten brat. I

    • He sure can’t take it!! Not even a tiny bit!! He is super spoiled! I wonder if he’s the oldest?

    • But his Jersey Girl sister and her Jersey girl friends are going to physically beat the crap out of that Jersey girl in the house, because he HATES Jersey girls! Did you know he hates Jersey girls?? Oh, and his Jersey boy brother and his Jersey boy friends are gonna beat up that Jersey girl in the house in social media, because he HATES that Jersey girl in the house! He hates all jersey girls and they can eat up southern boys!! I don’t know what he thinks southern boys are stupid or what? They’re not!! Us, southern women can give Jersey Girls a run for their money! I’ve know a few that can put a Jersey Girl to shame! Hehe the way Paulie describes them! Girls are girls and some are more manipulative and some aren’t! Doesn’t matter where they’re from! Anyone seen Cody tearing up Natalie on social media yet???

  19. Paulie just keeps digging himself a deeper hole. Like have some pride dude and hold your head high you are going to be hated by all of America when you leave. Sore ass loser.

    • He has already embarrassed himself so badly, he’s beyond help anyway! It’s fun watching him act worse than anyone else that’s been on the block! What upsets me is, he demanded that they not treat him like he demanded that they treat a few others, like Tiffany, while they were on the block, and they’re listening to him!! I can’t believe Michelle was being so nice to him last night! I know he’s going to Jury and I know he could come back, but…

  20. Paulie doesn’t want to face Zakiyah in jury. THAT is what he is scared of — he was a bad little boy and doesn’t want to face up to what he did wrong.

    And Natalie is not upset with James about the talk he had with Corey. The real thing for her is that she has received several emotional beatings recently that have struck at the core of her self-esteem. Right or wrong, she is looking for assurance that she is beautiful inside and out, and may have trouble discerning real swipes at her esteem versus ones she misinterprets another person’s intentions. She puts up a tough front, but really needs a lot of positive support.

    • Agree, but like I posted earlier, admitting she doesn’t shower everyday in the house cause it’s not good for you is kind of ewwwwww. She also made statements about letting her arm out hair growth so she can wax them and not get a rash ,but a double ewww with the non showers. I think the personal body attacks are wearing her down, but she should shower daily. It’s hot out there and she is sleeping in the bed with someone. It was so nasty when Paulie proudly repeated what he said about her breast. Just watching him on TV last night do that added to the jokers statements telling everyone how much he boned Z and exactly what rooms was so awful. One of the HG told him Z made a remark about him, and that was his response. How could he believe Z would say anything about him? I wonder if all of those bones were unprotected sex? If so, that’s awful. Let’s not forget Z changed her sanitary pad in front of everyone… Who are these people. I’m glad Z is gone and stopped embarrassing herself, and I’ll be glad to see nasty Paulie go, but I still think he’s coming back. That iswhy it is so important to make sure Victor gets the co-HOH to send Paulie right back out the door,

      • Come on, I don’t shower every, I’ve skipped a day before and I’m sure you have too. I don’t make it a habit, but…they’re are ways to stay clean without a shower. I used to joke I hadn’t had a shower in 8 months, because the house I had then had a jetted tub and I took a bath each night before work. I’d wash my hair, get all my clothes ready and the next morning it was so nice to be able to drink coffee and just get ready and a slow pace!

      • I don’t know Dede, with the advent of modern indoor plumbing there really isn’t any excuse not to bathe everyday.

      • I don’t always shower everyday, but I clean every day. I’m disabled. I have a chronic disease that does make it harder. If I’ve been outside a lot and been sweaty, that’s different, but it’s easy for someone young and healthy to say, but unless you’ve felt the effects of autoimmune diseases and chronic fatigue, modern, indoor plumbing doesn’t mean crap!! I have huge bags of cleaning wipes and dry shampoo for times when it’s just too hard to shower. There is a difference, I guess in not showering and not cleaning. If she just leaves on the same under clothes and such, that’s gross!! If she is outside doing a lot of sweating and working or playing hard, that’s gross, etc…nothing like sweaty nether regions! Peeewwwhhhh!

