Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 2: Tuesday Night Highlights

The Twin Twist outing continued to dominate the Big Brother 17 house and Live Feeds last night as Da’Vonne worked on Liz to secure her vote this week and the houseguests put Liz herself on the spot during their nightly talk show/podcast.

Big Brother 17 houseguest react to Jeff and Austin's podcast - Source: CBS All Access
Big Brother 17 houseguest react to Jeff and Austin’s podcast – Source: CBS All Access

Da’Vonne flat out told Liz (who I think was actually Julia) that other people in the house think she’s a twin. And everyone who suspected that got their confirmation when the HGs caught Liz/Julia in a lie during their podcast.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 7, 2015:

4:00 PM BBT – Audrey working on Clay & Shelli to convince them they need to shift in the house. She wants them to flip to the other side.

4:15 PM BBT – Audrey wants to go after James and use Meg as the pawn to make that happen. Shelli agrees with that plan.

5:10 PM BBT – Shelli & Clay alone discuss the idea of flipping and going with the other side. They like this idea and think it’s worth considering.

5:50 PM BBT – Da’Vonne campaigns to Vanessa who tells her to work on Austin and Liz’s vote suggesting she could get hers too. (Later we find out that’s unlikely.)

6:00 PM BBT – Jason, Steve, and Da’Vonne outside having a lengthy super fan talk. Jason and Steve are way up there on the Ian Terry level of Big Brother knowledge and enjoy running through the details.

6:20 PM BBT – Vanessa telling Clay and Shelli that she will not vote to keep Da’Vonne. She’s worried Day would come after Shelli for revenge. Vanessa promises she’s loyal to them and Chelli agree they are too. Vanessa says that Jason would be an easy next target.

6:33 PM BBT – Now Clay, Shelli and Vanessa are talking about Audrey and whether or not they can trust her. Clay says she’ll always be a target above them. Vanessa says Audrey will never be her target.

8:20 PM BBT – Da’Vonne is trying to secure James as a sympathy vote. That’s her strategy to try to obtain the five votes she needs. She tells James his vote will probably be her own since the person who won the power will cancel out Jason’s vote (she’s still not telling people she has the power).

8:29 PM BBT – Clay asks Jason if he got the power from the twist. Jason says no and Da’Vonne didn’t get it either. Clay is starting to suspect Jeff got it.

8:55 PM BBT – Meg is finally starting to wonder whose votes she has.

9:52 PM BBT – Da’Vonne pulls Liz aside and tells her that people in the house think that she is a twin and that they are trading places in the game. Da’Vonne says she will protect her against those people if she votes to keep her and convinces Austin to keep her. Liz says she has her vote and that she will talk to Austin. Liz tells Day that she will never forget her saving her week one. Liz doesn’t admit to being a twin.

10:47 PM BBT – Da’Vonne talking to Jason about whose votes she has. She tells him she has his, James, Austin and Vanessa.

11:00 PM BBT – The nightly podcast/talk show starts. The HGs interview each other with non-sensical questions.

11:15 PM BBT – They call Liz up for her “interview.” They’ve been planning all day to put her on the spot. They’re firing questions at her and she’s acting pretty weird, especially considering Day told her that people think she’s a twin.

11:26 PM BBT – Austin and Jeff aren’t doing a very good job of putting Liz on the spot, so Shelli steps up and asks her a question about cooking.

11:37 PM BBT – Liz (Julia) in the hot seat ended. They ended up catching catching her in a pretty big lie. Everyone who suspected Liz was a twin now has confirmation. Audrey is the next guest up and this bogus time-killer goes on far too long.

12:35 AM BBT – Da’Vonne asks Steve to play a game of pool but he blows her off thinking she’s trying to campaign. This leads to tears as she tells Jason that maybe it’s time for her to go.

12:40 AM BBT – HGs more convinced of the Twin Twist after their podcast talk. They plan to ask the same questions on Thursday to catch her in a misstep.

12:55 AM BBT – Steve tells Becky about the twins and suggests she let John know what’s going on.

1:40 AM BBT – Audrey is crying that Day laughed during her portion of the podcast. Says she thinks Day has the Last Laugh power because she’s acting cool all of a sudden. Clay is sure Day does not have the votes to stay.

2:50 AM BBT – Audrey comes out and tells Meg she needs to start working harder for votes. Audrey leaves and HGs are annoyed with her behavior trying to pit them against one another again.

3:20 AM BBT – Da’Vonne sits down with Audrey to talk it out. Audrey promises Day it’s nothing personal. They hug it out.

3:45 AM BBT – Jason telling Becky all about the Twin Twist. Steve already told her, but Becky pretends to be surprised and shocked.

4:00 AM BBT – Houseguests continue to discuss the twins and how convinced they are about it.

4:10 AM BBT – Jeff points out that Liz/Julia had previously told them her mom owned a catering business and her sister worked for that business. Tonight Liz/Julia told them she worked for her mom’s catering business. (Oops!)

So right now Liz is in the hot seat and Da’Vonne is slowly building votes to stay. Whether or not she will have enough to stay over Meg is yet to be seen. Expect an exciting Wednesday on the Live Feeds, though, as Day works for votes and Liz/Julia try to save their game.

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  1. The Twin Twist is becoming the main focus. It’s keeping them from other aspect of the game. Who could benefit from that ? Audrey is suddenly falling under the radar. Who else you think ?

    • I think Audrey is falling off the radar simply because she’s toned it down and they’ve had about a week to forget that she’s public enemy number 1. The Twin Twist as an additional distraction might have helped with this, but who knows.

