Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 11: Sunday Highlights

Things got back to normal in the Big Brother 17 house on Sunday as Austin and Liz made up, the feeds dragged and when you thought it couldn’t get any slower, pot ball remained.

John McGuire gets pumped up on Big Brother 17
John McGuire gets pumped up on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

So what about game talk? What can we expect out of Steve later today? Everyone is just assuming Julia will go up, but Steve had  a few weird moments today that could lead to him doing something weird today, who knows. Read on to see what makes me say that.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 6, 2015:

10:55 AM BBT – Feeds finally start up for the day and we find Liz has crawled back in to Austin’s bed. They’re professing their passion for one another as Austin says he loves her.

11:00 AM BBT – Vanessa stops by, says she’s glad to see them making up, and mentions the backyard is on lockdown.

12:10 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin his fingers smell like her favorite, garlic.

1:10 PM BBT – John and Vanessa discuss the twins situation. John suggests Liz is the simpler plan and Vanessa says that’d make it easier for them to win HoH next. Both John and Vanessa agree to not use each other as a pawn, nom, or renom.

2:30 PM BBT – Twins return to the topic of who should be the one to go. Liz says she’ll be taken out if she stays but Julia doesn’t think she has any chance at winning.

3:00 PM BBT – Julia thinks Survivor would be fun and something she’d like to do, then Steve explains it to her.

3:40 PM BBT – John and Austin debating which twin to vote out. Austin is hesitant to pick either way and be forced to choose his girlfriend since she’d likely just get voted out next week anyway unless she won. Austin says since there are 3 votes and he’s just one then it’s not up to him and he could just vote for Liz anyway.

4:15 PM BBT – John and Steve talking about how the vote could go. John is okay with voting out how the twins want. (This makes zero sense to me to leave that choice up to them instead of him wanting to pick what’s best for his game.)

5:30 PM BBT – Houseguests are outside enjoying the weather and exercising except for Vanessa who remains bundled up and planted on the couch.

6:50 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin how cute he is when he works out.

7:16 PM BBT – Steve asks Vanessa if he would beat her in the final two. She says definitely and he asks her why she would take him then. She predicts he wins the game and again Steve asks why wouldn’t she target him then. She says everyone but Julia would beat her in the finals.

7:30 PM BBT – Steve says he’ll feel bad for putting the twins up together. He doesn’t like hurting people, he says (it’s a game with a lot of money, Steve). He also talks about how he wouldn’t have auditioned had he known he’d make it this far in the game and that he’s considered quitting (wow, Steve). Vanessa asks him if he went out next week would he even care and he says no. (This talk is scaring me into thinking Steve might do something odd at the ceremony)

8:15 PM BBT – Liz and Julia are cooking dinner.

8:32 PM BBT – Liz asks Julia if Steve talked to her about what he’s doing at the veto ceremony. She says no and he doesn’t have to because she already knows she’s going up.

9:10 PM BBT – Liz, Julia and Vanessa are talking rudely about the Goblins and how they outlasted them and in the same breath Julia says “nice guys (them) finish last.”

9:45 PM BBT – Austin talking about how to maximize your odds at final 3. He is only worried about Johnny Mac (he’s still not onto Steve and Vanessa teaming up with JMac).

10:00 PM BBT – Turns out that Pot Ball is not dead. HGs get ready for the rebirth of the boring-to-watch game.

11:20 PM BBT – Liz and Julia are smoking the cigarettes Jason left them.

12:15 AM BBT – Julia and JMac joke about WhackStreet Boys and what a good alliance that turned out to be even if Jason didn’t make it.

12:20 AM BBT – Austin talks to Liz about if she’ll be staying on Thursday. He’s encouraging it, but she seems resolved to go next. Liz doesn’t think anyone would take her to the end, but he says he would. Liz says she believes Austin has a F2 with Vanessa. They tell each other “I love you.”

12:40 AM BBT – Liz wants to give Julia this experience because she thinks she’s always gotten the short end of the stick in life between the two of them. He’s strongly encouraging her to stay, but she continues to be torn over doing it for herself or giving the chance to Julia.

1:20 AM BBT – John and Steve talking as Steve is hyping him up to win the next HoH saying he needs that accomplishment so he doesn’t appear to be a Victoria type floater that others are afraid will be dragged to the end. Steve suspects John is America’s Player (not as far as we know), but just hopes John isn’t throwing HoH’s.

