Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 4 Player Rankings By Adam Poch

In what could have been an explosive few days of Big Brother 16 leading up to this week’s live eviction – instead we have just about the whole house targeting the same person. That makes for a Ho-Hum week. See below for my BB16 player rankings for each person this week.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Caleb3 strips of Tofu. Caleb’s crush on Amber is getting old. He has said over and over he is done with her, yet still follows her around and in doing so – lost the trust of his original alliance. This week would have been insane if he went up as the replacement nominee and we could have seen a Cowboy Beast Mode Meltdown. Taking $5000 instead of the Veto just furthered the frustration between him & Cody.

Zach3 strips of Tofu. Is anyone else getting sick of Zach’s 3rd Base Coach arm slaps or whatever the hell he is doing?? He asked Cody to put him up on the block because he thinks he would be safe. Zach, bro – you may not be as safe as you think. The Dr. Will shtick is also getting old.

Brittany2 strips of Tofu. Brittany has used the same word over and over “deserving” that it kind of lost its meaning. She was the target and lost both the BotB and POV. Instead she won the right to kick a soccer ball 2400 times. Too bad that will have nothing to do with keeping her safe. Her only hope was that she would be sitting next to a bigger threat on Thursday – but as we saw, that plan never panned out. She could still luck out, but don’t think so… she deserves to go see her kids this weekend!

Hayden2 strips of Tofu. Hayden has been busier trying to get Nicole to make out with him (which he finally did) than be involved in game talk. He does not seem aware that people are using him as a number and possibly ally later. He also keeps mooning the camera!

Amber1 strip of Tofu. Amber’s game is melting down as people in the house are starting to get sick of her. She got nominated again, and won the Battle of the Block again – which is the only reason why she did not get more tofu this week. Making Caleb eat a pickle so she would go on a date with her – and then being shocked that he actually did it (did you really think he wouldn’t)? She has moved up on the target list for the guys running the house right now. She better hope she can keep winning when she needs to.

Donny1 strip of Tofu. Donny is the most loved HG in & out of the house. His going up on the block was a good choice by Cody to ensure Brittany leaves. But he is keeping it too cool. He has a lot of ammo to use against other people but chooses not to use any of it. He needs to start building an army instead of just being complacent & let his popularity get him further in the game.

Christine1 strip of Bacon. Christine is one of 4 people that has not been nominated yet – and that just shows she is pretty well protected from all sides. She does not take this for granted and still works to make sure she continues to build bonds with people both in & out of the game. I still think she is in the best position in the house – but she will have to step up at some point if she wants to win the $500K

Cody2 strips of Bacon. Cody won HoH and was in a position to make the first REALLY BIG MOVE this season by putting Caleb up as a re-nom. As fans we all wanted to see that happen, but for his game, it would not make sense. In the end he played it safe, and right now, that’s smart. As outgoing HoH he will need to keep himself as safe as possible. Only reason he does not get more Bacon is – he is a soccer player & loses a soccer based POV?? Cmon man! I am truly surprised that the rumor has not made its way back to Caleb yet. If it does we can have an epic battle to the death.

Derrick2 strips of Bacon. Derrick is still doing a great job getting in people’s ears and having others do his dirty work for him. All the while keeping himself off most people’s radars. There was absolutely no fallout by him getting Devin out last week – and this week he went back to being a cheerleader to Cody while planting seeds of what he should do. I think his talk with Cody was the one that changed his mind to putting up Caleb.

Nicole2 strips of Bacon. She worked hard to make sure the nominations stayed the same during the Veto competition, but instead has to wear another outfit for the week. This time the adorable Germatard. Her goofy side has the HG’s not fear her as a player – but she is much more aware of what is going on than people think. Snuggle time with Hayden could end up costing her as people can use that as an excuse to nominate them later.

Frankie3 strips of Bacon. Frankie won his 2nd HoH of the season, but also lost his 2nd HoH of the season – which is completely fine at this stage of the game. No blood on his hands, and the people he nominated are not even that upset at him. He has also stayed loyal to his inner circle and is always the one that people come to when they are upset. No one sees him for the huge threat that he is because he constantly deflects anything that can be construed as him having any power.

Victoria5 strips of Bacon. The best feeling in the Big Brother house is when you win a Veto when you are on the block. While Victoria was not the number one target this week, her personality has been getting under people’s skin and could have been a victim if she was still on the block come Thursday. She threw a wrench in Cody’s plans and caused him to scramble big time. Everyone thought she was not a strong competitor – but she beat out Caleb, Cody, & Brittany. Chances are next week she will be nominated again, but she may be able to build a little bit of confidence with this week’s POV win.

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week. This week was tough because it has been a relatively Ho Hum week. But Jocasta has to get the award. She was kicking ass in the HoH competition with Brittany and would have made for the best HoH duo this week as we have no clue what she would do. She also floundered in the Battle of the Block competition – leaving Amber to have to win by herself. Her vote this week will be interesting as Brittany is her closest friend & Donny gave her his Veto when she was too sick to play for herself. Chances are she will vote “with the house.”

Let’s hope next week will be a little more exciting!

