Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 7 – Shelli Goes In For The Kill

It looks like Shelli’s Head of Household reign is going just as she planned. During Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 17, everything Shelli (Clay) wanted to happen happened. Well, except for the absurd idea that the veto winner not use it on himself.

John McGuire celebrates after winning the Power of Veto competition - Source: CBS
John McGuire celebrates after winning the Power of Veto competition – Source: CBS

The episode picks up right after Jason and Steve won Battle of the Block and John successfully thew the competition to follow along with Clay and Shelli’s plan to evict Da’Vonne. Da’Vonne says is aware that John threw the competition and that the house is working together to get her out this week. Day is only partially right because most of the house, including Becky — the newly-dethroned HOH — thinks Shelli is going to do backdoor Audrey. Including Audrey.

Meanwhile, Twin Twist switch #6 goes down. Julia fills Liz in on all that’s been going on, they exchange hugs and trade places. That bit is short as it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Joining Shelli, John and Da’Vonne in the veto competition will be Clay (via Shelli’s Houseguest choice), Meg and Steve.

Clay lets Audrey know that she’s not going home this week. Clay tells her that they’re giving her another chance. So it’s becoming more clear that Day is the target and Day knows that as well. She tells James that she knows the Power of Veto is her only shot at staying.

At the Power of Veto competition, John goes up against Da’Vonne. He wins the round and Da’Vonne is the first person knocked out. In round two, it’s Steve vs. Clay. Steve loses to Clay and is knocked out. Meg goes up against Shelli in round three and Shelli gets knocked out. It’s time for John and Meg to go head to head now. John wins the round and sends Meg out of the competition. The final pairing is John and Clay. And John beats Clay and wins the Power of Veto.

So now that John won the POV and will surely use it on himself, Shelli and Clay have to talk about what to do. Clay has the most ridiculous idea to ask John not to use the veto on himself and get others to make sure they vote out Da’Vonne. Shelli decides to tell Becky that she won’t be putting up Audrey as the replacement nominee. Becky isn’t exactly happy, but she says hey, you guys get that extra dirt on your hands by taking Day out.

It’s time for Clay and Shelli to make their pitch to John. Before you go as crazy as I did when I saw this go down on the Live Feeds, relax. John isn’t the idiot they seem to think he is. He does not agree to not use the veto. Sorry, Shelli, you wanted to win HOH so now you’ve got to make someone else made by naming a replacement nominee. So who will that lucky person be? Looks like it’s going to be Liz. Or not.

Austin decides he doesn’t like the idea of his main ally Liz going up on the block. So Austin goes to Vanessa and they decide to approach Shelli with the idea that Meg needs to go up next to Day because Meg could rally enough votes to flip the house and send Liz happen. This is of course a complete scheme of Austin’s and it completely works. Shelli buys it and quickly considers Meg as a renomination candidate.

But for some extra added drama, let’s throw in Audrey back up to no good and Clay deciding that maybe he and Shelli should get rid of her while they’re ahead. So Shelli now has three options: Liz, Meg or Audrey. It’s not every day Big Brother gets to throw in suspense like this.

At the veto ceremony, Johnny Mac uses the veto on himself and Austin’s plan is executed and Meg goes up as the replacement nominee. Shelli is still not ready to go after Audrey and is too focused on getting Da’Vonne out. So one of the two will be evicted Thursday night and with the Last Laugh Twist in play, who knows what will happen.

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  1. There is one other small thing that hasnt gone Shelli’s way: the absurd idea that her target will have the opportunity to nullify 3 of Shelli’s voters. From my perspective, this kind of transparent meddling in the game for Network goals cheapens the whole game. –as if Network execs dont already wield outrageous amounts of power and influence in our society.

    • My amigo. Those are the twists for this week. Shelli will still get her way since Da will not have enough votes to stay for the week. The Kathy Griffin twist will save anyone. Nothing is being cheapened.

