Every Big Brother preseason we await the release of the backyard photo showing the new cast ready to jump in the pool. Now the Big Brother 16 photos are here and they’re kinda strange, but we know why. Read on for more details and how it involves a surprise premiere.

Big Brother 16 HGs in backyard photo

Big Brother 16 cast in backyard photos – Source: CBS / Zap2It

Zap2It got the exclusive on these photos being released, so big thanks to them for sharing them with the fan community. Now that they’re out in the wild we can take a look and see what sort of crazy photoshopping went on to make this happen.

If you notice something looking weird it’s because there is. While some of the HGs in the pictures were actually there, not all of them were there at the same time. Instead as we reported earlier, the Big Brother 16 cast moved in at separate times over the weekend. So in each photo only half of the people are there with each other while the other half were added later.

Take a look at the Big Brother photos below and see if you can figure out who was in each move-in group for the women and the men. And yes, it’s okay to oogle just a little!

Update: And now we’ve got a full group shot, but were they really altogether? Hmm.

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