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  1. -You got it right for Cody. LOL
    -You’re too hard on Caleb, altough he did take the 5k insted of the veto (dumb move), I wouldn’t give him more than 1 strip of Tofu.
    -You’re way too easy on Victoria. Altough she wasn’t the target (which you mention), she didn’t win the veto, somebody choose to let her keep it. I wouldn’t give more than 2 strip of bacon.

    • No one really had a good week – as it was a semi-boring week. But however she did it – Victoria walked away with the Veto.

      Caleb is killing his game. Each week he does something worse and worse. He is getting himself into a hole he wont be able to get out of.

  2. By doing nothing except sitting around like Christine, does not make her a good player. Her game sucks and her name is getting thrown out there all the time. If she doesn’t start winning she will be going bye bye before jury because Donny, Jocasta, Victoria want her gone and they will win an HOH.

  3. Adam is talking about Zach’s mannerisms getting old? Dude. You went an entire summer talking about bacon, and now you’re using it as a theme in your writeups.

    • Well, that’s your opinion. I personally love Adams write ups. He’s usually spot on and the bacon shtick is his own were as Zach is using someone else’s and is not doing a good job of it.

    • And I travel the country eating bacon. Come join me at Bacon & Beer Classic – July 26th – Queens // Pig Island – Sept 6th – Brooklyn // Bacon Bowl – Sept 13 – Bentonville, Ark // BR Bacon Tour – Nov 1 – Madison WI // Blue Ribbon Baconfest – Jan 31 – Des Moines Iowa… hahaha – oh, I know I was probably annoying as hell to some viewers. I also know that I would talk to the live feeders when no one was around and explain my game. Other than Derrick – no one else does that.

      • I LOVE bacon too Adam! Spot on again but I was really surprised you didn’t use the speaking in tongues LOL that took the cake this week. Looking forward to seeing that Wed night. You have a good insight to the HG.

      • Your comments to the live feeders was ridiculous. Didn’t like your game play either. Big flip flopper! Then to top it off the way you came out of the house! You looked like a fool. Talking about coming back for all stars. Hahaha

      • Thank you Lavendargirl! When you get in the BB House, show me how to play properly!

      • Did you ever think maybe I don’t want to go in the house. I’m not one to go through all the hassle. But I have been watching since season one so I’d say I know a little bit about the game. You’re probably a really nice guy in the real world but in the house sorry to say but you sucked. JMO

      • WHAT GAME??? u floated ur way through the entire season and what did u win one HOH??? Goodness no wonder u admire Christine…

  4. Jocasta is the worst….I am pretty sure she was agreeing with someone this week when they wanted to put Donny up?….Frankie maybe? after he helped her out when she was sick? ….and then there was that weird meltdown after the BOB competition….she is just too much and she needs to go.

    • jocasta is a typical brainwashed christian, its always: god did this or that, and the speaking in tongues, wtf ! If you base you life on a lie (god exists) then you are always going to be out of touch with reality. Maybe that’s why so many americans are nut cases.

      • Fyi not all Christians are brainwashed, Jocasta is just a nut job on her own. Are all Canadians A-holes like Justin Bieber?

      • Excuse me but can you prove that God doesn’t exist? Simple answer, NO. I’m a Christian and I am in touch in with reality just fine. I believe in divine intervention but I also know that I need to do my part as well. God helps those who helps themselves. Just because some Christians are way out there doesn’t mean we all are. Just like some Atheists are real jerks doesn’t mean they all are. Besides, I would rather live and believe in God and find out I’m wrong (which I’m not), than live and not believe and find out I’m wrong. God is alive and well.

  5. Sorry….Zach is no way close to the great Dr. Will — greatest reality player in history. Will was hated till the very end, but kept surviving, THEN famously told everyone off in his final speech (priceless) THEN still won. Greatest comeback victory (his alliance was decimated early) ever. Zach? Yeah, right.

  6. Frankie is playing the same game as Andy, and I’m getting so ignored by Zach, is he gay or not? Because, he certainly does have a thing for Frankie.

    Christine, weakest player ever, but she is in the best position of the house, I feel like her and Donny. Possibly Derrick. Could make it all the way to the end, but Christine definitely has to step up her game some.

    Victoria, I forgot she was even on Big Brother. She’s so lazy, and does nothing. She’s definitely gonna be leaving soon!

    Caleb, talk abour aggravating. Get over Amber! You are here for a game, this isn’t the batcherlor.

    Amber, she gets on my nerves.

    Nicole is so into Hayden, she just doesn’t want people to know about them two, so she lays low. I also feel like she’ll make it far in this game.

  7. ahhhh dud Victoria was handed the VETO in return for Caleb getting $5000…SHE WON NOTHING

  8. Victoria, 5 bacon? Meh. More like 10 tofu. She has a big return to sender stamp on her forehead.

  9. eww… bacon is really BAD for you. I eat lots tofu, its good for you. love turkey too. turkey tofu sounds wonderful. I love Derrick’s game play, and they should take Frankie out as soon as possible!!

    • Not true. New study tend to prove we’ve been going the wrong way. Bacon is GOOD for you. More protein, more fat, less carb.

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