      • I disagree…Big Brother Canada had similar “Twistos Twists” last season and I felt they changed the outcome of the game. One alone may not change the outcome but the culminating effect of weekly twists is bound to affect the course and ultimately the outcome of the game. It interferes with game play….You know it’s supposed to be about strategy, cunning, social play and competition ability, not dumb luck like answering the phone at the right time.

      • If this was another houseguest besides Da’Vonne, you would not
        make that statement. There’s been a tremendous amount of dumb luck and other conspiracy theories transpiring on this U.S. Big Brother. Shelli’s strategy lacks comprehension and makes no sense. There’s no one that was cunning as Derrick this season. Social play? Pleeeeeze. The competition is lackluster and there is a secret hand guiding all these moves. I am starting to think that BB really wants Audrey to win.

      • Nope DaVonne is in the situation SHE created from where I am watching… It was going to be Audrey going home until DaVonne decided to raise her attitude with the 3 people who have the most power: Shelli, Jeff & Clay… THEN she goes even further and let’s people know she’ll be targeting them? I’m not so sure DaVonne really thinks about what she says before it comes out…

      • You can’t be serious that comment, Matt. All of this could have been squashed Clay and Shelli were more culturally sensitive and understanding

      • Are you? You said that you don’t understand my posts. Let me simplify what I am saying. First, I love this show but it seems that African Americans don’t last on here at all because someone felt threatened and intimidated by them. A lot of people have misconceptions and preconceived notions about my race and it’s really frustating. Have you ever faced discrimination or been labeled, Tom? Let me whip you and enslave your family for generations. Reagan flooded the street with cocaine, malt liquor, and HIV trying to extinguish us. By the way, I guess you don’t know who Ariana Grande and Big Sean are either. She’s Italian and he is black rapper. I didn’t like my friend calling Shelli a bitch but I feel where’s she coming from. I also said that Audrey and even Austin are huge targets that are being ignored. Finally, you need a spiritual awakening. Take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and right your wrongs.

      • Tom, are you 2? Since you have not walked a day in the life of a black person, you will never understand how it feels. You feel that you are entitled, privileged and look at life from a myopic perspective. If you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen and leave me alone. Keep your damn comments to yourself.

      • *Sigh* I wish Matt could regain control of BBN, this is getting ridiculous. Maybe he could have a free speech zone or something where the malcontents could commiserate together.

      • Da’ dug her own grave by speaking out too much and being a bitch to people. Has nothing to her skin color. And if she would of won a comp or 2 she wouldn’t be on the block anyway… Get over yourself.

      • If you really think BB can save Audrey and make her win… omg, good luck with that theory. Have you seen how crazy she is and how everyone wants her out?

      • Finally happy to hear somebody share the things I’ve been saying for the past few seasons! And yes, sadly our very own Big Brother Canada is the WORST at changing a strategic game based on social dynamics, into a dumb (controlled) luck situation where production yields too much power…

  2. I wish dae could stay and get shelli, clay and Audrey out this game please!!!!!!, big brother needs an African American winner after 16 years there’s never been 1 makes u think a little

      • Race shouldn’t matter but let’s b honest it seems to raise it’s ugly head every season in some shape or form

      • Really? So nobody complained about the attitudes of GinaMarie, or Aaryn, or Amanda, or….etc, etc, etc? Seems to me you might be selectively forgetting some of the WORST villains in Big Brother history were white as white could be….

      • Not to mention how much we (the general public, and me in particular) LOVED Candice! :) So I think you might be on thin ice on this forum site to think that villains & faves are colour coordinated….

      • Really. What is so great about the cast. Are we watching the same season, Cyril?? Do you know that this show is becoming more biased and more segregated every year. What do your black friends say about this amigo?

      • At 1st I liked them, until they started actually playing the game, now it just seems like most of the HG have no cores, and I find them very boring..Most likely due to the lack of diversity…

        One Black individual & One Asian individual, Smdh?! That doesn’t even represent our current population in the USA!

