Big Brother 17 Live Feeds: Week 1 Saturday Highlights

After the wild ride of Friday’s chaos thanks to Audrey Middleton the Big Brother 17 Houseguests took a much more leisurely stroll through the day. Well, mostly. Once the sun went down things went nuts, again, and the Houseguests were up till the sun came out.

Jace, Julia, & Austin on Big Brother
Jace, Julia, & Austin on Big Brother – Source: All Access

Audrey is once again running at full speed and the rest of the house is just trying to keep up. She may be overplaying her hand though and the other HGs are starting to notice who is at the center of the drama each time.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, June 27, 2015:

10:50 AM BBT – Austin and Vanessa alone in backyard. Austin filling her in on Friday’s chaos. He thinks Jace can survive eviction vote.

11:25 AM BBT – HGs slow to get up. They’re hanging around in bed cracking jokes.

12:30 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Audrey she’s worried Jace will blow up if they don’t warn him of the renom plans. Audrey says it’d be better for her game if they don’t tell Jace.

12:40 PM BBT – Jace & Austin start piecing it together and are trying to figure out why Audrey started “Five Alive” just to immediately screw them over.

12:55 PM BBT – Liz talks to Audrey to smooth things over. Sounds like there were some swap-out problems for Liz/Julia and she’s trying to cover that up.

1:40 PM BBT – Austin advises Jace to tell HGs he’s going after James if he stays since James can’t vote. Jace practices emotions so he can fake cry to HGs.

5:00 PM BBT – Audrey promises Clay & Shelli she’s “ride or die” with them. Audrey wants to go after Da’Vonne next. Clay is good with that.

6:00 PM BBT – Austin & Jace starting to panic a bit about Jace’s situation. They realize Audrey likely lead their death march.

6:30 PM BBT – James & Jason compare notes and agree Jace’s eviction will be a landslide. James wishes it could be a tie so he could break it against Jace.

6:45 PM BBT – Jace & Austin complaining about the other HGs. Austin says the others got lame once the Feeds started and they were afraid of being observed.

6:50 PM BBT – Austin & Liz/Julia blame Day for dragging them down yesterday (the Audrey fight), but are hopeful they can keep Jace this week. (Unlikely.)

8:00 PM BBT – Audrey tells Meg she’s worried about Day getting to Jury. She also wants to keep Steve away from F5.

8:30 PM BBT – James leaves Lounge after a talk with Steve. Steve camtalks & says he doesn’t trust James & he (Steve) will throw the next HoH.

9:00 PM BBT – Jace, seemingly desperate for attention, streaks the backyard. Later he worries about how his rear looked.

9:10 PM BBT – Clay asking Audrey to let him back in the alliance. She’s been keeping him sidelined possibly to benefit her own game.

9:30 PM BBT – Vanessa working on Clay to build trust. She says she wants to work with him.

10:10 PM BBT – Houseguests celebrating with some booze for John’s birthday. He turns 28.

10:15 PM BBT – Da’Vonne confused after Liz comes to her and apologizes. Day wonders why that just happened if they’re opposing alliances.

11:55 PM BBT – James, Jeff, & Meg discuss possibility of a girls alliance. Meg thinks Becky would be the ringleader and Jackie is in on it.

12:10 AM BBT – Jackie tells Jeff that Audrey has been talking smack about Day and Jason. She worries it could get back to them and make her look bad.

12:40 AM BBT – Jeff & Meg sharing their distrust for Audrey and all the drama she’s creating.

1:10 AM BBT – Jace trying to find support in Becky. Says they can get to the end together.

2:45 AM BBT – James & Jackie discuss possibility of an all-girls alliance and how Becky might be leading it. Meg joins them and worries she created unnecessary drama by speculating about an all-girls alliance.

3:00 AM BBT – Jeff working to convince Clay that they can trust Jackie. Jeff wants to target Austin for eviction if he wins HoH.

4:45 AM BBT – Audrey grilling Jeff and accusing him of secretly working with Austin. Jeff isn’t having it and pushes back hard saying she’s crazy if she believes that.

4:55 AM BBT – Audrey now worried about the girls alliance and says Vanessa started the rumor. (I think it was actually Audrey who told Vanessa she was worried about a girls alliance.)

5:35 AM BBT – Jeff & Jason alone discuss what Audrey is doing. They know she’s the center of the drama and creating it to pit players against one another. Jeff says they’ll have to cut Audrey sooner than later.

5:45 AM BBT – Jeff & Jason worry about Clay and how he’s been brainwashed by Audrey to do and say as she suggests.

5:50 AM BBT – Jason says the other guys are afraid to go after Audrey because of her personal backstory, but he won’t let that stop him and he’ll target her.

6:05 AM BBT – Audrey brings Jeff & Jason upstairs to reunite and rebuild the alliance. James stops the conversation to point out they have TEN members in their alliance. TEN. Yep, it’s the Bomb Squad all over again.

