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Sneak Peek: Big Brother 17 Fan Favorites James, John, & Meg On ‘Bold & Beautiful’ [PICS]

Big Brother 17 is heading for another appearance on CBS’s “The Bold & the Beautiful” after the first round with Jason Roy. Now we’re set to get fan favorites James Huling, John McGuire, and Meg Maley for some Halloween fun.

Meg & James reunite after BB17 – Source: CBS

Yes, it’ll be Johnny Mac and some Goblins together for an appearance on B&B as guests as the Halloween party in an upcoming episode set to air later this month on the daytime soap.

In past seasons we’ve seen a stack of the Big Brother Houseguests gather for this episode but so far we’re only seeing Meg, John, and James take the spotlight following Jason’s own scene which aired earlier this week. The trio will be all dressed up for the Halloween party as what looks to be James in camo jester gear, John as a eye-liner covered rocker, and Meg as a younger, not-yet grandma.

The Halloween episode will air Friday, October 30th on CBS so be sure to set your DVRs and check in on how their scene goes. From the sneak peek look shared by EW & CBS, it looks like all three were having a very good time on set. Check it out:

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Who else do you hope gets a turn to appear on B&B from Big Brother 17?

Image credit: CBS / Sonja Flemming

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