      • I’m glad that production believes our country is 98% U.S. is white. Good job guys…smh

      • The villains and faves are colored coordinated to win. GM, Aaryn, and Amanda were saying slurs and doing racist acts and STILL stayed in the BB House. People were complaining and not a damn thing happened. Candice was a floater! People took her near the end because she was very easy to beat.

      • I agree. I’m making the point that they stayed longer and did God forsaking things.

      • Let’s just be honest. You will still watch the show Nay Nay. Let’s just be real.

      • Are you saying day is a bitch because of her race? Because that’s the reason she’s getting evicted, her social game sucked.

      • Again another person twisting things around. You are misinterpreting the obvious truth. If her social game sucked so bad, she would not have any supporters. If you want to talk about people with lousy social games, that would go to Audrey.

      • First and 4 most, I don’t call woman bitches,and no she’s not a bitch to me because she didn’t kiss ass she has to b a bitch because she didn’t suck up to clay or hold her tongue she’s a bitch if that’s the case yeah she should go because nobody should kiss ass, but I c from thus comment u made maybe some people like kissing ass!!!

      • She is both. Being Latino, at least from my perspective, is more of a cultural identity since it includes multiple communities across Latin America. Harry Shum Jr for one is Latino.

      • It’s not the point of Danielle being the first it’s the fact in a game of 13 to 26 players at most there’s only 2 African Americans in a season, the odds are against you with the numbers and it does seem that most African Americans are out of the game very very early, I guess the African American players don’t kiss enough butt (hmmm)!

      • Sometimes when African Americans act in this particular manner, other races feel intimidated and feared by them. That’s what started the rift between the Slay and Da. Da could have just said, “I am in your room counting just in case there was a counting competition in the future. I didn’t mean to start trouble.” She was not being hostile or giving off vibes that she can not be trusted. Speaking from experience, Shelli and Clay probably have been sheltered their entire lives and have no connections to other people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. That’s what caused their false assumptions and irrational thoughts about Da. It is really sad and troubling that racial miscommunications and misunderstandings can lead to something like this.

      • Why should she tell them her strategy she was trying to get an upper hand in the counting comp when it came around, and the fact is she overheard the comments that shelli clay or jeff said and better yet shelli was suppose to be in a alliance with her but I guess all she allied with his her 2nd husband clay, it’s all good I’m done with this show

      • Clay was on the Texas A&M Football team, so he’s at minimum been around hundreds of African Americans for countless hours over the course of a 4-5 year period. Nothing personal, but gunna call major B.S. on him being sheltered from other cultures.

      • Sure. That doesn’t mean anything Crut. I’m quite sure that idiot didn’t sit down and get to know these people. He didn’t sit down to know Da. If he was around black people, he would not have responded and acted in that frivolous matter. How the hell did this bigot make it to grad school with such a cold and racist heart? You know that boy is culturally insensitive.

      • Exactly…but it also does not help that year, after year, Big Brother cast Black people who don’t know how to play the game, and have never ever watched the show…See Candice, & Howard BB15.

        If Da’Vonne knew the game well enough she would have known that calling a house meeting is the Kiss of Death, even tho it exposed Audrey. She would have also kept the Twin Twist to herself, and used it against Liz/Julia.

      • You’re correct. Its like Beverly Hills 90210 with the token black. Show sucks! Cbs should rig it up to keep Day.

      • Or there casting should have rightfully included more diversity from the beginning! That was DaVonne wouldn’t be held up as the ”hero” of her ethnic background which is unfair to her AND to black people who would choose not to have her attitude represent them…. Bring back Candice, or Howard, or heck even Devin… :)

      • Totally agreed! We need more diversity, but sadly the ugly ”ratings monster” tells CBS that people will only watch when part-time actors & models (mostly from white, upper-middle income lifestyles) are on this show… I’m not too happy it’s gone this way from the original direction of the show, but here we are all watching it… :/

    • Race should never matter in this day in age. However, It is strange that all the African Americans are quickly jettisoned off this show.

