Big Brother 16 Eviction Predictions: Week 12

Eviction prediction time for Big Brother 16 this week as Frankie Grande and Victoria Rafaeli take a seat in the nomination chairs in tonight’s pre-recorded eviction episode.

Victoria Rafaeli and Frankie Grande on Big Brother
Victoria Rafaeli and Frankie Grande on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Who do you think will be voted off Big Brother 16 first this week in the special eviction show tonight? Cast your vote now & read our predictions below.

Yes, the eviction that will air tonight has already taken place and while rumors often appear with claims of knowledge, no one needed to be there to tell you who was sent out the door. It’s the end of the road for Frankie and he’s been sent off to Jury. There’s just no reason for Derrick and Cody to have changed their minds when this has been the plan and things are this far along.

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Big Brother 16 Week 12 Eviction Predictions – Frankie Grande or Victoria Rafaeli?:

Frankie Grande
Big Brother Fix Frankie Grande
Big Brother Junkies Frankie Grande
Big Brother Source Frankie Grande
Frankie Grande
Big Brother Access Frankie Grande
Zap2It Frankie Grande
Frankie Grande

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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    • The shame of it is because it is pre-recorded they will edit what we see of Frankie. If he has an ‘unfavorable’ reaction – they will simply cut it. Further, i’m sure CBS has modified the audience so that they can control the crowds reaction when he is walking out that door. I think MANY people have been waiting to see Fake Frankie get the axe… it’s a shame that out of ALL the evictions, HIS is the one that is not Live… hmmmm….

      • The AEs can’t just cut his reaction, it’s part of each eviction episode. They want this episode to feel like a normal live episode so they won’t cut anything out. Maybe for the rest of the week, but defintely not for the eviction.
        And of course they modified the audience, but not for the reaction, for the spoilers.
        It’s a complete coincidence that this episode isn’t live for Frankie’s eviction. They planned taping this episode weeks in advance and put out the schedule of events before Frankie was even put up on the block.
        But, anyway, so happy to see him go, even if it’s just for the last week.

      • I agree. Complete coincidence. It is a shame. Especially after his comment right after Christine was evicted and they heard the boos. He said something like “OHH they crushed her. well… that means we made the right decision.” I wanted him to realize he’s more disliked than she is.

      • He said he would be absolutely devastated if he was booed. !
        It would be amazing if they let the audience have their own reaction again, we shall see.

      • Last year they had several taped episodes because of all the racist comments that were made in the house they taped the episodes the afternoon of the show. Several times there were boos so they do let them have honest reactions to the HG.

  1. I have to admit that I wasn’t enjoying these photos at all because Frankie seemed to be up front and center trying to hog attention as usual. It will be nice not to have that little issue anymore.

  2. I am so ready to see him walk out. I feel about him the way I did Amanda last year. Funny they went out same spot. Wasn’t she 5th place last year?

    • She came in 7th, close enough lol
      She at least made live feeds interesting…frankie makes me turn them off

      • That’s true. I hate when they had all 4 cameras on him. Got where I used the DVR button to go back and watch something old till he was off.

  3. Highest at 96% of eviction prediction ever for you guessed it….Skankie. I’ve never read so many negative comments for one player. EVER.

    Wonder how many months he’ll be crying & denying that America really hates him so much.

    How about his Broadway career. I can pretty much say it’s OVER. He’s 100% TOXIC to any future billing or endeavours.

  4. SO GLAD CREEPY IS GONE. But I wanted him to walk out the door with everyone going boo… Come on CBS.. first we had to put up with this creep all this time and then we don’t get the honors of hearing him get booed…..not fair.. But at least now I can watch the show again. I stopped watching because just couldn’t take looking at his face or hearing that whiny voice anymore… Wish it would have been a whole lot sooner….

  5. WTF!! Where’s the BOOOOOO’sss!?!?!? Frankie deserves to know he’s the Most hated in America!! Scum of the earth! Mean and nasty for no reason! I’m so happy he’s gone! What a great night this has turned out to be! The only thing missing was his book’s! And what about that NASTY move CBS tried!? An extra $50,000 for Team America!?! WTF!? America did not vote for that!!

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