The first Team America Vote has arrived on Big Brother 16 and gives viewers the opportunity to control the debut mission for Derrick, Donny, and Frankie.

Donny and Frankie on Team America

Big Brother Houseguests Donny and Frankie on Team America – Source: CBS

Revealed during last night’s Big Brother episode, the first set of vote options for fans includes two mischievous tasks: spread a rumor or spread a rumor. The vote ends today at noon ET (9AM PT), so if you haven’t voted yet be sure to jump over to and cast your ballot.

Big Brother 16 – Team America Vote #1:

MISSION A: Get two Houseguests to kiss and then spread rumors that they are in a showmance.

MISSION B: Get three other Houseguests to spread a rumor that someone in the game is related to a past Big Brother contestant.

Unfortunately both of these missions have negative potential consequences, but “B” seems to have a lot more kick to the problems it could cause. To limit the damage this sub-game could create Mission A sounds better, but how the heck can the three guys guarantee they’ll be able to get a pair to kiss much less start spreading rumors after it with no showmantic activities in the house?

The voting closes today at 9AM PT and the results will be revealed during tonight’s Big Brother show along with the next eviction and HoH competition. Looks like good times ahead!


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