Big Brother 17: Vanessa Pursues Targets Behind Backdoor Deceit

Vanessa Rousso and Austin Matelson took over the Big Brother 17 house on Thursday night and while they’ve been broadcasting a plan to Backdoor Audrey Middleton their true intentions are setting a different target.

Vanessa Rousso runs through her Big Brother plans
Vanessa Rousso runs through her Big Brother plans – Source: CBS All Access

Watch out James Huling and Jeff Weldon. Clearly on the other side of the house these two players are topping the target list for those in control this week and unless someone pulls off a narrow opportunity at the Veto comp then one of them could be in big trouble.

Now that Vanessa will remain Head of Household for the week she’s preparing to go after James with Jeff as the backup. Vanessa has said James hadn’t talked game to her until she won HoH and his attitude towards women in the house has put her at odds with him. Putting those two issues together has raised him on Vanessa’s hit list over Jeff.

Flashback to 10:10PM BBT 7/10 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial to watch now) as Vanessa, Austin, Clay, and Liz go over their latest plan.

Vanessa is very worried that James is on to what she’s really doing. She thinks James may have thrown the BotB competition, but the others disagree. Vanessa was upset that James blew her off after the competition when she tried to hug him. Well, she did put him on the Block so I don’t know why she’d be expecting cartwheels from James.

Both Vanessa and Austin had been promising the HGs not in their inner circle that Audrey was actually the target. Austin professed this to Meg and Jason, who just won their way off the Block. Vanessa was also swearing this BD-Audrey plan to John who she used to help throw the BotB. You’d think if she was asking such a big favor of John she’d somewhat more honest with him, but both HoHs this week when full-deceit mode to get this done.

In a perfect voting scenario for Vanessa, the only thing right now that can save James and Jeff this week would be Jeff winning the Veto and taking James down. Should John come down Vanessa suggests she’d go ahead and put up Jeff even though she’d be keeping someone around who was very upset with her next week.

Vanessa’s preference is clearly for James to go over Jeff, but it’ll be up to the voters to decide that one. She runs through the count to get to six votes and believes they have it if they can make sure Becky is in their pocket. They don’t want to rely on Audrey because of her transparent hinky votes each week.

The Power of Veto competition is coming up today inside the Big Brother house and we’ll be watching the Live Feeds for the spoilers and results. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get all the latest news sent to you.


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  1. If Jeff/James wins veto, then there’s no real other option for Vanessa than to put up Audrey as a replacement to cover her tracks. That should be her Plan C if Plan A and Plan B won’t come into fruition.

    • Hey James Cheryl here. This is so true As well Da’Vonne called it, if they keep Keeping Audrey around, she is going to skate all the way to 500,000.00 dollars.

      • I couldn’t agree more! Da’Vonne wanted that girls to work with the girls this year, and not let the guys lead them all to slaughter like the do most years. I felt bad when I read she’s after James, but it really is a smart move IF they can’t BD Audrey this week. They have three men they want out and quiet not so little Austin wouldn’t be a bad pick either since he will do what they all do, slink to the end then pop into a power house and knock them all off. Go Vanessa play your own game they’ll get Audrey out soon enough:)

      • I’m afraid Audrey would stab Vanessa in the back at the first opportunity presented to her – the same way she did Clay and Shelli. It might be a good idea for Vanessa to consider backdooring Audrey if her other male targets manage to escape.
        I’m not sure why Vanessa is so down on James either but she probably has a good reason.

      • Audrey is a “red shirt” she could be knocked off just about anytime, so I don’t see a rush when there are more tempting targets.

      • Vanessa will be very upset if Audrey wins POV and takes James off the block. I would hate to see John depart so soon. Who can even guess what Audrey will do next? Of course she keeps things exciting to watch…

      • To get more attention and TV time?
        You probably have the feeds and know a lot more about what’s happening in the BB so feel free to correct me if I’m way off course.