3:20 AM BBT – Steve is alone in the HOH room camtalking. He is nervous about Vanessa but says it’s more important right now to split up the trio of Austwins. Steve is confirming his plans to renom Julia and make the twins this week’s final nominees at Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

3:40 AM BBT – Steve continues to practice his Veto speech for a little while before turning in for the night.

There won’t be any surprise for the twins at Monday’s meeting as they fully expect to be on the Block together, but we can still likely expect some more tears after their fears become a reality. Next up will be to figure out who is going to Jury.

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  1. I think Steve just wanted to have his dream confirmed of being on the show. Now, the novelty is gone. Let him go back to the simplicity of mom’s basement.

    • Steve has turned out to be such a baby. How can a so-called “Super Fan” even have a thought in his mind about quitting this once in a lifetime opportunity? I was rooting for him in the beginning thinking he was Ian-ish and take it to the end by making everyone believe he is this naive gullible young boy, but the sad part is he wasn’t pretending to be a naive gullible little boy.

      • Jason would never even say the word quit. Sucks his game was cut short by assholes that don’t even deserve to be on the show

      • Exactly! I believe Jason would of gone farther if he had align with that snake that is Vanessa and when she least expected it stab her right in the back! Or Tail! Whichever works ^_^

      • I agree sadly but he tried. It’s unfortunate that Audrey was such an awful person she really messed things up for the fan side

      • Yes, he did say quit. He didn’t even campaign when he was on the block. His game was not cut short by others.It was the love of gossip that was his fatal flaw.

      • I think it’s cause he knows Vanessa is coming after him soon and he’s trying to make himself seem weaker than everyone else there, less of a threat. I thought the same as you initially too, but look at what he said to her twice, “why would you take me to the finals if you think I’ll win”. He knows he’s on her hit list.

    • I may very well be wrong, but Steve seems to me like he has Aspergers or something like that. It seems to fit to me. I never thought he was playing to win, just experience BB while he can.

  2. “12:10 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin his fingers smell like her favorite, garlic.” Liz, oh lizzy liz…. Its called Summers Eve… Use it! lololololol

    • Ltiz is the stronger player, but taking out Julia will be better for Steve or John depending on who Vanessa really wants to take to final 2.

      • I agree that taking out Julia would definitely be better for Steve and Johnny. It would be the only way to guarantee that Vanessa doesn’t abandon them for Austin (and Julia if she stays). She would stay with Johnny and Steve if Liz and Austin were left in the game, because she would be the odd woman out either way unless she wins that final HoH.

      • If they keep Liz there is still a 2 person block that will not vote against each other. Liz has to go she is to big a threat to win a comp. it’s time for John to win either the next HOH or POV if not he will be the next to go. I want them to play this game as individuals, why can’t they do that????????

      • I guess the simple answer to your question would be they can’t play as individuals because of paranoia. Its human nature (or survival instinct if you prefer) to try to form friendships, and those always seem to turn to alliances in Big Brother.

        In the back of their mind, they have to be thinking, “There’s no way I can win this on my own because there are already at least 2 alliances that I don’t know about.” I agree it would be nice to see a lot more individual games, but it would almost always lead to a loss because there will always be at least 2 or 3 people who want to team up.

        As far as Liz goes… She is definitely the biggest threat to everyone’s game, including Austin’s! I think we’re seeing that he realizes this now, and is plotting his next move (which seems to be going after Steve and is why Vanessa will probably jump on board).

      • I can understand why It would be good for Steve and John to get rid of Julia, it would isolate Vanessa because Liz /Austin would be a duo she cannot separate, Vanessa would have to side with Steve/John to bust up the twins unless she thinks she can beat them in the F3. Austwins would take each other to F2 and all Vanessa’s work goes down the drain. F3 should be Steve / John/ Vanessa.

      • Vanessa’s best hope of winning the entire thing is for one of Julia/Austin and one of Johnny/Steve to go to jury before the final three. Its like you said, Austin wouldn’t dump Julia to take Vanessa to the final two, but Johnny and Steve won’t drop each other to take Vanessa.