      • Well of course there’s a big difference between young Natalie and someone more or less housebound and isn’t getting dirty.
        Yes, I do understand your health problems because I have similar problems as well. I hope you are getting good treatment for your health problems and will feel better soon :D

    • He knows he can manipulate Z. I bet he hasn’t even thought about her being there one time!! He’s so sickening! He only cares about himself and how embarrassed he is that he us going out of that house before Natalie and Michelle! It makes me laugh my butt off! He’s also mad, because he thinks that Derrick and Cody has a “support system” that helped them get to the end, but he didn’t have loyal people that helped him get there. He said that’s why he’s so hurt and angry with James. He trusted him to help them get to the end. I’m not sure if he knows this is a game that EVERYONE is there to try to win and it’s not a game set up wirh a predetermined winner…it’s so odd…how does his brain work???

  21. Pretty sad watching Paulie break down last night but he did it to himself. And if he wouldn’t of taken the veto away from Corey then Corey would of won it. Victor said he would of taken the money or trip and let Corey have the veto. Then he would of had someone else sitting next to him that he could campaign against. Even though it wouldn’t of worked. But hey just when you least expect it the house flips.

  22. Regarding the pie making, I’m not pushing religion on anyone, and I realize this is just a game, but instead of being such a sore loser, Paulie could dedicate his flag waving to various causes, such as injured Veterans, victims of the floods in Louisiana and West Virginia and even Victor’s aunt if he was sincere. In other words, he would gain a lot more respect and sympathy if he made “lemonade out of lemons,” and again, I don’t mean to sound like some over zealous do-gooder, but that’s a lot of food that with proper care, could be donated as desserts to shelters. This is his chance to make up for all the past nonsense and gain respect. He doesn’t even have to do all or any of the above, just get your head back in the game and stop making personal attacks on women (or anyone).

    • Great comments Bruce, but sadly Paulie is only able to think one thing at a time and that is PAULIE. If he could only get his mind off of himself and think of others for a change this might help his psychiatric problems whatever they may be.
      I do think that people that are as self absorbed as Paulie are the most miserable people in the world.

      • At the time? I have a feeling Paulie never thinks about anyone but Paulie!! He was talking about all the places he and Z had sex. I thought can you imagine how bad he must be in bed!! He’s too much of if narcissist to be any good!! It would be all about him. You’d have to fake everything and assure him it was incredible!

      • Paulie’s lack of impulse control tells me all anyone needs to know about his performance in the bedroom :D

      • Yeah, and his refusal to “wear an unbrella” and Z’s announcement that there may be a BB baby is even more disgusting! He thinks he’s in so much control he can contol that too!?!?

      • Zak sure was wanting to have one of Paulie’s babies that’s for sure. Do you think she was trying to get pregnant thinking Paulie would marry her?

  23. I couldn’t watch Natalie on the feeds last night. Half the time, she was crying over nothing! Seriously, what is so wrong with what Corey said? How was that insulting towards her?

    I mean, I knew Natalie was insecure, but this is a bit over the top for me.

      • I’m sure her feelings were hurt by paulie talking about her boobs and all and I can understand that but hasn’t she already gotten her revenge on Paulie? He’s losing his mind in the BB house bawling and squalling and she’s still not happy? Talk about over kill.

    • Exactly! Natalie has made no firm commitment to James about their relationship after the show and she gets mad at James for wanting to be friendly with the HG’s after the show.
      Rather controlling behavior and not very attractive at all.
      Apparently she wants James all to herself after the show and this should be a red flag for James.

    • I think she was too, but she’s been pretty tough most of the time when they’ve been pretty hard on her. I’m giving her this one. Corey has been all over Nicole and he’s been pretty negative about Nat when he talks to James about her. She had probably been trying on some clothes and they didn’t fit and then she heard Corey talking about Corey and Nicole wanting to hang out with James and they didn’t mention Natalie and it just hurt her feelings when it probably shouldn’t. I’m too old for silly things like that to hurt my feeling and my head knows it and sometimes I can’t help it, I’m still hurt! Also, she kept telling him she just needed some time alone and tomorrow she’d be ok and he wouldn’t let it go!! She was trying to not make a huge deal about it!!