      • That would fall on whatever missteps those players took that cost them their place in the game.

      • Depends on the HGs’ perspective. The house likes Day and Audrey’s untrustworthy. The two trump cards Day have could have worked well in her favor but she blew the first one when she told Jason so she no longer has a bargaining chip to get Liz/Julia to vote her way.

      • And she alienated herself and put herself at odds with the 3 people who have all the power this week! Nobody ever survives that type of strategy…

      • It’s not set in stone yet. I’m not a Da fan to that extent, but I honestly feel as though there are hardcore KKK racists running the show. Clay is a racist.

      • I’m not Justin Timberlake, Foxy…just speaking the truth and sometimes it stings and hurts.

      • I understand that you’re upset, I also get upset when one of my favorites is evicted. I’m just suggesting that sometimes you have to show a little grace when things don’t go your way.

      • Please look at this from a NON RACIST view. Da is a threat in the house. She is more of a threat than Audrey. Audrey has no friends in the house. Da has a few and is smarter than Audrey. Why not try and get her out this week if she is going to try and get you out the following week? Instead, you have to bring race and slavery and the KKK into this. smh.

      • I think a lot of us are Da fans by default because we see how poorly she’s been treated in the house by racists such as Clay. Maybe if he hadn’t said some nasty things about African Americans on Facebook and Twitter and said a few questionable things on the feeds and targeted Da so early on when there are clearly bigger threats in the house (eg Austin, Audrey, and even Meg who is so likable) then maybe we would be rooting for Clay and not Da.

      • I agree. If Da is smart then she will convince everyone to keep her instead of the lovable Meg. I would love to see it blow up in Clay and Shelli’s face.
        The part I don’t like about diversity is that the oldest person is 33. Geez. I know there are a lot of physical challenges but there are plenty of older people who are in great physical shape. I think half of the people should be 21-39. The other half of the people should be 40-70.

      • Amen…I have been watching Big Brother since season #1, and not once has a Black person ever won this show?! Even on The Amazing Race, & Survivor a Black Person has won it…But “never” on Big Brother. Danielle Reyes came in 2nd, but that was before Producer Allison Grodner came on aboard. I’ve said it before, & I’ll say it again…That is why I love BB Canada, the Black HG on BB Canada actually know how to play the game, and are always in the game. The twist on their shows are are mostly good, not BBUSA! Da’Vonne’s twist didn’t help her One iota?! You give a HG that twist when there are ONLY 5 HG left in the house playing, not 14 to 12 people!

        Now all we get every freaking year is the Sexy Dude, Sexy Girl, the Model, the Country Bumpkin/Cowboy, the Gay/Lesbian person, the Geek/Nerd person, the Black person, & the Asian person. Every year its the same stereotyped people folks, and no one that is 40, 35, or 45….Its all 20 somethings, with maybe one 30 year old. I didn’t even watch tonight’s episode of BB, because its Lame, Old, & Stale..

      • This is the only show left in Anerica that white citizens can hold on to. You’re absolutely right. It is continually becoming stale and fragile due to Julie Chen and production’s misinterpretation of the demographics of our country. This show definitely has to become more culturally diverse.

      • I do think it is unfortunate that we dont have more blacks making it further in the game. But, the majority obviously dont make it far in the game. That is the way it is set up. I think surfers types have as bad a record as blacks in this game. But, lets not forget that Danielle in season 3 was final 2. I was pulling for her the entire way. Her and Jason were wonderful to watch. It saddens me that we dont have more blacks going further. I loved Howard. He was competitive and had a noble character. I think we have to resist the temptation to throw out the whole game when our fav character gets the boot. In season 15 I despised every hg in the final 6 or 8. But I still love the game.

  3. Da’Vonne seems to be stuck in “Never My Fault” mode. Seriously, how can she not know why Clay and Shelli would want her gone.

