Big Brother 17: Jace & Austin Start To See The Writing On The Wall

Jace is in trouble on Big Brother 17 and that’s bad news for his closest ally, Austin. Finally after days for suspicions they both start to see the writing on the Big Brother wall.

Jace Agolli on Big Brother 17 Feeds
Jace Agolli on Big Brother 17 Feeds – Source: All Access

With the Power of Veto Ceremony just around the corner, possibly on Sunday though usually on Monday, someone is about to come down off the block and a Backdoor plan is in effect for Jace. Can he save himself from eviction?

Since the Live Feeds turned on things were looking bad for Jace as it seemed most of the house was just as annoyed with him as some of us. Worse yet for Jace was a large enough group of Houseguests were ready to do something about it.

Steve won the Veto and will save himself at the Veto meeting where James will announce Jace as the renom. Looks like Jace and Austin are catching on to the plan and starting to prepare.

Last night Austin got the heads up from Audrey herself when she told him that if something happened soon that he didn’t like then to remember that she has his back. He’s been putting those pieces together and suspects Jace could go up as the renom. I don’t think he’s convinced that’ll happen, but he’s thinking there’s a definite chance.

Earlier today, Flashback to 12:40PM BBT, the two guys were questioning why Audrey and James would have created the “Five Alive” alliance with them (Clay was the 5th) to just turn around and immediately betray them.

Later this afternoon, Flashback to 1:40PM BBT, Austin was advising Jace to prepare a sob story speech to plead to the other HGs. Austin suggested Jace tell the HGs that his target was James since James is the only non-vote (aside from the other nom). This way when people ask who his target is he can blame his nominator and not worry about giving any voters a reason to outright deny support. It’s a good plan, but I don’t think it can work.

The numbers are stacked against Jace and if the vote were held tonight he’d be out the door, but anything can happen and Thursday night is a long ways away.


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  1. So that’s what the speech is all about….Jace campaign speech, I agree with you Matt, I don’t think it’s gonna

  2. The only way to save Jace would be for someone (most likely Audrey or Davonne) to dig their own grave within the next 24 hrs or so, which I’m hoping doesn’t happen b/c Jace seems to rub me the wrong way

    • I’d be wanting to get Vanessa out more than Jace since she’s the one complaining about how sad she’s been since she arrived in the BB house! Jace is harmless for now and not that big of a threat at the moment. But maybe others want to use Vanessa as a pawn?

      • I’m kinda glad that Vanessa has been flying under the radar while all the Audrey drama was going on. So much has happened in the BB house that I have no idea who’s aligned with who anymore, or which alliance is fake or a real one. I don’t think even the JOkers site knows what’s going on either.

  3. Best bet would be try to convince james if i go you are the biggest target and people will come after you next. I can be your meat shield. As long as I’m here no one will target you. Target Audrey or Davonne she is playing the whole house just ask anyone they don’t really have your back. I will never put you up.
    The vote could be quite close tho:
    Votes that could keep jace: Austin, Liz, Steve, Jmac, Vannessa (last 3 kind of free votes atm)
    Votes to evict jace: Meg, Clay, Shelli, Davonne, Jason, Audrey, Jeff.
    Jeff wouldn’t evict jackie. Audrey, Davonne, and jason want to get out strong men.
    Jace’s only hope would be to flip two of clay meg and shelli.

  4. WOW ~ is this real or merely flirting with the idea??? Nerves must be raw and tender. Thursday is too too far away!

  5. My heart bleeds purple koolaid for Jace right now. He’s on some sort of smear fest with everyone, except Austin that is…his boy!

  6. When Steve takes himself off the block, and he’s able to vote, Do you guys think he’s gonna go through on voting out Jace? James is expecting him to do that.

  7. Man this cast is playing really hard. There are so many people poised to turn on each other. It’ll all start when James nominates Jace who thinks he’s in an alliance with James. But Audrey is all over the place so without diaries hard to say who if anyone she’s actually true to. Jeff and Jackie are onto her game and said they need to vote her out soon. Clay, Da, Audrey, Jeff, Jackie, Jason, virtually everyone from that alliance is already planning the moves to turn on people. James is probably the only person actually loyal to that alliance. When he looks back he may realize he put his trust in the wrong people. Also sick of all the different houseguests bashing Steve and blaming him for everything. He’s probably the nicest person in that house but certainly his social awkwardness is causing him a lot of issues. The live feeds are going to be crazy after the veto ceremony.

    • I feel sorry for Steve, but then again they’re all playing the game (hard core). It’s really up to Steve make some moves. Who knows he could be a game changer.

    • And that will make for an interesting set of episodes for this week. Based on feed spoilers, looks like the editors are going to have a field day editing Wednesday’s episode.

  8. After almost 60 years of living and receiving a few dozen red roses in my lifetime, and also giving a few dozen red roses to other women, mostly my Mom, I hear Jason’s perspective about red roses. I’m hoping it is just in his weird reality that such a perspective is true.

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