    • I agree and I think she was so disrespectful to James. Wouldn’t speak with him but when Paul comes in she’s suddenly talkative. Nor is she honest about her feelings. But I believe that James can read her well, especially as she continues to firt….

  24. Reading about Paulie’s nonstop begging Victor to do something stupid with the VETO that would help P. and hurt V. is absolutely mind numbing.
    He keeps on and on and on thinking he will finally get his way.
    Although this might have been successful in the past when dealing with his parents I do hope he finally realizes that he won’t be getting his way this time.
    So glad Corey took him aside and firmly told him to stop acting like a big baby in so many words. This is the longest tantrum I’ve ever witnessed.

    • Like Victor said, if he hadn’t taken it from Corey and let Victor take a nice prize like the Hawaian Vacay, it would have worked fine, Corey would have taken himself down and he would have put up Nat or Michelle as a replacement nom. Paulie would have still gone home, but Paulie would think he could stay, because he’s think he has it in the bag with Corey and Nicole voting for him and then he had to convince Paul or James. He would know he could could convince one of them!!! He is very confident!! I’m sure Paul would promise him he’d vote for him and go in there and for whomever was on the block against him to stay! We’d see the biggest surprise face since Dustin on season 8, it was season 8, right?

      • If Paulie scored higher than Corey (I don’t even know what comp this was but apparently Paulie scored higher) then Paulie should’ve taken the VETO” from him in the hope that nobody else could score higher than Paulie, which Victor wound up doing.
        Paulie could’ve always used the Veto on Corey – although I’m almost certain he would’ve used it on himself.

  25. Once again Branden, thank you. Just…thank you!
    I get why Natalie was crying. She SAID why she was crying. She feels fat and ugly. What woman HASN’T felt that way? But, what woman has had to feel that way in HD on Nat’l TV? I know she signed up for it—but so did Alpha Male pie-boy. His tears are coming from embarrassment, too.
    The difference is, he’s crying because he’s not in charge any longer. He’s no longer ‘Paulie The House.’ Victor effectively bulldozed him and now he doesn’t want to play. HUMPH! “I can’t dictate noms?” “NO SOUP FOR YOU!” I mean, Pies. “I can’t control those mouthy females?” “I’m not going to Jury.” Blah-blah-blahbitty-blah. Hey Man, sorry…them’s the breaks. Did you feel any empathy for Frank when he was campaigning to stay? NO. Paul held a house meeting and YOU told him it was over. Did Frank cry? No Dude, he sucked it up like a MAN because he knows life has it’s ups and downs and knows how to DEAL with them. You’re 27, 28? Still young, Paulie—but old enough not to be getting away with this crap. Knock it off and be a good sport. PLAY THE GAME. Don’t diss us. Be a man. Don’t let me get away with calling you ‘Pie-boy’ anymore—you big misogynistic, wuss!

    • He said he runs businesses meaning more than one. So he is used to making decisions and that’s why he was doing all that and he didn’t mean to come off like he was running the show (no pun intended) he’s too young, I’d think to be running businesses, unless they’re some small things or something daddy gave him, but who would work for him if that’s the way he acts? Who will ever work for him now? Or want to date him? I’d love to know what his family really think about his behavior on the show! Not what they will 9r won’t say publicly, but their honest feeling. They may think the way he was playing was brilliant! He seems to have been raised to have little value for people other than family and maybe friends as long as they are a benefit to you.

      • Can you imagine how he treats the employees. He could never make it in business if that is how he acts as an owner or employee.

      • Elaine, he’s probably all hat and no cowboy! He likes to act like he’s a tough boy, but we can see he’s a real baby when he doesn’t get his way!! I didn’t think it was possible to dislike a human less than Frankie, but I think Paulie has managed to break the record!! Worse than Andy and Frankie!! Even worse than Nasty Gnat!!

      • I agree with Frankie but I wouldn’t of added Andy especially when you have Gina Marie, Spencer and Aaryn. Wonder why you left them out…

  26. this is the stupid punk I remember in school,high school and college. Always the class hero but when he was really asked to sacrifice or put up for someone else, there was no way in hell that was going to happen. it was always about them and how it affected them, no on else. Pawwie is a selfish prick and has show himself and his true colors. See ya paw paw

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