    Granted, this could just be CBS’ edit of the events and she may not actually be that clueless.

    • Honestly speaking, Da’Vonne is not as nearly as twisted and diabolical as Audrey. They had an misunderstanding in the beginning and it has led to all of this tomfoolery and hijinks. On the other hand, Audrey has been lying and manipulating everyone in that house including Clelli. On a side note, Austin is starting to cause problems behind the scenes and no one seems to catch on to him. Both of these HGs are bigger targets than Da. But for some reason (whether it’s an innate racial bias or it is production) Shelli is blindly determined to get Momma Da out that house. The end result is this. If Clay doesn’t win that HOH, Shelli and her cougar cub will be in serious trouble. Mark my words.

      • Oh, I have no doubt that’s right. But Slay (as some other pages refers to them, fyi) wouldn’t be so gung-ho to get her out if it weren’t for that fight between Clay and Da, and it seems like Da’Vonne completely forgot about that argument.

    • So I guess it’s her fault she overheard clay, shelli, and Jeff making a sarcastic comment about her and I guess it’s her fault Audrey tried to lie and throw her under the bus but got caught, I guess dae should have been a nice little girl and ignored this but then everyone would have looked at her as an easy target. I think after seventeen seasons when dae gets evicted 2morrow, that will be the last big brother I watch until they get just a little bit more color in the house!!!!

      • Stop lol…You will be still watching 110477. Besides, what will you watch anyways at the time slot if you actually do?

      • Right. Its not diverse enough. Day didn’t do anything wrong and called out Clay. Its Racism. Day is smart and Clay dumb ass couldn’t cope. Now him and Shellie are target’s. The one to watch is Austin and the Asian guy.

      • These fools have no clue about Austin. He should have a huge target on his back. They are just simply blinded for the hate of the African American so much that they can not see. That Asian guy and Jason will be coming for blood like Bruce Lee if Da goes home.

  4. I hope John or Jason wins next week and sends Shelli or Clay home. I can’t fathom them anymore.

    • That is why I said earlier (in another post) that Celli could be in serious trouble. They went against most of the house and decided to go for Da instead of Audrey. I understand it is just a game and they have to do what is best for them but to put a target on their back is a big problem for them and they have yet to see it.

      • I think it is hard to say they went against the house when the entire house is voting to evict the nom they want out.

      • Since Day is the house target this week, the plan all along before the last HOH comp was to evict Audrey. Shelli (Clay) went out on their own for their own game and it might cost them big time. Day is the nom this week but they would have rather voted for Audrey to leave if they had stayed the course.

  5. Why do us blacks even go on big brother. I cant b mad because if it was the other way around we would b doing the same thing. This show proves that we’re all still a little racist.

    • That’s not entirely true. I am black and I wouldn’t act in that manner. We are not born racists. It’s a learned characteristic that we develop through our experiences in life.

  6. That chiseled chin chump Clay used Shelli HoH to get what he wanted cause he didn’t want Da to influence the other Houseguest. Cause they would have found out he is an opportunist.and a Jerkaholic.

  7. Know this is off topic but have you heard what Frankie’s sister said and caught on survillance video. Said she hates Americans and hates America. Hopefully her career is going to be short lived.

    • I think she was referring to the government and those 1% folks. Frankie and her are yesterday’s news. Plus, Big Sean got her head confused and twisted.

      • To me it doesn’t matter why she said it. The nerve to complain about America where she is making all her money. Have heard other stories about her acting like a diva. She doesn’t like it here go live and work else where.

      • It must run in that Grande bloodline. It would be nice if she relocated elsewhere like you mentioned lol

  8. How can Julie Chen live with herself with BB and that lame show the Talk?? Aisha Tyler has a Ivy League education and Holly Robinson Peete is a philanthropist that has dedicated her life to helping kids with autism and other learning disabilities. Chenbot got rid of two successful and renowned African American women off her show because she was intimidated and felt insignificant compared to them. She replaced them with a buffoon that laughs like a hyena and looks like Wesley Snipes. I’m appalled. For shame CBS.

