Big Brother 17: Top 10 Moments Of The Season

Big Brother 17 has come to a close with as big a finale night as we could have imagined. As we say goodbye to the season let’s look back over some of the summer’s top moments.

Big Brother stage awaits the next show
Big Brother 17 is a wrap – Source: CBS

Boiling down 98 days of Big Brother craziness is never easy or comprehensive, but here are some of our favorite moments and biggest events that made up BB17.

10) Big Brother Takeover is Taken Under

After just 3 weeks, well more like 2.5 weeks, the Takeover twist went fizzle and vanished after those odd Gronk Parties leaving Houseguests scratching their heads wondering what happened to much hyped intrusion to the season. Even back home we didn’t know much of what was going on after CBS said it’d be there “every week” but with so much going on, was it ever really missed?

Same goes for that “fan favorite” Battle of the Block. Luckily this one went away quickly too after producers introduced its unwelcome return. Producers later admitted it was used to build hype in to Sunday’s shows but luckily they found better ways to do that. I’m hoping that was the last we’ll see of the twist that always seemed backwards to me.

9) Hinky Votes

Judas casts his vote on Big Brother

Preseason I had planned to ask the Houseguests about their willingness to do a hinky vote but scrapped it from my interview questions since they’re usually such a rarity. Well I misjudged that one.

Every season fans hope for some votes that aren’t unanimous. This season delivered. Audrey, Liz, and Steve all threw hinky votes which caused drama that is still being discussed among the Houseguests. Let’s see more of this, future Houseguests!

8) Audrey Goes Undercover

Audrey Middleton goes undercover

Audrey Middleton started out the season as one of the big standouts with incredible promise of drama as she worked over her fellow Houseguests as the unofficial pot stirrer of the season. Sadly it looked to be a case of playing too hard too fast and it all caught up with her. Even more disappointing was how her final days played out.

I had expected Audrey to go out with bang and give us an incredible show, but instead things went south. Audrey decided instead of fighting to stay she’d just let the wave of eviction take her. She grabbed a blanket and hid underneath for days on end while breaking nearly every Have-Not rule on the books. She ate food, took a hot shower, and slept on the floor. It earned her one penalty vote for the food, which she later blamed on Becky tricking her. Perhaps biggest of all was her no-show at her own Veto meeting where she was renom’d in absentia. Now that was a first.

Once her stay was over Audrey took it all in stride though and had a good time poking fun at her own reactions that week. Blanketing became her “thing” and we saw it show up in the comics comp and even as a cake pop at the end of the season. She definitely made her mark on the season and we were sorry when she was gone.

7) Da’Vonne Busts The Twin Twist But HGs Let Them Stay

Houseguests discover the Twin Twist

When the Twin Twist was first introduced in BB5 they snuck right past the Houseguests after weeks of swapping in and out of the game. Not this time and not on Da’Vonne Rogers’ watch.

In only the second week of the season Da’Vonne recognized the noticeable differences in the Nolan twins’ appearances and behavior. Soon word spread and the last people to know ended up working the twist the best. Austin and Vanessa had a huge benefit of the extra vote during the bulk of the run, though both ended up evicted in lieu of the players they were determined to protect.

I was shocked when the HGs decided to keep kicking the can on targeting the twins while it was still a two-for-one eviction sale, but instead of fearing the unbreakable bond of twin sisterhood enough of the HGs embraced it and the sisters survived their vulnerability. Kudos to the twins.

6) Endurance Competition Mania

James Huling takes his mark on BB17

I love me some endurance competitions and Big Brother 17 delivered. Last season we lost two-thirds the season’s opportunities for endurance to that “fan favorite” Battle of the Block, but that went away quickly this season and was replaced by awesome competitions. If production was looking for a better way to increase hype for their Sunday shows then using the cliffhanger comps on Thursday nights was the way to do it.

We saw new mini-endurance comps like the Ready Set Go! challenge and some updates on familiar ones like Under The Rainbow. I’ll always vote for a more difficult challenge like either of those over a quick run of seven questions deciding the entire week’s fate, but maybe that’s just my preference.

Also noteworthy was the brains behind a lot of the challenges, Heath Luman, taking to Twitter and fielding input on the challenges and what sort of things fans would hope to see. It was refreshing to see that sort of attention and interest paid to fans when there is silliness in other departments of production like calling BotB a “fan favorite.” I’ve got my fingers crossed for more awesome comps next season too.


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