      • No, that’s the thing, I haven’t bought the feeds this year (at least yet). So I don’t know more than you.

      • I’m sure the feeds are addictive so I don’t even want to think about getting them :D
        Update: Now that Vanessa wants to throw the POV game to Audrey of all people, I fully expect Audrey to stab Van in the back ASAP.

      • want John to go far as he is a fellow Pennsylvanian and seems so sweet and honest. Hate the twin thing. Hope next week’s hoh puts up Liz.

      • I’m a John fan too and it’s a shame Vanessa is using him in this manner. Very insincere of her – but what choice does John have at this stage of the game? Fingers crossed that John can pull out the POV win.

      • At some point, one of the sides of the house will ally with audrey, but it’s still best to get people who you know are threats and not on your side out first.

  2. Since King Austin was dethroned, Queen Vanessa has her day on the throne. Jeff, being the Jack-a$$ he is, hopefully will be BDd. But just in case anything gets off course,Vanessa is holding a good hand with a few Aces up her sleeve.

  3. I am just happy it isn’t again the house “wants” thing. You don’t win an hoh just to do what the house wants you win it to do what is good for your game. When they started that to get rid of Brian when Jerry was HOH few seasons ago it went downhill from there. Two HOHs in row have now done their own thing. Good for them.

    • What looks good for them now could hurt them later and I’m counting on it. It is not always good to go with the house or against the house. Some are smart enough to know.There is a whole lot of game to be played.

      • That’s certainly true KSJB, but I think it would be better for everyone in the house to get rid of Jeff. I haven’t been able to keep up at Jokers but what happened to Jeff’s alliance with Shelli, Clay, John and Jackie? I suppose Jeff was not sincere about that alliance either *sigh. I’m glad the house has figured out Jeff’s game – I’m only surprised it took them so long.

      • Hey, Foxfire. Since veto players were picked, it looks like James has to win veto or he will probably be out. Jeff, as of now, is most likely safe. He may become another Audrey; people will keep saying they can get him out any time and they may put one or the other of them off too long. I’ve had grandsons all week and have no idea what’s up with alliances.

      • I’ll have to check the Veto update to see what’s going on then, thanks for the info. Glad to see you survived the grandsons though:D
        I agree that Audrey and Jeff have been neutralized due to their continual lies to the other HG’s – BUT – in a crunch they are 2 rogue votes against the alliance and they need to go pronto imo.

      • On Jokers, they just posted a little to-do between Aud and Meg you might find interesting, also. I was hoping for a little more drama before I leave.

      • Looks like you’re getting your wish. I’m headed that way.
        Not to get too terribly off topic here but I was wondering if you know of any animal in the south that would be able to kill a 40 lb dog? I’m mystified by the recent death of my Lab and I’m trying to figure out what happened to her.

      • Sorry, Foxfire. I love Labs. Possibly coyotes. They are multiplying every year. They’re very capable. Not sure if they are in your area, though.

      • We sometimes do get a coyote here but as they tend to howl all night long they are soon found and dispatched to the happy hunting grounds. With the air conditioning droning nonstop I might have missed hearing the coyote howls at night. The only way we found our Lab was because of the buzzards so unfortunately there aren’t many clues as to what caused her demise. The telephone company did recently spray on our property to kill all the trees close to the power lines. I hope she didn’t eat a small animal poisoned by the spraying.
        I can’t tell you how upset I am that A. is playing in the VETO. NOOOoooooo!!!
        I don’t know who’s at fault after reading the Jokers comments about the Meg/Audrey/Vanessa conversation but I do believe Audrey is the one lying yet again. She really needs to go since there’s no telling what she’ll do if she wins POV.

      • I hope you find out what happened to your Lab, Foxfire. I hope it wasn’t the poison, though. If so, other animals could be in danger.
        I don’t think Meg would make that up and we all know Aud is conniving and manipulative.