  9. Clay go home and maybe I’ll like BB17 again, anyone with sense has no room for a closet racist and paranoid meathead, I really hope they come up with a better twist tomorrow, it should be interesting to see if Shelli gets any enemies from lying to Becky or by some hidden justice that Audrey does get backdoored, because Da’vonne going home is really going to make the house boring. how I do love watching the sheep squirm, better make it interesting production. xoxo

    • Great point. Clay is a closet racist. I have found tweets and Facebook posts that verify it. I’m imofficially done with him. That house will be boring without Da’Vonne.

      • DJ, I’ve spent the past 10 minutes scrolling down this feed and comments. Not a single thing that you’ve said makes any sense.

      • I almost can’t wait till Da’s eviction now so things can get back to normal here.

      • Good for you. I have a strong inkling that you both don’t want to hear the truth about the racial shenanigans on this show. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • I can’t wait too see when Shelli and her man Clay are on the block! I’m looking forward to their showmance crumbling. Neither one of them are great BB players/strategist. They are just bullies with big mouths and even bigger egos.

  10. I see that the cockroaches are starting to come out the woodworks now with some these comments

  11. Luckily I knew what was going to happen tonight since the local news cut into programming yet again with storm info and I did not get to see it as I would have liked. Thanks for the recap.

  12. Kinky John is growing on me ~ HOH take over Clay is not. I felt so so so sorry for Clay when Audrey pissed him off ~ pick up your marbles and go home Clay! Hang in there Da’V ~ there’s still hope.

  13. How did I know race would be brought up…
    Ignore the horrible gameplay, she’s only being evicted because she’s black, right guys?

    • …because it’s America. lol The seasons I’ve watched the minorities are always weak which I find suspect. I don’t know who does the casting but they need to do a better job picking minorities. lol Furthermore, there have been winners who should have been sent home because their game play was weak but didn’t go. I think that is because they are attractive or colorful which brings viewers.

      • Then you haven’t watched a lot of seasons. There have been many minority players who have made it very far.
        I do agree that some season winners were fixed (I’m looking at you, BB13), but it wasn’t rigged so a white person would win because they’re white, it was rigged so a fan favorite would win. And no, she wasn’t a fan favorite because simply because she was white…

      • So completely false. A lot of fan favorites have not won this show. The way this travesty of a season is shaping up, I certainly feel as though another one will painfully not. Andy was CERTAINLY not. You have some nerve to say what seasons a person has watched.

      • I know a lot of fan favorites didn’t win… What are you talking about? But in BB13’s case, one did… Rachel was absolutely a fan favorite, and there were plenty of twists that helped her along. Can you not read?
        I can make assumptions on whether or not someone has watched a lot of the seasons or not… When someone says that minorities don’t go far, they clearly haven’t watched past seasons.

  14. I do find it suspect that Blacks don’t last long on BB. I don’t watch the show every summer but the ones I have the minorities always seemed weak except an Asian female whose name i cannot not recall. Whoever said the cast doesn’t represent diversity is correct. Which is sad since the host is a minority. I too have been pondering how much the network intervenes because when the house has the opportunity to get strong players out they don’t. Example, Evil Dick and his daughter. Another sad fact is that woman cannot unite to win a game.

    • It’s because of production that these things happen. Hopefully they will right the ship and a minority can win on this show.

    • Danielle, Jun, Jameka, Kevin, Monica, Ivette, Marcellas… Just some examples of people of color that have made it far.
      But no, it’s racist. How else can you explain Day leaving early???

      • What’s your definition of far? And unfortunately it is discriminatory. At least gay Andy won. But a black person can’t win? Smh.