      I’m really not sure anyone will benefit from it. Day could have if she had used it in a more strategic manner. Aside from that it is just a waste of time and energy.

      But it does seem to be providing some entertainment for the house. So maybe it benefits all of them, in a way.

    • Something tells me Audrey won’t be happy unless she’s the center of attention and might be a little miffed that Liz/Julia have taken center stage.

  2. Yes, her and D! That is what happens on BB. You think the 2 with targets on their derriers are out and then something swoops in to take over. But isn’t that life. Your focus can turn in a second. You worry about a big thing and then your half-sister calls up and tells you she’s pregnant. Forget about your worries. And Meemie, we better get going!

  3. Audrey is already back to the manipulation that she is so very good at and it seems to be working for her. Vanessa says Audrey will never be her target and hasn’t Shelli said the same thing, or am I mistaken?

      • Been watching Audrey do her little build up the ego and tear it down tactic on Clay. She shoots a lot of little jabs his way that work to plant doubt in him. She’s good at that. She has probably had a whole lot of practice because it appears so natural, and Clay is just ripe for the pickin’..

    • I wonder if Audrey casts her vote to keep Da’Vonne this week.
      Would love that to send huge wake-up call to Shelli and Clay that they should kill a snake when they see one.

      • I personally think Audrey strives for, but didn’t do so well with, confusion and chaos. Although she gave Jace a vote, which, in my opinion, was a ploy to put a target on possibly Austin’s back, I honestly don’t think she would give Da a vote.

      • That vote she gave Jace was positively a set up to blame Austin..but it failed. She talked about afterwards saying to someone that now the HG’s would probably blame her for that one vote.

      • Audrey definitely belongs up there with the great, overplaying the game, players Devin and Ronnie. The girl just can’t seem to help herself.

      • I’m sure she is ramping it up and will continue to. It’s kind of exciting, though, huh?

      • I’ve never seen anything like her. I have no doubt she will turn on Shelli and Clay just for the heck of it.

      • Of course. I think Shelli and Audrey are both smart, but I think Audrey is dangerous and unpredictable. If Audrey would use more of her intelligence than her unpredictability, she could possibly make it further in the game.

      • So true about Audrey being dangerous due to being unpredictable. Not playing a very intelligent game at all. If the only way for Audrey to survive next week is to turn on Shelli and Clay I’m sure she would do so.

      • What if Audrey throws Da a vote to mess with the house, like she did last week AND that is the vote that sends Meg packing. That would be hilarious to watch the after shock!

      • Hey redroses, Cheryl here, how are you doing? Anyway, I would love love love to see that. I would be rolling on the floor. I want Da to stay because the house will be so shook up. Can you just see the faces of the houseguests if that happens…funny as hell….. and following that Da winning HOH, the looks on their faces then would be PRICELESS….LOL…LOL

      • Hey Cheryl! Good to see you. I’m fine. You? Da squeaking by this week and winning Hoh next would definitely send the house into a tailspin!

    • They both have said that, but I don’t know how long Audrey can control herself. She has already been shut down for making up stories again by both Clay and Shelly. I think she might get one more week of safety, but will then put herself back into the same position.

  4. I always thought of myself as a super fan. But then I realized, I can’t even remember most of the winners. Will, Dan, Ian. That’s all I remember off the top of my head. Then you have people like Steve who remembers the person that spelled the longest word…I’m still just a peasant :(

    • Yeah, they really know their stuff. Though Steve said you had to have watched BBUS seasons multiple times to qualify as a super fan but hadn’t watched BBCAN himself. I dunno.

      Watching just the episodes of BB over again seems kinda lacking. I could watch highlight episodes (big events) but not every episode of a season knowing how much slicing & dicing BB does to it.

    • I know what you mean. I always watch it, but a lot of times I can’t even remember who a player was from a few seasons ago when they’re referenced unless they were one of the bigger personalities in the house or one of my favorites.

      Yet I still remember Cowboy like he was in the house yesterday…

    • It makes me feel old but this is the 17th season so there is a whole lot to remember. I remember my fav players. I think Steve also has a great memory. I could study the seasons but not necessarily recall every little detail like he does.

  5. Seems like Day forgot to include herself in that “group of people” that are figuring out the twin thing, when she’s the one who figured it out in the first place!.

    • I had hopes for Day to be a better player than she is. If she was smart, she would have used the knowledge of the twins as leverage, but instead she told the whole house and gained nothing.

      • I thought for sure Day would have been smarter about the Twin Twist. I really think that was her downfall. and. OMG, is Audrey a master manipulator or what? She’s maddening, but the girl knows how to work it…gotta give her props for that!

    • It’s going to be her downfall too I believe! Sad, that. I have a feeling she will definitely be going home even with the power to get 3 votes her way.

  6. A day and a 1/2 to go and I’ve counted 3 possible votes and 1 maybe vote for Da. Jason (definitely), James (probably), Liz/Julia (possibly), and Audrey (maybe to throw the house into guessing who voted for Da, like last week.) One or two mare and she’s got it made!

  7. Does anyone know how the vote is going to go with the 3 being excluded. Jason and Clay seem to think Julie will tell them beforehand who is not voting but it would make much more sense if they all voted and then Julie announced the 3 that wouldn’t count like at the end of BBCAN3 when Jordan was evicted from the jury, his vote was cast but didn’t count.

    If done otherwise I’ll be upset because that could change Audrey’s up in the air vote which could save Day.

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