      • Thanks K :D
        Why in the world would Vanessa believe Audrey over Meg?
        This is so disappointing since I thought Vanessa to be a very sharp cookie. This would be a good excuse to get rid of Audrey now and I hope Vanessa realizes that Audrey CAN NOT be trusted. I hope anyone wins POV instead of A.

      • Vanessa is taking up for Audrey, even lied and said Meg slammed the door when she left after the last confrontation(just posted).

      • I’ll be glad when BBN figures out what’s going on with Vanessa and Audrey and posts an update, because I certainly can’t figure out what’s going on now.
        Thank goodness Meg is safe from eviction, even if James did sacrifice his game for her by trying to lose the BOB. I don’t think James really has a chance with Meg after BB but that can wait for another time.

      • Three of the guys are serious gamers. That’s Jeff, Clay and yes Austin. They’re dangerous players. Two of them are getting sloppy with their game, except Austin. So to get Jeff out, is a big deal.

      • Thanks for the update since you have the feeds and I don’t. I want Austin to start “broing” it up with Clay so I hate to hear Clay is playing sloppy. I’m hoping the alliance will stay intact until after the Veto ceremony at least. If it does, this could be the longest lasting alliance yet this season.
        Jeff is a very persuasive speaker though, I almost believe him when watching BBAD. Since he seems to be the leader of the opposition I think he needs to go next. James can wait.

      • Clay is always in game mode 24/7 Unlike Jeff he plays both sides in a more subtle way. He told them last night Liz/Austin “I trust you guys more than the other side”..right? lol..he’s playing the game.

      • For some reason this is the first time that I’ve heard that Clay was playing both sides of the game as well as being in game mode 24/7.
        On another very large recap that I often frequent everyone is saying Clay is stupid and doesn’t do anything – but they only watch the edited TV episodes and no spoilers are allowed.
        So going by Clay’s BB edit so far he’s a dumb Texan and a very boring one at that. I just don’t have the time to frequent Jokers Updates as I did in the past so thanks for any info that can help me figure out what’s going on :D
        I want Clay and Shelli to do well and now I’m worried that Clay might be overplaying the game. Or maybe Clay isn’t able to trust any of the alliances at this point and doesn’t have any option but to play both sides.

      • Vanessa wants to take out James originally, but Clay like a “used car dealer” was selling Jeff instead. While Austin wants them both on the block. lol. Clay is keeping his options. He’s not dumb. He’s playing the game…..

      • I was so worried that Clay might put too much trust in the new alliance with Austin/Van/Liz since those 3 seem pretty tight especially since they recently added Steve. I’m glad to see Clay is still keeping his options open – but why would Clay want Jeff on the block, wouldn’t that remove one of his options? Maybe Clay trusts James more than Jeff. I don’t blame him there. So glad to know that Clay isn’t really a dumb Texan as so many believe him to be. I’m glad Shelli is keeping her options open with Becki and Jacki too.
        Meanwhile, I’m hoping Audrey stabs Vanessa in the back so somebody will finally get rid of A. Vanessa is making a bad move to even think about trusting Audrey again.

  4. I don’t understand why Vanessa is so dead-set on getting James out over Jeff. Jeff is a much bigger threat for multiple reasons, big one being that his number one target is Austin, Vanessa’s closest ally. All James does is make stupid comments, Jeff is actually scheming and trying to get people to turn on her alliance.

    • I don’t get it either Jake but someone did say that Vanessa felt James wasn’t being respectful to women or wasn’t saying nice things about the ladies, Idk the exact words but hopefully you get the idea that James seems to disgust Vanessa personally. Plus, James did say at one time he was coming after Vanessa and Steve. I don’t know in what context James made that statement though.
      I think Jeff is much more dangerous than James too.

      • Well not to mention that I’ve heard Jeff say much more disrespectful things about women (Liz/Julia specifically). But eh, whatever, it’s her game I guess.

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