      • What’s YOUR definition of far? Because the people I named were all top 4, 2 of which are runners up, and 1 of them won.
        “But a black person can’t win? Smh.” So you think a black player should be given the $500k simply because they’re black?

      • OMG. What the hell is your problem, amigo? You need to pop a Xanax and fall back. I see that a nerve was struck with you. Now, what black person won THIS show? Do you have your reality shows mixed up? This is not Survivor or Amazing Race. No, I don’t think a person should win because of their race. It just seems that other people of different races are prone to be leave the show earlier more often compared to whites. It seems like a big coincidence that the blacks, gays and other minorities are in a ratio of 14.5:2.5 every season. How do you feel about those odds??

      • Look, obviously the ratio between minorities and non-minorities needs to be looked at, but that’s not what you’re talking about on this forum. You’re spreading some “CBS is fixing it so minorities leave early” thing, which has been proven wrong if you use other seasons as examples (see: my original comment).
        You even said in one comment that they have a “KKK agenda” and that Julie should be ashamed for working for a “racist company”.
        Here’s the thing. When you say “why hasn’t a black person won”, you’re exposing an agenda. The answer to your question isn’t “because CBS is racist”, as you like to believe.
        Race baiting has no place here. Day is leaving tonight because she messed up in the game, not because of the color of her skin.

      • Please stop your God damn foolishness and lies. They are getting rid of Da because Shelli and Clay feel intimidated for no apparent reason and because they are prejudiced. Plus, name one show on CBS that has more than 3 African Americans on it. On top of that, I said that our poster Tom has racism ties that needs to be closely examined.

      • Dude come on, the only foolishness here is your nonsense. They’re getting rid of Day because she’s obviously targeting them.
        Throwing racism out in cases like this take away from the actual racism taking place where we live. There’s nothing racist about evicting Day, and there’s no CBS racial agenda. Just stop.

      • AMEN. DJ is trying to make CBS the KKK (not to mention bringing up slavery and such…)?? And you’re the ‘foolishness and lying’ one? Da played a horrible game and deserves to be voted out and will be voted out. … but lets make it because she’s black… Sounds like DJ is actually the most racist on here. What a joke.

    • You’re right! But I wonder if Ms Chen even views herself as a miniority. I only say this because during BB 5 Aaryn said some pretty mean things about Asians and Julie never called her out on it and didn’t seem to be too offended by it.

      And its suspicious because in BB they don’t tend to get rid of the best players. I think something happens in that Diary room. I think they must persuade people to vote out/nominate/dislike houseguests who BB does not like. I don’t know if this is true. Not saying it is. I’m just speculating.

      • Chen has money. That erases her Asian heritage completely. When you married to the president of CBS, no one sees her as a minority. I’m quite sure that they are prompted to say and do things against their will. There’s persuasion.

      • She just had an episode of Who Do You Think You Are recently that had her retrace her patrilineal heritage to as far as Singapore and Fujian, China.

      • Having money erases how people look at her. They don’t see the Asian. They see $green$

  15. Tom Smouse is actually Thomas Robb: the new leader of the KKK. Please flag him and remove his posts, administrator.

  16. I don’t know about you all, but Clay’s attitude makes me really not a fan of him. He’s just so cocky and condescending. I hope Shelli gets smart and doesn’t let him run her whole game. Maybe they should get him out some time soon.

  17. I have just read this entire page of comments and wow 90% of them are about race. WTH? What happened to debating the game, commenting on game play. Talking about the twists? Saying who we like and dislike without bringing race into it. Everyone complaining about what players CBS should put in the game. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Why are you all watching if you hate the show and players so much? So you can come here and bitch about it? I like people based on their actions and game play. Not on the color if their skin, religion or sexual preferences. Did you ever think that maybe a lot of minority’s don’t try out for the show. Look if you want to go there why are there no whites in Miss Black America but in Miss America there are a lot of minority’s. Let’s get back to debating the game and the players playing the game and leave race out of it. Ok all you haters you can let me have it now.

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