6:07 AM BBT – Audrey blames all the alliance’s problems on Da’Vonne. Clay chimes in and agrees that it’s all Day’s fault. Jason steps up and says she’ll trust everyone and that Day will be good.

6:20 AM BBT – Alliance meeting breaks up and they finally head downstairs to bed. Veto meeting coming up on Sunday so they need their rest.

At least Jeff & Jason are on to Audrey and they may start to spread their suspicions. Jace should still be the target this week, but Audrey better start to ease back on the throttle or she may be talking with Julie soon.

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  1. Intense, intense, intense is all I gotta say. I wasn’t able to catch feeds today but upon reading everything that’s been going the past 24 hours on Twitter, it’s insane how these people are so off their rockers.

    And this is just the first week, people. Remember that.

    • To be frank with you, I hope they keep it up. Just wonder how these BB Takeover will influence all of that dram. Hope it doesn’t kill it. Might turn up to be the best BB ever.

      • Hopefully the Takeover twist will merely sow seeds of distrust among everyone so it’d be difficult for large Bomb Squad-esque alliances to stay strong for more than a week.

      • I don’t know. It seems the alliances are on. I can’t imagine what twist will change it. There are so many in one alliance, it’s ludicrous

      • It just needs to focus on all players and not just Oddrey. I hardly saw Da today, and only people Oddrey was around. I think I heard the question is this Liz or Julia every 5 seconds in the chat. Poor Jace is in a mess

    • I really need Oddrey to take a nap. That girl is everywhere, and she’s just odd in how she approaches people. It’s almost accusatory as soon as she starts. Seriously, I don’t think she’s slept or bathed in days

  2. Things on feeds i did not expect from 1st two episodes:
    Jmac-being completely invisible
    Vannesa having a break down.
    Davonne and Audrey backstabbing each other multiple times and joining multiple alliances.

    Who is on the outside: Steve, Vanessa, Jmac, Becky
    Who is on the wrong side: Liz, Jace, Austin
    Who is all over the place: Audrey, Davonne
    Who seems to be with the numbers: James, Jason, Jeff, Jackie, Clay, Meg, Shelli.

    Btw this cast seem amazing and this mega alliance should implode pretty quick, still the 7 i listed as in the numbers could prob run the table.

  3. Once again, we have a big alliance..although I am so confused as to who is in what alliance..these people are all over the place..Audrey needs to pull back for awhile or she is going home..people have caught on for sure. I really have no clue where Jackie stands, no clue where Becky stands, no clue where Shelli stands..I hate when they come into the house and some HG’s immediately overplay their hand(s) ..Audrey, I don’t trust Day at all..isn’t she the one who really started the whole rumor thing the other day about Audrey getting backdoored? My head is spinning with these people!

  4. Thanks for the update Matt. I’m still confused. lol Maybe after the first eviction, I’ll know for sure who’s on to who and what side. I’m not complaining..keep up the drama!

    • Oddrey is a freaking mess. I can’t with her, because she is just odd. She goes in both barrels, then retreats with a whimper. She tried it on Vanessa this morning and Vanessa wasn’t having it. She pushed back while keeping her cool, and stayed with it. Then when Oddrey saw it wasn’t going to work, she retreated

  5. I was really liking Audrey I even predicted to my husband that she would make final 4 but the way she is playing ALREADY come on girl get it together !!!! It is going to interesting to see how Jace reacts when he is but up for eviction I feel like he is going to pull some crazy ” Zack Rance” type of reaction !!!!!! Also has anyone else noticed who is who when they show the Twins. I guess I can tell because we all know about the twist I mean they look alike obviously but I can definitely tell who is who by their eyes. Anyone else pick on on that ???

  6. I bet the editors of Sundays show are having a nervous breakdown trying to fit this into a 1 hour show

      • True, Sunday they will show the BOTB comp. That’s before the drama TRULY started (I think.. I’m so confused). We will have to wait for Wednesday to see the editors cut of the fireworks.

      • As I’ve mentioned in the previous day, the editors will have a field day trying to put that episode up.

  7. if Jace thinks he’s not going up, who does he and Austin think is going to be put up by James?

  8. Hard to tell if people are more intimidated by Audrey’s personality or backstory. Who will be the first to really flip the switch that sends Audrey into a tailspin? I think the possibilities are endless as far as what the reaction would be.

  9. Audrey’s backstory is such an intimidation to the other HG’s! Everyone knows she’s the nucleus of the house. All the drama starts and stops with Audrey yet no one has once said they should get rid of her except Da’vonne. Meg said to one of the J named people (I don’t recall) that Audrey is playing the entire house and that was that! My mind is being blown as how she can play so hard and so forcefully yet barely be on the radar to be backdoored.

    • It’s only week one. She’s done a lot of damage in a short time. She’ll be backddoored

      • Yeah, people in her alliances are putting two and two together and she’s about to be in for a shock soon.

  10. Wow Audrey Calm down!! Don’t go do a Devin on here! ^_^….personally I am loving all this craziness!

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