        She will either have to get one of each side out before final three, or she will have to play her heart out to win that final HoH.

        An interesting side note is that if Liz somehow stays this week, it will be bad for everyone including Austin’s individual game. She is a lot more competition for everyone to win the jury vote against than Julia, and even Austin is realizing this.

  3. I was not pleased the drama died down and everybody made up. guess it’s time to think about next eviction. still hoping Vanessa goes next.

  4. Not buying Steve’s mind games,he wants to win this bad as Vanessa does and positive Vanessa is not buying his “Cry Me River” routine either,not a human on this planet that would walk away willing from 500,000 after getting this close. Of course that doesn’t mean the “Norman Bates” of this season hasn’t issues because he clearly does.Every person at this point who wins HOH is thinking how to get to the final 3 and then regroup for the final battle for the last 2 spots.

    • I agree. That baby act he was putting on last night up in the HOH room with Vanessa was ridiculous..I think it was all for show and he was trying to get a “gotcha” moment on Vanessa. She was probably sitting there thinking “what in the hell am I doing up here with this kid?”

      • Vanessa should have pulled a “Golden Globe” out under her hat for Best Actor in a Comdey and handed it to Steve after that performance.

    • Me either, I hope he isn’t trying to pull a Dan-like move. He just doesn’t have that kind of move in him.

  5. Not not surprised Liz is back with Godzilla,said earlier she would forgive him over him fixing her a good glass of ice tea or telling her that her hair looked nice,doesn’t take much to impress a needy person who needs constant worship,so only make sense this failed wrestler has returned to the alter of Liz.

  6. Does anyone know why the schedule is so wonky? If they did noms Saturday, Veto Monday, and renoms Tuesday there would be a lot less boring time and a lot more pressure. The way it’s set up now almost everything is over by Saturday night and it’s snoresville for five days.

    • I suspect they are more interested in producing live broadcast than keeping things interesting for the feedsters.

  7. I wonder how these fools will react when they manage to let Vanessa win this, only to find out she’s already a very wealthy poker player? These people are idiots. Their stupidity is limitless.

  8. Liz is heading for jury and Vanessa will be back with Austin and Julia this week. Think about it, nobody wants to go to the final three with Steve and Johnny because they will be the one evicted unless they miraculously win the last HoH.

    To give Austin a lot of credit, he finally brought this up to Vanessa last night on BBAD, and she seemed to be eating it up with a spoon. With only Johnny able to play for HoH this next week… Well, lets just say that either Steve or Johnny will probably be heading out the door. If you’re Vanessa, you have a much better chance with Julia and Austin.

    Julia is not sold on Austin and seems like she may favor Vanessa if it came down to it. Vanessa would definitely win over Julia with the jury, and should be able to win a close one against Austin. What a lot of people are calling the end of the Austwins sounds really premature at this point.

    The only potential downfall to Austin making it to final three right now is if Liz stays this week, but that won’t happen. Outside of Vanessa, nobody else would probably have a chance against her if she made it to the final two.

    • I don’t think Austin has a chance against her either. He’ll have Liz and maybe Julia, but I don’t see anyone else on the jury voting for him. If Vanessa goes to F2, the game is hers.

      • Yeah, I admit that Vanessa will win it regardless of who she goes against in the final two. I’m just saying that the closer vote would be her against either Liz or Austin. I’m thinking Austin would get all of the Goblins’ vote at least (can’t see Jackie ever voting for Vanessa), and if Vanessa turns on Johnny and Steve as I predict… Well, Johnny would probably go back to his Anti-Vanessa state and vote for Austin.

        I’m still saying Vanessa would win… It would just be 5 to 4 or close to it. However, even with the risk of a close vote, it would be a much smarter move for Vanessa. She can’t expect to make it to the final two if the final three composes of herself, Johnny and Steve. Her only chance is to back stab the guys and go back to Austin and Julia.

        Of course, all bets are off if Julia goes home for some reason. Then Vanessa is the odd woman out no matter who she goes to the final three with. She may have to back stab both sides and hope to take Steve and Julia with her or something like that.

      • Although historically, I don’t think the vote has been made personally. Seems from what others have said that they typically vote for the best player, so not all that many bitter votes. I suspect this is more the case for people who have spent more time in jury and have had the chance to chill out a bit.

