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Big Brother 17 Goblins Reunion: James, Meg, & Jackie With Clay & Jeff [PICS]

It was a Big Brother reunion weekend for BB17 as Houseguests not only headed to Vegas but we also saw James, Meg, Jackie, Jeff, and Clay meet up for a fan meet & greet plus lots of catching up too.

James Huling & Meg Maley reunion in Texas – Source: @AsianJamesBB17

After nearly a month since the Big Brother 17 season ended we’ve seen many of the former Houseguests get back together for some less stressful time of hanging out. While there might not be fifty cameras and a hundred microphones on them at every moment, there were still plenty of selfies and pics to capture the fun.

The Goblins alliance of James Huling, Meg Maley, and Jackie Ibarra brought in a few honorary members with Clay Honeycutt and Jeff Weldon for their fans’ meet & greet in Wichita Falls, Texas over the weekend, but their fun didn’t stop there. James took his Big Brother friends out for some fun on the water and even a little shooting. Perhaps most importantly, Jackie had her first Chick-fil-A experience.

Check out all their pictures from this weekend and hit the source links below for even more updates from some of your favorite BB17 HGs now back out in the wild.

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Source: @AsianJamesBB17, @megmaley, @JackiexIsabel, @JeffWeldon21

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