      • Most of the votes as a whole are never personal, but there have been a few individual stray votes that were. I’ve seen jury members that make the statement that so and so will never get my vote (regardless of them playing a great game), and then they follow through with it at the live finale.

        Does it happen often? No, but I’m just speculating (as we all are) on a potential outcome. Season 14 would be a good example really because while Dan played a masterful game, it was seen as personal and it rubbed most jurors the wrong way (except for the one who suffered the most… Danielle).

      • Totally agree, season 14 is the perfect example of jurors voting personal. Vanessa is not even close lock at this point, and here at the end she only got worse.

      • Austin probably won’t get a chance unless he wins this next HoH. I think Vanessa will get rid of him first, then go after Steve and Johnny Mac since every single player left will be easier to beat in the endurance competition round for final HoH. Austin was her target this week, but he won the veto.

  9. See why we keep saying these ppl are idiots. Really Steve? Now you wanna quit. Well goooo home and put your head the sand.shame that players went home that wanted to be there. Whoever picked these fools should be fired!

  10. steve has all of us believing he is a momma’s boy and cant do anything on his own –so far in this game he is the only person that has not listen to VAN’S plans =he does what he wants=he is as cunning as her and uses his boyish style to get info from her -just like she does –jmac and he will get rid of van and Austin next

    • Are you watching the same bb as us? Steve does exactly what Vanessa tells him to do.Now if he proves me wrong then good for him but right now all i see is stupidity and trying to be friends with all of them

  11. Really hoping JMac gets HOH Sunday and nominates Austin and Vanessa. Austin wins veto, Julia is the renom, and Vanessa goes home. Oh what a perfect world it would be!

    • It would definitely be in Johnny’s and Steve’s favor to get Vanessa out next week, because she will be turning on them if she gets the HoH next week as well. Now we have the chance to see the intelligence level of everyone left.

      Johnny should target Vanessa

      Vanessa should work with Austin and Julia

      Austin should continue to point out to Vanessa that nobody wants to be in the final 3 with Steve and Johnny

      Steve should be trying to tell Austin about the final 3 deal he has with Vanessa and Johnny

      Julia needs to keep floating along

      If Austin, Vanessa or Julia win HoH… They need to target either Johnny or Steve. I would say Johnny since that would only leave Austin for physical comps. Note, that this is what they need to do for their own games, and not necessarily what I want to see happen.

      • Liz will stay.
        Liz will throw HOH to Austin or Vanessa.
        Austin and Vanessa will target each other and one will win HOH and one will be sent packing. Steve will be the pawn.
        Liz will go back up on the block next week as a pawn with Vanessa or Austin (whoever’s left) as the target.
        Johnny Mac will win F4 HOH.
        Johnny, Liz and Steve will go to F3.
        Johnny Mac will win F3 HOH and take Steve with him to F2.
        (Johnny Mac and Steve will alternate winning POVs and not change the nominations.)
        Johnny Mac will WIN!
        I will wake up from my daydream and have another couple glasses of wine.

  12. With all the talk about America’s player…Whatever happened to that DR leak where it sounded like James found an America’s player card?

  13. JMac looks like Lincoln with the beard, it really needs to go and Austin will never look cleaned, even though I am sure he bathes, because of all those tats. His beard needs a bath too. Van is sitting pretty in the background right now while the twins duke it out.

    • I agree,this week Vanessa is sitting in the catbird seat and has a strong hand going into next week,of course things can turn on a dime in BB but as things stand now would put my money on her if i was a gambling man.

  14. Must say have been taken back a bit by the lack of education both twins seem to have,did they even go to school?..makes you wonder.

    • Are you referring to Sigmund Freud being the great Las Vegas magic act? I laughed out loud and spit my coke out when I saw that last night on BBAD!

      What was even funnier and had me laughing so hard was the camera kept cutting to Austin and you could just see him rolling his eyes, blowing out one of those “You gotta be kidding me breaths.” Then he gives up and finally growls, “You mean Siegfried and Roy?”

      Funniest night of the season!!!!

  15. I just can’t find Steven any more interesting than a dead weed on the side of my neighbor’s yard. The twin is disgusting. Austin is love to hate. Venessa is a psycho BB and more than likely she will be the winner or this season. Jmac…is wacky.

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